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“This is about community safety, this is about allowing our communities to grow. The idea of putting together youth and sponsoring a gun show is unacceptable and frankly, this is a public place and public entities ought not to subsidizing gun shows.” – Congressional candidate Donna Shalala in Miami Democrats protest to remove gun show from fairgrounds [via]

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  1. But wait … Isn’t a growing community an increasing burden on the planet and we should welcome anything that reduces the human ecological footprint? So aren’t gun shows, by your statement, good for the planet?

    Incidentally I do agree that public entities shouldn’t subsidize gun shows. Or host gun shows, art festivals or beer tastings or “cultural nights” or whatever else, if treatment isn’t uniform across activities. Equal access to all activities that can cover the use fee should be the metric, I’d say.

      • They’ve taken a look at their near future and are now in the process of ‘encouraging’ more children with tax breaks and whatnot.

        But the 20–something set isn’t listening, and the weird thing is, that trend is now world-wide. Young women are getting turned off to sex in general, much to the dismay of the young guys.

        Europe, the Americas, Asia, the kids aren’t having more kids. It’s almost like they are all hearing the same message if imminent global doom…

        • Holy hell…just look at this whackjob…dresses like my grandma and cant even brush her hair…yet she wants to help run the country….like John Wayne said…’If they ever get the vote, God help us!’

        • China: As Mark Steyn says, “Demographics are destiny”, and, “China will get old before it gets rich”. Finally, what happens when you have a huge surplus of prime, young males and a surfit of females to create new families?? A: Usually a national government finds a good pretense for a good, old-fashioned ground war.

    • I observe it has been a LONG time since government(s) actively PROMOTED gun training and shooting.

      More is the pity.

      People ultimately get the government the deserve; largely through inaction and a reluctance to participate in the electoral process.

      “If there is no one you want to vote FOR, surely there is someone you want to vote AGAINST” — Robert Heinlein

  2. I’ve heard this creature’s name before, but now that I’ve seen it, I’d never say its name three times in succession, for fear that it might suddenly appear before me.

    • The creature from the black lagoon surfaces again. Better guard your rights like your life depended on them. Because it does.

      • Not only a part of the Bubba admin(HUD, if memory correctly serves), but also president of the Clinton Foundation throughout all the years of their now well known illegal shit, all the way up to treason. A swamp creature of the highest order.

    • Donna Shalala. Donna Shalala. Donna Shalala.
      -Nope. Didn’t work. Have no fear for me. I have silver weapons, wooden stakes, AND garlic….

      • You’ll need guns. Very special “High-ammunition” guns :

        “These kind of gun shows is where people buy high ammunition guns, all kinds of bump stocks and big magazines, all kinds of things that we don’t want our streets to have,” Taddeo said. “And then they turn around and go into other neighborhoods and resell them. This is exactly why we don’t want this in our community.”

        Wow. Guns being sold in every school, and on every street corner like a quarter-bag of weed…

        I can dream, can’t I???

  3. She looks like something dredged up from the the pickle barrels in the old Wolfies.
    Wonder if that place still exist?
    Used to eat there once in awhile when we were working in the area.
    She was the Health and Human Services secretary under President Bill Clinton and former president of UM.
    Since she is not Hispanic I expect her chances to not be so good of making it.

  4. I saw the photo, and immediately, I heard a voice from a Cheech & Chong album (back in the 70s)….. “Who cut your hair?”

    (Anyone remember the skit?)

  5. Liquor stores are incompatible with community safety.

    Pawn shops are incompatible with community safety.

    Bingo parlors and lottery-ticket sellers are incompatible with community safety.

    Low-income housing projects are incompatible with community safety.

    Low-education voters are incompatible with community safety.

    High concentrations of minority inner-city yutes are incompatible with community safety.


    Feel free to add to the list of things common in minority communities with high violence rates that are ‘incompatible with community safety.’

    • “Pawn shops are incompatible with community safety.”

      That’s because everything in there is stolen.

      (The common public perception.)

      When the reality is, less than 1/2 of *one percent* of what’s in an average pawn shop is ‘hot’…

  6. Communities grow by bringing people together to share interests and activities. That is precisely what happens at gun shows.

  7. Actually its the Democrat Party that is incompatible with community safety. Just look at the crime statistics of the major cities in America. All are Democrat utopias of greed, corruption, and murder. Their leadership always blames the right for their problems. It’s their ubiquitous straw man. Democrat machine politics is the true danger to the soul of the country.

    • This is just as bigoted as saying that blacks moving into the neighborhood is incompatible with community safety. She’s accusing law abiding gun owners of being a bad element and being a threat to the safety of the community even though they have a lower crime rate than the average American.

  8. It’s idea of what “we” ought to restrict as public gatherings in public places is how the Left begins to outlaw public assembly for any purpose the Left does not approve of. The advent of Tyranny is slimy and based on deceit. As Florida becomes more Leftist Dominated, this kind of thing is not surprising, though.

