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So this tweet makes absolutely zero sense in the first place. I don’t think “have to” means what Dr. Karin thinks it means. But…um…okay. Do I sign somewhere or is this more of a pinky swear kind of a situation? Karin, indeed.


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  1. “If you shoot one child rapist that’s hitting you in the head with a skateboard, you have to shoot EVERY child rapist who’s hitting you in the head with a skateboard.”


    • @MADD,

      A roundabout way of answering your question: In CA (believe it or not), we still have a longstanding law on our books that says deadly force can be justifiably used if an attacker is threatening destruction of your abode (your primary residence). The rationale is that an attack on your physical home is an attack on your ability to protect yourself from the elements, and therefore an indirect attack on your life itself.

      That being said, if someone approaches your home with a bottle of liquid with a rag sticking out of the top, he’s is now in possession of a “destructive device”. He might be across the street fifty feet away, but it doesn’t matter if he’s communicating intent against your home, or an adjacent home (which would become a threat to your own home as the fire spreads). As soon as he lights that rag, you may legally shoot that person. There is no need to wait for a backswing or for the bottle to actually be in motion in the air.

      Of course, as in any situation, you’d best have some video evidence of the incident to back you up. I mean, all the evidence for Kyle was superb, yet we still got this year-long clown show.

      • Molotovs are usually glass. A load of number 6 shot should shatter the glass while still in the hands of the SS/antifa goon.

        Nothing more American than a BBQ.

      • Be mindful listening to anything this ‘man’ has to say. He cowers in his home banging away impotently on his keyboard, while expecting the rest of you to actually stand for our freedoms. I can’t stress enough what a whelp ‘he’ is 🖕🤡.

        • Are you ever going to tell us what brave acts you’ve done? Otherwise you’re doing exactly what you accuse Haz of doing.

        • Be mindful listening to anything this ‘man’ has to say

          And should I require your advice on to whom I should or should not listen to I’ll be sure to consult you first… But until I need your approval I would appreciate you minding your own business… OBTW: Where were you on Jan 6 21…

        • “He cowers in his home banging away impotently on his keyboard…”

          If there’s anyone an expert on impotence, it’s this fuckwit making comments on things he has zero experience in, like sex.

          A loser he will be until the day he dies… 😉 😉 😉

        • @A True Conservative

          “Be mindful listening to anything this ‘man’ has to say. He cowers in his home banging away impotently on his keyboard, while expecting the rest of you to actually stand for our freedoms. I can’t stress enough what a whelp ‘he’ is 🖕🤡.”

          While you cower in your home banging away impotently on your keyboard assuming most of the rest of us are not of the same mindset?

          I can’t stress enough what an idiot you are for attacking another persons sentiment for protecting their home using their legal, constitutional, and natural right to defense.

          This is something I do not get about these types of people that are critical of the home/self defense strategy of others. It has always, mostly, eluded me because its always some other context to them and never about self/home defense. Its almost like they were born without any sense of self preservation at all:

          All of the people who complain about a person exercising true home/self defense and their strategy for doing so – what do they do when the time comes that they too, or family/another, are ‘attacked’ with violent acts that will cause great bodily harm or death?

          When harm or death is literally seconds away, the police are minutes away, so calling 911 is not a solution in that case. So do they just let that seconds away, most times an eye blink in time because it only takes one blow or shot or stab, harm or death happen or do they try to do something to stop it or try to stop it? Gasp! They thought these people would use, dare I say it, self/home defense of some sort is, in their context of complaint or critique about others using self/home defense, disgusting.

          Do they sit around in their home banging away impotently on their keyboard complaining about exercising their right to self/home preservation by use of their self/home defense?

          But without even an inkling of understanding, like you, they would gladly jump in to complain about or be critical of someone else expressing their home/self defense strategy or actions.

          Were you born stupid or did you practice real hard to get this way?

        • You do understand that you, and your replicants, are merely objects of scorn and derision to us, do you not? If you actually believe that you are having any impact other than perhaps providing a pathetic and fleeting form of low entertainment, you are seriously mistaken.

          We pity you and your sad existence.

        • “Are you ever going to tell us what brave acts you’ve done?”

          He can’t JWM, because his fingers are slick with his own shit… 😉

    • “drugs are a terrible thing.”

