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Regular readers may notice that TTAG commentator Paul McCain has left the building. Mr. McCain objected to my supposed anti-police bias. Whatever. But I do miss his rants about “Chipotle ninjas”: open carry advocates whose slovenly demeanor ran contrary to his desire to defend Americans’ firearms freedom. As much as I support anyone’s right to do anything legal, as much as my own wardrobe choices preclude me from criticizing open carry advocates’ casual attire, the above tweet reminds me of Supertramp’s Bloody Well Right. At least in this case, it’s hard not to agree with McCain’s bias. Check out this picture . . .

Tyler Lance Craddock and sprog in Kroger (courtesy

That would be one Tyler Lance Craddock exercising his Second Amendment-protected right to keep and bear arms in a Kroger supermarket. The image above put Mr. Craddock on the anti-gunners’ radar. And how. Setting aside the Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America’s anti-open-carry-in-Kroger campaign, I give you an excerpt from Anonymous 100 at (a.k.a., Liberaland):

In a follow-up on our earlier post about an Open Carry activist who brought a loaded weapon into Kroger with a baby in his arms, let’s take a glimpse into his highly disturbed train of thought.

This [above Tweet] is how Tyler would handle the border crisis, with children fleeing from violence. Tyler just had a baby who is not fleeing from violence, however, his parents believe they need guns to protect their child from the evil gubbermint.

On his Facebook page is a Confederate flag, because of course. A possible family member (perhaps his wife) explains in the comments, “I am a firm supporter of slavery except I don’t want to use blacks…. I want to use liberals and those with skewed worldly views. Seems like a win-win situation to me.”

OK that last bit is unfair, nasty and, let’s face it, pretty funny. Don’t get me wrong: I appreciate the fact that Anonymous 100 is, true to form, using emotional manipulation to mischaracterize Craddock’s position on illegal immigration. I don’t think he a being serious. About gunning down children, anyway. Still . . .

Craddock really did write that Tweet and it really is extremely unhelpful for the cause of gun rights in general and open carry in particular.

I know there are crazies on both sides of the gun rights divide. I know anti-gunners’ regularly call for homicide against Wayne LaPierre and/or gun owners in general. But I can’t help wishing that Craddock had let the gun do the talking. In the nicest possible way.

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    • the fat guy with a (unwatched and lowly-rated youtube channel) who claimed to be a minister . .. . well, our collective heart health just improved by 20%. Let’s have a beer

      • Yeah, I stumbled across one of his videos to find out reviews on Contour cameras how how they performed mounted on firearms. TERRIBLE! Not the camera, but his “reviews” and “tests”. The “minister” failed the product because he failed to mount the damn thing correctly. Out of curiosity, I viewed a couple other vids, also unwatchable.

        • (taking a bow). I got chest pain looking at him walk and talk whenever one of his vids popped up as a suggestion if I was watching someone credible like Hickcok45. I would only on fat boy’s vids just to see if that was the one where he got all worked up over nothing and dropped. Time I will never get back. Let’s have another beer!

      • Geez… has always been so much fun to hate Paul on here. What are we going to do now? We need a new arch enemy……anyone up to the task? Anyone? Hello?

        • The traditional choice has always been liberals, and there are a few commenters here who self-identify as such (myself included). You’re welcome.

      • McCain is indeed a much disliked Lutheran Pastor. I too am a Missouri Synod Lutheran and I asked my Pastor and the Associate about him They would not get explicit but it was pretty clear that nobody likes him. He was a church bureaucrat.

        Now I too am a little tired of Robert’s I hate cops routine. The lesson he should have learned from his long ago encounter with the cops is that there are a lot of A-holes out there whether they carry a revolver or are all kitted out with an M-16. I think his adolescent obsession his caused his editorial judgement to fail and I am very disappointed in him.

        While I am at it I am tired by the keyboard commandos. It is probably true that most of you would kick my butt in a three gun, IDPA competition or even on the range. However, I like my chances on the streets because I know that every day I come home with same rounds that I left with is a win. That if I ever have draw I have failed and if I have the trigger it is an epic fail.

        Unlike McCain I am going nowhere and will continue to annoy some and amuse others while ooccaisioally provide something of value.

