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SIG SAUER enthusiasts are legion. I don’t count myself amongst their number. SIG’s handguns are reliable, accurate and only slightly harder to look at than Makenzie Leigh. But I don’t get on with their triggers. Give me a Walther PPQ or a FNS-9 or a GHOST-modded GLOCK 19 and I’m as happy as Larry (as the Brits are wont to say).

That’s now changed. Not the bit about the other manufacturers’ go-pedals. With the help of the new SIG SAUER P229 Legion Series semi-automatic pistol, I’ve overcome my pathological aversion to SIG triggers (as diagnosed by a ballistically-minded acolyte of SIGmund Freud). But first, a word about SIG’s Legion Series sub-brand . . .




The Legion Series is based on a line of top-end SIG SAUER guns equipped with every upgrade and tactical mod the military-minded gunmaker can muster. It’s SIG’s version of Smith & Wesson’s Performance Center. But wait! Not to coin a phrase, this is not just a gun!

The Legion Series is also a VIP program along the lines of Mercedes’ AMG, whose well-heeled, well-wheeled buyers enjoy dedicated track days, AMG-only customer service and branded swag. By the same token, SIG SAUER’s Legionnaires get exclusive access to members-only products and services, including high-end handguns, rifles, optics, suppressors, flashlights, knives, holsters and humidors (yes, humidors); otherwise secret SIG SAUER Training Academy tips, and a heads-up when the company’s roamin’ Legion thinks of a new toy.



SIG’s Legion Series promo and dedicated website evoke the Warrior Spirit, hawking the chance to join a bunch of like-minded ballistic besties. I’m with Groucho: I don’t want to belong to any club that wants me as a member. But there’s no getting around the fact that the SIG SAUER P229 Legion Series (brother to the introductory P226 Legion Series) is a hell of a handgun. In fact, it’s best to think of the P229 LS as a really desirable, really expensive SIG SAUER semi-automatic pistol with free Legion Series club membership (for operators operating operationally).


SIG SAUER P229 Legion Series Left Side (courtesy The Truth AboutGuns)


The firearm in question is a bit of a brutish looking thing. Credit the proprietary Legiongray PVD coating — which has nothing to do with Providence’s T.F. Greene airport. We’re talking about a high-temperature vacuum process involving arc evaporation, sputtering, ion plating and enhanced sputtering.

TTAG’s Dyspeptic Gunsmith could no doubt tell you why Physical Vapor Deposition is a metallurgist’s wet dream; all that high-tech stuff gives me a stomach ache. Suffice it to say, the PVD finish process coats the Legion pistols in a durable, abrasion-resistant finish that’s harder and more corrosion resistant than candy ass electro-coated guns. If that’s OK to say.


SIG SAUER P229 Legion Series grips


The SIG SAUER P229 Legion Series sports ye olde G10 grips. Lots of people make G10s, fashioned as they are from a high-pressure thermoset plastic laminate of woven, epoxy-resin impregnated fiberglass mesh cloth (once we’re doing the tech thing). Few make them this well.

The P229’s front-strap checkering is flawless and perfectly judged for sticky, pain-free handling. I especially appreciate the square patches of skateboard tape-type stuff above both grips, locking the shooter’s thumb and index finger into place. The smaller patch on the left situates the thumb beneath SIG’s new, low-profile decocking levers and slide catch. The set-up works equally well for lefties — who won’t be happy that the fantastically functional mag release is a left-side only affair.

It’s the little things that cost. I mean, count. Like the high undercut behind the P229 LS’s trigger guard, eliminating dreaded GLOCK finger. Although the P229 LS doesn’t offer a series of removable backstraps, smaller and medium-handed shooters will find the gun a pleasure to have and to hold from this day forth. The LS also answers the prayers of P229 owners who want a concealed carry firearm that doesn’t print like the New York Times. SIG reckons the LS’s reduced and contoured Elite beavertail “allows for a higher grip and a reduced profile.” Copy that. Someone. Everyone. Please.


SIG SAUER P2229 Legion Series sights


If you have your sights set on owning this, the most expensive of SIG P229s, tell your significant other that SIG’s new Electro Optics X-RAY high-visibility three-dot day/night sights are worth the price of admission.

No, you can’t see through ladies’ clothes, sea-monkey lover. But the SIG’s sights are as bright as the guy who came up with “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?”, easier to read than Hank the Cowdog, and likely to remain visible on Pitch Black‘s desert planet for a millennia or two. As you’d expect for a handgun that’s operational as f-ck, the P229 Legion Series’ rear sight is square-faced and indented at the bottom, so you can rack the stainless-steel slide on your bloodied Vertex pants with your non-damaged hand.


