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Oh my. To my personal FBI agent: reposting this horrifying, irresponsible meme is not an endorsement.


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    • “To my personal FBI agent: reposting this horrifying, irresponsible meme is not an endorsement.”

      I call mine Gunther.

      (waves to Gunther, who’s sitting in the black van parked across the street)

  1. “I’ll be right back”
    He must have forgottenRe the keys.
    Reminds of something Archie Bunker said once as he and Edith lay in bed,
    Don’t start something I can’t finish Edith. Age has a way of changing things………..I know.
    Memory isn’t the only thing that fades away as best I can remember.

    • … which reminds me of a t-shirt I bought for Father’s Day a number of years back – ” The older I get, the better I was. ”
      Now I understand better what it means.

    • Was a line in some song years ago. ” I ain’t too old to cut the mustard, but I’m too tired to spread it around.”
      Or, ” I’m not as good as I once was, but I’m as good once as I ever was.”
      Don’t remember the artists, but they were on a country station several years ago.

    • They say that hearing is the first thing to go, I can’t seem to recall what the second one was.

      Ya know that was a lot funnier before we got saddled with Joe Biden.

      • Exhibit A: “Well, honey the thing is no one wants to be the first to start shooting because they’re worried other people won’t join in. Then you’re by yourself and screwed”.

        Exhibit B: Meme does not contain the words “Roman” or “Empire”, nor any allusions to either.

        Exhibit C: His wife didn’t accuse him of thinking about the Roman Empire all the time, nor did she allude to it.

        Ergo, for at least a few minutes, he was not thinking about the Roman Empire.

        And if that’s not enough for you, then:

        He wasn’t thinking about the Roman Empire. It’s science. Now, get in line and follow the leader.

      • It’s often assumed in error.

        It would be appropriate if the guy said something like ““Well, honey the thing is no one wants to be the first to start shooting just because they see some Vandals or Visigoths, because they’re worried other people won’t join in. Then you’re by yourself and screwed and they’re FUCKING VISIGOTHS!”.

        That would be a good example of Roman Empire thinking. Also, if “shooting” is replaced with “throwing pilums” or there’s any reference to using a “testudo” or “gladius” you can assume Roman thinking. But if you see “xiphos” you know someone’s gone full Greek.

        Similarly, the above rule applies to references to Roman Emperors, which are a good tell, but you again need to be careful of the occasional Greek thrown into the mix.

  2. Now who would want a revolution 2.0?
    America has never had it this good.
    When theBiden was elected gas was 2.19 a gallon then it went up to $6 then theBiden got it dropped to $3.89. Before theBiden people had to buy stuff from the store, now the stores are just giving stuff away for free. Before theBiden people was dying from coronavirus, 100 days into office and it just disappeared. Before theBiden the Cranes thought there might be a war with the Ruskins, now they dont have think about it. Before theBiden American soldiers weren’t allowed in Noeth Korea, now they can just walk across the border and grab a bucket of rotten cabbage.
    Who would want a Revolution now, we got it made.

    • Do possums ever sit there munching on a dead guy and worry about contracting a neurodegenerative disease, like Kuru or Scrapie, from the body?

      Would you if you were about to dine on “theBiden”?

      Or are possums basically immune to protein misfolding disorders?

      • No.
        And munching on theBiden, I,I,I, just couldn’t do that to the Greatest President America has or ever will have.
        Let the buzzards be cursed.

        • …and I’ve had old timers tell me I’m ruining the best part of the squirrel because I shoot them in the head.

        • The second paper is far more interesting, and far more likely to be correct, than the first. Then again, it’s also seven years fresher.

          What they call PrP(C) is usually denoted with the c as a superscript, which stands for “cellular”. The issue with PrP prion disorders is that of a chemical equilibrium which is upset by PrP (Sc). (the Sc stands for Scrapie, also usually a superscript, an artifact of naming in biology where things are named for where they are first discovered or for something that tickles the fancy of the discoverer like PPK25, Pickpocket25 which is named based on an inside joke of the lab/guy that found it).

          Anyhow, (Sc) has an insoluble structure of mostly beta-sheets as opposed to the soluble structure of mostly alpha-helices in (C). (Sc) is also a structure for which mammals have no native protease, meaning we can’t undo it and it makes more of itself, fast by changing useful proteins, (C), to dangerous ones.