        • I know that every day I come home with same rounds that I left with is a win. You must live in a high crime area.

        • But do you understand that if you ever have to draw your gun that you have screwed up?

          I live in Northern Virginia which has the lowest crime rate in urbanized North America.

        • we’ll tell you when we’re amused or you provide something of value.
          i keep thinking “turbo diesel injection in virginia”. probably just me.

        • But do you understand that if you ever have to draw your gun that you have screwed up?

          Why do so many liberals insist on victim-blaming?

          Let me try to state things from a bit more… sane perspective. I know that if I ever have to draw my gun and am forced to use deadly force in self-defense, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life, because under no circumstances do I ever want to have to take a life. That said: I’ll regret that action infinitely less than I would regret losing my own life to a violent criminal, or, heaven forbid, watching that violent criminal take the life of one of my loved ones.

      • I never even knew Rev. Anti-Ninja made videos, let alone sat through one of them!

        He was already playing with sock-puppets, so I don’t expect he’ll be away for too long.

        That said, he was fun to poke fun at … kind of like teasing a mean, angry monkey with a delicious banana.

    • It’s funny how you don’t even notice the quiet until someone breaks it. I hadn’t noticed him not posting for awhile, but then, it took me weeks to realize MikeB left the comments section…

    • I want to know whatever happened to William Burke too? He was like the anti-Paul, boy did he have some drunken conspiracy theory rants.

      • Burke got the boot, maybe a month or two ago?

        I’m wondering where Matt in FL went. He was gone for maybe a month, then I thought I saw a post or two in the comments out of him after that, but no articles. I miss the Daily Digest. Figure he’s just really busy in the real world lately.

        • I’m still here. I just went from unemployed to overemployed, and I hardly have any time to read, much less write. I read, on average, only about 2 full posts/comments per day. And when I do read something I want to comment on, about half the time I’m stymied by the slow, ad-laden interface to the point that I give up on posting. I do troll through the comments on the admin screen 3-4 times every day just to clean out spam and rescue people from moderation/spam filter, and occasionally while doing that a comment catches my eye enough to click through and read the full post. That’s what happened here.

          I do miss writing the Digest, and your kind words are appreciated. I am trying to reorganize my time such that I can get back into it, and hopefully when I do they’ll have me back. Until then, think of me as the silent watcher.

      • Ahh, I see. Not surprised. And yeah there’s plenty of drunken rants conspiracy laden or otherwise… However, for an internet board that will naturally attract those types, I have yet to see serious post by a believer in the reptilian or gray alien conspiracies. I’m sure we will see them eventually, we’ve got plenty of illuminati believers and that’s just one step underneath the “grey agenda”. They’re completely lacking common sense but man I sure get a kick out of them. I don’t know why I enjoy them, maybe its similar to why people love the “people of walmart” pictures.

        • The grays and reptilians are just paranoid fantasies. The real threat is the space goats. Fear the space goats.

        • I grew up in the bastion of hippidom and the land of fruits and nuts; ie.. The Bay Area and Santa Cruz,CA.

          Most of the Grey, Repilian crew are the tree hugging “if we think good thoughts we won’t need guns and we’ll turn the world into peaceful utopia” kind of delusion.
          They see people like us as the devil incarnate. So they wouldn’t post here very often.

        • As a former Santa Cruzer, I can whole heartedly agree, alien lovers recoil from gun owners.

          “How can we possibly make peace with our extraterrestrial brethren while armed? Gun owners make no sense! They ruin everything! Why do you even need a gun?!”

          Yes. This is truly, truly, truly, the kind of talk that transpires around some dinner tables in Santa Cruz.

          I only miss surfing, nothing else.

  1. You have to understand. Anything that gets in the way of the liberals adding voters to their rolls is anathema. Laws don’t matter.

    The baby sure is cute. The beautiful baby pictures are certainly a stark contrast to the one labeled “My poo”.

    • I remember back when Paul first started posting here that someone (or multiple someones) commented that he’d been banned, under various names, from virtually every gun-related forum of any import, and speculated that it would only be a matter of time ’til the same happened here.

