House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., joined at left by Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., speaks during a news conference at the Capitol in Washington, Tuesday, June 29, 2021. Scalise won't say whether his caucus will support or participate in a proposed select committee to investigate the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
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House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) pointed to a lack of school prayer when talking about gun violence.

“We had AR-15s in the 1960s. We didn’t have those mass school shootings,” Scalise said during a press conference Wednesday.

“Now, I know it’s something that some people don’t want to talk about. We actually had prayer in school during those days,” Scalise continued. “We had other things going on in our society where we took a different approach to our young kids. And let’s look at that. These are tough conversations we should be having that we’re not having about why we’re seeing more young kids go astray.”

— Emily Brooks in Republicans Pitch Religious, Family Values as Gun Violence Solution

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  1. *cough cough*

    I started school in 1961, at age 5. Straight to 1st grade, we didn’t have kindergarden, headstart, preschool, daycare, and all that other silly stuff.

    Prayer was entirely optional. At lunchtime, teachers would ask for a moment of quiet, so that those who did pray, could pray. No teacher-led prayer, no requirement to pray, just a moment of quiet to show a bit of respect for those who wanted to pray.

    In all my 12 years in public schools, I’m not sure that I was required to listen to even half a dozen prayers. High school graduation, for sure. Can’t really remember any others, to be honest.

    • I started well after you, but still a long time ago, and I don’t remember a single prayer in school. I do remember a Muslim telling a teacher on the first day in high school that he would have to excuse himself during class to go pray. No one was offended.

      We had kindergarten when I went, but it was a half day and included recess and nap time. My kids went all day for kindergarten and even had homework. Their school is extremely homework happy.

      • I went to a Catholic high school. Obviously, we had religious training classes. We had two Jewish guys and two Protestant guys in class and the first day of Freshman year the Brother teaching told them they could go to the cafeteria and study if they chose. All four asked to stay and learn about other religions. They stayed in the class all four years and there was never any blow back from their parents or any one else. At prayer time they just prayed in their own way.

      • You cannot have a tough conversation when those you are speaking with sit around like zombies with nothing between their ears but Gun Control.

        The first sobering question placed on the table must be…Is Gun Control Rooted In Racism and Genocide, Yes or No?

        Those stuck on stupid will not answer because they cannot face seeing their balloon deflated. As for the hardliners The Second Amendment does not fit well with the indoctrination of children into socialism, etc. Explains why when a tragedy occurs they spring into action and point at the object used by the perpetrator instead of pointing the finger at themselves for allowing the perpetrator to succeed on the account of their incompetence and political desire.

        Had the school been prepared for the perp by electronic monitoring, all doors secured, teachers and school personnel armed and had communication with each other there would have been a SWAT team lite at the tip of the spear either to engage the perp or comfortably wait for the real deal to arrive.

        My advice to fools who fall for Gun Control…Spit your history confirmed racist and nazi based Gun Control agenda out, stfu and listen up.

        • Whose idea was it to leave a door propped open? Someone must have REALLY needed that smoke break.

        • all your tricks and goodies to “prepare” and “harden” turn schools into prisons. NOT healthy place in which to grow up.

          One solution CAN and DOES work.

          Let those adult staff who are already AT the school, know the layout and everyone normally there, and who WANT to, take spefic training to prepare them to respon quicky and accurately to any threat, then simply let them carry their own weapon at school just like they already carry it everywhere else they go. Those teachers all know who is supposed to be there, and a good sense of where. Had either of the two now departed teachers been in the condition described above, when Dirtbag started his campaign to kill as many as he could, one of those two teachers could easily have taken out the trash in seconds…. maybe one or two of the children would have been hit before teachers started taking control of the situation. So the worst likely death toll would have been t most two students, MAYBE one adult teacher, and one dead perp lying on the floor. The whole incident would have ended within five minutes absolute max from the first round. Maybe the perp would have been identified and taken out with the trash before he ever got a chance to fire.

  2. Why aren’t we talking about red flag laws? They didn’t prevent the Buffalo supermarket shooting. That kid had previously been investigated for saying he wanted to kill people and commit suicide. Why aren’t we carefully examining all points of failure?

