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Ooooph. As bad as the two on this list are that are mostly wax, the choice is still pretty clear.


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  1. I’m trying to think of ANY use for candy corn. Is it legal to bait deer with it?

    As for the ATF, their agents and bureaucrats could be quite useful as replacements for lab rats. Although the ATF won’t reproduce as quickly, they have higher body mass, are closer approximations to human beings, and the scientists and lab techs are much less likely to develop any emotional attachment to them.

    • I’d eat a cow pie, fresh or sun-cured if it would mean the ATF would cease to exist. To the AFT agent reading this. I hope it hurts your feelings… like, really bad.

    • So long as you aren’t doing any brain research or testing medicine that might affect the brain. They aren’t that good of an approximation for the human brain…

  2. The candy corn is the only decent thing on there.

    Most people have never had good candy corn made from REAL cane sugar. The corn syrup kind is an abomination as vile as the ATF.

    Don’t even get me started on crappy Pennsylvania “chocolate.”

    • I know i much prefer the Mexican coca cola in the glass bottles over American made. The Mexican has sugar instead of corn syrup

    • Nikita, this time of the year around here you can skip the middle man. Sugar cane is for sale at every road side stand around. Peel and chew. Welcome to the real Florida.

  3. That brought back fond memories of when I got to shute that little girl for stealing a candybar.
    We’ve got to teach these kids a lesson before they grow up and become Branch Davidians, or move up on some ridge with mom and dad.

  4. This meme is funny, but I do have one, and only one thing to say in favor of the BATFE, and that is that their courts are putting despicable felons into jail for some felonies that are committed in Chicago. The Chicago, Illinois courts are turning those felons onto the streets to commit more heinous drug and firearm crimes; almost as many as there are in New York.
    If you commit federal felony crimes against the USA, you are takin’ it to Federal Prison. Those judges are not going to coddle these criminals. The only hard part is to keep Beeden away from any useful legal organization such as the BATFE.

    • I’m glad your an engineer and not a truck driver. Committing crimes against the USA takes it to the federal prison, and those judges are not going to coddle those criminals.
      I’ve never been to a federal prison court before. Guess I’ll have to take your word on that.
      Albert Lj Hall

  5. Even a diabetic who is allergic to chocolate would know the worst thing on that list is the ATF!

  6. The differences between A – D:

    C: The ATF will show up at your home with a tac team, without probable cause or warrant – and you have not committed any crime and they will lie to you, force their way in, search your home and take your property, hold your family at gun point and threaten to shoot them if you don’t voluntarily surrender your 2A rights to them – ’cause Joe Biden signed an executive order basically telling them to do it and they like it.

    A, B, D: you can throw them out if you don’t like them.

    We need to do to C what we can do to A,B, D.

    • It isn’t hard to get a BS warrant these days. Most judges will sign off on anything if there are evil guns involved.

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