SIG SAUER P229 Legion Series (courtesy The Truth About Guns)


I fed the P229 Legion Series some 500 rounds of mixed ammo: Winchester White Box, Federal Premium and a smorgasbord of self-defense ammo — whose combined cost was almost a tenth of the P229’s purchase price. Make of that what you will. I made a bunch of close-together holes in the target exactly where I aimed the gun, at both seven and ten yards. Note: I suck. Also note: setting aside two double feeds with the Winchester ammo — yes, I give guns gimmes — the SIG Sauer Legion is as far from sucking as a bottle of 1982 Chateau Margaux. All hail (not heil) SIG’s brand new trigger!


SIG SAUER P229 double feed (courtesy The Truth About Guns)


SIG’s presser informs us that the P229 Legion Series possesses “an enhanced polished action” with a “SRT (Short Reset Trigger)” augmented with a “Grayguns Intermediate Adjustable Trigger” with a “solid steel guide rod to add weight where it matters most.” Not to mention the Master Shop Super Match Flat Trigger. I can inform you that the result is firearms fingertip fellatio.

Too much? Let me put it this way: I hate double-action/single-action triggers. A gun with two different trigger pulls for safety’s sake is like having a red-hot sports sedan with a mandatory comfort mode. Oh wait. Anyway, the P229 LS puts paid to my prejudice.

The P229 Legion Series’ 10 pounds. DA trigger pull is as good as anything you’ll find on one of the aforementioned S&W Performance Center models. It’s long, of course, but smooth and predictable. You can stage the SIG’s trigger like the Metropolitan Opera stages Tannhäuser, i.e. perfectly. (Ed. Note: Sig also makes a SAO (single-action only) Legion model)



Just as The Dodge Boys’ over-engined SRT models git ‘er done, SIG’s SRT gives the P229 LS scarcely believable horsepower. By that I mean the P229 LS is the fastest shooting semi-automatic handgun I’ve ever fired.

In SA mode, the SIG P229 Legion’s trigger pull decreases to a scant 4.4 pounds. At the same time, the rock-solid reset is closerthanthis to the trigger’s breaking point. Shooting double taps — or emptying the 15-round mag — is faster than a knife fight in a phone booth. Better yet, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll place both bullets in more or less the same space and get back on target before the bad guy can say “ouch.”

The LS’s ergonomic excellence and weight works in its favor. I’m not au fait with the P229 in .357 SIG or .40-caliber, but the 9mm version pairs perfectly with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. Make that the P229 LS’s magnificent trigger. I’d still carry a 1911 for hostage-missing accuracy shots, but the P229 LS is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to send a lot of lead downrange really quickly. Maybe that’s why SIG includes three magazines with in the LS’ Thermo-Mold case. Speaking of which . . .


SIG SAUER P229 Legion Series in Thermo-Mold case (courtesy The Truth About Guns)


There’s a funny looking cut-out at the bottom of the SIG SAUER P229 Legion Series case with nothing in it. I reckon it’s designed to fit a gold bar and a small stack of quarters. Not really, the T&E case was missing a Legion knife. But c’mon. The P229 Legion Series retails for $1428 (MSRP).

As our readers will no doubt point out, you can buy three GLOCKs and two bags of Lay’s potato chips for that price. If you did, you’d have three GLOCKs and a serious threat to your Paleo diet. If, however, you gave SIG your money, you’d have a durable ’til doomsday recoil-smothering handgun capable of chucking a hail of lead at a target before you can say “bank overdraft, please.” But not a knife. (That costs extra.) Definitely a challenge coin, though.

Here’s a challenge. Shoot a P229 Legion Series and not want to buy one.


Caliber tested: 9mm

Frame/Slide: Alloy/Stainless

Grips: Custom G10

Sights: X-RAY™ Day/Night Sights  (tritium front sight and a tritium rear sight w/serrations)

Overall Length: 7.1″

Overall Height: 5.4″

Overall width: 5.1″

Barrel length: 3.9″

Sight Radius: 5.7″

Magazine: (3) 10-round magazines (Steel)

Weight w/Magazine: 29.6 ozs

Action Type: DA/SA

Trigger Pull: DA 10 lbs./SA 4.4 lbs.


RATINGS (out of five stars):

Accuracy: * * * * *

Slow fire for one ragged hole. Rapid fire for minute-of-bad-guy lead storm.

Ergonomics (handling): * * * * *

Tremendous attention to detail, from the reduced-profile beavertail to the indent at the rear of the triggerguard.

Ergonomics (firing): * * * * *

Good God what a trigger! Fast and ridiculously easy to control.

Reliability: * * * * 

Two double feeds in 200 rounds of Winchester White Box. All self-defense ammo fed perfectly. Didn’t see that one coming.

Customization: * 

There’s a Picatinny rail for snout-mounted misegos, but really, this gun is already tarted-up to its eyeballs.

Overall Rating: * * * * *

I forgive the double-feed because love.

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  1. Robert: whatever meds you were off when writing this review, please stay off them. What a delightful bit of prose to read. Hank the Cowdoy and fellatio in the same article. Awesome.

    I agree with you completely about the DA/SA thing and pig Sigs in general.

