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I was working out in the gym last night, practicing my draw-and-move moves in the mirrored studio. I cut it short when a young, extremely fit guy came in and started working the bag. The guy was ridiculous: fast, powerful, agile. Deadly. Which brought to mind the above scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark. And the famous quote “God made man, Samuel Colt made them equal.” No joke. To wit this [via]: “John Mutter, 33, was asleep in his home in the 400 block of Sunset Drive when a man poked him in the head with a shotgun about 2:15 a.m., investigator George Ridgeway said. A paraplegic, Mutter pulled a gun from under the covers and shot the intruder, who died in the house.” Does it matter that the bad guy was poking Mutter with the home owner’s own shotgun and that Mutter’s doors were unlocked? Nah. Point taken. Buy a gun.

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  1. I wonder if the shotgun was loaded, and I wonder if he’s one of those guys who likes to stash guns all over his house… Certainly hasn’t influenced me to take up that practice. Keep it on you or keep it locked up sounds better to me.

    He’s lucky to be alive, that’s for sure.

  2. I gotta agree with 2wheels, one lucky guy to pull off shooting the bad guy when the bad guy has a gun pointed right at him.

  3. Get a gun. Know how to use it. Keep the gun as the last line of home defense, not the first line. Decent locks and perhaps an alarm should be the first line of defense.

    Locks are cheap, but they only work when they’re actually used. Some very effective alarms are also cheap. Human life is very expensive, especially when it’s your own.

    • Lock your doors! It takes 1 second and it’s the difference between waking up with a gun in your face and waking up to the loud noises associated with breaking into a house.

      • i guess it depends on who’s sharing the house with you. i live in a house full of women or all ages. last thing i do before bed is check the house. i’m always finding doors and windows unlocked,lights on, stove on etc. maybe this man went to bed trusting someone else to lock up.

        • LMAO it sounds like my house!!!
          Course with it being summer and all the kids are up till the wee hours of the morning.
          I on the other hand turn into the grouch and go to bed early.

  4. Sounds like a good time to test my theory. Purchase a beater SxS shotgun and stash it in a common hiding place. But here’s the kicker: load it with two hollowed out shells. BG breaks it open, sees ammo, and thinks he’s good to go. Leaving you with an advantage.

    • or if you grab it, thinking you’re good to go…you’re screwed, not to mention the few seconds it’d take to empty the dummy shells and get live shells in the game…

    • Probably better to invest in good locks and an alarm system before you resort to the gimmick of leaving perfectly good firearms lying around in order to trick them into believing they’re armed.

      • There’s nothing wrong with good locks and alarms. Deception should be one of many home-security layers. Not a “gimmick” by any stretch.

        • I’d say leaving a gun, even a disabled one, for a home invader to take is a gimmick.

          You’re possibly encouraging a confrontation, even though it is one you’d likely win. Not sure why that’s a good idea.

          Or if you’re not home, you’ve just given away a free gun. They’ll find ammo later.

      • Did you miss the part about firing pins being removed? Better a criminal steal my inert $100 beater than something very functional. With an alarm in place he’ll operate on a short time table. This makes it likelier that he’ll grab the inert weapon and skee-daddle after rifling through some worthless photo albums and books above his reading level.

  5. Mutter was damm lucky the intruder was not expecting him to pull a gun out from under the covers. The intruder could have easily and quietly killed him with a knife while he slept. A gun is good if a defender has the time to prep and train it on an attacker.

  6. Yea, I saw this on our local news channel yesterday. They def tried to smear the homeowner. They start the piece with something like “Police are investigating a homicide after a man was shot and killed in a Johnstown home.” It wasn’t until halfway through their piece that they said it was the homeowner who did the shooting. Taking extra pain to highlight that although the police chief said it’s unlikely that charges will be filed the county prosecutor was “reviewing” the case. Douchebags.

    The Dispatch as a whole doesn’t seem to like guns very much and they aren’t very friendly towards the NRA but they typically stay the Fvck away from bashing Home Invasion DGUs.

  7. in my hometown an elderly man, 80+, awoke to find a young man over his bed with a weapon in his hand. old man slept with a 45 in the bed with him. he fired through the blankets and center massed the young man, who ran out of the house aqnd covered 6-8 blocks on foot to the er. police arrested the young man. i don’t remember if any mention was made of where he got the weapon.

  8. Awesome…three shots with a .357. Yeah, that’ll do the trick. Scumbag thieves, heed this story!

  9. My favorite movie scene! I was just showing this to friends at work. Great movie lore behind it too.

  10. I once met an ex Army Special Forces instructor who told me about an ex Delta Force guy who was WIA and is now paraplegic, who carries a custom 1911, a knife, and 10 loaded mags. He claimed to be able to empty a magazine into a silver dollar in under two seconds. I believe it.

  11. And the dead guy’s name is…or was…Dyer. Mr. Dyer invaded a man’s home and threatened him with death, as a result of which Dyer is now deader. Ah, poetic justice.

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