    After that careful examination, we can take an honest look at the degradation of our culture. Then, we should examine why some people, in positions of power, seem to be promoting that degradation. That isn’t anything that can be turned around with a few policy changes. In totally unrelated news, Speaker Pelosi recently made an appearance on RuPaul’s drag show, and said this is what America is all about.

    • “Speaker Pelosi recently made an appearance on RuPaul’s drag show, and said this is what America is all about.”

      Its because the democrats are trying to ‘mobilize’ the LGBTQ people to vote for democrats. Plus, this increases the chances of Nancy getting a date on Friday night.

      • “trying to ‘mobilize’ the LGBTQ people to vote for democrats”

        They have a personal interest in expanding the “LGBT community.” They view them the same way they view black people. (If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black.) It’s never about helping America. It’s always about helping themselves.

  3. The Right Wing nonsense about prayer in schools is ridiculous. Religion has always been a grand hypocrisy and children are quick to notice this. What has mattered is the break down of family life.

    Lets face cold hard facts the high divorce rate and the stagnation of wages had much to do with the current wave of violence, murder and suicide in todays America. When children grow up without two parents in the home as well as when there are NO parents in the home due to them both working has had a devastating effect on children. In the distant past when moms stayed home the children were raised properly.

    The increase in population size also has had an increase in the amount of mental illness as well.

    • One cause of wage stagnation is our open borders. Illegals hold wages down in a large part of the economy like construction and service industry. Heavy taxing to pay for social programs also drag our wages down.

      Progressive culture has led to the destruction of the family. Women are told it is demeaning and unfullfilling to stay home and raise kids while their husband brings home the checks.

      It is a very complicated situation we’ve created in our country. Add the trouble stirred up by the misguided socialists and it becomes painfully so.

      • JWM you are right on that Illegal Aliens DO hold wages down.
        Just look at LA and the min wage for a job.
        The state had to step in to raise it and in other states that are less infected with illegal aliens the wage seems to be higher LONG ago naturally with out the state forcing it on businesses….AKA why hire a citizen when I can get an illegal for 60% of that pay!

        • “AKA why hire a citizen when I can get an illegal for 60% of that pay!”

          It isn’t just illegal immigrants either. As an example, legal immigration has suppressed wages in the tech sector for years. The ironic part is the people who are screaming for a minimum wage increase will be the first to hire a group of people that can’t speak English to mow their yards or replace their roof. They say they can’t get Americans to show up and do the job. That’s only because they’re shopping in the same cost bracket that those immigrants work in. When they move up, and pay more, they can find Americans who show up and do quality work.

          Now let’s say the cheap immigrant labor wasn’t an option. What would happen then? The cheap deadbeat Americans would get little work, and the market would be forced to pay a reasonable wage for Americans who take pride in their work to show up instead of constantly suppressing wages with floods of immigration.

        • With borders closed for COVID, our unemployment went down and wages went up. Of course business complained so the flood of 457s will resume soon to restore balance.

          Business always trumpets “the market will provide” but then business deliberately alters the market away from natural equilibrium.

      • Jethro our high school drop out is now professing to be an expert in Socio-Economics. As usual the Far Right are rabid racists blaming immigrants legal and illegal for everything including ingrown toenails.

        In reality immigrants take jobs that no Middle Class white kid would ever take. No Middle Class white kid would labor in 120 degree heat to pick vegetables or work in a slaughter house where the damp air conditioning eventually kills people.

        Illegal immigrants lower your taxes because they pay local, state and Federal taxes but cannot get tax refunds.

        Illegal Immigrants pay into Social Security but cannot collect on retirement that makes Social Security more solvent.

        Illegal immigrants lower the price you pay for vegetables, fruits and meat.

        We have a labor shortage in this country so try tell me they are taking away jobs.

        Illegal and legal Immigrants in all countries have proven to be more successful when they start a business than the indigenous people and they cannot run a business alone therefore they hire people and create jobs.

        THE REAL REASON WAGES HAVE STAGNATED is because the rich have shipped all the high paying manufacturing jobs overseas and Pres. Reagan broke the power of the Unions who used to keep wages livable. The rich have increased their wealth 920% over the last 50 years.

        • And S0cia1ist / M4rxist economics has been a success? It would have worked better if REAL numbers were used for planning and not falsified numbers from people too scared to report bad news.

