ADAM SHANKS — THE BERKSHIRE EAGLE Acivisits stand out against gun violence in Williamstown on Tuesday in response to this week's shooting in Las Vegas, Nev.
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How many times have we heard it, “The NRA and Republicans are responsible for gun violence in America!!”

Whoa, whoa, whoa – now just hold your horses there one minute, missy – since when does the NRA or the GOP advocate for gun violence? And excuse me but what about the cries to “stop politicizing” tragedies?

The bottom line is, NOBODY wants gun violence to perpetuate in America, so in order to irradicate it, we need to address the facts head-on.

Gun control advocates? Gun violence preventers? (courtesy

Want to know the truth about gun violence in the U.S.? Look no further than the politics entrenched in America’s deadliest cities.

According to the Major Cities Chiefs Association Violent Crimes Survey, 6,791 people were murdered in America’s urban areas in 2017. While that was down 252 deaths from 2016, that’s still an ugly number.

And when we break down the top 20 cities at the top of the list, a few illuminating (although not-so-surprising) facts emerge:

  • 90% of the top 20 Deadliest American Cities are run by Democrats
  • 100% of the top 10 Deadliest Cities in America are… you guessed it: run by Democrats


  • 76% of the 60 Deadliest American cities are run by Democrats
  • The state with the most cities on the list? It’s a tie, both Texas and California each have seven, with the Golden State’s cities boasting the higher average murder rate.

So much for the whole “tough gun laws reduce gun violence” narrative.

What’s more, the top ten cities are not only run by Democrats today, they’ve been sinking under them for decades.

It’s almost as if the ‘hope and change’ everyone votes for never really turns out to be what they need.

Next time someone tries to tell you how the more “enlightened” way of more gun control legislation will alleviate gun violence, point them to this list and watch their pieholes pucker. But brace for all the ways they’ll tell you they ‘feel’ like more gun control will still help… this time.

If Democrats really think their gun control laws will reduce gun violence, their record in these cities certainly disproves it.

No good will come from imposing further restrictions on law-abiding citizens aiming to arm themselves for self-defense and to protect their families and the gun control agenda won’t stop until they have an all-out gun ban, therefore we can’t stop until we have all anti-2A politicians out of office.


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    • And a Miami area Cuban R is, for all practical purposes, a D. (some of them, very few of them, hold to their grandparents’ anti Communist roots, but the other 95%…)

    • Ans what is this “gun violence” the author speaks of?

      What guns are being violent?

      We should always refrain from using the Anti’s language of control.

      • The conservative writers need to stop perpetrating the non-existent term of “Gun Violence” and call it what it is Criminal Violence. A gun is just an inanimate object just like a car, rope, building or a bridge, just because someone is killed by these things don’t make them violent objects. Humans are the only violent things that’s on this planet…Any other species typically only kills for food or survival. So just STOP, I’m just so sick of hearing that term I could just B!tch slap the next person I hear say it.

        • “Gun violence” is a term that is full of meaning, easily visualized, easy to remember, and emotionally effective. The enemy fights uses emotion as a weapon (the “fight” they want to fight), and we keep insisting on accuracy of terms (the war we want to fight). One side is talking to the masses, the other talking to itself.

  1. Ahem, that murder rate is per 100,000, not 1000. And the police chiefs peg the number for Cleveland at 14.5 per 100,000, and St. Louis at 29.1. Since the numbers in the article are double what the police chiefs cited, what is the source of the numbers in the article?

    • It would be enlightening to see the source.

      However, I can tell you that one source I do not and would never trust would be the police chiefs of the leftist monoculture governments in question. Maybe they’re correct…but it’s safer to assume they’re lying until proven otherwise.

      • Uh, the source was cited in the article: the Major Cities Chiefs Association Violent Crimes Survey.

    • And 7 out of 10 spree killers all had one or more of the following characteristics:

      Had Democrat sympathies.
      Voted Democrat.
      Were a registered Democrat.

      • Where are the democrats who hunt, play skeet, trap, target? There’s a bunch in rural Wisconsin. They hate Trump. They vote democrat but don’t see the connection. It’s like Catholics voting pro-choice democrats, Jews voting anti-Israel democrats. Business owners voting for tax-increase democrats. I don’t understand.

        • What’s not to understand? CINOS and JINOS put party over God. Can’t speak for the CINOS but 95% of the JINOS never keep the Sabbath, they don’t keep kosher and rarely set foot in any kind of synagogue and never visit Israel.

  2. If we go by the statistics published by the FBI, neither the GOP nor the NRA is responsible for the ‘gun violence’ in America. Rather, the majority of violent crime and murders are committed by minorities in large, Democrat-controlled cities such as Baltimore, Memphis, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis and a dozen other urban war zones. Those are the facts. Of course, facts have no place in the rush to disarm the civilian population in the country. They do, however, explain why sane Americans have chosen to arm themselves.

    • The top (worst) 10 cities have been under the heel Democratic “leadership” for over 700 combined years! Obviously “facts” play no role in elections or governing.

