SIG SAUER P320 XCompact 9mm Pistol
The optics-ready SIG SAUER P320 9mm pistol
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I must admit that when the SIG P320 first came out I found it rather uninspiring. Yet another striker-fired, polymer-framed 9mm pistol. The fire control unit (FCU) concept was novel, but of course there wasn’t yet much aftermarket to support the existence of it.

Fast forward to today and the P320 line of pistols has expanded tremendously (now 23 options including a stand-alone FCU) and the aftermarket community has rapidly grown with SIG’s support. I too have grown as a shooter with more trigger time, experiencing a couple hundred more firearms, and attending half a dozen or so more major shooting schools.

It’s time for a more current look at the P320. Take a look at the P320 XCompact in the tabletop video below.

The P320 XCompact puts a 3.6″ barrel on a 15-round frame, but one of a slightly different shape than the base P320. It also incorporates the flat-bade trigger from SIG’s X line.

The grip module used for the XCompact visually appears a bit odd and contrasts with the smooth lines of the regular P320 line with blocky contours. The effects of this shape ended up surprising us on the range.

SIG SAUER P320 XCompact 9mm Pistol
The grip module is surprisingly comfortable, but leaves the slide lock/release unfenced.

We tested the pistol’s ability to run a full magazine plus one, digest ten different loads including hollow points, FMJ, TMJ, brass, steel, and plated cases, how easy it was for two shooters to learn the sights and trigger for timed shots, and performed a practical accuracy test before giving our concluding thoughts.

You can witness all of that, unedited, in the shooting impressions video below.

Aside from the un-gated slide stop causing one premature lock-open, the pistol was very easy to master as both Teya Freeman and I found ourselves not only shooting well, but enjoying the experience. I don’t know what specifically SIG did, but 3.6″-barreled pistols are fairly snappy in the hand. Also, 15-round compact frames are usually a touch short in my big hands. Not so with the XCompact.

The SIG X-Ray sights were excellent for both attracting the eye to the front sight and being subtle enough to permit precise aiming off the top edge of them.

SIG SAUER P320 XCompact 9mm Pistol
The front sight is similar to those from Night Fision, and is excellent both for grabbing attention and for making a precise sight picture.

The XCompact comes with an optics-ready slide so you can easily mount the pistol red dot of your choice.

The SIG XCompact is something of a mystery. I can’t put my finger on any one specific trait or feature that made the range experience so great, which can only mean that as a total package this pistol is simply amazing. Now that parts and kits are readily available, not only from SIG, but also from great aftermarket companies like Icarus Precision, I’m actually excited to own a P320.

SIG SAUER P320 XCompact 9mm Pistol
Ambidextrous slide lock/release and reversible magazine release.

There is no mechanical difference in the trigger in the X-series fire control unit and the FCU in a base P320 model. The only change is the flat-faced trigger.

The advantage of the flat trigger, though, is that by placing the finger lower on the show we gain more leverage and an effectively lighter pull weight. I’ve also noticed that from FCU to FCU, the feel isn’t always the same. That makes sense given standard manufacturing tolerances.

Our recent-production pistol and FCU feels great, however, with a very predictable break and controllable reset.

SIG SAUER P320 XCompact 9mm Pistol
The next time we hit the range with this pistol it’ll be in an Icarus Precision grip module and wearing a Romeo 1 Pro.

Specifications: SIG SAUER P320 XCompact Pistol

Caliber: 9mm
Trigger mechanism: Striker
Standard magazine capacity: 15
Length: 7″
Barrel length: 3.6″
Weight:  25.3oz
Price: Around $650 retail

Ratings (out of five stars):

Reliability * * * * *
With 11 different loads tested of various projectile types and weights, not one of them malfunctioned. The only issue experienced was user error when bumping the slide lock during recoil.

Ergonomics * * * * *
Goldilocks-like traction…just the right amount with a shape that fit both my XXL-glove and Teya’s M-glove hands.

Accuracy * * * * *
Mechanical accuracy that can be practically applied thanks to a predictable trigger and excellent (personal preference) sites.

Concealability * * * *
The beaver tail may print depending on carry location, holster choice and cover garment. Some may shy from carrying a traditional double stack gun, but with a 3.6″ barrel carrying the P320 XCompact is plenty comfortable.

Overall: * * * * *
I was very impressed with the shooting performance of this sized-for-versatility pistol. With the FCU concept there’s no reason to not be happy with a P320 as any other grip module, slide and barrel combination can easily be swapped out for far less hassle and expense than purchasing a complete other gun. That makes it very hard not to be happy with a P320 XCompact.