          This is similar to what happens with amyloid in Alzheimer’s (AD) though that has more recently been eliminated as causative of Alzheimer’s which an issue with the APP (Amyloid Precursor Protein) protein, usually the unintentional creation of Aβ42 instead of Aβ40 due to duplication or mutation in the APP gene or in the γ-secretase gene, which is involved in processing APP -> Aβ40 peptide. Aβ42 self aggregates but IIRC, it cannot create misfolds of Aβ40 because the latter doesn’t have enough aminos to actually create the flawed structure found with Aβ42. Since one doesn’t create the other, that’s not a prion (proteinaceous infection particle).

          The suspected “prion” in AD isn’t actually amyloid, that thinking was based on a paper that was found to be fraud and set back the research on AD by a decade when enzymes that digest Aβ42 didn’t do shit in clinical trials other than digest the proteins (no relief of symptoms or disease progression). The prion in that case is thought to be a misfolded/truncated version of Tau, which has been shown to be able to induce misfolding in other, correctly formed and functional Tau. Since Tau is required for proper cytoskeletal creation and stabilization, that sucks. The tangles also seem to be toxic to neurons and invasive to nearby neurons by a variety of methods. Healthy cells exposed to misfolded Tau start to form large aggregates of “tau tangles”, die and this continues to spread. Though it does seem that not-yet-dead cells can spread the disease to nearby cells as well, at least in models developed from mouse neuronal cell lines (C17.2, specifically, if you wanna go deep on that for some reason. You’ll find other models using HEK293 cell lines but that’s not as informative since those are not neuronal cells, but rather kidney cells).

          Back to known transmissible prions of interest: All mammals have very low amounts of (Sc) and large amounts of (C). Both conformational structures are capable of acting as chaperone proteins for the other. Some (C) proteins bump into an (Sc) protein and the (Sc) turns into a (C) and vice versa. However, (Sc) is far, far, far better at this than is (C) which means that to maintain an equilibrium you need a lot of (C) to keep the (Sc) under control and at a low concentration. We do this pretty well, outside of some genetic errors that kill children very fast. It’s not something you’d just “develop” later in life.

          So, since this is a very touchy equilibrium thing, the addition of small amounts of (Sc) easily upset the equilibrium and you get an exponential runaway reaction favoring the creation of (Sc). This is why people go downhill so fast after diagnosis. It’s been going on for some time but it’s reached a critical point to create symptoms. It’s also accelerating, and will accelerate onward towards death. This is also why eating neuronal tissue of an affected animal can give you the disease in some cases (but not others due to differing structures that I’m not going to bother with).

          Which means that lower expression levels in possums would make them more susceptible to having this equilibrium upset, not more resistant to it. That’s been shown in mice using KO-PrP mice (knock-out mice, where the gene to make this protein is simply removed). Since they have zero PrP(C) there is no equilibrium to be upset. But in mice where gene silencing methods are used to significantly lower PrP(C) expression, the disease progresses more rapidly.

          The kinda weird thing about PrP is that it doesn’t actually seem to do anything useful that anyone has found. KO-mice (and other model organisms) are, so far as anyone can tell, an entirely normal phenotype with one exception: They’re resistant to prion diseases in this particular protein. They can still get them in other proteins, obviously. KO-mice, in this regard, can still have Tau and amyloid issues, though most experimentation on them doesn’t look beyond this observation since it’s a confound for everything else you might want to do with them.

          The former paper does have some interesting figures in it though. It’s pretty cool how you can have essentially identical function via conserved regions of a protein with variation in other domains. You see the same thing in Echinococcus, that parasite possesses a gene called Emp53, which is different in many regards from our p53 tumor suppressor gene but is absolutely identical in function due to the active regions being highly conserved.

          Consider yourself lightly nerded out upon.

      • “Corpses of family members were often buried for days, then exhumed once the corpses were colonized by insect larvae, at which point the corpse would be dismembered and served with the larvae as a side dish.”
        maybe that’s where the term “gonna die laughing” came from…
        but you can’t get it from biden… as bullwinkle said, “no brains, no effect.”

  3. I learned the hard way as a very young man not to go start the fight. But also how to finish the fight if one starts.
    Considering how weak and effeminate many of the far left types are, it might be a short fight.
    The one thing I have yet to understand, is how any federal workers with even a shred of honor are doing still working for the government. Military I understand, they signed the contract, but at will civilian employees or agents/officers?

  4. Priorities…. Get your ammo supply and firearms and supplies in order, then start the car.

    That may soon be the reality with the border being overrun.

  5. A joke’s just a joke, so there’s that.

    But that’s not going help with anyone who has not already made up their mind on gun control.

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