      • Had I known that’s all it would take to get rid of him, I’d have spent a lot more time mocking the po-leece.

        As it stands, I contend that there are good people who wear a badge and there are some right bastards who also do, and while it’s not fair to hold the latter against the former, I also don’t think the latter should get a pass because of the former, either.

        • I stand by the philosophy that most people are mostly good most of the time. I feel that is the opposite of the antis mind set and that to think otherwise places one in an irreconcilable conundrum. However that belief dose not dismiss the possibility of great evil being done even by largely good folks. To prevent that, strict accountability for those in power is a must. The burden of proof must always lay with those in power.

    • The “most-banned” title has got to go to that “Gunkid” idiot from way back in the day. He was trollin’ and gettin’ banned before TTAG was a twinkle in Farago’s eye.

  2. Eh…I’ve seen the antis say worse in their tweets and FB posts…regardless Farago is correct, this doesnt help us.

  3. That brand spanking new NRA cap tells me he hasn’t been at this long. He will tire of the game pretty soon and that baby will help with that. He will soon be off the radar along with Paul T. McCain.

    • Joking or not, we’re not able to stoop to the anti’s level while defending our rights.

      That being said, my NRA hat is just as bright and shiny and two of my 3 kids are as young, but they are the reason I’m as involved in protesting, voting, and working to convince the fence sitters that our RKBA is important, not a distraction from it.

  4. Don’t joke about serious topics. Sometimes stupid people don’t understand sarcasm and jokes, and put it in a completely different context.

  5. Will Hayden and Tyler Craddock don’t make us all look bad any more than Jessie Duff and Tori Nonaka make us all look pretty.

  6. PTMC is still on , there was a sorta funny exchange where he talks about “why do you ‘run’ an AK”.

        • Why are you worried, afraid someone will steal your troll title here? You are perfect example of someone who is wrong. You assume, incorrectly, that because I joke about Foxnews fanboys that I adhere to CNN or other left wing/communist mass media. Learn to think outside the box that has made for you to control your thinking.

        • Duh? You didn’t know that? If you are anti fox is surely means you are pro CNN. Everybody knows that. And yes. I am absolutely terrified that someone will take my troll trophy. You gotta pay the troll toll…..

    • I chuckled, but then that started sounding less ridiculous the more I looked at the picture. I got one of those NRA hat’s too when I joined up, and mine turned blue before I finally wore it (at a rally last year).

  7. Wow, didn’t notice or miss Mr. McSame. But it does seem a lot of commenters don’t last long here, especially those that are not zionist Foxnews fanboys.

        • Yes it is. So, if your not an Evil Jewish Fox News Illuminati supporter than you should leave. Because everyone in here fits that description. I myself actually roll around in a bed filled with gold coins with my big nose while eating hummus and drinking the blood of Palestinian children. My real name is Ariel Goldstein.

        • It’s good to see some at least retain a sense of humor, but for real, jokes aside, there is a lot of tangential political propaganda here, and its enough to give credibility to the idea that the propaganda may be the point of the site, and not its stated purpose.

        • The fact is Paco….that right leaning ideologies go hand in hand with gun rights activism. That said yes, you can play for the other team and still love guns but, they don’t go together nearly as nicely. At some point, if you’re going to lean to the left, you have to admit that everyone on your team hates your guns and is willing to destroy you if need be to further their progressive agenda. Don’t blame most of us on here for leaning right just because guns go together with the right wing like peanut butter and jelly. It’s hard to separate the two. Deal with it and understand it or leave. I don’t care because I know that every liberal you vote for is a stab in the heart of gun lovers everywhere.

          Oh and just to get my two cents in……good riddance PTM I will think of you tomorrow while I’m shopping with my pistol openly on my hip……or not.

    • But it does seem a lot of commenters don’t last long here, especially those that are not zionist Foxnews fanboys.

      Based on the content of the posts I’ve seen here, I’d say TTAG attracts a more libertarian audience, compared to the right-wing fascists who watch Fox.

  8. Using the words ““I am a firm supporter of slavery” in that order almost always makes you the bad guy, regardless of what follows in the sentence.

    Is that a tripod on that thing?