    • ^This. The writing style was so different that I thought ttag had hired a new author until i checked to see who wrote the piece. I really enjoyed it, please keep it up!

    • My thought was just the opposite—that he put all his energy into being clever, which resulted in a very distracting and not-very-in-depth gun review.

      “Every man to his own taste,” said the farmer as he kissed the cow.

      • ^Agree^ Too much Bs! stay on point Please if I wanted to hear nonsense philosophy Id read Alex tribec! very annoying to much goofing for a real true opinion. Not a good read Sorry ?

    • I have two Wilson .45s and the Sig Legions have triggers equal to the Wilsons. I feel that the Sigs are the best production guns on the market today.

  2. Oooh a Sig Legion challenge coin. At least when the person busts that out at the range, you won’t have to wonder if they are a douche.

    • Sounds more like you’re the douche. Just because you can’t afford one don’t knock those that can.

      • I can afford one, I have it right now. I won’t take it to the range for the reason Bob stated. It is for sale. Beyond the poser-wannabe douche factor, any standard P226 you can buy surplus for 550 bucks from 1996 is a better combat arm. Bob was absolutely correct in his criticism of the ‘Legion.’ Collector or poser, definitely not for shooters.

        • You and Bob can suck each other off at the range while I make tight groupings with my P229 Legion. Call me a poser all you like you fat sweaty losers. I have 2 along with many other guns and can shoot circles around you insecure little beta males.

  3. so, were the double feeds with the winchester or federal ammo? text is different from ratings.

      • SIG’s version of Smith & Wesson’s Performance Center, isn’t the Legion; It’s SIG Custom Shop. Legion is merely another way for them to dress out their pistols, like Nightmare or any of the other types they offer.

  4. I always want to shoot these high end custom jobs but would never pay for one. My plebian guns are just as effective given who is shooting them. Ih, and there no better trigger than a stock 1911 trigger.

  5. Just picked up a Sig Sauer Emperor Scorpion Fastback and now they come out with this. Can’t decide if I want to pick up the P226 or the P229.

  6. Oh My God I laughed my butt off reading this. RF give yourself “best gun review” award 2015 for this one ! I totally understand how a grown man can become a 14 year old boy opening his first Playboy centerfold ! In total L-O-V-E …

  7. Yeah the gun pump was nice….my favorite line and the one I resemble

    I’m with Groucho: I don’t want to belong to any club that wants me as a member.

    My self actualization moment of the day.

  8. All this talk is going around now of how only nuts own “arsenals”. These idiots have no idea why people accumulate guns. It’s because of this! I don’t “need” it. I have other Sigs. I want it, and it’s my money to spend how I please.

    • That’s what I’m talking about if You want it and can afford it without putting the price on plastic get it and be happy.
      You only have one run at Your life so do not pass the things up that make you happy.

      • Congratulations. Hope you have enough real friends to stop you from ever doing it again. But anywho, excellent review.

    • Shhhhh! My wife doesn’t know yet! I just told her I traded in two guns to get another Sig. “Why?” she asked. “Would you like another glass of wine?” I responded.

  9. As a die-hard CZ-75 fanboy, SIGs always look too chunky and top-heavy to me. This is as nice a SIG as I’ve ever seen, but it still doesn’t really appeal to me. Maybe if they included two douchebag coins instead of one?

    • Real men, if they carry a SIG, carry a 220 compact carry SAS, like Chris Kyle (in life, not the movie).

      Legion? ‘Militia’ isn’t enough? People now pretend to ‘Legion’ status?

    • Yeah the guys who show up and talk about SIGS in my LGS don’t spend a lot of time shooting, they’re generally pride of ownership types, where a high round count is like 1000 rounds. The only SIGS I run across in action shooting are P320s.

  10. ” As our readers will no doubt point out, you can buy three GLOCKs and two bags of Lay’s potato chips for that price.”

    Hey, is your Glock fanboy showing? “As our readers will no doubt point out,” you could have easily named any number of equally lesser firearms besides Glock. Why does it always seem to be Sig that draws so much friendly fire? In predictable fashion, you you seem to disdain, more than anything, the price tag of the Sig.
    Ya, well, quality usually comes with a higher price. I’ll be looking for this Sig. If the price is your main criteria for choosing a particular gun, then maybe it is you who are setting your sights too low, as opposed to Sig setting their gun prices too high?

    The Legions Club….thing, sounds like it’s a couple of steps into the silly. Feel the marketing!!!!

    • As someone who owns handguns priced well over this one: I don’t understand why Sigs cost what they cost.

      CZs do the Sig thing better than SIGs. The design just doesn’t resonate with me and I don’t understand why it’s popular.

      The P320 I can get behind but none of the metal framed series make sense to me.

      • Just say you are a plastic gun fanboy and leave it at that. CZ doesn’t do Sig at all, I would say more like CZ does Glock at a Sig level.

