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I feel it’s straightforward and you probably do, too, but it gets parsed six ways from Sunday so, sure, it could have been even simpler.


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  1. It doesn’t matter how simple you write it. The fascist left wants your guns and they are willing to murder you, your wife, your kids and your dogs to get them.

    • ^^^ This. The left would twist the meanings of words and torture language even more than they do now. When the left says a man can be a woman, that tells you they will stop at nothing to push their warped views on the rest of us.

    • Yeah, you beat me to it.

      The Left no longer says “choice”; they now openly say “abortion”.

      They no longer say “it’s not like anybody’s coming for your guns”; they now openly say they want to you to turn in your guns.

      They no longer say they just want to live their personal preferences in peace; they now want you to publicly support their perversions and openly say they want to influence your children.

      They aren’t interested in definitions, heritage, original intent, or peaceful coexistence. They are becoming defiant to the Constitution, no matter how simple its language reads.

      They want a confrontation with us. It’s coming.

      • 2016 was the tipping point. That’s when the mask came off. More people that don’t keep up with politics beyond what the evening news tells them are beginning to notice.

    • Yep. Look what they did to “gay” and the poor rainbow. Go figure marxists act like marxists. The ends justify any means.

  2. They could’ve drawn pictures and it wouldn’t change their ultimate goal! The British of that time would’ve really liked the “citizens” we have now!!

  3. Panel three: Founder: “We already did so at the request if young Mr. Heston, and that Jeff Cooper fellow. How poorly educated is the Republic, in the future?”

  4. I’m pretty sure if they could see America now they would have turned into Dictators back then.

    • They would never believe what the schools turned into. I live in a historically red district. We’ve only had two Democrats elected to Congress here since the inception of the Republican party. Yet, the teachers here are still Marxists. They plant seeds in children that white people hate black people and men hate women. Oppressor vs the oppressed. It wasn’t like that here when I grew up.

      • Edit: I just spoke to my son about something I heard from another child that I thought came from the school. I was about to contact the school.

        It turns out, it’s coming from political news being shoved on everyone, including kids. They’re learning these concepts from news, social media, and friends, not the local school. The information is shared more easily thanks to smartphones, social media, and the 24/7 news cycle that goes in one direction.

  5. if the Second Amendment was rewritten for five year olds, Democrats still couldn’t understand it. Not even if there were pictures.

  6. They lie. They always lie. Everything they say is a lie. The 2nd is written perfectly. They can’t stop us, keep us from buying and owning guns and ammo but the cowardly compliant go. “OK. Please like me. I’ll agree with your lie, i mean interpretation.”

    • “OK. Please like me. ”

      That seems funny to me. I never gave a damn if they like me. They don’t give a damn if I like them. They intend to do a goose step over my dead body, and I intend to stop them from doing so. There’s no liking involved.

  7. It’s clear to you, who wants what you want. And it’s clear to them, who wants what they want. The Founders were vague and and used flowery language intentionally…because they’re politicians! They all dodged the British taxes and regulations, got their land and slaves. They didn’t have to march barefoot in the snow and face the grapeshot, frostbite and starvation. What did the peasantry get that survived the grapeshot, frostbite and starvation…taxes, regulations, The Whiskey Rebellion, suspension of habeas etc. etc. one scandal after another you get to pay for.

    Just as little will ever change while people of “The Gun” continue to sabotage themselves propping up the compromising and corrupt NRA and the rotten memories of slavers, philanders and thieves…lamenting it’s the best we got.

    • Your claims about the founders show so little knowledge of your own history that you should be ashamed. More than half of those who signed the Constitution had suffered and bled in the colonial armies under British rule or in the Continental Army itself. They also risked losing everything and execution for their work in financing and organizing the war efforts. They did own slaves, and I won’t defend that. But to say that they did not respect the individual citizen, when they accepted that all men have natural rights, and then codified protections for those rights in law, is amazingly ignorant. And throwing in the NRA at the end, who we regularly criticize in this comment section and on this website, shows you don’t understand your audience either. Take your hogwash elsewhere.

      • Right after the signing of the Declaration, one attendee was heard saying to another [paraphrased] “I’ll have the advantage over you, sir, when they hang us all for this. With my size and girth I should be dead immediately, but with your small frame you may have to swing a while.”

    • If a body of individuals could truly be called ‘wordsmiths’ in their time, it was the Founding Fathers of the United States of America, along with no small number of their close associates. They remain so to this day. It’s a shame people such as yourself, John, fail to understand how precisely they actually did write… and speak. It’s also a shame that such concise language is rarely seen in ‘statesmanship’ today; we seem to have gone for quantity over quality. Baffle them with bullshit has become the favored tactic.

    • WOW did you just make that up? Educate yourself so you will know just how wrong you are. and move out of mommy’s basement

  8. Girls with a time machine – lol. Imagine going back to meet your (great great great?) grandma, and it turns out she was a real she b1tch! We didn’t just invent bitchiness in the last few decades.

    • When you see your average grandma, you’re seeing a fomer wild child who’s trying to get into heaven now.

  9. I hope this goes viral, because after the terror caused by “ghost guns” this will cause straight up strokes:

  10. I never went to college. But I have reasonably decent reading and comprehension skills. I’ve read the Constitution and the Bill of rights, as well as the rest of the Amendments. It didn’t devolve into legalese until the 20th century. The Original documents are written pretty clearly and in fairly plain language. Not difficult to understand at all. Unless you are doing some mental gymnastics to twist the words to fit some agenda.
    Seems these well educated and so urbane and sophisticated Democrats failed their basic college courses. Economics 101, Reading Comprehension, US History, Civics, Mathematics 101, Psychology 101, and apparently the English language classes.

    • You are correct, the language of the basis of our government and it’s workings are fairly succinct. I can think of no nation in the last 100 years that have created such a document.

  11. It just doesn’t get more explicit than ‘Shall not be infringed’. But communists are pros at propaganda. Personally I like to point out that if the 2nd Amendment was meant to define a ‘collective right’ it would have been known as the ‘militia clause’ of Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution, not the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights. In 1789 the framers of the Constitution never imagined a people that couldn’t distinguish between a Bill of Rights and a Bill of Government Powers.

  12. I answered this on Quora:

    I can see it now. You walk out of the time machine, which has landed in James Madison’s study. He is staring at you, dumbfounded. You explain that you are from 2022 and you have traveled back to 1791 with an important request. He asks you what that is. You reply, “Could you please rewrite the Second Amendment in such a way that a five year old child could understand it?”

    Madison immediately collapses back into his chair. He places his elbows on the desktop and rests his head in his hands, weeping softly. You cross over to him and rest your hand on his shoulder. “What’s wrong,” you ask.

    “I’m weeping for what the Republic will become,” he replies.

    “Why’s that?”

    He looks up, his eyes glittering with tears that run down his cheeks. He says, “I did write it so that a five year old child could understand it!”

  13. The Second Ammendment to The Constitution of The United States of America 🇺🇸 27 words 115 letters. If it’s to complicated for them allow me to simplify it….
    FUCK OFF !


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