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When what’s-her-face said “honk honk” was dog whistle secret code for “heil Hitler” I about split a rib 🤣. Oh, those racist, Trump-loving Canadians LOL. Politics.


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    • pronounced “meep meep”

      and I have a great scope made by ‘ACME’ Machine reviewed right here on TTAG. Coyote emblem on it as well!

    • And those two black snap on grill covers that get put on in cold weather? 🤔
      That’s CLEARLY done in loving tribute to AHs mustache. 🤪

  1. On most models, the cab will separate from the chassis by pivoting up and forward. So if they’re not locked together, is it really a semi truck? If not, is registration not applicable?

  2. I really wanna know who even told that maple-leaf mental midget that the ‘honk-honk’/hitler thing had anything to do with people physically honking a horn. The meme of ‘honk-honk’ has to do with the meme known as ‘clown world’. Basically Pepe the Frog wearing a clown suit, which in and of itself has to do with making fun of the ridiculous nature of modern politics and media coverage. The connection to hitler was a 4chan prank that far left media sites just accepted as gospel without question.

    NONE OF THIS had any connection to the trucker protest in canada. Either that politician just made that crap up or someone in her office did it and told her what to say.

    • None of these people need to be told anything (as if they would even listen), they simply “re-imagine” things. Because feelings.


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