Let’s Not Disappoint Any of the Kiddies This Halloween, Okay?

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  1. It’s called “Trick-or-Treat”, right?

    Doesn’t that imply a legal contract to deliver a ‘trick’ or a ‘treat’?

    Therefore, I should be able to deliver a jump-scare or a chunk of sugary-goodness, MY CHOICE, right?

    TTAG lawyers, help me out here… 🙂

    (BTW, no way in Hell am I dispensing ammo that night, it’s too damn expensive…)

    • Geoff –

      Wrong. “Trick or treat” is a threat, not a contract. So no tricks for you, your “choice” is give up the good stuff (large rifle primers, and/or chocolate), or suffer the consequences. Glad I could help, no need to thank me.

      • “…your “choice” is give up the good stuff (large rifle primers, and/or chocolate), or suffer the consequences.”

        *Mutter*… 🙁

        • I’m hoping I get lots of slutty-looking teenage-girls in cat costumes.

          (And ‘Head Nurse’ 20-something year-olds… 😉

  2. Since Halloween is my birthday I have definitely been given guns on Halloween! Wonder what the problem is??? As I recall I was given my first 22, a Sears and Roebuck on Halloween for one.

    • Lucky you, mine is Feb 29th. I got both my driver’s license and my first shotgun… on my fourth birthday.

      • True story – I turned 13 years old on a Friday the 13th.

        *Nothing* bad happened, but my sisters tormented me relentlessly something would.

        (Nanny-nanny, neer-neer on them!… 😉 )

    • My grandmother was born on Halloween and 86 years later she died on Halloween.
      That’s just to weird.

  3. With all the trick or treat events in our town. Traditional trick or treating has dropped off considerably. We have 3 big ones every year. One put on by the County Conservation at the big park, one from the downtown shop owners and one at the auditorium, put on by local businesses. Kids make out like bandits.

  4. silly anti-gunners. We don’t pass out shotguns. It’s Halloween, we give out ghost guns.


  5. Trick or Treat is way down here. No kids for a few years with big events in nearby cities. And we’re expecting snow Tuesday night. Oh & gunshots across the street 4 years ago. Also in a snowstorm…😧

    • The infamous Halloween Blizzard here in Mn. back in 1991 was one of the most peaceful holidays in memory…. the three feet of snow we got kept the riff-raff at bay.
      And cold enough right now for a repeat performance.

      • Was in MN for that one. Started off raining, turned too sleet, then snow. Don’t miss the snow and cold. Don’t miss shoveling a car out of a snowdrift. Stay warm and well.

        • Getting close to making an escape to somewhere closer to your digs, was recently in N.C… too bad prices on property have caught up to us here.
          Otherwise, still some nice sanctuaries of the right kind out West

  6. This is the first post Grace has had in the last 5 posts that didn’t violate copyright laws. Congratulations!

      • All my comments are being sent to moderation. Her previous 4 posts were copy and pasted from other websites with no new commentary. This is not fair use. I am sure this comment will be deleted too.

      • Literally click on any of her last 4 articles and I challenge you to find a single word that she actually wrote. They are all derivative works of other articles.

        • Oh boy, another one who can’t friggin read. Yes, Grace posts articles referencing people with other viewpoints. I find it helpful to see what other opinions are out there, what our opponents are thinking.
          And I’ve never seen one that didn’t have the link in BIG BLUE LETTERS at the bottom of the article. Don’t be a douche.

        • SteamTroller,

          I cannot seem to get any posts through moderation. Attribution does not change anything. I am trying to protect TTAG.

        • SKP,

          “attribution doesn’t change anything.”

          Well, yeah, it actually kinda does. You are permitted to cite, quote, or incorporate, so long as you identify the source. That is actually PART of “fair use”. Citing another article to invoke argument or dialogue is the actual intent of fair use.

          But you do you, champ.

        • Lamp,

          I agree you can cite and quote and incorporate if you identify the source….but that is assuming you are not quoting 80% of the article and are providing some material of your own.

          Otherwise what would keep someone from copying 80% of an article on TTAG and posting/creating their own website off of TTAGs work.

          There has to be some original content to the post otherwise it is considered a derivative work which does not comply with fair use.

          But you do you.

  7. Still remember a comic I saw in either Hustler or Penthouse back in the early-80’s, it was of an elderly couple with a small grocery store, the old lady says to her husband “Halloween is coming, better stock up on apples and razor blades”. Lol!

  8. Tangentially gun-related :

    Remember the two scumbags not long back who got caught stuffing fish fillets and literal lead weights in the fish they caught to win a high-payout fishing tournament?

    Only to be discovered while their catch was being weighed?

    Check this out :

    • Yeah I remember those guys. Bass tournament.
      Say that’s a D104 microphone in the background. My wife coined the phrase ” “Chicken Choker” for that style. I was always on the radio, she said quit playing with your chicken choker and pay some attention to me. I had a 4 element Moonraker, 500 watt tube powered Palomar, Cobra radio with DigiScan tuner.
      Strawberry Donuts was her handle when she’d flirt with the truck drivers.

      • “Say that’s a D104 microphone in the background.”

        Yes, it is, I had one ‘back in the day’. My Palomar was the 350Z, 2 driving 4, good for about 500 watts. Lots of fun in the early 80s. Had a Yaesu FT-101EE, neat radio, should have kept it, had a bunch of President mobile SSB radios, as well, I always wanted a for-real ‘Digi-Scan’, those things were the cat’s ass for the MB-858 PLL radios.

        I built a pair of stacked Moonraker 4 beams for a rich guy, he was running another neat Yaesu, the 101-ZD.

        Fun times, now all i have the new Icom IC-705, a radio far smarter than I will ever be. Lots of fun playing with the passband tuning on HF…

  9. I hope the kiddies do not dissappoint me.
    I’ve got the leg hold traps covered with tootsie roll wrappers and the pits full of sharpened stakes .
    Besides the candy I got last year I had enough baby back ribs to last 5 months. Hopefully we have a good turn out this year.
    I.like like the kids that wear Breakfast Burrito costumes and go by the names of Hansel or Gretel the most.

    • Not being able to utilize a stocked handgunm is bullshit. How the PowersThatBe came up the idea with its illegal I’ve no idea, and good on GOA.
      Fck theBiden’s Batfeces.
      When they march do they do the Goosestep for him?

  10. They mean no harm so try not to shoot ’em when the little buggers try to steal your s] weets [‘candies’ to Americans I believe stealing ‘Candies ‘n’ Coolies’ is not a sufficient reason to blow ’em away -or at least not yet – in the cause of PERSONAL FREEDOM.

    THe little buggers are NOT all Minature LEFTIST, LIBERAL, COMMIE DEMOCRATS out to invade America yake away you rights to use ’em for target practice or assassinate your leader ” The GREAT ORANGE EPHELUMP”.

      • .40 cal,

        I Prince Albert, the Fake-Limey, Fake-military pseudo-English twat, ever had control of anything, I would be shocked. He is a fake, an idiot, and an illiterate, ungrammatical (which marks him instantly as a fake Brit) ignorant POS. He isn’t even as entertaining as dacian the demented; he’s just a pathetic, fake Limey lying moron.

      • Too much cheap gin.

        And he’s still feeling sore from Madam Lash’s last spanking session.

  11. “When they march do they do the Goosestep for him?”
    That depends on whether they’ve been Goosed by Biden!


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