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This is the gun owner’s fault. Nobody should own a 308 when 6.5 CM is available. See HERE and HERE. (49% tongue-in-cheek)


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    • “That tow out of the woods ain’t gonna be cheap.”

      You ain’t lyin’.

      Is a 6.5 touched off in a .308 as bad as .300 BLK in a .223/5.56 chamber?

        • Not sure how a Creedmoor would get stuck in a .308 chamber. Thought for a minute it was longer at the shoulder but it’s actually a couple millimeters shorter. The other way around you’d have to break out your big boy muscles to jam it into battery. Probably push the bullet into the case elevating the pressure even more.

        • Gov, it’d actually probably be pretty easy (no Im not interested in trying with one of my own to prove it) the Creedmoor has less body taper than the 308, so while it’s shorter to the shoulder, its wider at the shoulder, probably just enough that you could start to get the bolt to cam close and really jam that f****r in there too!

          If you find yourself in that position and the bolt closes, you are probably better off just saying a prayer and pulling the trigger, will stretch the brass out and maybe free it up enough to eject. The alternative of pounding the the stuck round out of there with a dowel/rod is likely to damage the rifling.

    • I had a family member once that had that same problem in a parking lot. It was towed to the house before I could get to it but it was fun fixing it.

  1. .308 and 7.62 NATO are still available at the local Walmart. They had to get rid of .223 and 9mm because those are scary rounds.

    • And the retard-marxists who push these bans, have never seen the walmart ammo case. Meanwhile, there’s gobs of 30-06, 22lr & 308 for sale.
      I load-up on what’s available.

    • Had a funny conversation with the local Wallyworld manager back when they removed all the 223 and 9mm ammo. Made mention to her that they were still selling ammo for AR’s. She proceeded to inform me that they did not. So I took her over to the area where they sell books and magazines. They still sold a couple of firearms related magazines that clearly showed AR’s in 308, 3006, 270 and 22 caliber. They still sell the ammo, but oddly enough they no longer sell the magazines.

    • Fortunately; they still sell 12 gauge shotgun, 3&1/2″ chamber, #4 buckshot. Each pull of the trigger unleashes the ballistic equivalent of two full, standard capacity magazines from a twenty-two caliber, AR-15 rodent rifle. Now that football season is here, I’m awaiting the next mass murdering transmission in transition armed with a politically correct shotgun to open fire on the bleachers from the far side of the field. The probable pattern diameter would be about eight feet. He/she/it would probably hit a dozen people with every round. It would be highly amusing to see how or even if the journalists would report and spin the carnage.

    • What?

      Is this the same Gov. that declared a few years back that there should be a ‘Month of Creedmore’?

      • I see my superior sarcasm powers have gone undetected again.

        I can’t really hate the Creedmoor and simultaneously love the .260 though since the Creedmoor is just a .260 minus 50fps. Only slightly inferior. It did have that slick ad campaign…

        • Gov.

          One simple question – WTF do I find .260 Remington ammunition??? I mean, I can find 6.5 Creedmor anywhere, but . . . .260 Remington is a little thin on the ground.

          Ubiquity of ammunition is CRITICAL. If you are out in East Bumf*ck, Nowhere, one a hog hunt, and you are out of your preferred ‘SOCOM 5.75 x 49.5’ ammunition, you are kinda sh*t outta luck.

          I can find .308, or 7.65NATO, just about anywhere. Ditto 9mm, 5.56/.223.

          But I love your troll! Well played, sir; well played.

  2. 6.5 is for those who can’t shoot. Like red-dots and lasers. If you can’t figure bullet drop or windage, get closer to your prey. Good shooters will hit any target with any rifle and any ammo.

    • Um, so you’re saying 6.5Cree is OK as long as you’re a good shooter. Also, if you’re good with a red-dot you don’t need one of the fancy Christmas tree reticles… because you know your holdover. Asking for a friend. 😉

  3. If that’s the outer tie rod sticking out there this is way worse than a 6.5MOAR stuck in a .308 chamber.

    There are basically three options for that image and 2 out of 3 mean someone’s getting murdered brutally and buried in the woods because you pretty well have to be a worthless oxygen thief to screw up that badly if you’re not out crawling pretty damn hard, which that vehicle isn’t doing.