        • Wages did not stagnate when Trump was president. Illegal aliens are by definition law breakers and criminals. We don’t have a labor shortage. That is horse pucky! We have a bunch of people who are refusing to work and living off the tit. You socialist economic paradigm is failing this country.

        • Sorry, but your assertation doesn’t pass the smell test. Ever throw a thousand hay bales in 100 degree heat and 95% humidity? Ever pick up a pitchfork and clean a hog barn? Ever de-tassle corn or walk beans or shovel out a grain bin in July? Farm kids did all that regularly. Yeah, as the sign says, Welcome to Iowa. What killed those jobs wasn’t the illegal immigrants — they preferred picking apples and lettuce in temperate California apparently, because I sure didn’t see any crews bidding against us for the above work. Work that required no actual skills beyond a willingness to show up and learn what to move. What killed us was minimum wages, which grew and grew and allowed Treflan, Grain-Vac’s, skid-steer loaders and round balers to price us out of the market, just as the tractor priced out the horse and mule. The same thing killed manufacturing jobs as well — CNC machining centers, robots, the simple jobs you could start at went to machines, and as wages rise a better machine is on the way just as soon as the price reached break-even. And that is the flaw in your argument. Labor, like any input cost, can be replaced once something cheaper comes along. It might be Chinese labor, it might be a machine, it could be a genetically-engineered tree that one day stands up, walks to a bushel basket, and drops its own apples into it before returning. Your wages, your monetary value as an employee, are determined by the cost of what you can be replaced with. Complaining about it and claiming unions or laws will right such a wrong is only pissing in the wind — the buggy whip manufacturers and the saboteurs would, I am sure, have something to say about how that worked.

    • My prior comment to herr dacian got moderated. So that will be my last comment for the day. No clicks from me for the rest of the day, ttag.

      This is how I respond to moderation.

    • Why don’t you go away? Nobody here wants or cares to hear what you have to say. Are you paid by the word or the post? You’re a troll. We all know it and this is becoming boring.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead. A little prayer would not hurt you one single bit. In fact is might awaken you from your Leftist slumber. Tell us how the “high divorce rate” has anything to do with crime? Tell how how your Background checks that don’t work now will somehow magically work in the future?

      • Sorry Walter the Beverly Hillbilly but I do not engage in your bronze age mysticism, nor do I participate in prayer, ritual, incantations or painting my body blue and dancing naked by the light of the moon.

        quote————–“high divorce rate” has anything to do with crime?———-quote

        Educated people are laughing at that one Walter. It would take too long to explain it all to you. Attend some classes in Sociology, Psychology and Economics if you want to know why divorce does indeed contribute to the rise crime. Meanwhile quit making an absolute fool out of yourself.

        • Regret to inform you that religion is rather current. But then you being a Marxist…
          Educated people? I am sure you are making that statement for your indoctrinated brethren. Sociology is a made up course. It is all theory with nothing back up those theories but other theories. Psychology? Mostly guess work and theory. No real science. Economics? How does divorce contribute to crime? More like the other way around, don’t you think? (I know I’m expecting too much). I took Sociology, Economics and Psychology in college. I found them to be fluff subjects with little real substance. But then they were part of your indoctrination, right?

      • Walter E Beverly III,

        I am going to throw up in my mouth a little bit because I have to agree with Dacian — increased divorce rates cause higher crime rates. Why? Because divorced parents means two things:

        1) mom and dad fighting each other and failing to pay attention to their children

        2) mom and/or dad exhibiting terrible role models which teach children to be selfish and act on impulses

        Both of those characteristics produce more children (than “healthy” two-parent families) who are at best unruly and at worst downright violent and criminal. That is a simple fact, like it or not.

        For reference “healthy” parents refers to a marriage where mom and dad have reasonable emotional and spiritual health and care for one another and their children.

        • Even though my wife and I separated a decade ago and later divorced, I have spent as much time with my son as I can. He really enjoys this time because we are doing things together. He says we spend more time doing things together in what little time we have than his friends who have their fathers around.

          And he has joined me at the range and really likes the sport.

