Mike's gun room richardson robbery
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You might expect gun store owners — especially those who run their stores by themselves — to keep a pistol on their hip. That just seems to be a good security practice. A Richardson, Texas gun store owner didn’t do that, but given his recent brush with three armed robbers, he may change that practice.

From fox4news.com:

Mike Brown runs Mike’s Gun Room by himself. The 77-year-old says the group of masked men first acted like shoppers and then made it clear they came to rob the place.

Brown pretended he was having heart trouble. It bought him enough time to grab a gun and shoot one of the suspects.

It’s a scenario Brown has played out inside his mind for the 26 years he’s owned a gun store, but Wednesday was the first time he says it happened.

As the thieves were gathering up a load of about 50 guns — we didn’t know there was a gun store in Texas with that many firearms in their inventory these days — Brown, a Marine and Vietnam veteran, claimed he needed to get to some medication for a heart condition. That gave him a chance to get a gun.

Brown says the men started to leave by the time he grabbed his gun, so he pointed it at the only person still inside.

“I told him to stop,” he said. “He turned around and I saw he had one handgun in his hand when he turned around.”

Brown shot the man in the shoulder. He fell to the ground outside while his accomplices drove off. Police arrived, and he’s now in custody at a hospital.

There really is no honor among thieves. Some will ask why Brown didn’t just let the robbers continue on their way. But the impulse to protect your store and your property is strong. The fact that the thief he shot had a handgun when he turned around should protect brown from any potential legal jeopardy.

After this experience, the chances are probably good that Mr. Brown will pull a holster and a pistol from inventory and begin carrying it on a regular basis, at least during store hours. And from the looks of the number of guns he still has in stock, Dallas area gun buyers in search of scarce firearms may be beating a path to his door.

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    • Terrible, truly terrible.

      Those thieves were just turning their lives around when the were brutally assaulted by racist bullets…

      (Does it need an /S?)

      • A promising career as a quarterback… until an unfortunate accident left his shoulder damaged, and him without a way to earn a living…

        • Accident nothing – this was another clear case of gun violence ruining somebody’s life! That’s why we need more laws banning military automatic assault murder machines. or something like that…

        • “Accident nothing – this was another clear case of gun violence ruining somebody’s life! That’s why we need more laws banning military automatic assault murder machines. or something like that…”

          Not ironic enough. Many will take this as your actual thinking.

  1. Runs a gun store
    Vietnam vet
    not carrying
    couldn’t hit center mass

    “From the number of guns he still has in stock.”
    I Know what I got!

    • I’ve been buying from Mike for years; dating back to when he had a store adjacent to the Richardson police department. A significant portion of his inventory is old collectible stuff. There’s not a thing in his store that he’s married to I promise you and I’ve always found his prices to be very fair.

  2. I don’t believe it when they say they don’t have a description of the suspects. Probably just don’t want to post what they have in fear of not being PC.

    They should water board the one they have until he gives up his cohorts.

  3. Boot camp always teaches Marine recruits to double tap your target, that way they don’t usually get up or testify against you… or come for revenge, Remember that next time maggot…
    “””FREE KYLE”””

  4. I walked into a gun store a few weeks ago to pick up a handgun they had received for me. Their sign said, “For security reasons, remove your mask before entering store. Then replace.” They want the cameras to get a look. I thought it was a good idea. The better idea is that the three guys working the counter were armed.

    • Got asked the same question here in Polk county a few weeks ago, I thought it was a fantastic idea, and told them so.

      The more folks behind the glass, the less chance of a robbery attempt…

  5. You can steal my TV, stereo, and bicycle, but I can’t let you take my gunms. You might go out and shootzin somebody. It happened to me, got my gunms stole and the fckers used them in holdups. Lucky for me I knew who did it,,, so I tucked my hair up under my hat and went in to ask him why. , after the frakess they called the cops on me , cops told me don’t go over there again “we’ll have to press charges.”

    • He’s said you looked like a fine upstanding young man I think you’ll do.
      So I took off my hat, I said “Imagine that. Huh! Me workin’ for you!”

    • *Covers ears, curls up into fetal position*

      Aieee! That. Song. Is Cancer. Of the bunghole.

      Don’t MAKE me retaliate with “Billy, Don’t Be a Hero”, or “Watching Scotty Grow”…. 😉

      • Four guitars is dumb, Blue Oyster Cult finished their concert with all of them playing a guitar, I thought that was dumb then and Jimi Hendrix agrees

        • possum, I saw BOC.I remember the laser show, but I don’t remember all of the band playing a guitar at the end of the concert. Long time ago.

        • Does anyone remember this whiney song?

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          For whatever reason, it just drove me crazy when it played on the radio.

      • Oh yeah, how about

        Run Joey Run by David Geddes
        “Once You Understand by Think

        Looking back a lot of 70’s songs sucked didn’t they?

      • “Don’t MAKE me retaliate with “Billy, Don’t Be a Hero”, or “Watching Scotty Grow”….”

        Amateur. *THIS* is worst song of all time.