    Good news though, for both situations, a Hi-Lift jack is your friend. It doesn’t really help you fix the problem, but you can beat your former friend to death with it.

  4. 2 out of 3 mean someone’s getting murdered brutally and buried in the woods

    In many parts of the country that would be considered a public service or at the very most justifiable homicide… Style points if the corpse is displayed hanging from a tree with a photo of the damage pinned to his chest…

  5. So at about 12 year old, while hunting in Alaska, a friend of my father loaned me a 264 Win for hunting deer. Great caliber, all I remember about that hunting trip is the horse stepping on my foot and smiling. Broke my foot and that is all I could think about for the next two weeks. F%king Horses. But it was great hunt in Alaska! Now 50 years older, 264 is a great caliber right along with a 6.5 Creedmoor. I have a 6.5 but, I would love a .264 is just to shoot a Horse.

  6. A long time ago in a land far far away a father handed his son a rifle, a 30-30 and 3rds of ammunition for his first solo deer hunt at the ripe age of 13

    Dad mistakenly gave son (me) 3rds of 7mm waters Ammo (hand loads using 30-30 cases) needless to say I missed my deer at 75 yards with all 3rds

  7. Assuming that you can get the bolt to close to force the Creedmoor cartridge into a chamber for .308, the lack of obturation will result in a propellant fizzle rather than deflagration. The sub caliber bullet will just rattle down the barrel and fall out the muzzle. extracting the spent cartridge will be a minor chore. no harm. no foul.

    • The 5.56 shot out of the 7.62 barrel went through an old kitchen stove we used for target practice. It was close range 15ft.
      Rattle down the barrel and fall out. Not hardly

      • you must have been using black powder or some other explosive with a pressure exponent greater than one as a propellant.

  8. Had a friend of a friends 17 year old son pick up some of my hand load .223 one night ( without asking) when we out spotlighting then try to load into my friends .222.

    Thankfully I saw him hanging trouble trying to shut the bolt. Took a surprising amount of time and gentle use of cleaning rod to get it out.

    The not asking and several other safety issues made sure neither of them were invited again.

  9. We told him he should grease those ball joints now and then…being rode hard and put up wet is bad for more than horses.

    • Good one — but didja know that most modern cars have no Zerk nipples?

      I once dated a girl named Zerk. I still have my antique grease gun. That’s what she said.

      I’ll be here all week …

    • Link pins & heim’s > ball joints. Ball joint = faux by faux

      In all seriousness; ball joints have their place, much more precise which leads to great handling. Regardless of that fact, strength is not their forte, and that characteristic is highly desirable off-road for the same reason as pictured above. Less being stranding in BFE.

      And, carry multiple spares.

  10. uuhmmmm you would just be fire forming 308 cases… amazing how many arrogant self-righteous alleged gun owners here that have no clue

  11. Some years ago as reported in American Rifleman, a shade tree gunsmith re-chambered his 6.5 Arisaka to .30-06. He noticed a significant increase in recoil and took it to a real gunsmith to discover the problem. The real gunsmith shortly discovered something the shade tree had overlooked: When converting a 6.5 to .30-06 in addition to re-chambering the piece, it is also necessary to either switch barrels or rebore the barrel. The gunsmith shipped the rifle back to the NRA at their request and they performed the same feat while hiding behind some sturdy shelter. In fact, the Arisaka had fire-formed the bullets and still held together. The “exerts” at NRA were amazed. Urban legend had it that the Arisaka was a piece of junk that came apart with the least amount of stress. I read the article when it first was published and re-read it many years later when it was re-published at someone’s request.

  12. Two rifles, both Martini actions, with scopes. One, chambered for the Mashburn Bee, the other, K Hornet. A co-worker borrowed the Mashburn but grabbed the Hornet ammo. Split the case lengthwise, from shoulder to rim. The ejector ears didn’t even touch the Hornet rim. With virtually any other action it would have been a serious injury.

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