Gun Tweet(s) of the Day: End Campus ‘Gun-Free’ Zones Edition

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  1. She never had a problem filing the felony enhancement for firearms possession during the commission of a crime on white people.

    • Of course, that called “equity in action”.

      To the stupid, ‘equity’ means equality, even though that’s far from the reality.

      ‘Equity’ is equality of outcome, AKA communism.

      What they want is nothing short of Blacks being charged with gun crimes at the same rate whites get the same charges…

  2. In the middle of a coup. Commies always let the criminals out till the end of the coup. Then when no longer useful they kill most of them, roundup the rest.

  3. Well that puts the whole “debate” into reasonably stark relief, doesn’t it?

    Solution A) Pass some sort of magic law to make all the guns go away so nobody ever gets shot again.

    – or –

    Solution B) Lock up the people who break the existing laws so they can’t get a gun and break other laws and take the unconstitutional leashes off of everyone else.

    Hmm. Wonder which would work better.

  4. With prosecutors like these may as well let them enact every stupid ban, restriction, check, license and whatever the hell they want to because it doesn’t look like they’ll bother enforcing any of it.

  5. So plea down hardcore crimes, be nice to criminals, apologize for the actions of people who were long dead before any of us were born and blame everyone but the individual. Somehow they don’t understand why that does not work for a functioning society?

    Wake me up when lightening strikes these fools and they have a epiphany. They would probably claim the universe is racist and that is why lightening struck them.

    • Nearly two years ago this situation was predicted:

      In August of 2021, Sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth and a group of police chiefs held a news conference to criticize Siemon’s decision to limit the use of felony firearm possession charges, calling her actions “misguided.” Siemon said her office would limit using that charge as her office implemented reforms to decrease racial disparities in the criminal justice system.

      Some police chiefs called for Simon to resign.

      In response, Siemon said the chiefs’ “emotional and inaccurate statements” about the policy change played on fears about the rise of gun violence. She said increases in homicides and violent crimes have occurred nationwide in places that have enacted justic

      Ingham County Prosecutor Carol Siemon to step down midway into second term

      • Why didn’t these prosecutors consider that the reason there is a racial disparity in the justice system is due to the fact that a particular subgroup of a particular demographic commits a higher number of crimes than the other demographics, and it is not solely because of racial profiling and selective arrests?

  6. I read a news report, may have been here, that said students received a text to notify them of an active shooter. I think they were advised to run, hide, fight. I thought, “With what”? Realistically, fight with a chair if you have to, but I’d prefer a 1911. Thank you very much.

  7. In reality having college students pack high capacity 9mm handguns and assault rifles, especially at fraternity drunken parties, would be the height of pure stupidity and insantity. We all know where that would go.

    • More college students are seriously injured or killed by stabbing or accident or alcohol poisoning at fraternity drunken parties annually than have been seriously injured or killed by accidental or drunken gun discharges in the last 20 years and more than in mass shooting in the last 10 years.

  8. Well, lets be honest here:
    Her statement not only confirms, but does not deny that more blacks are committing firearm felonies. I mean, even you read this as a black person, you have to think “wtf?”. What does a felony firearm charge have to do with being black? If a white person, asian person, latino person, (insert race) person uses that firearm to commit a felony, they deserve… pause… a felony charge! Whoa. Mind blowing. So instead of punishing equally, she made a RACE BASED EXEMPTION?!?! Uh…

    It doesn’t exist “in the criminal system”… and “it” isn’t what you think it is. “It” is a societal issue and it exists all over. However, this common misconception that white people are to blame because “they” put blacks in that position falls on it’s face every time someone like Jay-Z speaks. Every time a rich black takes office. Or literally makes it anywhere. When will it ever be enough for “YOU PEOPLE”? And by that, I mean, gentrificationists… “white guilt” and never ending victims. When the world has an even number of races in every single country? County? State? Etc etc. There are plenty of PEOPLE committing felony firearm charges. To say it’s disproportionately black is a lie. And to say their sentencing is any worse is also a lie. “They” get treated the way they do because they have priors, they prove they don’t care. So judges throw the book at them. White, black, asian, etc etc…

    All these people want is equal numbers and it’s IMPOSSIBLE! It will never happen. That’s like saying “Too many Indians are locked up in India”… Do you get it now? They are trying to change things that will never change. So how long before people realize they should start ignoring the race baiting? Plenty of trash all over the world.

    • she has her own ‘Law And Order’ script going…

      In the criminal justice system the people are represented by two equally important groups… the police who investigate crimes and arrest offenders and the prosecutor who doesn’t prosecute black offenders.

  9. We’ll watch to see if Montana squanders its obligation as Kansas did. when the federal government permitted the arrest of two gun owners from Kansas. The Kansas Attorney General also declined to get involved wikipedia page creation agency Notwithstanding the fact that Kansas just approved legislation that rejected the NFA’s ban on suppressors.


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