    • Scalise was shot by an active shooter (a leftist wacko like yourself) so he has more right to an opinion than just about anyone. Are you denying his lived experience? 😉

    • “Religion has always been a grand hypocrisy…”

      There is a huge difference between “religion” and the belief in a Creator and salvation through faith in our Savior. Salvation is actually quite simple (John 3:16, among others), whereas established religions always seem to make the path very complicated with rules and guidelines to be followed that are not mentioned in the gospel, nor the other writings found in the New Testament.

      You seem to be a fairly intelligent person- why don’t you take a little time and pick up an NLT Bible and read, if for no other reason than to refresh your thinking concerning ancient history. Easy read, start with the book of Acts. If you need some boning up on the Gospel portion/birth/life/death/resurrection of the Christ, start with Luke.

      One truth that kept coming back to me the first time I actually set out to read the entire Bible was that normal, sane men with an amount of influence such as the disciples and apostles possessed would not willingly die horrendous deaths in an attention-seeking venture. There had to be something that they witnessed, first hand, to cause this.

      What do you have to lose by a little reading? So what if it is counter to your present life direction? Shoot, I read your stuff…

    • Cool story bro. Kinda irrelevant to the topic at hand, though. But so long as you’re off on this tangent, could be worse than a couple of Qanon weirdos thinking Uvalde was “fake” – how many more mainstream proggies (your kind of anti-gunners, all) are still convinced that the Trump/Russia collusion thing was real? Or the “very fine people” hoax? Or Hunter Biden’s laptop as “disinformation”? I could go on, but your glass house can’t take it.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead, Another irrational irrelevant article? (sigh). You still want to do the same stupid things that haven’t worked in the past. You are slowly but surely making yourself irrelevant.

  4. Until parents do their jobs, there will be no end to this behavior. Single parent homes, parents on drugs, kids in and out of foster care, parents who don’t give a damn about their kids, parents with no morals, etc, etc. That is the real problem. When the parents to do their jobs, society fails and we are seeing that happen right now. As long as we cater to these behaviors by parents, nothing will change except to get worse. Let’s put the blame where it belongs. Lack of God and morals.

      • Exactly right.

        Just returned from a cross country trip to Colorado. We saw sooo many out of control children, who most had a weight issue, just as their parents did. Children are a reflection of their parents in everyway and the attitudes they develop and display come from those parents……NOT doing their job.

    • It turns out, the government makes a terrible parent, especially a government as corrupt and immoral as ours. Instead of trying to make a connection with the lack of prayer in schools, how about we check for any connections with LBJ’s Great Society?

      • Nah, what do you need a father in the house for when your single mom gets a check from Uncle Sam instead?

      • “It turns out, the government makes a terrible parent”

        Excellently said. It’s frustrating how that message doesn’t get out.

  5. There ARE many things we truly need to be discussing. We can’t because we we are too busy dealing with Democrat insanity and the mainstream media with social media making sure that the fewest people possible even notice.

    Biden is not fit for office. He wasn’t fit for the job before he got the job.

    • Imagine the wall to wall coverage we would still be getting if a right wing lunatic went to go assassinate a Democrat SC Justice. When it’s the other way around, they sweep it under the rug with the rest of the trash they’re ignoring. The reason the Dems are so bold with their insanity is because the press covers for them, and the deep state never holds them accountable. James Comey, among many others, deserves jail time for what he did. Instead, he’s rewarded for his efforts with contracts and book deals.

  6. Molding better children?

    No, no, no. Leave them alone. Children are born “good”. They know best how they should be taught and developed. Whatever happens, do not frustrate children (make them unhappy). Children are little adults. They don’t need old adults interfering in their lives. Just feed, clothe and house children. They will do fine on their own.

    Tree saplings might need guidewires to keep them straight until the root system is strong enough, but children aren’t trees. They will grow straight naturally.

    • consider Cain and Abel. If you write that one off as a fairy tale, fine. How about yuo find and read Lord of the Flies.
      Children are NOT a blank slate just waiting to figure it all out on their own.

      • “How about yuo find and read Lord of the Flies.
        Children are NOT a blank slate just waiting to figure it all out on their own.”

        Continuing on with the gag….

        “Lord of the Flies” is mere fiction; a work of imagination. Actual, living, children are real; i.e. non-fiction. You can’t compare the two.