      • Ok. I was kind of chuckling here and there. Shaking my head at some of the comments.
        Dang it. I forgot not to drink while reading here. Now I’ve gotta go wipe the Pepsi off my ipad.
        Thanks Ralph!

    • I am a firm supporter if slavery for people serving life sentences in prison. I am a firm supporter of indentured servitude lasting the length of the sentence for inmates serving time. Any excess gains after the cost of inprisonment can go into a savings account or to family.

      Uh oh. Do these views make me a bad guy?

  9. I miss giving Paul a hard time. I think a lot of people gave Paul a hard time, but this is TTAG – home of everyone’s “my opinion is correct” ideal. No reason for him to leave – we are all in that boat.

  10. Regular readers may notice that TTAG commentator Paul McCain has left the building. Mr. McCain objected to my supposed anti-police bias. Whatever. But I do miss his rants about “Chipotle ninjas”: open carry advocates whose slovenly demeanor ran contrary to his desire to defend Americans’ firearms freedom.

    Did he give a reason for departure? Just anti-police bias?

  11. You gun-bullies all drove him out…:)

    Seriously, I didnt mind Paul T…he had some good info to share.

    Sometimes he came across as holier than thou, but at least he was right about Chipotle Ninjas…

    OCTards are always good for a pi$$ing contest on a slow day….


    • It’s not his opinion about the chipotle boys that ruffled my feathers, it was his constant assertions that any and all OC by any non LEO is just as bad and stupid.

  12. When you look at the 2nd amendment it is part of the whole…..You can’t pick and choose what is ok and what is not. If you do this your Obama . The man who can’t be bothered with the rights of the people. The problem is he works for us and is doing a piss poor job of it….He should be fired…..I believe the whole country should be open carry….the crime rate would disappear. Looters should be shot on sight….it use to be that way….when did we get so soft….a person committing a felony can be shot and nobody says a damn thing…..cross our border illegally it is a felony, break in and smash up property and steal the contents is a felony…..what’s the problem.

    • Hmmm, seems to me there was still a significant amount of crime and hangings back in the day when open carry was the norm.

      • Actually, the overall murder rate for most of our history was around 1 to 2 percent. It wasn’t until Prohibition that the murder rate jumped up. If we left out current gang bangers killing each other over drug territory, our murder rate would be about 1 to 2 percent.

        Leave it to government to make being a criminal profitable. I guess like attracts like.

  13. Yeah, well.

    Substitute “illegal immigrant” with “Muslim” (not terrorists, mind you, just all Muslim) and this dude’s comments are tame compared what one regular sees here on TTAG and pretty much every other gun blog/forum/etc.
    So let’s not act like the gun community is a bunch of happy hippies who are never racist, bigoted, ignorant and dumb.

    That said, as the son of Hispanic immigrants (who came here *legally*) AND as someone with some Muslim relatives, I fully support everyone’s right to say stupid, hateful sh*t, even if it makes us like dumb, ignorant, racist bigots.
    Which of course we’re not. ‘cept when we are.

    As you were.

        • So what you’re saying is you’re a Hispanic, son-of-immigrants, family-of-Muslims bigot? At least you outed yourself early on.

          (Unless there’s some other, logical reason that you could take a caricature, and use that person to paint everyone at TTAG with a hyperbolically oversized guilty-by-gun-rights-advocacy-association brush?)

    • Being Hispanic or any other genotype has nothing to do with intelligence or stupidity.
      But believing that some guy talked to God and tells us that if you fart while praying and anything other than gas comes out, God will reject your prayers, and you have to go clean up and start over. AND if there is no water to wash up with, just use dirt. Now that makes me question anyone that believes anything else this god talker says.
      I guess I am an ignorant bigot for rejecting those kinds of beliefs. After all those same people may think up good reasons for cutting my head off.
      The main reason being that I don’t believe what they believe.

      • Religious intolerance is the norm. In England, the Catholics and the Protestants had a grand time hanging, murdering and burning each other at the stake, with the me rife in France leading to the execution of Joan of Arc in a bitter war, the Crusaders swam in blood through several generations of Holy War, and so on and so forth. I wonder how many millions died because of the wars and Inquisitions of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, all in the name of Jesus Christ. Moses and his generals, reading the Old Testament literally, engaged in genocide in the Promised Land, and Mohammed, a creature of his times, did likewise. What conqueror does not invoke “God” or “Gods” to sanctify and justify his slaughter?