      The ones I got when my leg got crushed were kinda nice… 🙂

      • And Geoff the Druggie wonders why it’s illegal for ‘him’ to possess a firearm. Get a clue, addict 🖕🤡!

  2. In college, and again in graduate school, there were courses in logic, critical thinking, and analytics. They were mandatory, even for the ‘soft’ sciences like sociology and political science.

    Apparently, the requirement to learn disciplined thought has disappeared from modern curricula. This “Doctor Karin” cannot even form a syllogism. Maybe her ‘doctorate’ is in ‘Karinism”. What other explanation can there be?

    • You are showing your age.

      I don’t think colleges have required logic and critical thinking for over 30 or more years.

      That’s why today’s graduates lack these skills that are important for differentiating the truth from the propaganda.

    • LifeSavor,

      “Apparently, the requirement to learn disciplined thought has disappeared from modern curricula.”

      Of course–that makes it easier for Progressives and Communists to hoodwink the masses.

  3. If they’re attacking me with a skateboard, do I have to ask if they’re a child rapist, or should I just assume it?

    Is she calling the skater in the Kyle situation a child rapist? I thought he was “just” a domestic abuser?

    • Beat up his Grandmother, burned his family’s house to the ground and threatened to “gut his brother like a pig” at knifepoint but no, no reported incidents of raping children…

  4. I am perfectly morally comfortable with shooting every child rapist in the face simply because they are a child rapist, skateboard or no skateboard.

    • All hail Ross! Don’t leave without me. Your trigger finger may get tired and you’ll need backup.

    • Ralph – At 18, he’s too young to buy a handgun, but could he be gifted a Ruger LCR in .357 by his mom or dad?

      He’s gonna need some concealed carry protection ASAP…

  5. the skateboard assault was by Grosskreutz, who was convicted of use of a firearm while intoxicated. the sex offender who abused 9-11 year old boys was the other fatality, Rosenbaum. the wounded one, Huber is a felon convicted in a strangulation case….

  6. Post comes from a known parody account called “Dr. Karin Baker-Thompkins for Congress” aka “@ResitsTrump” where the typo is rather obviously intentional.

    It’s extremely heavy sarcasm/parody.

    mystery /solved.

  7. If we shoot every child rapist who would the SS/antifa have left to burn and loot minority owned businesses?

    Is this a ‘win-win’ situation?

  8. Looks as if the communists in our country are angered because their ” natural immunity from arrest or justice ” that they extended to the brown shirts won’t stop a bullet. Lets paint Kyle murials and build statues. No you can’t be eligble for that unless you are a felon or an addict that overdoses.

  9. Shoot child rapists? I’ll even buy the ammo!! Where do I sign up?
    Nice to see an honest jury and honest, non leftist judge for a change. Nice to see the attempted intimidation of the jury didn’t work either. Guess those who think Kyle is guilty of something must have been watching the CNN version of the video’s.

    • oldmaninAl,

      “Guess those who think Kyle is guilty of something …”

      In the minds of Progressives and Communists, Kyle was/is guilty–of having the wrong politics.

  10. Anyone who sees something wrong with a jury deciding in favor of what was clearly obvious from the get-go has poop for brains.

    • Actual poop has value as fertilizer.

      Leftist scum has negative value, using oxygen and polluting the atmosphere with CO2, what they claim to hate…

      • C02 is what plants breath though ain’t it?
        I was thinking maybe chain them squatting and they could benefit the plants both ways.
        When they croak the worms will come,( ain’t no respectable scavenger would eat a kid raper), the worms will come and make the ground better .
        14 bushell of corn off 3 plants.

        • Say, that’s better than using Asian carp for fertilizer! They do have value after all. Bring in the BioLiquidator!

    • I heard eleven times, have not proof, so if one is enough, then someone fail at their job & ten more kids were attacked.

  11. What kind of stupid BS is this? For one, Rosenbaum was the child rapist but he didn’t swing the skateboard, Huber did.

    So now that this is over, how about that Binger??

  12. This ain’t over til the media has been sued into oblivion, Binger has been disbarred, and Kyle is sipping a beer on a white sand beach somewhere on the Florida Panhandle

  13. Speaking of setting a precedent, Kamala Harris became the first woman to assume Presidential power while Biden was incapacitated for a colonoscopy. During the procedure, doctors didn’t find any trace of cancer, but they were able to locate Biden’s head.

