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This one got a legit LOL outta me.


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  1. I laughed when I saw this 3 years ago. Filled my gas tank today. I need a legitimate har har😦

  2. The obvious question is…which salt has better stopping power? Sodium chloride or potassium chloride?

    • So long as it’s full open high capacity all the grains salt weapon I don’t think the slug thug cares.

    • Should’ve had a tall black grinder held at port arms on one of them. And a Waffle House sign on the door.

  3. Wait till Shrinkflation hits the gas pump, and a gallon of gas consists of 3 quarts instead of 4, but still costs the same per gallon.

  4. Serious question here. Has anyone tried putting red pepper or pepper spray on a slug? I know salt essentially desiccates them but I am thinking something with OC would be more like a chemical burn.

    I am asking for my inner 5 year old.


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