  11. Does it come in .45 ACP? No? Then no thank you. Nothing against 9mm, .357 Sig, etc., but as a family we’ve standardized on .45 for our auto pistols.

    • 2 things…

      #1: Wait for the Legion Series 227. It’s the 226, but in .45 ACP.

      #2: You standardized on .45? Why? It just seems like 9 or even 40 would have been a better choice. What were your reasons, if you don’t mind my asking?

      • 1. Roger that!

        2. My wife found she liked shooting my full-size 1911, and shot it very well. In contrast she didn’t really like her 9mm. (And neither did I.). So my 1911 is now hers, and we’ve just stayed with the caliber to somewhat simplify our lives and ammo storage shelves.

  12. What no magwell extension? This sounds just like a TacOps but with lower capacity mags. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still sexy but not as “operational” as possible. P226 TacOps in 9mm has 20 round mags. Just sayin’

  13. Well, just one more Sig to add to the “arsenal”. I recently installed a SRT in my P226 mk25 and it is now crisp and tight. Such an improvement. $50 and 15 minutes to install.

  14. I’m of two minds about the beavertail. I have a P220 (no beavertail) and a P226 TacOps (beavertail) and I actually prefer the P220 frame because I can cock the hammer on the draw with my thumb. There is no doing that with the beavertail on the P226. In fact, I prefer my P220 in pretty much every category except capacity. Those 20 round magazines are nice.

  15. Just remember the new Sigs all have MIM Cast Parts. If you do not know what I am alluding to then you know nothing about some of todays manufactured firearms.

    • …and that’s a feature, not a bug. (If you do not know what I am alluding to then you know nothing about almost all of today’s mass-manufactured firearms.)

      Keeps the street price in the very low four figures. 2015-era MIM done by people who know what they are doing is just fine.

      (Maybe we’re both making the same point, but I didn’t take it that way.)

      • If you hang out on any of the popular Gun Forums you will get an earful and an eyeful of pictures of just how great MIM Cast parts really are and how long they last. I am not going to tell you why but my own personal self defense guns have none of these parts in them and never will.

        • Ref. MIM: A highyly respected & well known gunsmith recently told me that he would indeed sell me forged gun parts but he’d still have no problem entering dooms-day w/ quality MIM parts. Says alot about MINM I’d say. I still purchased & installed the forged…LOL

    • All but the government contract pistols. The Navy seals et al still get pre-Ron Cohen style pistols with milled steel parts.

    • Nothing wrong with MIM parts but you should probably do your homework as sig only uses mim parts in a few of the subcompact models.

  16. It is pretty awesome looking and, you know, I like my Sig Sauer pistols as much as I like Beretta pistols. I alternate carrying either a P229 or a 92FS depending on my mood. That said, I can’t bring myself to pony up the -$1200 street price for this anymore then I could for the 92G SD nor will I for the M9A3. It’s not that the funds aren’t there, it’s that I can’t justify to myself that sort of price for a carry gun.

  17. Will they be coming out with a p227 legion? Been eying one of those for a while, but would be worth waiting for the legion version

  18. I’ll give it one thing. It certainly looks like they’ve added upgrades to match the price tag (as opposed to the Mk25 with is just a P226 with a fancy laser mark.)

  19. First, awesome review.

    Second, all of maybe 2 months ago a got myself a p226 Scorpion, and now I am aching for another Sig! DAMN YOU!!

    F-ing beautiful gun…

  20. I have no idea about the 1982 Chateau Margaux that Mr. Farago mentioned, but what I do know is that SIGs are kind of like Glocks in that people are either fans or they are not. I know SIGs have been used by SpecOps, and I know they have a very good rep. They do cover the gamut in price; anywhere from less than $500 to well over $1500. Like most other manufacturers it depends on model, caliber, amenities, etc…As to how many of another make you can purchase for the price of one of these; well, all I can say is it depends on the person and what they want. For years I have been saving and then buying the guns I want. That’s where the addiction gets you. You start off down in that $400 range. Then you creep up to the $600, then $8-900. I finally broke the $1000 barrier a couple months ago when I bought my first Colt. The MSRP was the same as this SIG is. That’s right, I have already tread there. Meaning…my next gun may very well be one of these. Why? Because I can. It just takes me a little longer to get there because I have to save more.
    And yes Robert Farago, not sure if you skipped your Prozac today or imbibed in something of an adult nature, but this review seems to have had your readers/commentators rather amused. And with positive feedback. Good for you.