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  1. I do have the P320C. It is about 4 years old. It is a fantastic pistol with zero frills. About 1000 rounds through it without a single hiccup. And very accurate. My point is the P320 line of Sig pistols get my thumbs up. If I had the money ( thanks Biden ) I would give the X a try. But right now, my money is for gas and food.

  2. I’m in the process of putting together a p320. Unfortunately the rampant inflation has slowed the accumulation of parts. I’m leaning towards a .40 s&w or a .357 sig build.

    • While I am currently using a 365L for most of my day to day stuff I would like to pick up some version of 320 for .40 and 357 sig fun (already have the reloading equipment for both so why not). Hopefully when I can afford it I will not have to get the microstamping version NY wants.

      • I dunno’. I’ve seen some possums take some solid hits from medium caliber handguns and keep moving. Even with no lungs. The Kansas variety are particularly obstinate.

        • JWM, you just wait till we grow saber teeth.
          And the wheels on the truck go round and round,,,,,,until.

        • possum. I just laughed my ass off. And it is a considerable ass. The thought of a possum with its fangs dragging in the dirt as it walks is funny. Bulked up. Cut under its fur and licking its lips at the sound of a Ford chugging down the road.

  3. I have a Romeo 1 Pro on both my P320 RXP X-Compact and AXG Scorpion (Tan version). It’s good enough for me, but if I was using either setup for “duty” I would invest in a Trijicon. I actually traded the whatever it’s called that came with my P365XL for a Holoson. Actually, the only reason I got it on the AXG Scorpion is because it came with it, and the P320 was the first one I had so it was all new to me. But, obviously I love my SIG’s. They just fit my grip perfectly. Admittedly, I did gucci out the Scorpion w/ some Armory Craft goodies and it’s my bedside. Too expensive to carry.

    • Another RXP X-Compact owner here. I agree, I upgraded to the SRO. Added bonus is the nicely rounded profile is much less prone to snagging while on the draw from concealed.

      Honestly, I only went for the RXP because of the suppressor height irons, and avoiding a smithy charge right out the gate. Plus, I hate throwing brand spanking new parts I’ll never use again into a box. R1 Pro is nestled on my far less expensive bullpup shot slinger. So if it goes to the county lockup, I don’t lose my good stuff for an indeterminate period of almost forever.

      Pimped my RXP too, basically a Roland Special except in Sig flavor. FYI, T-rex has you covered for AIWB with a rig like this. Sidecar 2.0 is a major upgrade over the original and every bit as nice as T1C for a bit less $$$. I have both, btw.

      Oh, and do yourself a favor & get a good peak & maintenance charger like Xtar’s, EBC has 2800Mah 16340’s, the rechargeable version of CR123/CR123A’s that have better power density than most off the shelf non rechargeable’s. Most non are around 1500Mah for comparison. Molicell for 18650’s & 21700’s.

      • After all my gucci mods with Glocks in the past, I learned to just keep it simple with my SIG’s. But I got my step dad a Springfield that has all of the above as well as a threaded barrel for about half the cost. Mainly I got it for him because of the grip safety though. Got my mom a S&W EZ, but now they have one in .30 and I think that would be perfect for her. Anyways…

        I’ve used a sidecar in the past too. I currently carry some kydex from a local guy, Talon Retention (Warner), and a couple Montana’s on this site also know him. He’ll make anything and it’s surprisingly right every single time.

        Thanks for the info on the batteries. I’ve been using non rechargeables for a long time but all my current EDC lights (Streamlights) are USB versions. They’ve grown on me. Still waiting for some options on the batteries for our RDS’ though.

  4. I like my p320. Perfectly adequate but nothing special. I prefer the cz p-10c over it and the glock 19. My p365s are more accurate for me than the p320 as well, which really shouldn’t be the case.

  5. Does it have the defining feature of the 320, that it will fire itself if you breathe on the slide at the wrong angle? And then Sig will repeatedly deny that there’s a problem until there’s so much evidence and so many examples they can no longer pretend? And then begrudgingly offer a “voluntary upgrade” program (which was *definitely* not a recall /sarc)?

