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By Pascal

The video above features the President of CCDL, Scott Wilson, talking about how the Connecticut Citizens Defense League began, what they’ve accomplished and what they are doing going forward. The CCDL began the way almost every other state-level gun rights group began. While the media loves to rail against the NRA, they forget that within each state is an organization just like the CCDL getting the word out, working the halls of politics, getting the troops ready and making sure the gun rights politicians are elected into office. Just like the NRA’s representatives . . .

Scott Wilson gets daily phone messages from anti-gun folks threatening his life. If you’re one of the many all over the USA who stood in line to testify in a hearing, only to be denied a voice and called “baby killer” by anti-gun groups, you earned your stripes for liberty and I thank you. Nobody ever said fighting for your Second Amendment rights would be easy but it’s necessary.

While Mom’s Who Have Nothing Better To Do Than Join Fashionable Causes can say they will never give up, they aren’t nearly as invested in the cause as the many gun rights groups and their members across the US. While the video is for the CCDL, we should salute each and every such group in each state. While the NRA is a national organization, there are 100 such smaller groups backing them up — a level of effort they will never stop — except as we see on these pages everyday as they try to take away your voice and the 1st Amendment< (

We shall never give up. And since we are vested in the cause, we’ll be here while many of the anti-gun groups will eventually fold and move on to the next fashionable cause du jour. The shame is we have some 300,000 gun owners with permits here in CT, only 9,000 of them are part of the CCDL. While many donate, few join and get involved. Imagine if all 50 million+ gun owners in the US join the NRA. It’s a lot harder to de-legitimize that large a group.  Look at how the blue hairs in the AARP have gotten all their entitlements (35.7 million registered AARP members as of 2010). When they show up, people listen.

Everyone is so worried about being on some list these days. Between the IRS, NSA and every other alphabet soup agency, face it, you’re already on a list. So, get involved and do some good.

You have a beef with the NRA? Fine how about SAF. No love for the SAF? There’s the GOA. Look inside your own state, there are plenty of organizations like the CCDL. At the grass root level, one BBQ at a time, one monthly meeting where we pass around the hat, that’s how we’re funding legal action here in CT.

Banging out messages on forums doesn’t cut it any more. While forums and places like TTAG give us a voice that the media won’t, it is not enough.  Now is no time to have short arms and deep pockets. Gun owners can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines. We saw before the blood was cleaned from the floor at the Washington Navy Yard, the MAIG bus and the Newtown Action Alliance (which seem to have unlimited funds and time) had flown to DC to lobby, yet again, to take away your gun rights.

John Kerry has signed the UN Arms Trade Treaty despite it having zero chance of passing. Its incrementalism. Remember, the way the Civilian Disarmament Machine works is by taking away a little of your rights now and then a little more later until you look up and they’re gone. From indoctrination in schools by use of zero tolerance policies and rewriting history text books — this is how your gun rights end – not with a bang but a whimper.

In Colorado, we’ve seen what’s possible when gun rights advocates band together. Many readers here – some who don’t even live in Colorado – donated to the recall cause. We can’t stay quite, we can’t afford to not be involved, we can’t allow the Civilian Disarmament voices to be the only ones heard.  We all know they get special access we never will, but our voice is true while theirs is simply emotional without facts.  As we get closer to December 14, the one-year anniversary of Sandy Hook, the Newtown Action Alliance will once again use the dead to further their cause of ending civilian gun ownership. We can’t let their emotions trump our rights. What are you waiting for?

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    • Who said anything about ” invincible” — It is a matter of all standing up and showing a united front. That what happened in CO is not a fluke. That we are organized and pissed off and working to eliminating some this bastards by voting them out office in 2014 and 2016. Unless you plan on going up to DC by yourself, the NRA represents us all. We win by having a united front. If the NRA goes to DC with 50 million to back them up, do you think they will not listen?

  1. We are all GRP, or simply, patriots. Anyone one of us that would face a relentless mob of bored/angry gun grabbing liberals, give them the finger, put on our ear protection, and keep shooting, is a patriot.

    • Well there are always your state level groups. At the national level you could also join the National Gun Rights Association or CCRKBA.

    • Find a state level organization. Does not even have to be in your own state,

      It works the same way. If the NRA stands up and says they come to speak for 50 million members or a local org comes says they represent 1 million plus members within the state, it makes an impact.

      I am a member of the NRA, GOA and SAF. I am also a member of the CCDL and I have donated to CO recall and CALGUNS as well as NY gun rights groups. Do not stop being involved and find other ways of getting involved.

  2. Any American that still believes in the Constitution and that their representatives should err on the side of freedom rather than the side of controlling the people is a gun rights patriot.

  3. If you take out guns from the debate, the only thing separating us is the knowledge and acceptance that violence can affect us and our loved ones. One side is willing to fight for their own lives to live, the other wants someone else to do it for them. That’s what it comes down to.

    Personal responsibility vs. giving up that responsibility to someone else. It’s the difference between dependents (children) and adults. I choose to be an adult with a mature mindset of knowing evil exists and it has teeth and I carry a weapon because I am know that the police will not be around when evil strikes.

    I am not a child that is unaware evil exists nor do I pretent it exists only in dreams or my imagination. It’s real.

    I don’t carry a safety blanket. I carry a gun. It is a means to stop evil should it find me.

    That’s what the anti-gun folks don’t seem to understand. It’s not about guns. It’s about personal safety and being responsible for your own life and the lives of those you love in the worst case scenario.

    Know what happens when you entrust your life and the lives of those you hold dear to those that are too far away to help? Newtown and all the mass shootings to date.

    • Here more food for thought:

      All the victims of violence that died, died because they weren’t allowed to have (or didn’t know they could have) the most effective means of self-defense available. In the year 2013, that self-defense option just so happens to be a gun. If it was the year 400, that choice would be an open palm or a stone, perhaps.

      If people weren’t allowed to carry stones and the criminals were, it would be the same debate. Why can’t I have a stone to defend myself against stones?

      You can’t deny people the right to life or self-defense — in defense of their lives.

      And you can’t force people to give up that responsibility if there are no reasons to guarantee their safety if they do. Police response? Not good enough.

      Until the police are trained more effectively and instantaneously teleport around to your side whenever you need them, any sort of gun control agenda will never be accepted.

      Listen up Anti-gun folks:
      It’s all about proximity and effectiveness. If you can’t beat an IWB self-defense option that can be presented and used effectively in less than a second, you’re wasting your breath.

  4. There are many GRP on the left side of the aisle whether some of you like us or not and whether the rest on the left side of the aisle like us or no too. We are like that black sheep uncle in the family but at the end of the day we are still family.

    • The discussion said nothing about being on the left or the right side of the isle. It really does not matter. Only the anti-gun groups will try to divide us. I live in a Blue state. Most of my friends are on the left. I even taught a gun class where all 10 of my students were on he left side.

      There is only one and one question, do you support our right to own an bear arms? If yes, then of course you are part of the family. As in any family, there are family disagreements.

  5. Every time I hear someone suggest repealing the 2nd Amendment I laugh. Even if it were possible, its repeal will not eliminate the Right, only its protection. The Right is retained by the people whether it is enumerated or not. And once that Right looses its protection, those who claim that right will have to protect it themselves….then what? Violence, that’s what! the very thing the grabbers claim to be fighting against.

    Good luck with that.


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