    • I own & have used…in military, LE, FI, Cc, sport & fun…many handguns (Sig, Glock, Beretta, S&W, FN, Colt, Kimber, Ruger, …) and they all work well as a whole. They all have pros & cons but are mostly quality arms. Of those I own and have used professionally more Sig than anything (Beretta being 2nd, S&W 3rd & Glock 4th). I’d surely not hesitate taking any of those top 4 into battle. My Sigs have the highest round counts and abuse. I can surely attest to their “To Hell & Back reliability”. Over the last (nearly 40yrs) of conistant shooting & training & using I have only a few complaints bout Sig pistols. #1: Cost, #2: Sig is extremely slow releasing accessories & new components for their models, #3: The high bore axis of their pistols often do cause increased muzzle flip w/ heavier caibers such as .40 S&W. With that said, I still prefer SIG (tough, reliable, proven, EXCELLENT Customer Service…just no name a few Pros). My Country is so Great & I’m Thankful to have been born American. We have Free Choice & w/ many choices of firearms…we can get what we want! The other brands I’ve mentioned are absolutely fine choices & I wouldn’t give any of them up. My overall 1st choice, via educated OPINION, is SIG. Shoot ON my Fellow Countrymen!!

  21. One more comment – in reply to jlp and his comment on MIM casting; there is nothing wrong with MIM casting. Like any other type of casting, it comes down to the type and quality of metal being used. Garbage in – garbage out. MIM can be as good as any other product coming from any other process. Here is a link to a short article to read up on MIM, as well as other types of casting:

  22. It’s a beauty. The gun isn’t half bad too. I will definitely check out the 226 SAO Legion next time I am in the pro shop.

    • That’s unquestionably the most beautiful Sig I’ve ever seen, but an OD CZ P01 with some nice grips and Cajun fire control pieces appeals to me as much or more. Purchase price would STILL be well under what this sucker wants, even with MSRP

      • Not really an apt comparison. I guess if name brand prestige is your thing it makes sense.

        Of course I’m talking from action pistol competitors mindset (and the fact I find the CZ design to be more aesthetically pleasing), so your mileage may vary as they say.

    • Cough, purchase P-01, send to Cajun Gun Works, get the perfect carry gun for $400, 8lb DA, 3.5SA cough.

  23. No matter how they try to polish a turd with fancy gimmicks, new Sigs are terrible. Their customer service reminds me of what HK had going on in the 80’s (the whole you suck and we hate you, cuz you aren’t a tier one super ninja operatard) The Fanbois will burn me in effigy, but I have seen at least a half dozen new production Sig pistols (low round count) with slides cracked at the ejection port. That’s a serious QC problem, probably during heat treatment of the slides. Sig wants to blame the customer, I know individuals who have had serious issues like this and were told by the customer service folks to basically go screw. I personally have owned 5 Sigs, I never had too much an issue, but I never held on to any of them long. However, I did have a sear inexplicably crack in half on my new production p220. Of course they told me they would be happy to send me a replacement to a certified Sig armorer for $80 bucks or some BS. I will never have another Sig. Marvin martian would love the things because they point like one of his space blasters with that bore axis. I would however not mind having one of those old single stack p225s made in Deutschland, those are sweet.

  24. Sigs are great guns (my wife wants her next gun to be a Sig), as are Glocks (my EDC) and Berettas (my wife’s EDC). What I find ironic is that all these great guns originated in Europe, a continent so completely emasculated that their citizens cannot even carry guns.

    Go figure.

  25. Would rather have CZ75. Or two, and a case of ammo for that price. Or one, holsters, extra mags, and 2-3 cases of ammo. And nice dinner, and a few drinks after shooting.

  26. Nice, yes, but I’ll keep my P229 SAS with essentially the same useful features (SRT trigger!) plus factory full melt treatment and rounded trigger guard… plus the ~$400 lower price tag.

  27. I would be all over one (some) of these. Except for the fact that…

    SIG already boned me 4-7 years ago with their Stainless Elite line. Which was marketed and priced as, well, elite. And is nothing more than production-average so-so quality SIGs except with stainless steel frames. Not even made in the US. Everything else is though. Including the quality. Don’t worry.

  28. Two Doubles? If it was one FTF or FTE, I MIGHT let it slide; a double feed has the most variables when it comes to causes that I can never really put trust into the gun anymore especially if it happened twice regardless of the bullets. Plus, for the money and brand, it shouldn’t double feed even if it chewing on old, surplus, Russian steel-cased ammo let alone old, leftover Winchester rounds.

    Also, how does 21/25 stars equal five stars overall? Last time I check, you don’t round up 4.2, you round down.

  29. Maybe it’s a subtle meme on the “Legion Condor” or the foreign legions who fought against bolshevism on the east front in the 1941 – 1945 war.

  30. I’m pretty sure this gun isn’t 5.1″ wide. Not entirely sure how the beaver tail is better contoured if it apparently adds four inches to the width, lol.

    • Ahhh but don’t you just love Sig’s stamped sheet metal roll pins that hold the parts in the frame. I also keep the aluminum frame rails very clean and heavily greased so they do not start to gall and wear away.

  31. Sig makes silencers and after adding all this stuff to the pistols, they don’t thread the barrel? Epic fail.

    • Especially for the P226. I figured a threaded barrel would be standard for something like this.

