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The Gun Violence Archive stands as the favorite go-to resource for anti-gun reporters and politicians to draw on statistics about violence committed with firearms.  However, the truth must not be sensational enough for them. So what does the GVA do to whip up emotions?  By their own reporting, they’re including very “non-violent” incidents as “Gun Violence” in their “school shootings” category.

If their cause was righteous and noble, why do they have to lie?

Here is exactly what some folks have noticed:

Screen capture by Boch. Jan 22, 2024.

In the ten most recent “school shootings” incidents cited, the total number of people injured or killed stands at zero.

How do you count an incident where nobody was shot or wounded as “gun violence?”  That’s a good question.

Take this incident of “gun violence” from Jan. 19, 2024:

Screen capture by Boch. Jan 22, 2024.

Or this one:

Unloaded gun found in locked bag; ammunition found nearby

Once more, it would seem that gun control advocates have to get creative with disinformation to gin up outrage against legal gun ownership. Unfortunately when mainstream media reporters cite the junk data from the “Gun Violence Archive,” 99.44% of the population has no idea that those numbers of “shootings” are by and large utter bunk.

It’s just like the junk science that plagues our universities.

Recall the Rand study that found that just 123 of 27,900 gun control studies meet rigorous scientific standards.  And that using those junk science studies to claim that gun control actually prevents criminal misuse of guns is less scientifically accurate than claiming drinking milk causes car accidents.


We’ve all heard stories — on a monthly basis, if not more often — about alleged “studies” that allegedly show that if we just pass a few more gun control measures, we can finally turn the tide on the criminal misuse of firearms. Various big gun control groups love to tout these studies to support their baseless claims that more commonsense restrictions on law-abiding citizens’ rights will make the difference where thousands of other gun control laws have failed.

Take, for instance, this one from the highly respected, straight-shooting (cough) news network, CNN . . .

Study: 3 federal laws could reduce gun deaths by more than 90%

Passing federal laws that require universal background checks for firearm purchases, background checks on ammunition purchases and firearm identification could reduce the rate of U.S. gun deaths by more than 90%, according to a new study.

“We wanted to see which restrictive gun laws really work, as opposed to saying ‘restrictive laws work,’ and figure out if we are pushing for a law which might not work,” said Bindu Kalesan, assistant professor of medicine at Boston University and lead author of the study, which was published on Thursday in The Lancet.

If you believed any of that, I have some lovely beachfront property in Arkansas I’d like to talk to you about.

Recently the RAND Corporation analyzed 27,900 studies like the one above that purport to  research gun control measures. Shockingly, they found that only a tiny fraction of them actually survive rigorous scientific scrutiny into their findings.

So the next time you see or hear a reporter quoting from the Gun Violence Archive regarding school shootings, you now know the truth about their make-believe numbers.

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  1. There is no secret here. The fascist left lies all the damn time.

    They do not have an honest agenda.

    We are past due a Nuremberg 2,0

      • You keep saying that, it’s nearly as tiresome as dinbat-deb’s repetious whining.

        What are YOU personally doing about it? Lead by example…

    • No Guilt… Here Sweetie. Just pointing out the fact that people like you and most others on this site, refuse to admit it. All you and them do is piss and moan about it.

        • jwm,

          No, no!! Darkman, just like Debbie the Dimwit, is a legend in his own mnd!! He is out on the front lines, fighting the Leftist/fascist/gun-grabbing authoritarians with all his mite! (pun intentional).

    • My extreme right wing WHAT? There is no connection between “you are” and “your”. The latter is a possessive pronoun mean “that which belongs to you.”

      The other is a sentence core; a subject followed by a verb. “You are,” which contracts to “you’re”, not “your”.

      Here comes the part where you imply it doesn’t matter.

  2. Fox News has quoted GVA. More than once, I have seen Fox News stories with GVA statistics and in a supporting manner, not as satire.

