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  1. The music group The Flaming Lips made a bold announcement to their fans during a performance a few years ago. The front singer said they were changing their policy and no longer permitting cell phones during their shows. Not out of concern of piracy or such, but to actually enjoy the show as it was meant to be. To paraphrase, “Why would you pay the ticket price, deal with traffic to get here, risk not showing up to work the next day due to being tired, and waiting for the show to start…all to look at us through a 4-inch screen while you record so you can watch that same 4-inch video again in the future? Enjoy the show in its fullest now and relive your best memories of it.”

    So…not sure how this has to do with a camera and sex…but I guess put down the phone and watch whatever you’re watching? LOL

    • A friend of mine organizes group tours to national parks. He wants to quit because every tour now is people looking through their phones at stuff they all talk about having seen online. The phone is a constant filter between their eyes and the real world.

      No real experience. Just people copying what they saw on Instagram. Not any different from playing Pokemon Go. All reality is augmented now. Augmented for profit and data mining.

      • I’m a proponent of a “technology sabbatical”. One day per week – or at least per month – put away the cell phone, leave the PC off, and don’t touch the TV. Tell your most active contacts in advance if necessary. Enjoy the quiet. Take a walk outdoors. Sit on the couch and read a book. Take a nap (your cat or dog will appreciate sharing that with you). Do some yard work and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

        Don’t worry about missing out on incoming messages. VMs and texts will still be there when you pick up your phone the next day. Somehow, life will continue on as always…

        • Welcome to Orthodox Judaism and the Sabbath. No phones, computer, tv, radio or driving (or cooking) for 25 hours, fri sundown till one hour after sundown Sat night. Also same for major Jewish holidays.

          (All restrictions can be violated to save a life. Yes even to save a non Jewish life).

        • Saturday is named in honor of the great God Saturn, and is sacred to his worship.

          Sunday is named in honor of the life-giving God, Sol.

          So is the Sabbath day Saturday or Sunday?

  2. In the meantime, in blue America —

    Violence Soared In Four Major US Cities Over Labor Day Weekend

    “Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Chicago had a combined total of at least 89 shootings with 24 fatalities recorded as of Tuesday morning, according to reports from local media outlets. Chicago experienced the most shootings with 34 victims wounded, including a 6-year-old boy, and at least 10 killed over the holiday weekend, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.”

      • Speaking of which — I haven’t seen many of dacian’s posts lately.

        He does drop one every now and then, but it seems that the posts don’t show up until the day after he posts them (according to the timestamps). Is everything that he posts being held in moderation until the next day?

        Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed this? Not that I’m complaining, mind you.

        • I noticed a long time ago. It looks like all of his comments get moderated. (Sometimes they show up within an hour – it depends on when the moderator is moderating.) I believe r_e_d wolf’s comments get moderated as well.

          You get moderated just for mentioning his name.

  3. A few years ago my friend Barley and I were at a 2A rally. On the same Plazza, Moms Against America had set up their gun- grabbers tables and disinformation radiators. Barley was open carrying, as were we all.

    Suddenly, Barley started a slow walk over to the “Moms Against” tables. Impulse or planned? You never know with Barley.

    You could see the anxiety over at the Moms. Barley’s full beard, USA flag bandana tied over his hair, side arm, and large size caused them to pull closely together and eminate a collectively hostile glare, as it that would somehow ward off the Barley- man.

    It did not take long before Barley had them relaxed and chattering excitedly. He was there about 20 minutes. Before he left he shook hands with everyone at the Moms Against table and mosied back in our direction.

    “Barley, what did you do?” we all asked. He said “I wanted to show them their own foolishness, so I told them I did not want to exist in an echo chamber, and while I am certain they would not opinion, I honestly wanted to understand their point of view, which they offered with enthusiasm. Then, when I was shaking their hands and leaving, I remarked that not one of them expressed interst in my point of view. I just left it at that.”

    “Most fun I’ve had in weeks”, he said.

  4. I think this position is actually a favorite of conservative Christians, they call it the ‘Jerry Falwell Junior evangelical position’

    “Jerry Falwell Jr ‘enjoyed watching’ his wife have sex, alleged lover says
    Giancarlo Granda says Liberty University head, who quit over sex scandal, knew of his relationship with Becki Falwell ‘from day one’
    Adam Gabbatt
    Fri 28 Aug 2020 09.50 EDT“

    • Ain’t got nun
      Dont want nun
      I’m on a missionary
      Position yourself to be assimilated
      Pastor Fuzz????
      “Hell no, I’ve not her panties down yet.”
      Charlies’sBar,andGrill ChattanoogaTennessee
      Poor veergen

        • nope.
          “Rev. Enoch Fuzz was welcomed back at Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church after a stage four lung cancer…”

        • Charlies’s Bar and Grill Chattanooga Tennessee.
          A joke about a nurse, part of a tattoo that was seen, and a virgin wanting a date.

    • “Atheists have a long record of being mass shooters and militant atheism in general has a causal association with mass murder.

