A ‘Progressive’ Prosecutor’s Lenient Plea Deal Paved the Way for the Michigan State Shooter

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Anthony McRae

From the CCRKBA . . .

The man responsible for murdering three Michigan State University students and wounding five others should have been behind bars, but instead was free because of a reduced charge on a plea deal, a fact that should outrage not just gun owners, but everyone in the country, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

“Published reports say Anthony McRae was arrested on a felony gun law violation in 2019,” noted CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “However, a few months later he was arrested a second time on a less serious gun-related crime and was allowed to enter a guilty plea on the misdemeanor charge while the felony charge was dismissed. He spent a total of 18 months on probation, but was allowed to retain his gun rights. Instead of being incarcerated, where he could harm nobody, it appears he was allowed to escape imprisonment thanks to a lenient prosecutor.

“It’s not just soft judges who make hardened criminals,” he observed. “It’s also soft-in-the-head progressive prosecutors.In

“Various published reports have revealed McRae’s past brushes with the law,” Gottlieb continued. “Let’s look at the facts. Guns are prohibited on the MSU campus, yet there he was with a firearm. There’s a law against murder in Michigan, and he committed three of them. What makes anybody think passing more laws will prevent the next madman from doing the same thing?

“This senseless incident is already being exploited by anti-gunners who want to use McRae’s evil act to justify new restrictions on millions of law-abiding Americans who are just as shocked and heartbroken as anyone,” Gottlieb stated. “Had existing laws been enforced more than three years ago, this crime might never have happened because, at the very least, McRae would have been unable to legally own or possess a firearm.

“We’re tired of gun-hating, headline-grabbing politicians racing to the nearest microphone to push their anti-rights agenda every time a criminal or deranged individual commits a violent crime,” he added. “That’s not justice, it’s political grandstanding designed to penalize people who had nothing to do with the crime. Passing new laws that only impact honest citizens creates the false impression something has been done to prevent a similar crime in the future. At the very least, it’s dishonest.”


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  1. Well and fine Gottlieb however until Gun Control is Defined by its confirmed history of rot how do you expect history illiterates wallowing around in an agenda rooted in racism and genocide to realize just how disgustingly ignorant they are?

        • Dang chimp boy should have been in prison where he belonged. Instead he felt that he was black entitled by BLM so he went and shot up a white college. If not stopped he would have killed every cracker he saw then went back to parents basement to smoke more crack and sherm. Sheeet that’s some racism and genocide right there, KILL WHITEY!

          Where the white woman at? Debbie has a dick and is some dude named dacian, more to sherm to cornhole that dude.

        • Naw man this was wholly rooted in racism and genocide.
          Ask Debbie man, you’re a history illiterate.
          The black woman was really a white dude.
          Anthony McRaeRae only saw crackers because of the sherm.
          Don’t pull your white privilege shit on me.

          But you do you, cracker

  2. In this instance the felony he was accused of should not have been a felony. In the state of Michigan carrying a firearm without a license even if you’re not a prohibited person is a felony and every handgun in Michigan has to be registered with the state police. what he was charged with and arrested for wouldn’t have even been a crime here in Texas.

    • Maybe that was an unwarranted charge that set him off on this path of destruction, or the guy was a powder keg ready to explode. We will never know, at least he removed himself from the gene pool. At least here in Texas we are able to defend ourselves if we choose to, without a little permission slip from the state

    • Likely why the author doesn’t bother to tell readers what that gun-related felony was. Complaint is that the guy should have been locked up for a felony for an action that’s legal in 25 states and didn’t harm anyone.

      • .40 cal Booger posted the charges on another thread:

        “McRae was convicted of gun charges; In 2019 with carrying a concealed pistol without a permit, a felony, and possession of a loaded firearm in a vehicle, a misdemeanor. State-level misdemeanors that carry penalties of two years or less are exempted under federal law so that misdemeanor didn’t make him a prohibited person. The felony was dismissed and he was sentenced to probation, which ended in May 2021.”

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          Five comments in a row, sent to moderation?

          What word could possibly have triggered the stop on the post above? What about this one?

          I’m beginning to feel unwelcome here.

  3. I can think of many developed nations with “progressive prosecutors,” yet they don’t have mass shootings on a weekly basis. Maybe that’s only part of the problem 🤔

    • They have other violent crimes on a daily basis instead. Mass shootings here, are far less in frequency and scale than violent crimes on a daily basis in your developed nations with “progressive prosecutors”. In context with our own other violent crimes daily mass shootings are extremely rare.

      • Heck, just for knives alone, daily here in the U.S. there are ~1,400 criminal knife attacks in which victims are (collectively) seriously injured or killed. That’s (projected for this year if trend continues like it has for the last almost 20 years, last year it was ~1,300 daily) ~511,000 victims of knife attack annually and its rare its even reported by MSM. So mass shootings in context with serious harm or death is extremely rare comparatively to just that one thing of a knife.

    • M,

      Correct, soft-on-crime Progressive Prosecutors is only part of the problem.

      Progressive policies have also decimated loving, caring, and responsible families with traditional values which tops the list of root causes of rampant violent crime as well.

      Yet another Progressive objective which is at/near the top of root causes of rampant violent crime: decimating traditional Judeo-Christian faith.

      And before anyone poo-poos my two leading causes of rampant violent crime, please show me how the violent crime rate among Amish communities is on par with our well-known urban Hellscapes.

      Pro-tip: want to minimize violent crime? Maximize loving, caring, and responsible families and traditional Judeo-Christian faith.

      • Or, you could compare violent crime rates in the country’s least religious states (VT and NH) to violent crime rates throughout the “Bible belt”.

