New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (AP Photo/Hans Pennink)
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Gun violence is indeed at emergency levels in [New York]. Here’s what Cuomo should do to fight it: apologize to the police. Apologize for calling them racists simply for trying to save minority lives in high-crime neighborhoods.

On August 27, 2020, for example, in a characteristic statement, Cuomo declared that “racism is deeply embedded in the core of our criminal justice system.” Our “flawed” law enforcement “devalues the lives of black men and women,” he said.

On June 12, 2020, he issued an executive order calling for “systemic reform” of the state’s police departments to combat a racism problem that “has been forty to fifty years in the making.”

It is this constant denigration of police—from Cuomo, President Joe Biden, and other public officials—that is driving the nationwide violence surge. Cops are demoralized and under constant physical and ideological assault.

Ambush attacks on officers are up 91 percent this year nationally. Having been told relentlessly that they are racist for conducting investigatory stops in high-crime neighborhoods, officers are doing much less of that discretionary activity.

As cops back off from enforcement, criminals step up. Juveniles are carrying and using guns freely because they know that their chances of getting stopped have plummeted. …

The one public-health/social-service intervention that would make a profound difference in combating inner-city violence is the reconstruction of the black family. Public officials must recognize the problem and promote the role of fathers in raising law-abiding children.

Cuomo is predictably silent about family breakdown, however, preferring to focus on an “all-of-government approach” to gun violence. But the state Offices of Mental Health, Children and Family Services, Temporary and Disability Assistance, the Prevention of Domestic Violence, Victim Services, the Departments of Labor, Housing, and Health—all participants in the new Office of Gun Violence Prevention—are indifferent to family structure and clueless about fighting crime.

The police, however, are experts in fighting crime, as their records under Mayors Rudolph Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg show. Cuomo should give them their due and call for a return to lawful proactive policing, free from false charges of racism.

— Heather Mac Donald in Cuomo’s Gun-Violence Dodge

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  1. Every word out of FUAC’s mouth is chaff, designed to distract us from his sexual deviancy, elder abuse, corruption, and incompetence. What a piece of excrement he is.

    • Too bad the Commonwealth of New York doesn’t permit a direct recall vote from its people. Its laws are set up so that impeachment is permissible only via a vote from the Legislature, which itself is supermajority Democrat. As crazy as California is, at least we have the option of ousting our Governor directly.

      BTW, the day has been set for our “Recall Newsom” election: September 14. Less than 10 weeks away. The circus show involving all the yahoos who will be running to take his place should start any time now. The “Recall Davis” election back in 2003 brought us some real entertainment, but also resulted in the Governator taking office, who was arguably worse than Davis and led directly to Brown, then Newsom. A slippery slope to gubernatorial hell, indeed.

      • Why should the great and powerful face unjustified consequences from those whom they benevolently rule. Or basically what we have heard in some variation on the local news for the past year or so.

      • I actually lived in CA during the Gray Davis recall. That was quite a circus! Best of luck to you: like so many places here in the USA and around the world, CA deserves a better government than it has.

      • One of the funniest things about the election to replace Davis was that Bob Guccione got more votes than Gary Coleman.

        • Hey! You can’t talk about Governor Nipplerings like that! His brother Fredo will threaten you through twitter!

        • As well he should have! Bob’s contribution to entertainment dwarfed Gary Coleman’s.

    • mmmm, tasty.

      I bet they support the militarization of the police while restricting private citizens access to the same equipment.

    • I had a similar thought. “Oh boo hoo the police are sad because nobody likes them”.

      Maybe if they actually served their communities instead of the politicians, We The People wouldn’t have such a negative opinion of cops

  2. If and when the time comes when the decision is made to take the streets back from the thugs that now reign over them I fear there will be a lot of police officers blood shed. And it was all avoidable.

  3. The only way to solve this problem is for people like Cuomo to be replaced by someone that will give New Yorkers the ability to fight back. As the number of people fighting back grows, the problem gets smaller.

  4. Cuomo would never raise the issue of familiy. He has gone full-woke and “progressives” already label the nuclear family concept to be eurocentric (aka: racist) and sexist. One of their long term goals is to replace family with government. Fellow citizens would be your siblings, federal authorities would be your parents.

  5. It is clear to me that cuomo is bloomberg’s sock puppet. Some prohibited possessor shoots someone or robs someone and first on the scene are those like cuomo and bloomberg who enjoy 24/7 armed guard security all while yelling for Gun Control that bypasses criminals and lands on the doorsteps of law abiding citizens.