    • I have been holding out for a new pistol. I am surprised a threaded barrel option is not included. Because of that, I will wait until the M9a3 comes out. For the same price I would like a threaded barrel.

  32. I really really love SIgs, well they lead me to CZ and I love CZ way more. But, two reliability issues from a 1400 dollar gun? I can accept that with a 500 dollars gun but at 1400 dollars the thing should keep me warm on a cold night, and a single misfeed takes it off my list.

  33. I confess, I’m a Sig lover and thought I had everything I’d ever want from Sig. Haven’t shot it yet, but I’m gonna have to get me one of these!

  34. Meh. This coming from a guy that owns a bunch of 22x Sigs. Give a bone stock 226 and I can do the trigger myself and put Trijicon big dots on and still be up $400. Unfortunately nobody will no what a tool I am but that is a risk I am willing to take.

  35. Has me considering trading in my normal P229 for a Legion. Strangely enough, I suffered multiple mis-feeds within the first 500 rounds albeit with only one of 5 brands I used to break the gun in. No issues after 500 rounds with ammo from the same lot of ammo.

  36. I would like to say that if you talk to a Sig Sauer representative they expressly recommend you do NOT use Winchester ammunition in Sig firearms, specifically whitebox, so the malfunction with the Winchester rounds were not a discredit to the gun for me. I have the M11-A1 and had the same problem so i called and asked, i love my Sig more then my Glock personally and plan to purchase a Legion series P229 9mm. As much as i love my Glock 21 and i love .45 its a consideration to trade it for one.. Suggestion?

    • Why did they say not to use Winchester White Box? What’s any worse about it than federal target ammo? I’ve shot it out of my P229 with no issue thus far.

  37. So, when will the Sig Sauer P229 Legion be available in the .40 S&W and/or .357 Sig? I see a few 9mm for sale here and there, but no .40’s or .357’s.

  38. Big Sig fan here (as well as many other makes and models). I have owned, trained, and deployed with Sig’s for the better part of 3 decades. I currently own a Sig P229 in 40 S&W that I carry a lot for PD and just recently found and purchased an MPX. That one is being covered to SBR with suppressor.

    I’ve been looking for a good excuse to get a P226 for several years now. The Legion is it. I just bought one from a outfit in ND off Gunbroker. I paid $1147, no tax, free shipping. If you don’t like Sig, go away. If you don’t like the 226/229 and understand their significance in combat, law enforcement, and personal protection roles, go away. Your guffawing will only make you look silly.

    If you don’t understand the upgrades on the Legion, do some research. If you think you can buy a basic model P226 and do the same upgrades yourself for cheaper (and as well) and stay under $1147, prove it!

    Mine should be here in a day or two. I will let you know what I think after actually putting a few hundred rounds through it on the range and in the field. Not something that can be evaluated from a keyboard.

    I’m in the club! So keep your greasy Kel-Tec shooting meat hooks off my Douche Coin! Don’t even look at it. Don’t even look in it’s general direction.

    • Welcome to the club. That jab at Kel-Tec had me rolling. I have a coworker who has 5 or 6 of them and one or the other of them is always going back to get fixed and he just can’t understand why I choose to spend so much on Sigs and H&K when he can buy several of his beloved KTs for what I dropped on my P226LS. I guess you just can’t make someone understand. That said, I could do without the silly coin and the engraved crap on top of my slide but I will say this was cheaper than all of the work I had done to my P229 to basically end up with the same thing. The trigger and sights and grips and simple stuff can be done at home but when you start getting machine work done and have to get the entire pistol refinished now we are talking $$$

  39. First time reader of TTAG. Found this article and site while doing research for a concealed carry weapon. Absolutely loved this article, it has closed the deal for me. I will be buying a Sig Sauer Legion Series! Now the hard part. P229 or P226?

    • Both! I have had a P229 SAS in 40 S&W for several years now. I like shooting the P226 9mm better but the P229 is slightly more concealable. Neither of them are the best for concealing. Both pretty thick. It won’t matter in TX Jan 1st. Open carry becomes law. I won’t worry so much about printing anymore.

  40. Let me get it strait. They couldn’t use solid pins on a 1k+ gun? Really? Sig desperately wants to be HK now?

  41. Thanks for the informative video. I wonder if any of the armed services will adopt it — do you know? And is it as tough and maintenance-free as the Glocks? I guess time will tell…

  42. Ok Here’s a report for a “REAL” user….I have put about 750 rounds downrange with my Legion p226. The great things are the looks, build quality, fit and finish are unsurpassed.
    But I noticed a small scratch on my finish after the first range trip. It should be noted that my nitron finished guns with literally hundreds of trips to range) have no such scratches so I am not sold on the long term durability of the new PVD finish.

    The trigger is awesome with the best reset I have ever felt….and it is particularly noticeable if you have a weapon that does not have the short reset and you fire it immediately after. My p229 has a nice factory trigger, my other USPSA p226 has a short reset but this trigger is like Goldilocks finding the perfect trigger….”juuust riiiight”!