        • Look at religion but ignore demographics? You either have an agenda or you’ve failed to connect the dots.

        • Actually you should compare states with a very high Welfare Industrial Complex use. As compared to states which have fewer people on the government dol. And By the way the welfare industrial complex is supported by atheists. Who are against the private welfare system run by religious groups. Which require adherence to moral standards of conduct in both public and private.

          The atheists are very comfortable with a single mother with five kids from five different for men, and never being married to any of them. And they are comfortable with all of the social destruction that comes out of this “woman’s choice”.

    • The Progressive Prosecutors clearly did not want to stigmatize the perpetrator and result in a downward spiral to repeat incarceration.

      We citizens are the collateral damage to their utopian vision.

  4. There are those that honestly believe that guns are the problem. Then there are those the think the NRA can fix this.

    This insanity will continue and likely get worse with every Democrat that gets elected.

  5. The Buffalo shooter gets life after judge says you won’t get any mercy. Really? 3 hots and a cot means no mercy? Justice is blind, deaf and stupid.

  6. The guy was 43 years old and still living with mommy and daddy. He was, according to his father, a ‘momma’s boy’. Lost mommy and became sinister and evil (again according to daddy). He had a record of firearm violations as well. Any flags raised here?

  7. A few years ago I might have concurred with this article. My faith in the concepts of justice and the rule of law have been severely compromised. The State of Oregon entered into a criminal conspiracy with the Oregon Marijuana Mafia to expropriate the private property of innocent victims for the purposes of committing Federal felonies by issuing address specific grow site permits and cannabinoid processing licenses without the knowledge or consent of the property owner. Yamhill County Judge Ladd Wiles then decided that my efforts to evict my marijuana bootlegging tenant were so unreasonable that he gave him a free pass for shooting at my son with a 12 gauge shotgun. Apparently; Judge Wiles is a proud graduate of the Alec Baldwin school of gun safety who doesn’t understand that shotguns can fire one ounce slugs that can be lethal a mile away.

    Now after passage of Ballot Measure 114 in Oregon, I am inclined to disobey ALL gun regulations. This includes regulations that I once believed were “reasonable.”. Given my current attitude, I would probably violate the same gun control laws that this mass shooter violated. I would also point out that his mass shooting was merely “reparations for slavery.”

    • Elmer Fudd,

      Many of us (myself included) grew-up with a Pollyanna mindset regarding government functions.

      And many of us have discovered first-hand the accuracy of the saying, “Reality is a harsh mistress.”

      I believe that our nation’s Framers understood the reality of government–which is comprised of everyday human beings who share all of the same foibles and shortcomings of all human beings–and that is why the Framers codified our U.S. Constitution (including the Bill of Rights) as they did. It is arguably the world’s best attempt to minimize the harm that government can inflict upon the populace. As fantastic as that document is, We the People ultimately have to actively secure our lives and our livelihoods as best as we can, even when government seeks its own ends in violation of our human dignity.

  8. This is all by design the left loves it when this kind of tragedy happens, which is evident in the demands immediately after not wanting to learn lessons or make changes that would stop this from happening, it is always about the guns. It’s always about the control these people are evil.

  9. How do we know the prosecutor is progressive? Lots of conservative prosecutors strike plea deals. If they didn’t, the court system would grind to halt.

  10. We need Common Sense Criminal Control. Don’t lock up the gunms; lock up the criminals. Then the criminals won’t have gunms.

    • BS or lying. Total prog disarmed (in violation of Bruen)

      MSU student handbook pg16

      “Residents are not permitted to have
      weapons or devices that resemble or could
      reasonably be mistaken for weapons in the
      residence halls.
      A weapon is defined as a device or
      instrument designed to injure, kill or
      destroy. Examples of weapons include, but
      are not limited to, firearms, ammunition,
      gasoline, explosives (including fireworks),
      air guns, pellet guns, BB guns, crossbows,
      long bows, arrows, spears, swords, hunting
      and fishing knives, brass knuckles, and any
      device or instrument that is prohibited by
      Michigan law

      • Residence halls (i.e. dorms). People can possess firearms on campus. MSU even has a shooting range and there is a procedure for students ro store their guns on campus so they don’t have to take it to their dorm. I’ve open carried on the MSU campus for over a decade. Not one single cop has stopped me. MSU prefers concealed carry but their official policy is that they follow state law.

        • “… there is a procedure for students ro store their guns on campus so they don’t have to take it to their dorm.”

          Makes it rather difficult to defend oneself while in a dormitory, ya think?

          When an active shooter makes his move …

          Proceed to the storage area (while hoping that you do not encounter the shooter or responding police), retrieve your weapon … then what?

          Perhaps the next shooter will target the dorms, since there’s an even better chance that no one will offer armed resistance.

        • Thank you for the on the ground facts, and your personal experience Mr. Griffin. It seems it is often difficult for authors to find this kind of information. We all need to update authors with correct local information when they air.

          I think Mark, LifeSavor and I do. fair job of it for PA. Haz and others do it well for CA. But TTAG and Ammoland need more knowledgeable locals from other areas doing it for their locations

      • I should also mention that I graduated from MSU and have been living next to it since 1985, so 38 years.

        • Mr. no name, no doubt. Students should be able to store their firearms in their dorm rooms. I was just pointing out the author’s error in saying firearms are banned on campus. They’re not.

  11. This is just another case of “collateral damage”. The primary goal of the Libertarians liberals and the left is to reduce the jail and prison population of the United states. Because they compare the USA to other countries.

  12. in this case the prosecutor reduced the crimes because blacks get arrested for gun crimes and crimes of violence too often.

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