    I’ll never understand how anyone still trusts Sig after that whole mess they created

    • Or the P938 extractors sheering off on a $700 conceal carry pistols. But instead of mailing you a $20 extractor in an envelope you must PAY $50 to ship them your pistol so they can assess what it needs but it’s not a defect of course!
      Or the 556xi they made for 4 years and stopped manufacturing all together including spare parts reducing everyone’s $1500 rifles to paper weights?
      Yeah I don’t understand how people can send them money for over priced guns either.

      But hey! people on here always blowing up about Springfield Armory using funds for anti-gun lobbying. That’s a no go but Sig’s poop don’t stink apparently.

    • No denying there was a problem, was being the operative term. But you could’ve made the point without the gross exaggeration that is definitively over the line of falsehood.

      I mean, breath on them, really? And claim Sig pretending…

      • “breathing on the slide” that is incorrect, the P320 pistols would fire when dropped on the rear of the gun, barrel pointed upwards.

        SIG to this day REFUSES to issue a recall. They have titled it a “Voluntary Upgrade Program.” This has brought about multiple lawsuits being filed for SIG to take responsibility for their product defects and damages caused by such as both civilians and officers have been shot by dropped pistols.

        They have been just as snarky as HK, my answer to that is buying CZ, Beretta, M&P, Steyr, Dan Wesson, STI, etc. There’s plenty of market to make not buying their khool-aid easy.

        • “as both civilians and officers have been shot by dropped pistols.”

          Citation please? And you two are way over bloviating about the incidences, as though this was a common occurrence. It was not, < 100 if I recall correctly. And all of the cases I know of involved LEO's only. Strange that no civilian case ever cropped up.

        • The only evidence I ever saw was with someone bashing the back of a gun with a hammer. And it was usually on the 5th swing. Either way, the problem has been rectified. I wouldn’t expect any gun maker to just offer free replacements when finding out it took a 30 pound sledge to cause it… but they did, eventually. So whatever. Was before my time of SIG ownership and they have obviously grown as a company. Unlike some makers *Coughs* GLOCK.

  6. And the point being? What does America need yet another killing machine for? For fat boring old gun-freaks who can sit around bars Dick-Waving and ejaculating over the latest and completely unnessessary addition to their bloody arsenal aand just a’waiting for an opportunity to slot some poor bugger. It’s not as if most of the gun freaks would know how to use the bloody things in an emergrency.
    If they did then surely there would be more of them STOPPING these mass shooting [there have been 30 since the beggining of 2022. Anyway to be effective in self defence you have to have, like the PROFESSIONALS in the Police or Security Services, a gun already in-hand or all you are going to do mis get yourself bloody killed.
    WYATT EARP never drew down on anybody in his life. He shot them from ambush or at distance with his BUNTLINE SPECIAL and died an old man in his bed

    • Albert, you are cordially invited to engage in an non consensual terminal gangbang, as the guest of honor, with a tribe of Swahili warriors.

      • ^ What he said, you stupid cowardly piss ant.

        It’s funny how you immediately leap to thoughts of deviant sexual behavior over your complete obsession with guns. And obsession doesn’t even begin to describe your m.o. around here psycho.

        Get a life shit bag, no one here gives a molecule of fart what you think.

        [email protected]

    • Did the kangaroo boy just reference a man from the 1800’s as if it’s applicable today?
      Did he also refer to the police as “well trained?” The same police who have now sat outside 3 separate schools as they listen to children being killed inside? Ok good, just making sure.

    • Man, just stop. If you are going to pretend to be from another country,you should at least understand that that you shouldn’t type using slang typical to the spoken word of that country. No real Englishman types ” bloody well this” and ” bloody well that”. They may talk that way, but they don’t type or write that way. You are trying to type a cockney accent and it’s just embarrassing.

    • Dude, you have some serious issues. Stop thinking about my dick so much.

      Why is it always these types of people that result to those kinds of insults? And so quickly! You can’t truly believe it gets under our skin, can you? Cuz if you are dwelling on your hatred trying to get under our skin, you are going to need a much sharper set of tools.

      If you really want to know what gets me off, just ask your wife.

  7. In the first video, he points out that the barrel is sitting at the bottom of the hole and there is space above it. It seems as if he’s never seen this before, but I think every gun with a tilting barrel mechanism has this so that the barrel can have space to tilt up. It’s odd that he just noticed that…

  8. Love my P320 AXG but it’s too chunky for regular carry. The P365X and P365XL are great. My P365XLs have Holosun 507Ks – hits on man sized steel targets at 100 yards is entirely possible with steady hands. I would get one of these if it wasn’t so close to what I already have.


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