      • But just over a century ago, the democrats were the party of small government, and the republicans were the progressives. The party name isn’t as important as the policies enacted.

        • What gives you that idea? Sounds like the untruth Democrats have been pushing for years to distance themselves from their KKK and slave owning history.

        • Most conservatives are either ignorant or dishonest about this. Do your research. Trace the history of our two modern parties. Jason is right. The parties HAVE flip flopped. Come to terms with it. The truth is more important than your feelings.

          To those who say it’s a lie (e.g., Roger), let me ask you this. Are you saying the rural, religious people in the south were the big-government leftists? Conversely, are you saying the big-city people in the northeast were the limited-government conservatives?

          Murray Rothbard talks about it, too. I guess some find it hard to accept because of the racism of the south and the slavery. No one’s perfect. Get over it.

    • Poverty of the heart…when places like Chiraq had a dad in the home there was far less crime. And Chicago’s population was HIGHER.

      • It’s a combination of both. The welfare state has destroyed the black urban family structure. Out of wedlock births, fatherless homes, drug addiction, and crime are all up dramatically since the introduction of the “Great Society”.

        • back in the 50’s many black neighborhoods were safe enough for whites to venture in to…even at night…and many did..frequently attending the clubs that featured top name entertainment…

    • Low IQ.
      Propensity for violent solutions of problems.
      Craving of instant gratification.
      No interest in honest work.
      Feelings of victimhood and of being owed something by society.

      Poverty is not a cause, it’s a symptom.

    • No. My grandparents were poor. Never beat-up people, sliced tires, torched businesses, rioted. Poverty has nothing to do with it. It’s a mental state/culture. “If I want your stuff I take it.” No guilt involved. They used to blame the terrorists activities on “poor, disadvantaged” guys, then they found out they were doctors, engineers, teachers. Really poor people steal food..

  3. Do the people holding the signs pictured at the gun-grabber rallies in this article look as though they are remotely interested in facts? The people who need to read this aren’t going to read this. It’s all about pushing the Progressive agenda with these people. This article fills some space though I guess.

  4. I’ve tried to make the point for sometime, that we need to treat this like a disease. You don’t treat Ebola where it isn’t, you go where it is. The fact is that the murder rates are much higher than what is shown because the neighborhoods with the problems are not evenly spread among the affected cities. The cities shown have neighborhoods where the rate is many times higher than what is shown. Those neighborhoods should have local, county, state and federal law enforcement officers crawling all over them as well as sociologists, physiologists, counselors etc. until the problem is solved.

    • Evil exists…..problem solved. Nothing can eradicate it. Nothing can prevent it. These are facts.

      What can be done is it can be contained, quelled and purified by bullets!

  5. Isn’t that funny.. This past month CBS news ran a piece with lists of it’s own saying ” Pro2@/Republican run states” were the reason. They posted THEIR own list of cities/states…Of course, $#itcago didn’t rate as high! To funny…Lol….

  6. The top ten murder cities in the US have been run by Democrats for an average of 66 years! These are truly numbers we can use to beat down the uninformed with real numbers, but the real antis will just stick fingers in their ears, shout lalalala and continue their behavior. You will never educate those who are dedicated to and proud of their own ignorance!

  7. But, but, but…. If we just confiscated all the evil guns that the NRA forces on the gangs, I mean, “children trying to better themselves,” they would stop being killed. None of them want to kill anyway, the guns just go off by themselves. Take the guns away and they will all start urban gardening and farm to table bistros, the guns are keeping them down.

    And no, this won’t all stop when they have taken all the guns away, they will then focus on knife violence, pointy objects, scissors, hammers, crossbows, golf clubs, and any other scary weapons.

    • I think it was March figures that showed London’s murder rate surpassed New York’s. Guns have been illegal for years in England to the point that even their “Bobbies” are unarmed. So they were all upset wanting to figure out how to contain the “knife problem”. And here I always thought that it was GUNS that went around killing people….?
      -Life NRA Member

  8. Facts and logic are irrelevant. Totally irrelevant.

    Scenario: Top 10 cities for murder by guns are…..
    Top 10 city murder count is (pick a number)
    Top 10 cities for “gun violence” are….
    Top 10 cities for “murder by gun” or “gun violence” is too many, admitted by your own side.
    The number is directly related to the illegal use of guns. Remove all the guns, and “murder by gun” and “gun violence” drops dramatically.

    But more to the point…

    You and I disagree on something. We go back and forth for several minutes, then I declare, “I don’t care. I want what I want and I will not change my mind. There is nothing you can do to make me think otherwise.”

    Where does the conversation go from there?

    • You are right it is irrelevant. It is about illegal gun use. We have laws that are supposed to restrict or stop violent criminals and felons from having firearms. Yet they are the ones killing everyday. Not just every other month or so but every day. The criminals and repeat offenders are the ones committing most firearm deaths. Those not attributed to suicide, accidents or DGU. So my question is if all guns were banned. Do you think the criminals would give up their guns? How would they protect their territory or commit their crimes? Your solution is flawed by your own admission . Something being illegal has not stopped the trend of violence. So try again.

