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Each month, GunBroker announces the top five sellers in nine categories of firearms, both new and used. But the data for May was frightening to say the least. The five best selling new semi-auto rifles included three weapons of war! Is it any wonder we had elected officials sitting on the floor of the House of Representatives pushing for new restrictions on an enumerated civil right?

Here’s GunBroker’s press release:

Kennesaw, GA – has released its list of Top 5 Best Selling Firearms for May 2016. The Ruger Precision Rifle was the number one selling new Bolt Action Rifle.

Read the entire list at:

Every month, publishes the Top 5 Best Sellers List for for each major category of firearms sold on the popular gun auction site, breaking out categories for New and Used. This culminates in a year-end list celebrating the Best Selling Firearms of the year. analyzes its e-commerce data to develop this list, which is not available anywhere else in the market. As the world’s largest online auction of firearms and accessories, has terabytes of transactional data that can benefit manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

Companies interested in data can contact‘s sister company, Marketplace Insight at: [email protected].

About is the world’s largest gun auction website. Launched in 1999, is an informative, secure and safe way to buy and sell firearms, ammunition and hunting/shooting gear online. promotes responsible ownership of guns and firearms. Aside from merchandise bearing its logo, sells none of the items listed on its website. Third-party sellers list items on the site and Federal and state laws govern the sale of firearms and other restricted items. Ownership policies and regulations are followed using licensed firearms dealers as transfer agents.


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  1. Made my contribution to the list. #2 Will roll into my FFL tomorrow on the big brown truck.

    • FFL? What about the internet sales loophole? Don’t you buy it online and it appears in your hands instantly?

  2. Gee, I guess not that many people were terrified by the possibility that some random warmongering gun would suddenly come to life and begin killing people completely outside the control of any human hand.

    Oh, the humanity!

  3. Well, nice to know I have both a weapon of war (I prefer fightin’ guns) AND a unicorn! Oddly, I don’t have a 10/22 at the moment, although I’d really like to find a stripped receiver and bolt assembly to build on, starting with the PWS Raptor stock.



      • Egads. Nice to have the option available, but geez. $120? A brand new one is $235, and an S/S take-down is $350.

        I guess for those who live in slave states and want to avoid background checks on private xfers. Not to mention CA’s new nuttiness (if it passes) banning pretty much anything that’s even 10% if my reading is correct.

  4. They are NOT “weapons of war”!! They just look like military firearms (ie M-16s). ARs were sold to the public before the M-16 was even offered to the military. They were sold as the Armalite “Varminter” Model AR-15 IIRC, back around 1963. The M-16 was offered to the USAF in 1964, when it was tested and adopted.

    Pro-gun people and businesses must stop using terms like “assault”, “tactical”, etc, especially regarding the AR-15. It only feeds the opposition’s hate and fear, and gives them a target. A better term would be “modern sporting rifle” (MSR).

        • $189.95?!?

          You seem to be forgetting the average person made $4400. Per year in 1963.

          Which was about $2.20 per hour. So, ignoring taxes, that $190 is gonna set you back about 86 hours of work (40 hr week 2 week vaca).

          2015 average American made about $44K per year. The current product at what, $1K is about 45 hours of work (same math). In fact, you could buy an almost $1900 AR for the hours it would have taken in the “good old days”.

          (Don’t get me wrong, the ’50s-’80s were halcyon days for the average American, never to return.)

    • Pretty sure Dan’s “weapons of war” line was a sarcastic jab at the anti-gun morons who use the phrase un-ironically…

    • My inflation calculator tells me that in 2016 dollars that’s $1,468.54. The current MSRP on a Colt AR15A4 (20″ barrel) is only $999, same as the LE6920.

  5. Sub2000 is #1?!? I woulda’ thunk an evil black rifle would be numero uno. Then again the lame stream media called the little Kel- tec an “assault rifle” at the Texas attack on Mohammed “art” lol…

    • Since it’s Gunbroker, I suspect the list is a little skewed and not 100% representative of the market in general. I’d wager that the proportion of Kel-Tecs that end up being sold through Gunbroker is much higher than most makers whose manufacturing capacity is better matched to their demand.

      For example, the best-selling pump shotgun on their list is the KSG. No way that’s true for the market as a whole…

  6. Prediction for June’s list:

    1. Sig Sauer MCX
    2. S&W M&P15

    3,4 and 5 will be a mishmash of other manufacturers’ AR15’s.

    • I tried my darndest to get an MCX on GB the last two weeks. I kept getting outbid, and I was not willing to go above $1,700 (especially before CC fee, shipping, and FFL transfer fees are added). I luckily found a MCX at my LGS yesterday for $1,529, and they were even running a 10% sale on all firearms. $1,468 out the door!

  7. I am a proud owner of all five of these beautiful and flawlessly functioning firearms and a couple of them are duplicated in my collection . The 10/22 is represented no less than six times and that Kel-Tec sits duplicated in my Kel-Tec safe . Yes , I’m a Kel-Tec fan .
    I’ve lately been checking out the srm 1216 , anybody have any personal feedback .
    I am also the proud holder of a ‘ hoard ‘ of Rugers , and I personally believe they represent the best value firearms on the market today , best bang for the buck , bar none , so I’m not surprised to find at least one on the list

    • It you change the Ruger AR 556 for the Ruger SR 556, my wife and I own 3 of the 5. I need to go shopping this weekend to catch up. 🙂

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