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One can dream.


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      • “Yes officer, I found it just like this. They put it up on blocks and took the wheels and everything. Even the catalytic converters. Still, I’d love to know how they managed to pull the engine.”

        • “Still, I’d love to know how they managed to pull the engine.”

          Funny you mentioned that :

          When things began to go downhill fast for Putin’s army, the Russians put in an order at a tank depot supposedly stocked with battle-ready tanks. Oops, it seems a bunch of those supposedly battle-ready tanks used engines also used in Russia for commercial trucks.

          An enterprising individual used their enlistment time at a dreary depot to steal a bunch of those brand-new engines right out of those tanks in long-term storage. Other depots report fire control electronics being stripped out of them.

          Trucks being shipped to the front have had their fuel stolen from them while in transit.

          Oops. πŸ™‚

        • And their reactive armor turns out to be blocks of wood or rubber instead of explosives like it is supposed to be. The factory that made it instituted cost-cutting measures…no one is ever going to know…oops!

        • Bwahahahahahaha! Fock yo couch, Putin! Keep ordering up those expendable conscripts. I’m sure that’ll fix everything.

        • There’s currently some debate as to whether the fake blocks of HE were fake all along, or if it was stolen and made it’s way onto the international black market.

          Russia claims roughly 20 percent of their defense budget is stolen each year. The thing is, though – Depending on what was stolen, it could make an expensive weapons system completely worthless. Like, a fire control computer or thick heavy copper power cables crudely hacked out. That kinds stuff tends to be covered up by the depot’s commander, who even may have been in on the graft…

      • Good news! If you paid your college loans between Mar 2020 and present, YOU can apply for a full refund….

        • What about if I and my spouse paid our loans off say back in 1993?
          Can we get that money back based on today’s value? …cause that would be a couple new rifles, in a new gun room, in a new house…
          Hey, just askin…lol

    • Why? I see no stock on it, not even a brace nor suppressor. Purely on caliber? That seems ripe for lawsuit considering cannons and such in revolutionary times. Bring it!

      • It does have a shoulder thing that goes up… per soon to be X-congress critter Carolyn Maloney.

        • Ha! That’s right, she was the Dem-bulb that said that! Thanks, I had forgotten that!

    • Bolt (breech) action…one pull of the trigger and you have to manually reload, so no, I wouldn’t think so. Still need a small team of your buddies to help drive/load if you want to do the old ‘firing on the move’ thingamajig. No guarantee of finding the ammo at your LGS though.

  1. How dare they run afoul of UPS’ firearm shipping guidelines. Where is their new corrugated packaging that meets the UPS Single Wall Box Strength Guidelines.

  2. @former water walker —

    Concealed carry: you hide the gun.
    Concealed carrier: the gun hides you.

    Totally new concept!

    • “Did the previous crew get vacuumed out?”

      Based on the videos I’ve seen of tank turrets being launched 100 feet in the air, being blown out was far more likely.

      There’s a *massive* upside to this for Ukraine. That’s some serious high-quality steel in that rolled homogeneous armor plate that gets very good money on the scrap market.

      It’s possible some may show up in America or Australia as an AR-500 equivalent target steel…

      • Russian tank crews tend to be flash fried. It’s what happens when the crew are sitting in the middle of the ammunition and propellant.

        No wimpy blow-out panels in a bustle rack for Russian tanks.

  3. Dilemma.
    I quit smoking because of my up coming fight with Dave Leduc. Now all I do is eat and I’m afraid I wont make the weight requirement.
    Any advice?

  4. Probably headed to Anniston, Alabama. They have a bead blast machine where they can put the whole turret in it. Close the door. Push go and in a certain amount of time, out comes a shiny (used) turret. Ready for refit.

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