    • Truly cringeworthy stuff.. Kamalho that is, we expected them to find Braindeads head in his colon right where he parked it the day after he was first elected to Congress…

  14. I’m confused, wasn’t that a given?

    Typically blunt objects are used in more murders than firearms.

    Skateboard counts as blunt object.

    Why wouldn’t someone shoot the person beating them with a blunt object if they could and were armed?

    Child rapist may deserve death more but that’s pretty much besides the point.

    • Huber didnt have a good enough hold on the skateboard.
      It was more then a blunt object, it was an edge blunt object. Had Huber had the strength and held it sideways, which I believe he did, Mr. Rittenhouse’s skull could have been easily cracked or a vertebra in the neck broken.
      Sheer luck the person behind Grossbeak was not struck by the projectile that exited Grossbeaks arm.

      • Grossbeak? Funny, but you’re coming pretty close to insulting my wife’s favorite songbirds. You don’t want a skillet bump on your head, trust me…

    • That’s part of today’s “stupid” culture … its just a “harmless” skateboard ’cause, well, its just a skateboard and it can never be anything else but a skateboard.

      It can never be a blunt object weapon to these idiots because its just a skateboard. I read a tweet by someone that said “Its just a skateboard. Rittenhouse wasn’t in danger.”

      When I read that my first thought was, “stand right there and let me hit you with this skateboard multiple times then give me your opinion if you are still breathing.”

      It was being used as a “club”, an edged “blunt object” club, period.

      • .40 cal:
        I have never owned a skate board, myself, but it looks to me like even the edges of a skate board qualify as “blunt.” That being said, I suppose that the flat surfaces qualify as REALLY “blunt.” (Snicker.)

        • they are blunt. “edged” doesn’t have to mean “knife” or “stabby/cutty” thing.

          The edge of a board 1/2 inch thick, and used as a club, is an edged “blunt object” club where, for example, a ball bat is just a “blunt object” club because it doesn’t have a edge on the part used as a “club”. The edge of an edged “blunt object” is more immediately “damaging” than the broader surface of the, in this case, skateboard because it “cleaves” more easily even though both the edge and the broader surface can inflict great bodily damage or death.

      • A man was killed after being hit in the head with a skateboard in an act of self-defense during a fight in a Santa Ana Starbucks
        Apr 18, 2002 · A man accused of ending a street confrontation with a fatal swing of a skateboard was charged with second-degree murder yesterday
        SAN LUIS OBISPO — Horrified residents call it the “Skateboard Murder,” a description chilling enough for its reference to the object allegedly used to kill 87-year-old Gerald O’Malley. 13 year old charged with murder, elder abuse, car theft..

  15. Does anyone remember any riots that broke out because Huber, Rosenbaum, and Grosskreutz were convicted of their crimes, then set free to commit crimes again?

    Yet, Rittenhouse had to defend himself against these convicted violent felons trying to do him harm and probably kill him, gets acquitted of all charges because the system worked like its suppose to work and not penalize someone for true self-defense, and people are upset because they want to reinterpret the law to convict an innocent kid – and riots break out.

    I wonder if skateboard sales will increase.

  16. skateboards are violence!

    a skateboard has the capability to injure or kill many in a short amount of time and everyone with a skateboard is a potential murderer.

    we need to regulate skateboards

    skateboard-control is needed.

    the number of skateboards is epidemic and a public health emergency.

    skateboards get into the hand of criminals too easily, and “ghost skateboards” make it too easy for people to get skateboards.

    A lot of criminals skateboards come from private sales of skateboards, these private sales need to be banned.

    no one needs an assault skateboard

    no one needs a four wheeled skateboard.

    skateboards use should be subject to permitting.

    the constitution never said a person has an individual right to a skateboard, only that a well regulated skateboard team could have them.

    mandatory buyback for skateboards now!

    Just about anyone can walk into Walmart or anyplace that sells skateboards and walk out with one no questions asked and some of those people are convicted felons or have severe mental health issues. Universal background checks for skateboards are a necessity.

    skateboards are weapons of riots.

    If you shoot one skateboarder you have shoot all skateboarders so no one feels left out.

  17. I wonder if she would be okay with me shooting him when he winds up to hit e and not wait to be hit? I could be seriously injured or killed if I waited for him to hit me first.

  18. We need an army of Kyles to help clean up the streets! We can do this people!

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