    Until Gun Control is seen across America as an agenda based in Racism and Genocide it will be business as usual. Those trying to be reasonable and patiently explaining their need for a gun to those carrying around an agenda rooted in racism and genocide whether they explain their need in court, on radio, TV or forums like this are the larger part of the problem. They need to cut their worn out asking and their need crap.

    The Truth About Gun Control has to be told until everyone hears it, understands it and everyone can make a well informed decision whether or not Gun Control in any shape or form belongs alongside slave shacks, burning crosses, nooses, concentration camps, torture, grotesque human experiments, gas chambers and all other atrocities inflicted upon the defenseless.

    mr. cuomo, mr. bloomberg, mr. deblasio can you explain to America your reasoning to stick with an agenda that world history confirms is rooted in racism and genocide? Shouldn’t the punishment for the Criminal Misuse of firearms, motor vehicles, hammers, knives, feet, fists, etc. be ramped up to the point that criminals think twice, three times, four times before committing any criminal act? I think so, I know so.

    • I get the feeling that Cuomo is caught between Bloomberg representing the business world and the Mafia representing the criminal world. Even though most of the crime is low level street crime committed by neighborhood drug gangs.

  6. Democrats have never been about solutions. It’s Always been about never letting a Crisis: Real, Imagined or Manufactured go to waste if it can advance their Ideology. Any expectation otherwise is a Fool’s Gambit and the dreams by which their Acolytes are Mastered.

  7. The recent discussion of “Defund the Police!” concentrates focus on rank and file cops. Yet cops are only a single component of a system. We ought to be examining the system as a whole.

    Our criminal justice system includes as it’s constituents:
    – the population
    – cops
    – prosecutors
    – judges and juries
    – bail
    – jails
    – sentencing guidelines
    – prisons
    – prisoners
    – the body politic

    We will surely error if we concentrate on any ONE element (e.g., cops) to the exclusion of others (e.g., the body politic).

    The composition of the population and that of the body politic are a “vice” between which all the other elements are squeezed. If – in a given jurisdiction – there is an unusually high proportion of criminals then it’s up to the body politic to set policy.

    In a jurisdiction of pirates the pirates govern themselves. If pirates’ wives and children enjoy suffrage then the pirates will be governed by themselves, their kith and kin.

    In a mixed jurisdictions of majority-victims and minority-victimizers the rude machinations of politics have to work themselves out. The body politic: focuses on the problem (or ignores it): chooses correct/incorrect solutions; votes accordingly (or as driven by competing interests).

    The prisons and jails are filled with demographics currently enjoying broad sympathy by the voters. These incarcerating institutions, together with cash bail, are perceived to be oppressive. A majority of voters are not (yet) plagued by excessive crime; criminals and the majority of their victims are concentrated in a small minority of precincts. Even if the victims themselves voted for solutions they would be out-voted by a majority who remain unmotivated by considerations of self-preservation.

    The foregoing doesn’t bode well for a systematic think-through of each of the constituents of the problem.

    Therefore, it’s all to easy to instigate and push for a knee-jerk rush to a SINGE-point of focus:
    1) “De-Fund the Police!”; vs,
    2) “Re-Fund the Police!!”.
    1) “Vote-IN Racially-Sensitive Prosecutors!”; vs,
    2) “Vote-OUT Racially-Biased Prosecutors!!”.

    Nothing will change if: the jails and prisons are full; NO-cash bail and lenient sentencing; probation and parole, etc. are the only tools that judges have to ration limited cells to unlimited convicts.

    All the foregoing COMPLETELY ignores root-cause analysis and mitigation. While we are shopping for a single-point-of-focus “solution” (police, prosecutors, etc.) we continue to ignore whatever combination of factors might be the ROOT CAUSE(s) of concentrations of criminals in particular precincts.

    If, by way of illustration, the root cause is to be found in environmental lead, we have little hope in resolving crime through criminal justice system reform. And it’s this consideration which should ALARM us most.

    I do NOT propose any single point of explanation here; environmental lead serves MERELY as one (well-established) root cause to illustrate a panoply of reasonable candidate causes. I presume a long list of candidates. The task is identifying the members of the list followed by serious R&D and experimentation. Implement what works with efficacy; discard candidates without efficacy.