        Now, SUFFER :

        • Thanks you just stuck that in my head.
          Tan me hide when I’m dead, Fred
          Tan me hide when I’m dead

          Another ear worm

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  6. Good going wish you could have killed all 3 so nobody would have to worry about them getting out on stupid reasons or a corrupt judge

      • Every real gun store I go in, the employees are armed and I don’t recall any of them ever having a robery attempt. Openly armed employees discourage bad guys from even making the attempt almost as much as dead robbers in the news.

        • “Every real gun store I go in, the employees are armed”

          When I go into the LGS, and see all the armed people, I get a flashback to the final scenes in “Blues Brothers” should any one attempt an armed holdup. I try to get in and out as fast as possible.

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a non-big-box gun store where the staff weren’t armed.

    Re 50 guns available for “collection” … all I can surmise is that says something about his pricing, or he does a lot of consignments for optimists.

  8. Back in the day I visited a couple “gun stores” like this, run by cranky old anti-social guys. The one in particular I’m thinking of, I doubt the guy ever made a profit. His stock was a bizarre mish-mash of overpriced stuff hardly anyone wanted and I think the whole store served more as a way for him to pass his days rather than as something he was trying to make a profit off of.

  9. Sorry , but this guy is a total F”ing IDIOT. He is running a HIGH ROBBERY RISK store (alone). Has available at his discretion any defensive weapon of any caliber of his choosing, yet he goes unarmed? Now, due to his utter incompetence there are 50+ guns on the street in the hands of criminals. The blood of innocents will be on his hands.

    • Dave, the blood will be on the bad guy’s hands. Blaming everyone except them is the left’s strategy. That man owns that business and can run it any way he damn well pleases.

    • HDD,

      Harsh. Especially that you blame the shop-keeper for what the criminals may do with the guns they stole.

      Do you have one of those “Hate has no home here” signs in front of your house?

    • Regardless of “muh property” you are correct…. this goy needs his FFL removed….. nothing bad was said about every other gun owner.. . Bottom line is 50 PLUS GUNS ARE NOW IN THE HANDS OF CRIMINALS…..I DON’T CARE WHAT THE “LEFT” SAYS….. IM JUST AS CONSERVATIVE AS ANYONE POSTING HERE…… AND I STILL SAY THIS OLD MAN FKD UP…… BIG TIME….. AND APPARENTLY HAS NO BUSINESS RUNNING A GUN SHOP……

      • You sound like “that guy” who would have shot himself in the groin while trying to draw his weapon. You should be warned that after blowing your tallywhacker off, you can’t even shoot blanks.

    • Possum found a mole cricket thought it was cute as could be.
      Looked around the yard again and where there was one now there were three.
      Took a look again as he headed for the door.
      Hot damn he exclaimed it looks like hundreds more.
      His cute little mole crickets ate up all his grass.
      Only silver lining is he’ll save on lawn mower gas.

    • Ah, mole crickets,

      I pinned one of those to a poster board for my insect project in 10th grade biology. I thought I should get extra credit for being the only one that had a mole cricket.

      Many years later I ran into a snowbird immigrant that ran a tube rental in Itchetucknee. Dude was freaking out about mole crickets. “Ever seen a mole cricket? Prehistoric fuckin’ creature!”

      Well, yeah.

  10. It would be most unwise to try and rob the LGS around here. It is exceedingly rare that any person in there, including employees, are NOT armed. The local National Guard armory might actually be an easier target. Lol!

    Kudos to this guy for quick thinking but it was rather foolish not to be (well) armed in the first place.

  11. The perps must have known he does not carry and were watching for him to be alone. Why else would anyone think they could get away with a business hours robbery of a gun store?

  12. Mike always had a gun on his hip even when his store was right next to the Richardson PD. I used to go into his store frequently when I worked in that area. My guess is they got the drop on him.

    Good guy. Surprises me not that he got the last laugh.

  13. Thugs and crooks aren’t too bright but they do get lucky occassionally and get the drop on working men. He did recover well. He needs some range time probably, though. I mean, the shoulder is just a little ways from the head, so he was close.

  14. AOC says they needed those guns, probably so they could secure toilet paper, diapers and baby food for their starving indigent families.

    • Does AOC also advocate looting as a method of redistribution of basic needs?

      After what I’ve seen commonly looted, I wonder how these qualify as basic necessities. You can’t eat a big-screen TV. You can’t shelter in a pair of designer sports shoes.

      • She has said in the past

        AOC on increased NYC crime: “Maybe this has to do with the fact that people aren’t paying their rent & are scared to pay their rent & so they go out & they need to feed their child & they don’t have money so… they feel like they either need to shoplift some bread or go hungry.”

        And they needed that TV, how are they to keep up with the crapharshdeanns if they have to stare in the neighbors window to watch. Remember” Free at last, Free at last” as they hustle out of the store with their liberated goodies.

        Only unwoke pay for stuff.

  15. Mike Brown to the robbers: “(fakes heart attack) Call the ambulance! Call the ambulance!”

    Robbers: “Why do you need the ambulance?”

    Mike Brown: “Not for me, for you!”

  16. It is definitely advisable for a gun store owner or clerk to be carrying. However; drawing even from an open carry holster after a robber or robbers have drawn their guns and announced their unambiguous intention to rob you is a tactically difficult course of action. A 12 gauge shotgun under the counter loaded with buckshot and rifled choke tubes to generate that scattergun effect that we see in the movies would give you a better chance of survival.


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