        • That’s an easy one. Declared atheistic mass murder aficionados Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot, to name just a few. Over a hundred million murdered in the name of no god.

          You don’t need a god to justify in the minds of these psychopaths and those that support them in order to commit mass murder,

        • Communism, Marxism, Socialism. It isn’t the god or no god, it is simply those that wish to dominate and control and will murder as many as they need to, to fulfill their need for absolute control. And what ever belief system they can use to motivate and control the “useful idiots’ to do the killing for them is rather immaterial.

          In the past in the west, it was Christianity; currently, it is liberal/progressivism based on communism/socialism which teaches no god. In the Mid-east, it is Islam.

  14. How many gun owners are there in this country? Tens of millions? A hundred million? In a group of free citizens this large there are wise men/women and foolish men/women, there are mature adults and childish people over 18. There are also diverse opinions on just about anything gun-related you can think of, including the right way to exercise our RKBA. Supporting and defending liberty for all is not a cause well suited for a hive mind. Tyler’s approach to advocacy for gun rights might cause me to cringe, but he is, like all of us, a free citizen. He gets to make his own decisions.

    Freedom can be scary and seems to just about always be messy, but I will take it over the world Shannon’s Sugar Daddy and the Hysterical Mother are plotting to create.

  15. I didn’t have a problem with the rev. And I watched him shoot a Benelli M4 on video. With Jerry Miculek speed. Why all the hate Dirk? Most YouTube channels are a joke anyway. It seems the biggest error the rev made was using his real name & info. Lots of more annoying trolls here lately to take his place…BTW the guy with the baby is an idiot.

  16. No doubt PTMc is polishing boots elsewhere with his fleshy muscular organ used for tasting. Good riddance!
    People who cross imaginary lines on a map should not be subject to violence of any kind. The freedom to travel should apply to everyone everywhere all of the time. What they should not get is welfare in any form. End state and federal gimme programs and end the problems.
    The ignoramus and his caring wife should realize that seizing power over others only perpetuates the downward spiral of our failed Constitutional Republic.
    Until they realize that we are all slaves to a corrupt, conniving, and criminal political system that uses violence to maintain control over us things will never change.
    Just to make it perfectly clear, Tyler does not respect private property rights. I’m pretty sure he did not contact management in advance of his little show to get permission.
    Some people just need a slap on the head. But that would be wrong……..

  17. I’d take up Paul’s banner but I never knew what he was talking about. I’m pro-cop for the most part since my daughter is one. I wish she was cruisin’ in a MRAP ’cause people like the guy in the picture go off their medication sooner or later. Paul does know how to handle that Benelli.

    • Probably not. It is the unemployed adult guys playing video games in their parents basement who is a real nice guy with no criminal record.

      • And we’re back to stereotyping/blaming people who play videogames.

        Note: I am not a “gamer”, I play games for their story and I am a really bad shot in shooter games.

    • I’d take up Paul’s banner but I never knew what he was talking about.

      Don’t feel bad. Many never followed him because he was uninformed. Then there was the entire lying part. He was called out on it. Additionally, as a professed man of God and a professional representative of God he behaved as if he were a Muslim.

      I’m pro-cop for the most part since my daughter is one.

      Did she have a hard time deciding between theoretical physics, medicine, engineering, or food catering? I’m guessing she ended up there because she didn’t know where to go, she had no place to go.

      My daughter-in-law is a Staff Sergeant in the Marines. She is going to become a Michigan State police trooper because she is worthless and can’t do anything else. She’s tried nursing (UM-quit) and golf course work and the MSP will hire her.

  18. I do miss his rants about “Chipotle ninjas”

    You just ain’t right. 😀

    But Ralph makes a good point. Does Will Hayden make all gun owners look bad? (He probably makes pedophiles look bad).

    Does Nicki Minaj make all black people look bad?

    • Fart sounds notwithstanding, she looks pretty damn good to me.