    The shorter beaver tail does make it print less in my holster….but I confess I like the longer aesthetically.

    The smaller slide catch lever is cool but makes using it to work the slide more difficult ….I found myself just pulling the slide back to release it after magazine changes….maybe it will loosen up a bit with time…

    Now for the sights. The X-ray sights look great in the store….they look great at night…..they look great with the sun behind you….but at my range facing south (with the sun slightly in the southern sky this time of year) the front sight gets lost. The angle of the front sight is too close to 90 degrees so it doesn’t catch any light unless the sun is behind you. In my opinion the TFO sight set up on my p229 is way better. So take it outside in daylight and you decide for yourself.

    Overall it’s a SIG with a cool marketing value added plan. I love it but does it shoot better and more reliably than my USPSA p226 with the Short reset and Dawson fiber optic front….no.

    But is it great fun and supercool….yes.

    And I get the swell swag to go with it as a Legion member.

    • I love mine except for the slide catch. Its impossible to release slide with my thumb only on my p229 .4o.

  43. That funny looking cut-out at the bottom of the case holds some gold coins for the John Wick version.

  44. Dumb question. But I just got a 229 legion. Does anyone know if it will fit the alien gear 229 w/rail or regular 229 Alien Gear holster?

    • YES….The Sig P229 Legion will fit the alien gear with a Rail!!….I have the P229 Legion and the 3.0 cloak Holster!! The Alien Gear Holster is the BEST HOLSTER on the Planet for the Sig P229 Legion With the Rail….So the Answer to your Question get the Alien Gear style WITH the rail for P229 Legion!!….I LOVE MY P229 LEGION IT IS THE SMOOTHEST TRIGGER I EVER SQUEEZED!!!! AND MOST ACCURATE SEMI-AUTO PISTOL TO DATE..

  45. Considered this…. Said hell no to the aluminum frame and went p220 match elite in 10mm with killer g10 grips.

    • Unless you are bringing your sig into bear country no reason for 10mm for a carry piece.

  46. The only feeding problem I ever had with my 229 was with winchester white box ammo.. I have shot hundreds of rounds of others like, sig, mag tech, American Eagle, critical duty with out one problem. . I will never buy Winchester white box again, it’s cheap lousy ammo.

  47. I have had a lot of guns in mylife and sold them as life went by me as I do not hold on to things that do not interest me any longer. Read…….a hoarder not. At age 75 I still like to shoot and have a few fine things. I got back into shooting after my wife died after a long illness and have bought and sold a dozen or more glocks, springfields, 1911s etc. Currently I have two sigs, a 238 and the 938 and they are keepers. Selling one more I do not like and after looking and reading about the 229 Legions I have to have one last really fine gun. A 1911 of this quality would probably cost in the 3k area so that makes 1200 or so for the legion a no brainer. I can get a CPO 229 for 600 or so. But it is just a stock 229. The Legion meanwhile is just that. A Legion. Anyway I am going all in. Ya only go around once as the saying goes.

  48. The p229 legion in 9mm is my new carry piece. While i love large caliber cannons the 9mm is thee best carry cal in most peoples opinions including mine. I have had em all, glocks, 1911s, hk, my first carry was a ruger sr9c loved it, but there is nothing that shoots better than a sig and the legion is a gun i need to do nothing to except feed it ammo. I almost didnt want to shoot it looks so good but i found out quickly it shoots better than it looks. Anyone knocking this piece is either a hater or cant afford it. Im no sig fanboy, this is only my third sig in my life, compared to the 20 something glocks ive owned, all i can say is this is the best shooting piece i have ever owned. So easy to shoot tight groups quickly its scary. I dont think there will be a better built pistol in my lifetime. Well worth the 1100 i paid in early march i would of paid the initial 1500 msrp but thought legion was a gimmick, how wrong i was.

  49. This is in the front page of the latest issue of American Rifleman. Why such a long delay for a review on this NRA? TTAG reviewed this line 6 months ago.

  50. Just put a 229 Legion on layaway at gunshop.Can’t wait to get it out.Have two children will sell cheap.

  51. Ok I have had my p226 legion for over 500 rounds now. NEVER had a failure to fire , failure to eject or failure to feed. The trigger is freaking awesome and the reset is unbelievable.
    That being said 2 things were disappointing.
    1. The special case they send you has no handle…which makes it just a stupid display case.
    2. The sights……they are great at night and look cool in the store or if the sun is behind you….but if you are shooting into the southern sky…the front sight angle does not catch any light so you lose the front sight.

    IMHO the TFO sight set up in front (like the equinox) is WAY better….I have that on my 229 and it is SO much easier to pick in all conditions and shoot.
    Hell my USPSA p226 with the Warren Tactical rear and Dawson fiber optic is 10 times better in the daylight. So I may be sending my slide back to SIg to get a TFO front sight installed.

    So if you can try one in the light outside before you buy.

