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Google translation: “For the tragedy of Aurora, Colorado, the U.S. Congress should review its wrong/mistaken weapons legislation. It damages us all.” I don’t know much Spanish, but my Yiddish is pretty good. Calderon’s comment is classic chutzpah. The politician who disarmed his own people, unleashing vicious drug cartels that have intimidated, raped, tortured and killed tens of thousands of Mexican citizens with weapons that “seeped” from his military and police forces to the bad guys is telling us [via Twitter] that America’s “mistaken” gun laws led to the murderous rampage of a deranged individual in Aurora, Colorado. Oy. [h/t Eric N]

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  1. Yes, Mexico’s strict gun control laws are working so well. If only it wasn’t for those imperialist Yankee Pig Dogs and their Bob’s Guns and Beer stores selling machine guns and RPGs to the Cartels. Why doesn’t Obama stop them? Won’t someone please think of the Ninos?

    A phrase about glass houses and stones keeps coming to mind.

      • no, The NAACP declared that to be racist in the 2008 land mark case of Obama et All vs America.

        It is still PC to rephrase the statement by replacing the pot and the kettle with typical household items that are white in color. example: Toilet calling the sink white.

        interesting to note that lack of outrage for Mr. Calderon about the F&F debacle. But then Lefty Pols have to stick together… you know to destroy America

  2. In the words of David Codrea: “Mr Calderon, how is it you’re still in power unless the cartels want you there?”

  3. Dear Presidente de Mexico

    Thanks for the suggestion. We’ve reviewed them and we like them. We could do with a little more Open Carry, and California, Chicago, New York and some of those places could get smart but all in all we like them.

    Thanks again

  4. El Presidente,
    Once you’ve removed the Sequoia from your own eye, we can talk about the dust mote in ours.


  5. Lets not call this ignorant, drug dealing, obambam loving, communist names. I’m sure given the chance he will cross the border at around 0300, to enter this country. This will be done in order that he too, will be given an illegal legal status, in order to get his family on welfare.

  6. Senor Calderon,

    Put your own house in order first before criticizing others! You are responsible for maintaining a corrupt regime where local police & army units account for a lot of the violence plaguing your country.

  7. The land of corrupt government officials, brutal cartels, and beheadings encouraging the US Congress to steal more of our rights and liberties. All American gun owners and supporters of liberty to Boycott Mexico.

  8. Things like this are good; if our gun rights were supported by such reprehensible scum as Calderon, the Bradys, Progressives, the UN, etc, then we’d know we’re doing something wrong.

    To paraphrase a saying, it’s just as good to be despised by the despicable as to be be honored by the honorable.

  9. Oh Really? because what they are doing is working so well? The people of Mexico have no way to protect themselves so the only people with the guns is the Army and the Criminals which both are corrupt, he should mind his own business.

  10. Dear Presidente Calderon:

    In the words of a Southern (that’s Confederate southern) friend of mine,
    “Why don’t you kiss my a** and bark at the hole?”

    Yanqui (that’s a Union yankee)

    Note to TTAGers: Spanish translation requested.

  11. Calderon’s party is losing in Mexican elections; the drug war is going badly, and he’s about out of office. Our lame duck presidents do the same thing–go around meddling in the affairs of other nations, since they can’t do much at home, anymore.

  12. The sad truth is that a mass murder of 17 would barely make the nightly news in Mexico where dozens of corpses, often headless, are dumped in public on a regular basis. In the horrible USA this sort of thing is so rare that it dominates the news for days and weeks.

  13. Meh,

    Maybe El Presidente can explain to us why Canada, who shares much more border space with the U.S., doesn’t seem to have the same problems as Mexico does with U.S. gun laws and with drug cartels.

    I hate saying it, because I am friends with a few white collar Mexican nationals, but Mexico is just plain F’d up.

  14. Well I don’t think I can say much that hasn’t already been said.
    He has every right to speak but to be honest his country is so messed up he really shouldn’t say a thing.

  15. yeah calderon doesn’t have a leg to stand on. its pretty stupid that he would make a tweet like when when cartels in his country are chopping off heads and stacking bodies.

    the tragedy in colorado was horrific, though we did not have 60,000 citizens murdered in a ongoing drug war.

  16. What is with these arrogant foreigners? We should take advice from an empty suit who cannot control the lawless in his own country? What will it take for the State Department to tell these asshats to take a hike? Having a John Bolton as SECSTATE would be a nice change.

    • Many gun-grabbers lash out at guns as a way to cope with their own perceived defenselessness. The knowledge that they can do something but are simple too afraid or cowardly to do so is too much for them to handle.

      Likewise, people in warzone countries like Mexico or polite tyrannies like most EU countries lash out over here rather than focus on their own oppression.


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