      Then again, my anaconda don’t want none unless she got buns, hun.

    • Her butt perpetuates the stereotype. But otherwise her actions only make her look silly, not all black people. Her actions are her own.

      And alpo she looks plenty good. But that song is some other kind of atrocity. The video on the other hand…

      • her actions only make her look silly, not all black people. Her actions are her own.

        I agree with you, and that was my point. However, many blacks will disagree with you and I on that one. It seems that are upset with the likes of Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus for stealing their culture. Fine, you can have twerking. Cultural crisis averted.

  19. Gee I pulled up Craddocks FB page and didn’t see ANYTHING bad. Looks pretty normal to me. Didn’t see anything racist or confederate. Maybe he’s just misunderstood. Like Nicki Minaj’s butt…

  20. Just looked @ the current begging letter from the NRA it is the current 1 year premium. Give 1 gift membership & get 100 + mailings a year. If they used the bucks spent on extra mailings the 2nd amendment would be safe for sure

    • Ain’t it the bloody awful truth. Having said that, the 800 pound gorilla in the room as far as pols and anti’s go is the NRA. They are the one’s mentioned in all the hate and fear filled speachs.

      The NRA ain’t near perfect, but I’ll stick with them for now.

  21. I wondered what happened to Reverend Grumpy. Anyways…

    This [above Tweet] is how Tyler would handle the border crisis, with children fleeing from violence. Tyler just had a baby who is not fleeing from violence, however, his parents believe they need guns to protect their child from the evil gubbermint.

    Perhaps it’s because so many parents here believe in the individual right to keep and bear arms that our children don’t need to “flee from violence.”

  22. “I am a firm supporter of slavery except I don’t want to use blacks…. I want to use liberals and those with skewed worldly views. I busted a gut on that one! Great!

  23. This Craddock idiot sounds like a leftard plant, plenty of them running around attempting to stir sh*t up, that is one of their favorite tactics.

    As for Paul? Sure he is still here, just listing a new usename.

  24. So is the baby his body armor in case he has to engage bad guys in the frozen food aisle?

    I just don’t get these people marching around with their shotguns and rifles. How many of them have invested the time and energy to get the proper training to be able to adequately use those weapons in an armed confrontation. My guess is the majority would either be killed by and assailant or end up shooting innocent people half way across the store.

    My apologies to anyone here who open carries long arms but frankly i don’t see the point. Growing up I had relatives who carried handguns which were usually revolvers and a few kept shotguns in their cars or trucks. No one walked the streets with a long gun unless they were taking them from their vehicles to their homes.

    My greatest fear is that sooner or later the criminals will figure out just how easy it would be to walk up to someone and take their weapon away. I don’t think the skinny girl in the short shorts and tank top or the 300 pound guy wearing a tactical vest and flip flops are going to but up much of a fight against a determined thug.

    • Openly carrying long guns has been used in Ohio as a means to educate the general public about the individual right to keep and bear arms. It’s also been used to force public agencies to follow Ohio law in regards to carrying firearms. It has been very effective here in Ohio. To the best of my knowledge, we have never had a criminal (except a few bad cops) take a long gun from an open carrier during our open carry rallies, protests, or walks. Some of these have occurred in higher crime areas and the scenario you suggest simply hasn’t materialized.

      I’m not sure that I completely understand your statement. Are you of the opinion that it is unwise, that people should not be allowed, or something different?

    • Full of irrational fears and bigotry. I can say this because we have had over five thousand years of history to show that your fears are not backed by fact or example.

      It is a predators nature to look for the weak, helpless and the unaware, and to leave alone those with good offensive and defensive abilities. That hasn’t changed in all of history, I don’t see that changing any time soon.

      • Those on the political left are always claiming they WILL change people and that you WILL accept their “reality”. The only tools they have for this? Torture, rape, starvation and murder. All the while screeching and caterwauling that it is for your own good that they do all these things.

        And no, adherents of leftist ideology are not predators, they are carrion eaters. They create nothing except death and misery, and they revel in both.

  25. I for one enjoyed Paul McCain’s posts and most of his videos were informative. He will be missed. If he reads this, I hope he’ll come back and lend his perspective again in the future.


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