Gun Tweet of the Day: BOA Anti-POG Edition


We’ve been hearing bad things about Bank of America’s ‘tude towards The People of the Gun for some time. You may recall, for example, that BoA gave McMillan Rifles the goodbye look. This Tweet just came over the e-transom. It backs up another report recently sent to TTAG central: BoA was requiring telephone cardholder authorization for purchases at a Florida gun store. If we’ve got this wrong, I’d be happy to run a statement from BoA clarifying their policy towards customers—both corporate and individual—exercising their Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear (and buy and sell) arms. Alternatively, if you’ve been hard done by by the bank that sucked on the taxpayer tit to the tune of $45b please feel free to share with the group below.


  1. avatar Anmut says:

    Wow – just wow. They really don’t want to be in business anymore, do they?

    1. avatar Agincourt says:

      Either Farago is one extremely naive and gullible man or he likes upsetting the readership with this nonsense. Let’s see, wasn’t it just a week or so ago that you were saying that Illinois was going to ban lever action rifles and pump shotguns? Oh, it was confirmed by the NRA! Of course it was all BS. No such bill was even contemplated.

      Do you really fall for every Internet troll or is it that you do this just to upset people? Or maybe, just maybe you write this stuff because you know you’ll generate lots of hits and that is where the money comes from. If that is the case you certainly have no business commenting on the ethics of BoA.

      Why don’t you do the responsible thing and check these rumors out before spreading them on your site? You lack either brains or ethics, maybe both.

  2. avatar Lowne says:

    Worthless m*****f******!

    Yes, I have nothing intelligent to say about it.

  3. avatar Jesus says:

    Bank of Mother Russia

  4. avatar joe says:

    not true, I have 3 cards from them and buy frequently from the local gun store, most recently yesterday

    1. avatar Anmut says:

      But not today, right?

    2. I’ve had no problems

    3. avatar CG-23 Sailor says:

      But is your money getting TO the local gun store, or is BOA taking your money, and keeping it for themselves?

      1. avatar Bear says:

        I don’t know, I just ordered a whole mess of ammo that shipped this morning. If the payment didn’t go through, I’m sure Midway would have notified me.

        PS no more OLIN corp shotshells on the market for now :*(.

  5. avatar Tony Preston says:

    If this is true and I owned a competing bank I would offer an incentive to all the gun owners that leave BoA and state that we are pro gun.

    1. avatar Mashashin says:

      Even if its not true it would be a good way to get more clients

  6. avatar Ianmcall says:

    cash is king?

  7. avatar AlphaGeek says:

    Never had a problem using my debit card at the LGS/range. Should be interesting to see if there’s a problem next time I visit. Not sure I’ll be willing to buy ammo at current prices just to properly test for restrictions, though.

  8. avatar APBTFan says:

    Looks like they’re screwing over another Arizona manufacturer – American Spirit Arms. They’re delaying money going to his account and even had the balls to tell him he shouldn’t be selling arms or parts on the internet.

  9. avatar JSIII says:

    I buy from gun stores with my BOA Debit Card all the time. The day they pull this I will switch to 5th 3rd or chase but I believe these stories have been debunked.

  10. avatar HT$ says:

    I pulled over $350k out of BoA business and personal accounts (this is a very cash-rich time of the year for one of my businesses) over this issue and was very open about why I was moving my business… I did it at a branch in DC. I guess that I’m lucky they did not call SWAT.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      Good on you, HT$!

  11. avatar Aharon says:

    BofA and others like them that are the key players in the Federal Reserve have been a partner with the USG forever in violating the spirit of American liberty, debasing the value of our currency, and pulling investors into financial bubbles that eventually pop leaving people less wealthy or even broke. The credit that lure you into using is really debt slavery. Why are people surprised? Take your business away from banks and join a good credit union. Banks are not patriotic.

    1. avatar William says:


    2. avatar psmcd says:

      Exactly. Do not use BofA just because it’s convenient or you always have. They are screwing us all and do not obey the laws governing them. Switch to a credit union.

  12. avatar Chris says:

    I am switching as soon as I have a gap in bills bing paid. But I did pick up a couple M&P pistols last night using my BoA debit card with no issue. Have an order pending with KyGunCo though that should hit soon. Hope this is just coincidence

  13. avatar Mhughes says:

    Call boa, hit 0# 0# until you get customer service representative, ask them if they are declining sales of ammunition and guns. I heard about it and thought it was a hoax. So we at work called and were told that is the new policy. I wonder if he knew the official response

    Call for yourself and report back

  14. avatar codefeenix says:

    Its not even true. I wish I could live to see the day when someone does their own research before posting in the internet.

    1. avatar Mhughes says:

      All I can tell you is what they told us on the call, that was my research

      1. avatar JSIII says:

        If I can ask was your purchase large $1000+ or small? I am going to test the theory by buying some ammo tomorrow.

        1. avatar Land says:

          Ammo? They still sell it?

        2. avatar AlphaGeek says:

          If you can find $1K of ammo to buy, you’re either getting horribly screwed on the price or you’re putting way too much money into a huge pile of ammo that only fits one gun made for two years in the early 1900s.