      • I did not offer any “solution”, only two examples of why facts, logic, reason are irrelevant in the war over 2A. Please re-read my comment, paying particular attention to the first scenario. The wording is not what you normally see being argued; but it will be.

  9. Ultimately, there will be little progress, so long as the emphasis is on the tool, and not the roots of the violence.


  10. NYC is isn’t on our list up there yet has the strictest gun control laws in the nation. I think it’s important to look at what’s missing from the data before jumping to the conclusion that urbanity alone is the root cause of violence.

    I think tackling violence, overall, is a really complicated matter. I won’t pretend to have all the answers but I think a combination of raising the standard of living for most Americans (through taxation and government programs if needed), legalizing drugs (thus ending the war on drugs), and equally funding public schools would go a long way in reducing violence in America.

    Unfortunately that would cost money and for a lot of the commenters here, the government spending money to help working people rather than funneling it to billionaire defense contractors sounds too much like communism to accept. It’s a lot easier to blame on the certain “demographics of those cities” (which I’m guessing is some racist euphemism for black people) instead.

    • NYC gentrified and priced out the poor who moved to cities where they could afford to live, such as Pittsburgh and Baltimore.

  11. There is no such thing as gun violence, it’s the person doing the shooting that’s violent.

  12. So tell me again how many Children’s Women’s an Men die from texting and driving DUI an DWI. Yeah. Get that taken care of. Then come talk to me about Guns. Until them. Fuck off.

  13. “Gun Violence” LOL!

    It’s “Trigger Finger Violence”, everyone knows THAT. We must ban “trigger fingers”‘ why, “for the children” of course.

  14. Okay, I know I’m going to get jumped on for this, but I’ll tentatively put it out there…

    How does an article detailing the failed Democrat run cities fight gun control? I mean, this is a great argument that Democrats don’t know how to run anything, but I thought ignorance of guns and stupidity led to draconic gun control, not the old Democrat vs Republican debate.

    Or, maybe I’m missing something glaringly obvious. I need more caffeine either way.

  15. “The bottom line is, NOBODY wants gun violence to perpetuate in America, so in order to irradicate it, we need to address the facts head-on.”

    Merriam-Webster definition of irradicate
    : to root deeply

    I do not think that word means what you think it means

  16. Is it me, or is it fair to only put Washington DC, Oakland, Newark and Baltimore in the “strict gun laws” category? This sounds more like a general failure of leadership and will, than a gun law issue.

  17. If only two out of twenty cities are run by republicans, then 90% of the top 20 Deadliest American Cities are run by democrats, not 80%.

  18. Caption contest – “I can’t believe all we’re getting for this is a crappy $50 Wal-Mart gift card”

  19. Of the one R on the list of the top twenty there is the mayor of Miami Dade but he’s not much of a republican. From wiki: In the 2016 presidential election, Giménez endorsed Hillary Clinton.

    While Cleveland had one R for mayor 28 yrs ago George Voinovich was a Rino at best and liberal on social issues. The numerous Dem mayors before him have the distinction of filing for bankruptcy, the first major U.S. City to do so.

  20. Bottom line on “gun violence”, or high rates of crime, or poverty within the US, or just about anything else negative that one wishes to point a finger at: The primary reason is because WE are willing to put up with it. We know better yet we continue to put people into places of authority over us who will not do anything about it for fear of offending some faction of the nation and perhaps jeopardize their elected gravy train. We’ve determined that it is more simple to flee areas than fix them. It’s the same with the 3rd world.

    While many around here will disagree, I believe our current POTUS is the first person of any authority to come along since I began voting in 1971 who has actually clearly presented the problems and offered the personal backbone to try to get the elected Federalis to bring back some reason into the country.

    One can put forth many historical examples where inaction has led to the downfall of civilizations and the human animal has been sorely lax in heeding the past- few where governmental actions have turned the decline around. To put this into a non-historical but relevant light, however, I remember reading Tolkein’s “The Hobbit” back on band tour in 1972. Something to do on the long bus trips between gigs and it was hip to at least have the book around the rest of the pop culturists of the day. When I reached the “Scouring the Shire” chapter, I realized Tolkien was indeed an exceedingly well-read and principled individual, the likes of whom could probably no longer open his mouth or use his pen in the UK. It was an eye-opener for me at age 20, 40-some years ago, it is much more so today.

    If you’ve not read the book, give it a try. There are real and logical solutions to our primary issues if we are willing to make the right choices. There is no room for what many of us must undergo on a daily basis in a civilized society. A good beginning would be to force our elected “leaders” to GTH out of their gated communities and live daily among those they have been put in place to represent. Interestingly enough, Donald Trump can do this easily, and does so almost daily. The guy LOVES people- it’s so obvious. Bring Lizzie Warren, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, Jeb Bush, Joh Kaisich and the like out here and make them live and interact with the unwashed. The people would see right through them in a day or so and they’d never last.

  21. Ya, crime in these cities has nothing to do with what party the mayor is and everything to do with the African American population.


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