        The reason children don’t seem to be able to figure things out, on their own is that adults keep getting in the way. Children are born without all the prejudices, misconceptions, misinformation and mistakes of the adults. Infants, toddlers and young children don’t lie; they have to be taught how, by adults. Children have no natural fear of strangers; they know everyone is born basically a good person. Children can, however, learn behavior from bad examples (i.e. adults).

        Since adults are corrupted over their lifetimes, they are dangerous as examples, role-models, or heroes, and if interfering with children, should be charged with child abuse. If adults would retain the innocence of childhood, crime would be almost non-existent, untold number of laws could be removed from society, money spent on criminal justice could be all but eliminated as expenses of a community.

        Heck, for believers in Judaism and Christianity, scripture says that a child shall lead even the wild animals of the earth. Adults have spent millennia fighting against their own beliefs.

        Adults like to say that children do not have the capacity to correctly manage their own selves, their own affairs. Well, adults have been “in charge” for all of human history. How has that worked out?

        C’mon, people; it’s time to give peace (children) a chance.

  7. Back when men were men, women were women, and people like dacian and Miner49’er and Albert Hall were carted off to a mental health institution where they belonged, things were more simple.

    Today, the crazy roams freely.

    My wife and I went to a public park about two weeks ago for an impromptu picnic. The park has some beautiful picnic spots. Clean, well maintained, shaded. There was a family with their little boy a short distance from us, Dad was playing catch with the kid and they were enjoying the day. The game of catch ends, and they are going to eat and sat at a spot very near ours and we conversed.

    Along comes these two people, thing one and thing two, males dressed and made up like women, hair, clothes, everything, and they sit down a few yards from where we were next to the family. We saw the little boy staring at these two critters, and then he turns to his mom and asks “mom, are those girls?” Well, one of the critters hears it and turns and says “honey, we are all girl.” Dad stands up, looks at the two, and says “Don’t you tell my child lies like that.”

    Well, thing one decides they are not much of a girl after all and decides to ‘butch up’ some and stands up and says very angrily “its not a lie. I’m a woman.” in this very deep husky voice as the wig is sliding down the back of his head and hits the ground and one of the previous and obvious ‘boob’ outlines under the T-Shirt is now down around his waist line. We all stare silently for several seconds as thing one rants about being a woman without realizing that ‘woman hood’ was falling apart. Then we all start laughing at thing one and thing two grabs the wig from the ground and they sashay away quickly. Dad turns to his son, and says “see, not a girl.” and thing one and thing two hear this then turn around and curse him. Then thing one charges dad and dad sidesteps the charge and associated attempted punch and sends him on his way with a push right into the tree and thing one goes down screaming in pain and when we get a look we realize why – he has smashed into the tree face first and he is now missing some teeth and the whole mouth is messed up and hes bleeding. Thing two calls 911, and paramedics cart thing one away to the hospital.

    • ya know, Boog, that’s one whale of a tale right there. I wuz a thinkin it all came outta your own noggin for a while, but then, having seen your contributioins in the past I had to figure you actually saw all that happen. Good work helping these creepy critters face reality for chiange. It prolly set them off bit your not bowing to their deception. Maybe Mr. FacePlant will be diong some sigitating and reassessing as he hunkers down out of sight while his muggly ugg heals a bit.

      • yep, actually happened.

        There has been a trend around here in the last six months or so for all manner or drug creeps, the overly sharing imposing creepy ‘gender-changers’, perverts, pedophiles, and criminally malicious people to show up in our local parks. The reason is that they got run out of the parks in the neighboring communities, the communities there got tired of it happening and started making them feel ‘very uncomfortable’. I guess its time our community started doing the same.

  8. I started school in 1959. We never had organized prayer. We had prayer at home & my church. I never knew my teacher’s religious belief’s. But most everyone had a mom& dad together. A few kid’s turned out bad because they lived on the “wrong side of the tracks” with alcoholic or awful parents. Scalise should have blamed the Bernie Bro for shooting him!

  9. Rep Scalise, you are 100 % correct. The Leftists don’t want to do anything about the real problem of violent people. They seem to think and inanimate object is to blame.

  10. It’s too bad discussions about character, responsibility and self-respect are so often reduced to “prayer” and “God.”

    They become easily dismissed as anachronistic bible thumping and all the edgy atheists get upset that somebody might be judging their furry fetish.