    They even use the term “gun violence” regularly.

    • For supposedly being right-leaning, Fox runs some very questionable, clearly left-leaning articles. They have for awhile, at least the last five years.

      I think it’s just laziness. Take something someone has written and throw it up on the screen. We need clicks, not journalism.

      • Fox ONCE might have been marginally objective (not “right leaning”) that was long ago. See also the Wall St Journal.

      • Fox hasn’t been right-wing for at least 15 years. People still making the claim either live under a rock or never knew what they were talking about in the first place.

        • Far Right-wing these days according to the media is anyone about where Bill Clinton sat back in the 90’s

  3. And they count incidents after school hours, such as gang violence near a school or a suicide in the parking lot when no students are present, as “school shootings.”

    • I heard of an incident where an LEO unintentionally discharged his sidearm into the ground early one Sunday morning. This was on school property, over 100 yards from the nearest building with nobody around. It was classified as a school shooting.

  4. Well, if it wasn’t for GV Archives and others intentionally skewing data, wherever would lil’d, AllHail and whiner get their “facts” from?

  5. “We wanted to see which restrictive gun laws really work, as opposed to saying ‘restrictive laws work,’ and figure out if we are pushing for a law which might not work,” said Bindu Kalesan, assistant professor of medicine at Boston University and lead author of the study, which was published on Thursday in The Lancet.

    Umm, ok yeah. Let me ask just this one question: California has all of these laws. Have they had an effect on “gun violence”?

    • Well I recall good ole grab’em Newsom saying California is ranked pretty low in terms of gun violence. I went to look it up on statista, but I didn’t realize that place is an anti-freedom persons wet dream. (haha, whites are four times more likely to be mass shooters? Only in race metrics do they want to be technical about what constitutes a mass shooting apparently)

      Anyway, I suspect New York and California are both fairly low. They have huge populations, they would have to have huge problems for the per capita numbers to exceed other states. The dynamic (culture, if you will) in each state and each metro area is its own. Also have to remain vigilant that justified homicide and suicide arent cooked into the numbers.

      I just stopped arguing about numbers, even if I find them interesting. Crime rate doesn’t appear anywhere in the Constitution.

      • Neither California nor New York send their crime stats to the FBI for it’s Universal Crime Report. Internally they both bury said stats in other categories.

    • Remember, their violence is speech, our speech is violence. So, by that extension, simply having a gun is violence, even of you didn’t know it was in the car you borrowed.

  6. The Gun Violence Archive ranks right up there with the Southern Poverty Law Center for quality data based insights.

    Who am I kidding….🤣🤣

  7. One of the Gun Violence Archive (GVA) examples of a “School shooting” says,
    “Student drove parent’s car to school, did not know gun was in vehicle.”
    That’s what they consider a “school shooting”?
    No wonder the GVA lists fifty gazillion so-called “school shootings” per year even when there are really only two all year.

  8. In a world where “journalists” regularly use social media as their source material, is it any wonder that that they use questionable data? I imagine some of the unnamed “experts” that are often cited are merely trolls like miner49er and dacian that are spouting off on X.

  9. Since Violence is Violence the buzzwords Gun Violence has all the credibility of Assault Weapon, Saturday Night Specials, Undetectable plastic Glocks, etc. Concocted fear to sell Gun Control to the dumbest people on earth.

