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Zombie Industries isn’t really what you’d call politically correct. And they don’t seem to give a damn, either. They’ve caught all kinds of hell for their “bleeding” targets. They’re just a little too real for some hoplophobes (and, let’s be honest, some shooters) to countenance. ZI mostly makes (surprise!) zombie-esque targets, but they’ve strayed into some slightly more realistic designs occasionally. Some think this one looks a little too much like a certain commander in chief. Anyway, their latest offering is raising still more hackles . . .

They call it, the Gun Control Lobbyist and it’s dressed in a conservative grey Brooks Brothers suit and telegenic blue tie. Here’s how ZI describes it (right after the requisite disclaimer that “any resemblance to actual persons (living or dead), events or locales is entirely coincidental”):

As a pro gun control lobbyist, this guy spent his days milling around Washington D.C. distorting the truth about guns & violent crimes.  He not only believed that firearms should only be in movies, he honestly thought law-abiding citizens had no right to protect themselves, their neighbors, or their nation against violent attackers.  He chronically ignored facts and bi-partisan crime statistics that disproved his anti-gun beliefs and would often base his arguments on pure emotion.  Despite being a self-proclaimed expert on the subject, his actual working knowledge of firearms and their capabilities was completely non-existent; he even erroneously thought that banning cosmetic features on some firearms would have an effect on people’s safety levels.  What’s worse is that he was even prone to exploiting victims of heinous crimes just to try and further his own political agenda.  In other words, he was a real scumbag with no appreciation for the US Constitution or respect for an individual’s freedom!

Being the preening narcissist that he is, Brady Campaign poster boy Colin Goddard was apparently sure Zombie Industries used his chiseled visage as the muse for their new oozing target. He also tweeted at them, asking them to pull his pic from the background photo ZI uses, since, as he points out, he’s already been shot (in the Virginia Tech massacre).

According to this post at, Goddard now thinks that maybe the target was really patterned after his boss, Dan Gross. To us, it looks more like Ronald Reagan than anyone at the Brady Campaign, but what the hell do we know? We’re just tickled that a leaky piece of plastic has managed to work its way so far under Colin Goddard’s skin.

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  1. I don’t go in for those types of targets normally, but if Colin Goddard hates it, I think I will buy one. Kind of like the donation I made to the NRA in the name of Chris Murphy (and mailed his office to let him know I did it). It’s the little pleasures that make life worth living.

  2. The image looks like a blended “everyman” of the gun confiscation crowd.

    Now they need an “everywoman” representation of the grabber politicians / lobbyists to accompany him.

    • There was already a shitstorm over the “Ex-girlfriend/wife” target they had. A local radio show thought that it “went too far” what with all the violence against women ‘n such.

  3. I thought it looked like Reagan too.
    I remember taking a manniquin to the range after taping a bunch of ketchup packets to it and putting a t-shirt on it.
    I had guys paying me to shoot it.

  4. Actually, know that I look at it, is it Goddard in the background picture?

    The target itself looks like Reagan, Nixon, and Kerry, all in one.

  5. “Some think this one looks a little too much like a certain commander in chief.”

    Funny, it doesn’t look all that much like Hillary to me. I can’t think of any other C-in-C that it resembles.

  6. I think he’s talking about the picture in the background. If so, great job of pointing out something almost nobody else would notice, genius.

  7. You just know Goddard spent hours with his test group constructing this fiendishly
    cleaver assault on most of the Const. Amendments but perhaps he is missing the point that he is actually labeling himself a Zombie

  8. It for sure looks the most like the Gipper…or a Zombie version of ole’ Ronnie.

  9. I really hate it when someone uses the “I got shot” excuse. I mean seriously, I know people without legs, who dont even ask for a glass of water but instead take it themselves. People who have starved for months while being shelled. But here this guy comes up, whines about getting shot and we have to bend over backwards for him.

    I pity you Americans.

    • I’ve seen men walking around on double prostheses who would probably ask you to step outside for giving them special treatment, and this bloke has a couple scars and won’t quit bitching.

      • just saw a dude like this at the gun shop, had to be approaching 80, moved spry as can be, it wasn’t til I glanced at his legs (he was wearing shorts) and noticed the coolest set of piston or something prostheses I’ve ever seen. He had my respect, judging by his age he could easily have lost those in Korea, vietnam, or even possibly WW2.

      • Know one guy who is wheel chair bound who is so insulted by the handicap sidewalks he will go a few feet over and jump the curb. Not sure how he lost em, Age is right for Vietnam, too afraid to ask. He can move quite well for being in a chair.

        • I lost my fear of people in wheelchairs when I had the job of pushing my Dad around in one in his twilight years. If the guy’s not a hothead, he probably wouldn’t mind being asked about his injuries and would probably appreciate just, you know, being talked to like any other person. One time some decades ago, I stubbed my toe so bad that it hurt to walk; at the grocery store they let me use one of those electric scooters and I was kind of surprised at the lengths people would go to to avoid looking at me. People who use wheelchairs are just people, who use wheelchairs.

  10. Awesome, but Dan left off the part 2 of the description:

    “One night while headed home, our friend found himself face
    to face with a viscous Zombie. Being that he believed firearms
    served no purpose in self-defense, he was unarmed and knew
    he set himself up for something worse than becoming a victim…
    he was about to become easy Zombie pray!”

  11. Whoever Jimmy is, tell him to save the pitch: we already know how to sell mail-order heroin.

  12. Sad the law abiding have to take out their frustrations about the shredding of the Bill of Rights on rubber.

  13. I wouldn’t give you 5c for Goddard’s opinion but he’s got a great sense of dry humor.

  14. so i’m wondering why these obviously collage educated people are tweeting/posting posts that look like their teenage daughter typed them out. people cannot spell full words anymore like “for” or “please” i don’t understand typing “pls”, you cant add the 3 other letters to make the full word? this is what is leading to our kids being dumb as a box of rocks….just makes no logical sense when most phones have full letter keyboards, could understand this when texting was just going mainstream and most phones you had to use the number keys and not a dedicated qwerty keyboard…..that and this guy being offended really?. as far as i’m concerned the picture he used in the background is public domain and therefore can be reproduced without your consent even on an ad so the anti gun lobbyist can get the sand out of his crotch…

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