      “Due to this fact, peer reviewed research published in academic journals has found that society-at-large is likely to hold atheists responsible for capital criminal acts and that even atheists are likely to assume that serial killers are fellow atheists.

      “The facts are as follows:

      There have been 69 “mass” shootings since 1998 in the U.S.
      Only about 16% of which were from people who had a current, significant religious worldview/belief structure
      Out of that small 16% majority, a little over half were Muslim
      If my math is correct, only about 6% of the mass killers were Christian …

      “Mass shooters often have these characteristics:

      1. Frequently are sociopaths or have psychopathic tendencies

      10. Frequently are very unhappy people

      15. Some experts believe that a significant percentage of mass shooters have mental illness

      19. Many are active on the internet and frequently it is found that they have posted disturbing things on social media and/or other websites … ”

      Hmm — sound like anyone that we know?

      • “The facts are as follows… “

        Then proceeds to make multiple assertions and claims without any source citation or footnotes.

        I agree that all unlawful shooters are mentally ill, that’s how they come to believe that their act is somehow justified.

        And a belief in any religion is a special sort of mental illness, no reasonable person actually believes that snakes can talk.

        The very concept of faith, a belief in things unseen, shows the depth of delusion practiced by the religious.

        And those delusional religious beliefs have been used to justify mass murder for centuries. Good German Catholic Adolf Hitler cited the teachings of Jesus as well as Martin Luther to justify his genocide of the Jewish people.

      • Man. miner will not be a mass shooter. He will wind up someone like dacian and send him out to murder. miner wants the power, not the risk.

        His religion is big .gov. You know, those humanitarians like pol pot, stalin, mao, hitler. You know, the guys that murder for laughs.

        • “He fits the profile, especially the “militant atheism.”

          Fascinating, y’all completely ignore the fact that most wars are fought over religion. Being an atheist, there is no imaginary God giving me commands to march into the land of Canaan and slay the Canaanite babies.

          There’s no ‘one true prophet’ commanding me to slay the ‘infidels’.

          The despicable witch trials of Europe in the medieval ages, when thousands of innocent women and men were burned alive, were not conducted by atheists.

          Torquemada tortured, maimed and killed thousands of innocent victims, all for the love of Jesus Christ, not atheism.

          It wasn’t the atheists, but rather their God-Emperor who sent the Japanese into their barbaric war of aggression and invasion, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

          There will never be an atheist wearing a ski-mask, pushing a gun into your face and demanding “Protestant or Catholic?”

          With atheists, they’ll be no Holocaust because we believe Jews, just like every other ethnic group on the planet, deserves equal treatment under the law.

          My attitude towards religion and government is contained within Article VI, Clause 4:

          “ …no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States”.

        • Fought over religion? Which slaughter did mao do because of religion? stalin?

          How many ethnic groups will you slaughter because they place their faith above your .gov?

        • “Which slaughter did mao do because of religion? stalin?“

          If you would read my post you will see that I said: “most wars are fought over religion“.

          Please remind me again, which wars did Joseph Stalin and Mao start?

          While Joseph Stalin was indeed an Orthodox Christian who attended seminary school as a young man, both he and Mao were motivated by power and greed, not religion or atheism.

        • “If you would read my post you will see that I said: “most wars are fought over religion“.”

          How about a body count? Fatalities from wars fought over religion vs. fatalities, most often of their own peoples, from murderous atheist leaders.

          “There will never be an atheist wearing a ski-mask, pushing a gun into your face and demanding “Protestant or Catholic?””

          But there are more then enough who gun down innocent bystanders in mass shooting attacks, without asking about their victims’ religion.

          Your parsing and specious claims are tiresome, Liar69er.

        • You still haven’t told me which war Mao started.

          And regarding fatalities from religion, when Jehovah flooded the world and killed everyone but Noah and his family, how many innocents died?

        • Liar69er, you didn’t ask me which war Mao started.

          But you didn’t respond to my challenge — “How about a body count? Fatalities from wars fought over religion vs. fatalities, most often of their own peoples, from murderous atheist leaders.”

          That’s all right — you aren’t here to have an honest, open discussion or debate. I don’t expect you to answer my challenges, and I’m never disappointed in that expectation.

        • miner. How does a non existent God flood a world? In the eyes of the atheist, which you claim to be, the bible is a fantasy.

          You blaming religion for fantasy crimes? But it is no fantasy the body count inflicted by big .gov. Which you worship.

  5. I would suggest that the favorite sex position of guys who want to ban guns is on their knees with the mouths closed around a tubular, fleshy appendage.

  6. I found this meme quite humorous and creative. It’s always interesting to see how humor can be used to shed light on various aspects of gun culture. However, I do want to caution against using this as an opportunity to promote or make light of certain substances like poppers in shop It’s important to prioritize responsible and safe choices in all aspects of life. Let’s keep the focus on enjoying the meme and the lighthearted humor it brings without veering into topics that may not be suitable for all audiences.

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