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Our man Don Gammill, Jr. wrote up the SIG/Sauer P250 Compact almost 18 months ago, and his video-enhanced review of this affordable and modular pistol has become one of TTAG’s Greatest Hits Ever (In The Entire History Of Ever) with over 91,000 views and counting.¬†Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I must be flattering Don by testing the P250 ‘2SUM’ kit for myself. This kit gives you a subcompact CCW piece and a full-sized service pistol, in your choice of .40, .357 SIG, or 9mm (shown here) for a total street price of $575 plus tax and transfer fees. What’s not to like about it? Two words: magazine prices.

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  1. What’s not to like about it? The trigger. SIG’s got no excuse for that. Fortunately, they brought the SP2022 back to the market, so you can still get a polymer SIG with a decent trigger if you want one. Economical, too.

    • i have also heard not so good things about the trigger on this thing. when i asked my gun store guy he told me the he had only sold a few (and also hated the trigger btw) and does not keep any in stock usually.

      i do think that over 91,000 people have viewed it IS a good thing however!

      • It’s only a 5# DAO trigger… That’s an insanely light DA trigger. The pulls a bit more like revolvers triggers, but I’m a revolver guy so I never seemed to noticed.

  2. the mag price is familiar to me with the eye popping cost to buy new “ammunition feeding devices” for my fnp45 tactical, highway robbery i tell you. Same goes for my cz 455 lux. why does the mag for my big ass 45 cost also the same as the price for an itty bitty 22lr mag? i’ll never know.

  3. OK, a couple of admissions here. I don’t have the 2SUM nor do I have a lot of experience with handguns. The P250 in 9mm (.9 if you are from the press) was my first firearm in anything other than .22 LR.

    With that caveat in place, I absolutely love this gun. The quality you get for the price you pay (unless you need extra mags) is an absolute bargain. I have friends who are heavily into firearms and most of them warned me away from the P250 but being the mule-headed person I am I bought it anyway. Everyone of them who has taken the time to try it out is a convert. My son-in-law, liked it so much he will be purchasing one shortly (P250F in .45 to fit his giant bear paws).

    The trigger may not be as smooth and light as a lot of you might prefer but for me it gives a little safety margin since there is no safety. additionally, the difference between the initial trigger pull on DA/SA pistols and the trigger pull afterwards left me with my first shot generally going wild (especially in high stress situations) I am very consistent with the DAO on the P250. “Pre-staging” the trigger allows me to shoot as quickly as I can get the sights back on target.

    The controls (manual of arms?) are dead simple, well placed and easy to learn. I have never had a jam or misfire even with the cheap crap I feed it at the range.

    Again, I am noob. I will never win an IDPA (or any other sanctioned shooting contest) but for range duty and self-defense I would bet my life on the P-250.

    Oh…I already do.

      • The DA pull is advertised as 5.5-6.5 pounds, but mine measures exactly 7.5 pounds. This is lighter than the SA pull on some crappier autos, and it’s lighter and more consistent than the DA pull on my 1980’s customized S&W 686 which was heretofore my ‘gold standard’ for an awesome DA trigger.

        • I have a developing heard of P250s (3). The folks that complain about the trigger have never been revolver shooters. I own a couple of Performance Center guns that wish they had the P250’s trigger. It is long, but it smooth as silk and breaks like thin ice.
          I purchased the last two used for around $300 each – with night sites!

  4. Caleb over at Gun Nuts Media used a production (full-size) P250 in competition last year, and won the production-class championship at the Missouri State Steel Championship. His biggest gripes? The (overly large) sights, the position of the takedown lever, and the long trigger reset.

    The trigger reset must not have slowed him down too badly, since he still won Missouri, and he still described the gun’s accuracy as ‘straight-up unreal.’

  5. I think Bud’s Gun Shop sells the SIG P250 for about $ 350. I have read the trigger is a little heavy. It is an interesting combo gun.

  6. How much are the mags? From my quick Google search, they run around $32. Is that right? You are seriously complaining about $32? Hell, my HK USP .45 Compact magazines are $50-60… $32 doesn’t seem all that much.

    • Isn’t HK pretty much the worst company when it comes to magazine prices, though? Comparing to them is going to make anyone look good.

      Sig does seem to be very proud of their magazines, though. After seeing my XD’s mags run $32-35, when I picked up my new Sig Mosquito, I assumed the mags would run about $25, since it was only a .22. I was shocked when first, they were quite hard to find locally (I’m in Orlando, so not exactly out in the sticks), and when I did find them, they were carrying a $40-45 price tag. I got one from Amazon for $29, and a couple weeks ago at a “grand re-modeling” sale a local shop had a whole tub of them for $20 each. I giggled like a little girl and bought four. They’ve since gone back up to $35.

  7. Thanks for the “flattery,” Chris; I’m looking forward to your impressions of the 250.

    Regarding the trigger, the one I fired was, indeed, very good. Back when I tested it, I had recently fired a DA/SA P226 (9mm) and a DA/SA P239 (.40 S&W). Compared to my tired old S&W 3rd Generation’s heavy, stack-a-matic double-action pull, both of those guns had good pulls in double-action mode; however, the P250 was honestly better – it barely stacked at all, and while the re-set was a little long, I knew exactly where it was mid-way through the second magazine and found it to be completely intuitive after that.

    I, too, have heard a lot of people complain about the P250’s trigger, so it may be that the gun I tested was an exception (it was one of the earlier-production models, and it seemed to have been well-broken-in by the time I fired it). Still, given my experience and the gun’s price, I don’t see how anyone could argue with its overall value.

  8. Thanks for this preview, Chris. I’ve looked at other Sigs, specifically the P238 and P229, but this one wasn’t even on my radar, and it looks like a contender for some safe real estate. Are you planning to write a review once you’ve put it through its paces?

    P.S. Your video was very quiet. Was the baby asleep?

  9. The Sig P250 went against the Glock and the MP9 when the ATF was looking for a new polymer framed issue weapon. It was disqualified due to reliability issues and the agents’ assessments.

    Full testing report here:

    Best quote from the report: “Sig Sauer also contends that ATF placed too great an emphasis upon reliability in determining which offers should continue to phase III.”

    • Monty,

      Any idea if this was based on Gen 1 or Gen 2 P250s?

      Given the release date one would assume Gen 2 but, given my personal knowledge of the Fed’s IT procurement programs, I wouldn’t bet on it. There were a number of issues corrected and improvements made in the Gen 2 P250s.

  10. I own the p250 and I gotta tell you I love it. I like the trigger and it feels very natural in the hand. You are right though the Mag price is horrendous but I will deal with it to be able to carry a weapon I am completely comfortable with. Glocks didn’t do it for me. (Glock is a fine firearm so don’t get upset). I don’t like striker-fired handguns, and they didn’t feel good. I have not had the complecations others have had such as FTF, and FTE. It has worked great for me. IMHO I think this pistol is the way to go.

  11. I fired Chris Dumm’s Sig 250 today… very impressed with that DAO trigger. And that is a tough admission for me, since I generally hate DAO handguns.

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