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I mean, it sorta depends on the guest.


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  1. I never had a guest, expected or otherwise, that I assumed waa unarmed. Even the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Mormons. When I opened the door, those Mormon boys have never batted an eye at the firearm in my hand.The Jehovah’s Witnesses ladies couldn’t wait to drop a pamphlet on the doormat and get off my porch. Didn’t mind talking to the Mormons. They like firearms too.

    • I married LDS. Them folks are some real preppers. I encountered young men of the church in my first trip to Utah. Knowing I lived in CA the first question they asked me was my stance on 2a.

      I passed that litmus test.

      • LDS folks are *serious* preppers, and that’s a good thing.

        As I understand it, it’s considered a religious moral imperative for a family to have at least a one year’s supply of preserved food at all times in their pantry…

        • I’m betting we have at least that much. 6 gallon buckets full of grains and beans, etc.

          Beans and bulletz we gotz.

        • As an avid ‘canner’, I can tell you that a year’s supply of canning takes up a lot of space. But it is a comfort knowing you’ve got it.

        • The dried beans, flour, egg power, rice are much more concentrated. The thing is you have to assume plenty of water will be available for those. (Yes, we have stored water, gravity filters, and other purification methods). So the combination of canning, dry, and freeze-dried covers all the bases.

        • I told my wife I was going to stop at the food fermentation festival.

          She told me not to get pickled.

        • And for their neighbors. If they are Mormon, they are expected to do the same. If you ever spent a couple of weeks working out a natural disasterb you’ll figure that phylosphy out pretty quick. I spent my adolescence in Liberty County, FL. Least most populated county in the state. We had lots of woods, though. And rivers. One is A inland A large population of Mormons for the demographics. Even in the sixth grade I was impressed with the lifestyle. Of course, for a Sothern Baptist, that whole Golden Tablets thing was out there. But, I have read the Book of Mormon. Still have it. Chenille gave it to me.

        • Mormons are a group I’ve not much encountered, interestingly. Makes me wonder if that neighborhood closer to town has a group of LDS that moved in.

          Big arguments going on there over gardens and chickens. “Muh property values!” vs. “Do you even watch the news?” seems to be the deal.

          Strange since the people on the eastern edge of that neighborhood nearly all have shooting ranges in their back yards due to some convenient geography. Shooting on a regular basis, no problem but don’t you DARE have chickens.

          Strange. Makes me wonder if there’s not something else going on.

        • Most of the Mormons that I know (and I know a lot) don’t seem to have a year’s worth, but do have more food storage than the average American. They tend to be gun people as well 👍

          Six buckets of beans etc is a good solid start, but certainly not a year supply of food. You have to look at calories.

          Assume at least 2000 calories per person per day (2500-3000 calories is probably more realistic). Multiple that by 365 to get a year supply. That is 730,000 calories per person. For just my wife and myself, we need about 1,430,000 calories to have a year supply.

          Dry grain and beans (rice, wheat, flour, pasta, corn, sugar etc. has around 1500 (a little lower for beans and higher for grains) calories per pound.

          Therefore, we should have around 1000 pounds of dry grain for a year supply. Five gallon buckets hold around 30-35lbs of grain each. Therefore, we would need around thirty of them. Your six buckets is more like a 60-90 day food supply. You may want to get some more.

          Then again, I am Baptist ☺️

        • Art. The buckets are 6 gallons each. And I have a lot of buckets. A lot.

          I was raised hellfire and brimstone southern Baptist. It did not take. I claim no religion and only go to church for weddings and funerals and I try to avoid both if possible.

  2. An effective ‘hide in plain sight’ gun safe can be made with a Bible in a zippered leather case. The more worn and weathered the better.

    Chances are a burglar won’t bother a family Bible…

  3. How to win friends and influence people : CA Governor Newsom INSULTS Federal Judge Roger Benitez over 2nd Amendment Rulings.

  4. Wow 40oz, you discovered YouTube. Good for you.
    None of these YouTube links has anything to do with the topic.
    That’s usually how a forum works. Topic, posts, conversation.

    • Ever hear of an “open thread,” fake dacian?

      This is TTAG’s version of an open thread. if you want to be a topic nazi, there are plenty of other forums that you could pollute.

  5. Was just wondering this morning whatever came of the Target shooter. Surprise, he was known to police, reported dangerous and nobody did anything.

    Joey Safchik, a journalist with KETV, tweeted that Jones’ uncle said “the gunman had a long history of mental illness — specifically, schizophrenia.”

    The television station reported that Larry Derksen, Jr., the uncle, said the family had “repeatedly called law enforcement worried about the guns Jones kept in his Gretna-area home.”

    According to KETV, the Sarpy County Sheriff “acknowledged Wednesday that deputies had been in contact with Jones” but could not make further comment.

    “I agonize over what I could have done different. I’ve called the police, have disarmed him,” Derksen told KETV NewsWatch 7. “I’ve called mental facilities. I begged with people. And Joey was not rational.”

    I always wonder, with this popular push for acceptance of autistics, schizophrenics and the like, why nobody ever talks about what we’re all supposed to do with lesser functioning or potentially self/other-harming ones once their parents or caregivers die. I see them all the time in my work and yes, they should be given every opportunity to live and experience the best life they can but they’re always 20-30 years younger than their parents. Sooner or later they’ll be alone. Acceptance is great and all but they’re still going to end up self-medicating on Kensington Ave. because we have this aversion to institutionalized care from all sides. Too costly for the right and the left thinks it’s more humane to let them wander the streets.

    • “Surprise, he was known to police, reported dangerous and nobody did anything“

      “the uncle, said the family had “repeatedly called law enforcement worried about the guns Jones kept in his Gretna-area home.”

      Help me to understand, so you’re saying that because a family member had called in and told about “the guns he kept in his home” that “someone should have done something”?

      Wouldn’t that be a ‘red flag’ lawthat you’re asking for?

      What happens when family, friend or acquaintance calls about the guns you “keep at home”?

      Will you welcome the police when they come to your home to “do something about it”?

  6. Pick up a Hillary Clinton book off the Dollar Books at Dollar Tree, and hollow it out. Nobody will read it, and No Thief will take it.

    Thought about sending her a picture of her tome after I improved it 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

    A Barack Obutthead “Lies of my Father” works too.


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