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If it’s important to ATF, it’s important to me. …And a bonus meme on this theme RE NRAAM:


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  1. Not sure why I should care about Chad, but okay. Yeah—and the AFT Goons. I really care about their feelz too. Truly.

  2. wtf, that ain’t a “chad” in the meme. not sure what you were going for…

    any chance the atf is interested in scam websites offering guns no one else has “in stock” for sale, interesting to them?

  3. A total Chad would smile at Mr. AFT and tell him what he wanted to hear and then dig up his stash when Mr. Fedcoat went on to his next house.

  4. Can’t be a real Chad. He’s not swilling an IPA and telling the rest of us how it’s the only *real* beer style to be drinking… 🙂

  5. Well yah got me.,,, I looked up Chad and its either a country, an actor or some kid in India??
    From “biden is a pedo”, I’m assuming it is something like the word Karen. ,” He’s a Chad.” ?
    Whatever that means, I guess it means he an Indian juvenile actor in a poor country? I dont know.
    Bureau of Alchohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives.???
    I guess alcohol blows up and you could use tobacco as a fuse, so that covers that.
    Now we’ve got two known addictive substances, covered by a bureau, that can justify why explosives are thrown in but what about gunms, how do they equate with two known addictive substances. BATFE my ass.
    Nope on the NRA they lied to me in 94 and nothing has changed.

  6. My understanding of a “chad” is a preppie football player type. A big man on campus who always wears a skin tight tshirt and has a cheerleader hanging off each arm.

  7. I think it’s supposed to be Chaz, that make shift hippie land that took over Seattle last year and declared their land a “do what you want as long as it’s not violent.” The irony is a few people went inside the rebel city and gained full control with just a few pistols causing them to prioritize…..yes, establish their own boarder control. They really were that stupid.

    • The fact that they don’t understand the popular vernacular and we do makes us the normies and them the fringe. Welcome to the herd.

  8. After reading these comments, it is apparent that I’m considerably more in touch with modern internet culture than others, which, of course, disappoints me.

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