    • Have continued to shoot and now probably have over 2000 rounds through this weapon….still never a failure of any kind and double taps are well….double good.
      I STILL believe the front sight angle is a mistake in that it just doesn’t catch ANY light unless the sun is behind you….If they had just made the front post angle with the slide 60 degrees instead of damn near 90 it would catch some light….that being said (again)…when the sun is behind me they are great, and at night they look better than any other sights I have (spectacular).

      Love the weapon ….and for all you SIG haters out there …just say you hate SIG and please stop complaining about price…here’s a suggestion –>
      Shop around the internet and buy one…..shoot a thousand rounds…if you still hate it…sell it… won’t lose any money…..I know…I’ve sold 2 for exactly what I paid for them after having them for 2 or more years and shooting them.

      SO QYB and shoot something BEFORE you talk any smack about it…at least THEN you can speak out of experience not ignorance.

  52. The only CZ’s that would even come close to the Legion series are the Dan Wesson series and are even more expensive than the Legions. I own a P226 Stainless Elite and it sees the range at least twice a month…Has been flawless! Will deff get a 229 Legion as soon as I get my tax return. 😉

  53. Even if they were made in Germany their price point wouldnt be understandable. But NH?

    1000.00 guns that jam when 500.00 Glocks do not are one more reason to avoid SIGS, never mind the fact they put out the same model with a zillion different colored grips, triggers, fancy names and inflated prices.

    • I have a Sig. I also have a Glock. Neither jams. I prefer the Sig for several reasons. It fits in my big hand better, even better than the Glock 19. But my other issue with the Glock is that it’s not as safe. You’ve heard of “Glock leg”? That’s when you shoot yourself as you draw the Glock from its holster, because it has no safety, de-cocker or exposed hammer. I still shoot the Glock because it’s a well-made pistol and performs well, but I’m careful when I handle it. It frightens me when I don’t empty the magazine, because it may be ready to fire again — too ready.

      • Luv my Sigs! I own & shoot several. Have carried on duty a 226 DAK in 40 for several years now. I wish I had them ALL! Luv the SRT trigger!! Want a Legion 229 in 9mm REAL BAD!!!!

    • As a police academy FI, training a few hundred officers a year on range, I have indeed observed Glock break &/or malfunction. I agree less than most brands and I’d say SIG & Glock are close BUT SIG is a bit more rugged. What makes SIG really worth it price wise over Glock; Sig’s grip angle & grip fit CRUSH Glock hands down. Glocks DO NOT fit (too) many shooter’s hands correctly…retarding shooter performance overall. Important stuff but truth.
      I won’t make fun of Glock, they are an above average & solid pistol. I have a few & have been forced to carry for duty in past. Point is Glock is NO SIG, that’s all.

  54. Like many others, this fits into the “cool, I’ll be happy to own one when someone buys it for me” category.

  55. Legion membership has afforded significant ($$) savings. Challenge coin is over the top (BS), but better quality case and accessories are worth the (free upon purchase) membership. The P229 Legion, in my opinion, is extremely well made and comes with most additional features as standard. And while it’s a nice looking pistol, what sold me was the trigger action. It may not be equivalent to the CZ-USA 75 SP–01 Shadow Target in terms of competition, but for my needs it’s near perfect. Field cleaning is especially easy and after approximately 2,000 rounds it is yet to misfeed, etc. My only alteration, and this differs from the excellent review, were the G10 grips. I found them “sticky” after a long time on the range and changed to a rosewood set that thus far have proven more comfortable. The sights are also outstanding as the reviewer notes.

  56. “The set-up works equally well for lefties — who won’t be happy that the fantastically functional mag release is a left-side only affair.”

    Why? It’s perfect for me to run with my trigger finger.

  57. Well, the 229 Legion is my first Sig…. I have many choices for CCW and the Sig has been my daily carry for the 2 years I’ve owned it. 17+1 with a Mecgar extended msg is fine. Never had a misfeed of any sort in several thousand rounds…. Neither have my kids or grandkids….

    Ever heard of limp wrist a shot like looks obvious to me with the review. Not a Sig fanboy…. I’ll stick with my custom shop CZ75 Shadow II….but I like this 229 Legion SAO just fine. Carries well in the proper holster. If my kids can’t screw up shooting it then I’d say it’s hard to blame the gun.

  58. Well, the 229 Legion is my first Sig…. I have many choices for CCW and the Sig has been my daily carry for the 2 years I’ve owned it. 17+1 with a Mecgar extended mag is fine. Never had a misfeed of any sort in several thousand rounds…. Neither have my kids or grandkids….

    Ever heard of limp wrist a shot like looks obvious to me with the review. Not a Sig fanboy…. I’ll stick with my custom shop CZ75 Shadow II….but I like this 229 Legion SAO just fine. Carries well in the proper holster. If my kids can’t screw up shooting it then I’d say it’s hard to blame the gun.

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