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  1. IIRC it’s an M3 (M2 derivative) machine gun made by FNH. Usually seen mounted on helicopters and AC-130s. I think. What do I win?

  2. That gun there, was in a dream I had…………think the girls were too………….F*ck! Somebody woke me up…………….

  3. The hell with the gun, the gun crew looks hot and they’re smiling too. “Ooooh, Mr. Farago, what a nice, big gun you have here. We hope Mr. O’Bomba doesn’t ban it”” LOL

  4. I would love some trigger time on that bad boy. We could have “saw a car in half with a machine gun” contests.

    The winner gets half a car.

  5. The main forward armament on my boat( if I can ever afford both) as I cruise the Caribbean.
    If I can’t afford both, I’ll just get Ma Deuce.

  6. When I can buy this gun at walmart as a private citizen without a tax stamp in an unneutered automatic version we will have won the fight for liberty.

  7. Found in the doors of CH-53s Super Sea Stallions and UH-1Y helos. A favorite of USMC door gunners everywhere.

  8. Either a Glock, an AK-47, or a Bushmaster, since according to the media, those are the only three guns out there.

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