    A better tact would be something like Peterson does or referencing the work of Campbell. It isn’t just “muh God” it’s humanity and civilization.

    It’s like some people would only wash their ass if the Bible told them to and other people would actively avoid washing their asses because somebody told them the Bible said they should.

  11. This website’s moderation is highly dis functional. It allows bogus spam comments while choking off civil discussion.

  12. Shire-man said, “They become easily dismissed as anachronistic bible thumping and all the edgy atheists get upset that somebody might be judging their furry fetish.”
    If the atheists really are atheists, then what is their problem? Atheists don’t believe in God so they surely don’t believe in any Judgement or Heaven or Hell. And do the atheists really think that any man can judge them spiritually? Now God fearing people can and do examine the fruit, whereas judgement is a different matter. An atheist fearing judgement by a man, what joke that is pure hypocrisy.

  13. Up until 1986 any American with purchase of required tax stamp could purchase a new MACHINE GUN.

    Why did the ‘mass shootings/’school shootings’ not begin until the 1990s?

    If it was so easy to get actual ‘weapons of war’ the laymen would think these things would have been prevalent prior to the 1990s. But that was not the case.

    The more you know……..

  14. One thing lil’D has right. Wages that force both parents to work just to keep the household running has done much to destroy the basic family dynamics that help keep the kids out of trouble. As have the promotion of single mothers trying to raise their kids with no stable, responsible male father figure in the household.
    What he nor any other leftist will admit is it is the very policies and programs promoted by his side of the spectrum that has caused much of the problem.
    It has taken several generations of Democrat sponsored crap to get us to this point. And will take as long to beat it back.
    Both political parties are at fault for the good paying, blue collar manufacturing jobs going off shore. As are the unions that priced themselves out of work. Add into the problem the fact the unions have backed the left for decades, cutting their own throats and making the union leaders rich, but doing nothing that would have made anything better for their members.
    Scalise is correct in saying we are not asking the right questions. Because doing so and finding the truth would screw up the graft, bribes and kickbacks enjoyed but politicians in both parties.

    • “There ain’t many troubles that a man cain’t fix with seven hundred dollars and a thirty ought six.” Jeff Cooper

      • “There ain’t many troubles that a man cain’t fix with seven hundred dollars and a thirty ought six.” Jeff Cooper”

        ‘There are no problems that cannot be solved it a sufficient amount of properly placed explosives.’
        – Commonly ascribed to the British SAS

  15. UN-bloody-believable, Does this idiot actually believe that havuing morning prayers would have the slightest effect on some maniac intent on murder?
    At no time in human history has a prayer been answered. Ten men in a trench under artillery fire [and it’s happeneing in UKraine as I writer!!]. they ALL pray for survival. One man survives and says GOD answered his prayer. HALLA-BLEEDIN-LEUYA> So what made him so bloody special. bLIND LUCJK IS WHAT BIT IS. The entire raison d’etre for prayer is to lead those doing the praying THINK they are achieving something without the nesessity to actually do anything practically constructive at all.
    There are no bleedin’ ‘MIRACLES’ either. Just accident, co-incidence and blind luck.
    Do not bother to tell me that millions believe in both prayer and miraclkes either. They also believed that the Earth was flat and that and at the Centre of the Universe. Those millions sent those that disagreed to their deaths.
    The rather awful thing was thatvthose in authority knew very well thatvb the Earth was NOT flat and the Earth was NOT the centre of the Universe.

    • Accident, coincidence and blind luck do not a universe make. That a universe exists with predictable, observable physical laws, is the original miracle. There’s no basis for logic, reason, or science in a purely accidental, luck-driven universe. Your protestations are self-refuting.

  16. Dumb sht said the magic word. ——- We Need——-
    Fight street gangs, dont matter what ethnicity. Stop that and you stop 87% of the crime.
    Christ I dont feel safe with a belt fed street sweeper anymore.
    Longer jail sentences until yo get the whole gang playin cards and dominoes. Just found out here in this small community that a ‘no good ‘ was out already. Kept him locked up in and in two months of hustings theyd hav had the whole meth problem solved.
    All that doesn’t matter anyway.
    What matters is to vote for n option is a drivers license. There is a large demographic that are now getting easily obtainable drivers license .
    and your vote is going to whom? Oh bama, ” I’m going to change America ” the Biden “Buil d back Better” ,,, in my experience to build back better you’ve got to n.v tear it down first.