        3. avatar Mhughes says:

          We called customer service to ask the question, he responded, but may have been talking out his ass, as BOA has said it isn’t doing that for debit cards. But when you call CS and you hear that you believe it. Now after hearing BOAs official response which wasn’t public at that time, either it’s changed the policy or has bad CS

  15. avatar Jim Scrummy says:

    True or not, glad I dropped them.

  16. avatar Damocles says:

    When I lived in FL we had BOA and they were pretty good at the time, but that was 6 years ago. Now they should just change their name because there is nothing American about what they are doing.
    Bank of Obummer

  17. avatar Grege says:

    Are they doing the same thing for people trying to exercise the first amendment when they pay for a server to host a blog or if someone makes a donation to a church? What about paying for a defense attorney?

  18. avatar WLCE says:

    take your business elsewhere!

    avoid the big 4 and suck them dry.

  19. avatar JSIII says:

    I dont doubt some idiot atBoA said they wont let you buy guns but this looks to be debunked. Next time demand to talk to a supervisor. Entry lever CS people at these places are morons half the time who dont know squat.

    1. avatar mhughes says:

      yeah, this guy probably wasnt the brightest, but he answered like he knew exactly what we were asking about and sounded confident.

      1. avatar JSIII says:

        Trust me I have been there. The guy was either an idiot or trained by an idiot or both. This seema to be debunked as corporate policy.

        What no one can deny is what they did to McMillan though

  20. avatar Dave S says:

    Guys, get used to being treated like 2nd class citizens!

    A big part of the Prez program will be to make 2A folks worse then…. Tobacco users!
    Any inconvenience favored biz can put in front of us will be applauded by the Left, their biz and their money!

  21. avatar Lance says:

    Time to use master card or US bank over this Kaliforian based crapola company.

  22. avatar Graybeard says:

    I’ve not done business with BoA since they went anti-Boy Scouts of America. We had a Explorer Post/Venturing Crew unit bank account with them, as a non-profit, and every so often they’d start charging us fees like a regular account.
    Then they publicly went anti-BSA and I understood. Move the account to a local credit union where they paid us to have money in their institution.

  23. avatar Doug Photos says:

    Just send this twitter reply below. Not saying BoA is being forthright, but they aren’t stopping “guns and ammo” — maybe the retailer has roused suspicion with the bank for a reason (perhaps guns and ammo), but just clarifying that it’s the retailer, not your shopping cart contents.

    @Mthughes The bank would know the retailer and amount, not the contents of your order – thank goodness or govt would subpoena them endlessly

  24. avatar GoldiGlocks says:

    BofA is one of the top 5 biggest banks in the US. All 5 are pretty bad actors in my opinion. They have been laundering money for Mexican drug cartels along with other really dirty business practices. All with the tacit approval of our own government. If you do your research into the whys and wherefores of that cozy arrangement, eventually you will also understand why both bankers and bureaucrats believe in gun control. They want to make sure you can’t hurt them, once they finish hurting you.

  25. avatar Chaz says:

    I made a small purchase of ammo today (1/16) using my BOA credit card. No problem. I’d drop this CC but I do like their “Shop Safe” feature, the ability via their www to create new CC numbers with a specified dollar limit. Essentially these are one-use CCs for ordering from unfamiliar vendors i.e. no danger that they could save that CC number and make a second bogus charge (assuming I didn’t put in any extra credit limit).

  26. avatar Leon says:

    Wait isn’t a debit card our money? They are telling us how we can spend our money.
    That is insane!

    1. avatar GoldiGlocks says:

      A bank steal from you? Say it ain’t so Leon! Wait till the next stock market crash or better yet bond market crash, and see if your bank lets you take out “your” money.

  27. avatar OODAloop says:

    I ordered some gear from and they also had their CC processor (BOA) decide to take a powder. It took them almost two weeks get things straightened out and get back into business…

  28. avatar duke nukem says:

    FK BOA! ive tried to purchase a ruger 10/22 and they decline the purchase of it!!! luckily my good old credit union picked up the slack. as of 13 Jan of 2013 i have closed my bank account with boa and im done with them.

  29. avatar James says:

    Why does anyone still use BofA? That is such a horrible bank.

  30. avatar Montesa_VR says:

    There are lots of reasons to move your money out of Bank of America, but I think the gun issues are an urban myth. For some reason, this crap has been going on for three years.

  31. avatar Greg Camp says:

    I went to Bank of America years ago to set up a checking account, but they have no free checking. I took my business elsewhere.

  32. avatar bontai Joe says:

    I hate BOA. My disdain for them is not 2nd amendment related, just the exceptionally poor customer service, the freaking fees they dream up, and the crap they continually tried to pull with my mom’s accounts. Frankly, I hope the big wigs at corporate all choke on their caviar and die slow horrible deaths while foaming at the mouth and suffering spine fracturing convulsions. How they stay in business is way beyond me.

    1. avatar rosignol says:

      They’re still in business because not enough people have heard about crap like this:

      “Bank Of America Tries To Undo Foreclosure On Home It Didn’t Hold Mortgage For, Fails”

      I don’t think I’m going to trust my money to an outfit like that.

  33. avatar Pascal says:

    I find it hard to believe that there are not better options other than BoA. If you research your bank like you do your guns you bound to find something much better.

  34. avatar C says:

    TTAG credit union?

  35. avatar Bender says:

    Anyone viewed this…

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