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Barack Obama still reigns as the greatest gun salesman in history.  But David “Camera” Hogg wants a shot at that title.  All the talk of gun control provided inspiration for Americans to buy a record number of guns in March.

In fact, the 2,767,699 NICS checks from March 2018 stand as the third most of any month, ever.

The FBI launched the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) back in 1998.  Since then, the FBI has completed 285.5M checks successfully.  Granted, not all of those represent firearm sales, the numbers do represent a gauge of firearm-purchase and -permitting activity.

Looking deeper into the FBI’s NICS numbers, about 1.4 million of those March 2018 checks came from firearm sales.  These include 781,000 transactions for handgun purchases and just shy of 541,000 for long guns.

You probably will not read any headlines about record gun purchases in the mainstream media.  After all, according to the narrative, gun sales have collapsed with the election of President Donald J. Trump.

In fact, not even one month ago, CBS News reported this nugget of fake news:

“Trump slump” for gun sales isn’t reversing

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Gun store owners called it the “Trump slump.” Sales of firearms slowed dramatically after the election of Donald Trump as president in 2016 allayed fears of a Democratic crackdown on gun owners.

That trend has continued in recent weeks even with talk of gun control in Congress and among business leaders following the Feb. 14 massacre of 17 people at a Florida high school.

In the past, gun massacres generally led to an uptick in sales as people worried about the government restricting access. But with Parkland, things are different.

Once more, the mainstream media won’t let facts get in the way of their precious narrative.

Time will tell if April’s numbers prove equally as exciting. But I wouldn’t bet against it.


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  1. I got a couple recently(.45 and a 9mm)…have n IWI shotgun on preorder…looking to get a couple more when they are released (PD10 and Schmeisser SLP 9)
    Stocking up on ammo, too. One local Wal-Mart had some .22 at $35/1,000 on clearance.
    Lots of sales…good prices…plenty of guns AND ammo out there.

    • Trump may replace Obama as the great gun salesman, with his talk of abandoning due process.

  2. More like thanks to Trump and the NRA for betraying the second amendment and seizing defeat from the jaws of victory.

    • There’s slim hope we may yet get something good for us accomplished –

      Trump is leaning on the Senate leadership to go nuclear on the filibuster. Primarily to get his wall financed and immigration reform passed.

      If they do, we can ram through 50-state carry and the Hearing Protection Act the same way they rammed that ACA shit-sandwich down our throats…

        • And you can be sure that the Democrat(ic Socialists) will have enough guts to ram even more, and worse, down our throats next time they’re in the majority.

          The Republican party doesn’t WANT to win. Actually, they don’t want us — as in you and me, the average Americans — to win. There’s more money and power for them in being the stagnation-and-entropy conservative wing of the Big Government uniparty.

    • Yup. Given that Trump wants to see improved economic figures and the NRA wants to increase its donations, they, by coincidence, benefit while liberty suffers.

    • Right , millions of Americans heard Donny say …. ” Take First – Due Process Later ”

      And then there’s the 18 to 21 year old ADULTS getting Stripped of Freedoms !

      No , Trump will not get a free pass …. he has done REAL damage , as did NRA , by both ASKING for more unlawful laws & regulations … ( like bolt on external bump stocks , that they claim …. ” By Magic ” … convert the internal mechanical operation into Full – Auto )

  3. One million gun sales, that’s a lot of money, it seems as if anyone would scream foul on gun rights it would be the gun companies.

  4. Sadly I’m low on dough or I’d add to the #’s. Hoggboy has nothing to do with it…Republitards are pushing for people control. A sad state of affairs😟😖😩

  5. I haven’t had a NICS check in almost 5 years, but sometime next week I have to get another one.

  6. Right now I’m going on 90 minutes plus for my NICs check. I’m getting pissed off………..waiting. Thanks Mr SociList Hogg

      • I waited almost 2 hours only to have my dealer call and them say the system was down for the count.
        I gave up and went home.
        Tomorrows another day and another gun. 3 in the last 60 days. Ill find my replacement eventually or go broke.
        Probably go broke 1st.

        • We’re keeping stats on lawful purchasers delayed, impeded, or incorrectly declined, right? The Cost of Fake Safety(tm)

  7. I’m happy with my three for several reasons: They’re paid for, I load my own ammo, they’re all the same caliber, and they’ve had enough range time. I was briefly, BRIEFLY considering an HK .45 caliber before coming to the realization that there isn’t a polymer pistol on the planet worth $1,000. If you think Glock fanboys were vicious, look at the HK crowd. They are vipers. I don’t want to be part of them and there’s no reason for it.

  8. Did I buy? Yes point of fact I did buy aa Ruger PC9.

    Is it because of a scary teenager or some other jerk off? Nope, not really buying that whole some one bad will do something aweful and all the guns will fall off the planet.

    I like things that go bang so bought a carbine because well I wanted one… and the associated accessories (light and red dot)… and have the disposable income.

    * technicality this was in April not March.

  9. Maybe the firearms industry should Tweet a public note of thanks to Hogg for stimulating gun sales in March. Maybe the NRA should send him a “Certificate of Achievement” for all the donations they have received since he started blowing his pie-hole anti-liberty sputum. Maybe President Trump should give him an award for promoting more American’s interest in exercising their Second Amendment Rights and swelling Membership in the NRA. Hogg seems desperate for recognition and we need to make sure more a$$holes get the recognition they deserve.

  10. I certainly hope nothing bad happens to the dear Hogg boy. You know, bad things like…getting hit by a taxi, falling off a ladder stringing Christmas Lights, having a toaster fall in the bathtub, crawling under a car with no jack stands and having the “jack slip”etc. We need a good gun salesman….even if it is a brainless stupid kid.

  11. “Looking deeper into the FBI’s NICS numbers, about 1.4 million of those March 2018 checks came from firearm sales. These include 781,000 transactions for handgun purchases and just shy of 541,000 for long guns.”
    I Concur That Statement – For I Purchased a $722 RUGER AR-556MPR AR-15 Along With a $66 Burris P.E.P.R. Scope Mount and a $407 Leupold VX-R Patrol Scope!!!

  12. I purchased two this month. A buddy who owns a gun store here in Vegas says he had his best March ever just 3 weeks into the month and he can’t keep ARs on the shelf. Keep talking David Hogg!! Let’s get more guns into the hands of law abiding citizens.

  13. So, as the anti’s flail harder about “Nobody’s We really are coming for your guns.” people are buying guns in record numbers

    Seems like a lot of people like their guns.
    And think you really are coming for them.

    They’re buying guns because they don’t agree with you, they’ve given up on convincing you, and they’ve decided rule of law won’t protect them. Or, in other words, they’ve been listening.

  14. My walking into a gun shop is like a woman walking into a shoe store. So many choices!. Three purchases this year already, and don’t even talk about the Buck knives factory tour, yes, of course had to spend money at the company store. This is getting expensive, but I can eat again next month, right?

    And to answer the question about: Are they ever going to come for your guns? Yes, it’s happening right now. So be an American and buy a 10/22 and a new Glock.

    David Hogg? This idiot is fighting hard to have his rights removed. You think he would be in school to actually learn something.

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