  10. I spent a little time as an SRO. I can tell you that the school administration can be the largest impediment to campus security. They often want arrests kept to a minimum. As well as any incident reports. Reflects badly on the Principle. Here’s an example.
    It’s near the end of the day. There’s a disturbance on the girls softball field. Rachel has attacked and beaten the coach. Understand, Rachel is a B/F around 15 y.o.a. She looks like a 21 y.o.a. B/M. (This is important later.) I arrest her for battery on a school board employee, a felony, and a couple of misdemeanors. It took me and one of the security guards to get her into the back seat of my patrol car without hurting her. The security guard was moonlighting. His full time job was a corrections officer in a max security state prison. So there’s that. The principal demands Rachel be released. Despite the fact that she was making statements that she was “going home to get my gun and kill that bitch!” She was referring to the coach. Okey-dokey. Rachel gets on the bus home. I put out a BOLO and stay on campus because I know what’s coming. It’s not long before Kevin has her stopped on her bicycle pedaling to campus as hard as she could go. Kevin later told me if it hadn’t been for my BOLO he would have thought she was a man. When I ran the numbers on the Ruger P series 9mm in her book bag it came back stolen out of Tampa. When I told the Principal what I just told you she said, “That doesn’t mean she was coming back here.” My captain took it to the school board commissioner. The principal decided to take an early retirement. Less than a year later Rachel was involved in a homicide.

    • Why bother to police these people who refuse to police themselves? They hate you and would spit on your sacrifice even if you had done so in their name… They deserve to suffer the consequences of their own lunatic policies, it’s unnatural and harmful to society to stand in the way of this natural and inevitable outcome of cultural insanity.

  11. Remember a pop tart can be gun violence. An imaginary grenade thrown at an imaginary enemy is well conflagration violence. An index finger pointed just right is gun violence.

  12. A couple of kids get caught playing finger-guns and I’m sure it is classified as gun violence. Same for a piece of toast bitten into an L-shape.

    We need to take our nation back.

    • Or – GASP -, the semiautomatic pop-tart with the thing that folds up, with 100rd clipazine, that shoot the 30 bullet cartridge. 🤪

      Still can’t figure out how a child can lift it. I mean, it weighs more then 10 boxes you’d use while moving.

  13. In reality someone who dies by an accident with a gun is just as dead as the person who committed suicide or was murdered. So yes it all should be classed as “America’s Gun Problem” that has gotten way out of control and risen to totally insane levels.

    Universal Background Checks would indeed save thousands of lives and History has proven it, it’s just that Far Right Paranoid Nut Cases use every excuse to deny the solid History of Universal Background Checks that are used in every civilized nation on earth except of course in Capitalvania which is still controlled by Far Right paranoid racist nut cases who bribe their prostitute Congressmen to consistently vote for zero gun control. Europe’s strict gun control has proven to be far more effective than the lack of such laws in Capitalvania where life is considered cheap and expendable even the lives of its own children. The children are sacrificed on the sick
    Far Fight blasphemous altar of “zero gun control at any cost in human lives”.

    What is strange and sad is that even though the majority of gun owners all support Universal Background Checks Congress is still controlled by the sick, racist , paranoid Far Right nut cases and bribery is the name of the game in Washington which comes at a great cost in human lives.

    In 2023 1,640 children’s lives were lost and none of its was necessary. Safe storage laws, mandatory gun training, mental health checks, Universal Background Checks, bans on carrying guns, Federal Red Flag laws etc. would all have moved Capitalvania into the world of a Civilized Country if they had been passed as they have been passed decades ago in both Europe and Asia. The above laws mentioned are the history that proves such laws not only work well but are mandatory in a civilized country.

    On average Capitalvania loses 45,000 of its citizens every year due to the lack of sane European and Asian gun laws. That is historical fact which the Far Right racist paranoid nut cases conveniently ignore and attempt to sweep under the rug.

    Despite Far Right propaganda and outright lies Europeans own guns too proving the doom and gloom of a complete gun confiscation pandered by the paranoid racist lunatics of the Far Right is just plain warped propaganda used to prey upon uneducated Hillbillies who never bother to study the subject even superficially by punching a few buttons on their keyboards because they do not want to know the truth about how well European and Asian Gun laws. have worked.

    Meanwhile rivers of blood and carnage, mass shootings, school massacres, high losses from suicides, road rage, and husbands killing wives have now come to be considered “normal” in a Nation gone totally mad and in the grip of the Far Right Fanatics who treat life as cheap and expendable, even the lives of their own children.