    • Adolph Hitler told the German people that if they granted him absolute emergency powers that he would restore order. The violence that was occurring was done by his brown shirt organization ( new name ANTIFA etc. ). He never gave this absolute power back. Here, we have the pesky constitution that has been taken down one brick at a time. If you cannot actually repeal a protected right then just ignore and encroach upon it , then demonize it.

  9. She acts like all kids are psychopathic killers who will go on a murder spree if a gun is in their presence.

    We call BS on: Gun violence is a public health epidemic. For public safety we must cure America of this disease by banning every weapon. Otherwise, the youth will not make it to adulthood. For the sake of the human species, for the children, ban all weapons now.

    • They demonize gun ownership by first saying “gun” then violence. It’s a violence problem not a gun problem. The violence problem is due to a lack of morals. Never mind the” right” to go about your daily , lawful routine without being attacked by amoral criminals which are a democrat protected species.

  10. From her perspective she might be right to the extent that any kid raised by someone that shares her idiotic mindset will be at some point be a potential risk to society.

    • Any of us can cause a homicide(with few exceptions). Given enough reason, like someone threatening or hurting you or yours, could make you a killer. Whether or not it is murder is up to a jury of your peers.

  11. She was far less concerned with guns and violence among her football team when she was the President of the University of Miami during the Shapiro days. She persided over the most thug days of the U, and protected the players as long as the checks cleared.

    • She ruined sports at the U. Wanted UM to be the “Harvard of the South.” A reputation for strong athletic programs was incompatible with a reputation for strong academics so she dismantled the football and baseball teams. Now UM is neither the “Harvard of the South” nor a perrenial national championship contender, just an overpriced daycare for rich kids ($250k for a bachelor’s degree). She is the devil.

      • Donna Sha-la-la. There’s a blast from the past. It used to be Chancellor-ette at U of Wi Madison. Many referred to her/it as the hormonal dwarf. Then she/it went to work for Slick Willie. As left a whack job as you’ll ever find. Not surprised she/it screwed up U of M. Her brand of liberalism is toxic.

  12. Could there be a crazier looking person than this one? I wonder if she argues with dustbins like the crazy old lady down the road from me??

  13. “President Bill Clinton’s secretary of Health and Human Services when the administration passed an automatic-weapons ban in 1994.”
    1994, 1934, whatever. Close enough for the Herald.

  14. According to her, we should give up our guns in the (vain) hope that it will somehow make up for others’ failure to teach their children (mostly male) the difference between right and wrong.

  15. If that bitch doesn’t like gun shows, then she is enthusiastically invited to not attend one, and mind her own damned business.

  16. The statistics on WHO are the people commiting homicides in Chicago suggest a solution. Rather than ban gun shows in Chicago, just prohibit African Americans from attendihg them ot making purchases.

    Oh wait, thats racist.

  17. Cuyahoga Country in NE Ohio tried that nonsense years ago. They got their behinds handed to them in civil court.

    I’ve been going to gunshows there ever since.

  18. She’s right. There was a mass shooting, Saturday, in the neighborhood next to the gun show. You didn’t hear about it?

  19. Just because you hate firearms doesn’t give you the legal authority to deploy your bigotry through selective use of public facilities. Public facilities and the entire legal system exist to serve the people in the course of their lawful activities. The right to keep and bears arms, just like freedom of association, are bedrock activities, lawful regardless of whatever dictates you cram through Congress or jam through the judiciary. The law isn’t an appliance of aggression to be exploited by self-serving satraps eager to impose their personal prejudices on the rest of us.

  20. Shalala was a mediocre and unimaginative functionary at best. Her logic this time reflects that. Gun shows unsafe for the community? Then so are car shows, since car and trucks are potentially bad for the quality of air, and are the main culprit of deaths and disability by accidents in the US. At her age, why submit us to the machinations of an artery hardened brain just like Trump is doing to us? I know, she is a Democrat but the brain problem is the same regardless of party.

  21. Akkawi said, “why is it that 25 or 30 people out there have a louder voice than the 3,000 people in here?” Well said! Last April in Concord , NH, a small group tried to shut down a gun show at the local ice rink and they failed. The gun show had been there for years with no problems. This gun show is again scheduled for next weekend. I’m looking forward to attend.

  22. How many gun shows have sparked spontaneous shootouts in the parking lot versus, say, rap concerts and “community ceasefire picnics”?

  23. HOLY CRAP!!!! I was sure she had to be dead by now! Has she been seen in daylight? Is she feeding on the blood of young virgins? I look at some of these antique relics from the past still active in govt. like Feinstein, Pelosi, and this woman and I can’t help but wonder where is a stroke or heart attack when you need one?

  24. Looks like she shares the same taste in clothing like Pant Suit Nominee, aka Zero for Two.
    Their clothing is from the Kim Jong Un DIctator Collection.

  25. Look at the picture at the beginning of this article, that mug tells it all. She’d say anything to anyone that would listen. LMFAO.


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