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Strike Industries makes a lot of cool gear. Most of it, small odds and ends that subtly make your gun just a bit better. I got my first introduction to Strike with their Ambush Sling Loop, a now permanent fixture on my go to AR. I shot them a note after that review posted asking if they had any other knicknacks that needed reviewing, and they enthusiastically sent me their Cobra Tactical Fore Grip.

The Cobra Tactica Fore Grip (CTFG) is a Picatinny-mounted grip a la the Magpul AFG that also includes a serrated stop at the very front. This dual-function accessory allows you to assume the straight-armed, thumb-over-the-top-of-the-handguard support arm position that every bearded 5.11-panted operator assumes, with the ability to jam it against a barrier for support as well. For the 3-gunners in the crowd, this multifunction ability wrapped in a lightweight polymer package sounds too good to be true. It isn’t.


The CTFG mounts to a Picatinny rail using a single hex screw through the Picatinny slot, and two slotted screws to provide additional clamping force. Once in position, it isn’t going anywhere and despite my best efforts shove it against various barriers in my backyard, I was unable to work it free or break it.

The hand position it forces is very natural and gives you a consistent indexing point for your support arm. I think its a gem of an accessory and at $25, you really can’t beat the price.


Specifications: Strike Industries Cobra Tactical Fore Grip

  • Length:  4”
  • Weight:  1.4 oz
  • Attachment: Picatinny
  • Material: Polymer
  • Cost: $25

Ratings (out of five stars):

Overall Rating * * * * *
This is a top notch product that fits well and is easy to install. I don’t necessarily think that every AR needs one, but if you’re a fan of the Costa grip, and you find yourself wanting to get more support from the barriers in your local 3 gun competitions, this is a fine addition to the black rifle of your choosing. I couldn’t break it or get it to come loose.

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  1. I’d like to see side-by-side comparison to Magpul AGF.
    How does one improve control of muzzle flip vs the other? etc

    • In terms of unsupported, I doubt it is any different than running the Magpul, maybe it indexes a bit better.

      But that beefy stop able to be used as a support, that will be really handy any time you can run up to an obstacle and use it to lever into your rifle like that. I like it

  2. A “Cobra Tactical Fore Grip” sound like something that a herpetologist might use for handling poisonous snakes.

    Man, I just love marketing morons mavens.

    • I know a herpetologist whose main line of research is rattlesnakes…I’ll have to recommend this doodad. Might make the viper wrangling a little less perilous. But then it is a cobra product, so maybe it won’t work the same on rattlers.

  3. I have to admit to becoming vehemently anti-tactical of late. The label immediately gets my back hair up. It makes me want to take my tactical big red rubber playground ball and go home.

    • Red ball? Sorry, but if it’s not black, it’s not tactical. Well, that’s not entirely true; the boys who’ve been over in the sandbox swear by FDE.

      • It’s a desert sandstone red. AND it has genuine, imitation, real type military style, picatinny-ish, molded in, gripper grooves added for only a small additional fee! Guaranteed to be the fastest, most aerodynamic, playground ball in your neighborhood … or your money gladly donated to a wanna be, special forces, small company owner of the “big red rubber ball company” of our choice!

  4. Since this goes at an angle, it’s totally kosher to put this on an AR pistol without the douchebags at the ATF getting their panties in a twist, right?

  5. Would love to see a review of their insanely inexpensive keymod hand guards. I’ve only seen one decent review on them, but still am skeptical. actually a lot of their product line has caught my interest, like their checkmate comp, cobra trigger guards, and their ultimate dust cover seem like pretty cool items.

  6. Looks interesting. I just took my AFG off of my AR yesterday and put a magpul vertical grip on. I like it a lot better. I like the AFG on my AKs with rails. I’ll save this AFG for when I put a MI rail on my M92 for an optics mount location.

  7. It has been a number of years since I carried one o Uncle Sam’s M16s but I don’t recall it being difficult to figure out where to put either hand when firing.

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