    Small wonder even Asian and European Tourists have stopped coming here by the hundreds of thousands as they know they would be putting their lives and the lives of their families at great risk by coming to a Capitalvania, a country now gone completely mad and made prisoner of the Far Right Fanatics. In Florida there have been criminal gangs who deliberately target foreign tourists knowing they are easy and rich prey just ripe for the robbery.

    And of course second hand unvetted guns give criminals and lunatics all the easily available firepower they could ever want or need as those guns are not vetted and only a wink and a nod and a fist full of blood money cash on the street or at the flea market or gun show gets you all the guns you could ever want.

    • DUNDERHEAD, WOW! You are way off subject. but then you figure so what. Of those 1600 children killed how many were suicides? Answer: MOST of them.

      Here you go again with that “universal background checks”? How are you going to get criminals to go to the corner gun store and buy a gun? JBOL! And you Lefties REFUSE to deal with the mental health issue with NICS.

      Where did you get your nonsense that “second hand guns’ are purchased by criminals from honest law abiding citizens? Show us any real stats that have not been jerry rigged to fit your agenda? Oh that’s right. There aren’t any. Just like the article states, you Lefties try including non-gun incidents with your stats.

    • dacian the demented dipsh*t,

      No WONDER you like to “cite” the “authoritative” GVA – they are lying propagandists, too, just like yourself and MajorLiar!! ACTUAL studies have shown that most guns used in crimes are acquired by theft, or illegal transactions (sold on the street by someone not permitted to own it in the first place).

      “History has shown” that UBC “works” and “prevents crime”???? Cite your source, you lying propagandist (history has shown no such thing, in fact, history proves largely the OPPOSITE of that idiot assertion).

      Y U always B lyin’, dacian the demented????

    • If abortion were to be counted as a death it would be the number one cause of death on Earth by a wide margin, using the WHO’s own numbers there are >70,000,000 abortions per year [“Around 73 million induced abortions take place worldwide each year. Six out of 10 (61%) of all unintended pregnancies, and 3 out of 10 (29%) of all pregnancies, end in induced abortion (1).”]. The WHO names the leading cause of death as ischaemic heart disease with nearly 9,000,000 deaths in 2019.

      Yes that’s correct, there are nearly 8 times as many abortions as the ‘leading cause of death’. Many historians put the total deaths caused by WW2 in the area of 50-80 million and in the words of the US Military, “World War II was the largest and most violent military conflict in human history.”. Again yes I’m saying that there is an equivalent of WW2 every single year where all the deaths are comprised of the unborn. You support this macabre horror with all your worthless malign ‘soul’, yet you have the unfettered gall the barefaced cheek to pretend to care about the deaths of children.

      Simply google ‘WHO total abortions’, ‘WHO top 10 causes of death’, and ‘WW2 total deaths’ for my sources. This stuff isn’t hidden, nobody is ashamed enough to even make it hard to find.

    • TrueDisciple;

      don’t understand what context means?

      She wasn’t using the GVA to support her ‘story’, she was referencing to provide context for the overall article.

      • On Jan 9th, Sensiba used a graphic from the GVA to show that of the 2829 “mass shootings” that occurred in the last five years, only 3 were done by trans people.

        Just providing context was she?

    • I dropped a log yesterday. I archived it down the tubular file to the data holding tank. It’s still there in legacy format.

  14. Wow!! An “authoritative, unbiased source”, like GVA simply pulling stuff out of their @$$es, and making sh*t up??? Can’t be!!!

    And in other shocking news, water is wet, the sun rises in the east, and dacian the demented, MajorLiar, and jsled the drive-by turd are near-illiterate morons.

  15. This would be the same Gun Violence Archive from which TTAG writer Jennifer Sensiba was recently quoting statistics out of context to try to get us to not talk about mentally ill trans people committing a lot of recent mass shootings.


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