  17. Prayer and religion is (for the non religious) basically morals. So even if you didn’t have prayer in your school, decades ago children were at least being taught morals, right from wrong, manners, respect, courtesy, etc. These days many children aren’t taught any of that.

  18. Conspiracy. Fraud. Violence. Murder. What starts out virtual can get real all too quickly and the internet helps that happen.

    On prayer in school …. still one of the most controversial subjects in America, and also misunderstood in relation to the SCOTUS ruling so much that its still thought that even personal voluntary prayer in school is illegal :

    Prayer in school is not unconstitutional or illegal, students are free to pray in school, on school grounds.

    In 1962, in the case Engel v. Vitale, SCOTUS ruled that (summerized) “state officials may not compose an official state prayer and require that it be recited in the public schools of the state at the beginning of each school day—even if the prayer is denominationally neutral and pupils who wish to do so may remain silent or be excused from the room.” – that doing so violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

    SCOTUS expanded upon that in 1992 by ruling that school officials could not invite clergy to give prayers at graduation ceremonies, and in 2000 by voiding a Texas school district policy of having students recite pre-game prayers over school PAs.

    So basically what is unconstitutional, illegal, is that the state can not require one to pray or participate in prayer or compose an official state prayer for use in schools, and by extension can not compel participation or subject one to such state mandated ‘religion’ event or practice. But students are free to pray if they wish to do so.

    However, at no time has SCOTUS ruled that students could not pray in schools, even in groups, or “outlawed” the practice. Students are free to pray alone or in groups, as long as such prayers are not disruptive and do not infringe upon the rights of others. Students have a first amendment right to pray if they wish, but this right to engage in voluntary prayer does not include the right to have a captive audience listen or to compel other students to participate.

    The First Amendment bars government imposition of a particular religious practice on the populace, but it also bars the government from inhibiting students’ religious practices.

    • “The First Amendment bars government imposition of a particular religious practice on the populace…”

      As noted above, it’s the Democrats who are violating this with their woke/progressive religion being pushed on children by the government. They aren’t stupid. They’re playing the long game. If you think the lefty political activists are crazy now, just wait until the younger generation grows up.

      Chant with me now…
      Believe all women
      Diversity is our strength
      Men can become pregnant
      The world will end if we don’t end fossil fuels first
      No right is absolute

    • “Conspiracy. Fraud. Violence. Murder. What starts out virtual can get real all too quickly”

      Indeed. And has done so.

      Schools are permitted to have a “zero tolerance” policy about visible, organized prayer (even religious materials) on school grounds, or at school activities. Not aware of any SC ruling that schools may not prohibit visible prayer and/or religious objects in/on school grounds/activities. Thinking that such an SC ruling would have made opponents spin wildly out of control…on television. If you have a reference that shows “zero tolerance” to be unconstitutional, I would appreciate being educated.

  19. I remember when i was a child was the Pledge of Allegiance and announcement. That was elementary school (70s); I can’t recall either being done much in Jr. High or High School.
    What I DO remember was the first friend to tell us his parents were getting divorced. That will burn in my brain forever. I had never seen anyone shattered like that.
    It isn’t prayer. It isn’t guns. It isn’t money, or lack there of. It is FAMILY–specifically an intact family with Mom and Dad doing their job, protecting the kids, helping with homework, insisting on chores. Not shuffling their kid(s) from this house to that house every other week-end, arguing over who has, or does not want, them during whatever holiday or school break

  20. The problem is NOT guns.
    It’s hearts without God.
    Homes without discipline.
    Families without two loving, mentoring parents.
    Courts/DAs without Justice…..only nti-America agendas.
    Schools without God, prayer….except during shootings, praying to God for good guys with guns to come……to actually enter, act.
    Sadly, there is an ever growing segment of society, both black and white, that did not have loving, mentoring two parent families to properly imprint, instill meaningful values in the kids. Now, those kids are bearing kids and having nothing to pass down to their kids…..multiple generations lost and reaping what was/was not sown.
    ALL brought to you by anti-America Lefty Libturds since 1960s Johnson Administration.

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