    I suspect that most the members of the list will be “sacred cows” of the Politically Correct elites. E.g., suppose single-parent homes of young children. We have correlation; but correlation is not causation. Correlation tells us WHERE to look but NOT WHAT we will find. Political correctness forbids us from looking at single-parent childhood homes; just one example. So, we can NOT discover whatever it is that might be found through R&D and experimentation in this venue. (Perhaps it won’t turn-out to be single-parent-hood itself; rather, something which correlates strongly with single-parent-hood. We can’t tell until we look; find; solve; implement; and, prove that we’ve discovered the REAL-root cause.)

    Here, I think, is where we are stuck. We will continue to throw our votes and tax dollars at narrow points-of-focus randomly chosen by the ebb and flow of popular sentiment. We won’t undertake a systematic approach.

    • To sum it all up: Progressives began to demand several decades ago that we remove God (or at least the respect for the faith of a Creator) from our social fabric. Well, here we are, reaping what we’ve sown. A widespread disregard for life and our fellow man.

      Life: Abortion at the beginning, murder along the way, and assisted euthanasia at the end.

      Liberty: Those who attempt to suppress the freedoms of others so they themselves may enjoy greater power, and at the expense of those they suppress.

      Happiness: Whether the straightforward definition or the classic argument that the Founders chose this term to denote property, the removal of personal and independent happiness is essential to the establishment of a central governing power, as that power must be perceived by its people as the Source of Happiness. Hence the first step of removing God from the equation.

      And here we are, reaping the consequences and sitting around the campfire wondering what could have caused all of this…

      • And Haz will take action to reclaim our Life, Liberty and Happiness, provided such action is strictly limited to sitting in his fortified house banging away impotently on his keyboard. What a phony and coward ‘he’ is…

        • Awwww, the widdle troll is cranky!

          How cute! 😉

        • Behold the potent wisdom and prophetic insight of A True Patriot! His brave thoughts are an inspiration for us all! May his reprimands against cowards among us strike bold and true!

          All Hail!

  8. Investigative stops? Does that mean stop and frisk? Stop and frisk is a human and civil rights violation that is more appropriate to a hostile occupying foreign power than to American civil police.

    This is the kind of behavior that is unacceptable in a free nation.

    • Indeed. And to take it a step further, stop and frisk was largely predicated on finding illegally carried concealed firearms, but the laws that govern the carrying of weapons are fundamentally illegitimate. In other words, S&F was an effective way to enforce an immoral and unjust law, and therefore it is itself immoral and unjust

  9. I have news for you. The historic surge in homicide and other violent crimes that began in the middle 1960s was the result of the sudden, precipitous decline in the percentage of murderers who were arrested. The 90+ homicide clearance rates of the 1940s and 1950s abruptly decreased to barely 60%. Arrest rates for murder in the most crime ravaged cities such as Chicago are barely 10%.

    The police can not claim credit for the welcome decline in homicide rates that occurred in the early 2000s. Arrest rates for crime and especially murder remain at historic lows. The primary cause of the decline was welfare reform which eliminated the incentive of poor women to get themselves impregnated by unemployed and unemployable gangstas. Reforms of concealed carry laws also empowered people to protect themselves.

    While the police have become even less effective since the BLM ANTIFA campaign against them began, the biggest problem is the politicians who have actively incited the woke folk to violence.

  10. all of the gratuitous violence in film, lyrics, games and vri seem like a fairly heady combination. but it seems to me to pale when compared with the gratification reward provided by social media combined with the multi- whammy of emboldenment/ complicity of funnin’.

  11. Gun violence is a made up term, people in support of the 2a need to stop using the leftists terms. Its a psychological trick to make people fearful of the word gun.

  12. What he’s too stupid to understand is that all the black folks in the apple who aren’t thugs and need to protect themselves wish he would eat s**t and die!! He’s just too “woke”.

  13. What “devalues the lives of black men and women” is releasing the criminals back into their neighborhoods to victimize them again. Criminals need to be removed from society, regardless of whatever demographic categorization someone wants to use. Nobody is crying that men are disproportionately represented in the prison population, nor should they. Men are more likely to commit crimes than women.
    If we want to lower minority crime, we need to provide better opportunities. Instead of trapping them in failed government schools, fix the schools or give them the means to go elsewhere. Arrest and prosecute the criminals.

  14. The problem is we are not racist enough. In all crimes where a victim was hit by a bullet the NYPD has this to say about suspects:
    “The race/ethnicity of known Shooting
    suspects is most frequently Black (72.1%).
    Hispanic suspects accounted for an additional
    (24.7%) of all suspects. Asian/Pacific Islander
    suspects (1.8%) and White suspects (1.4%)
    accounted for the remaining portion of known
    Shooting suspects. ”

    In no crime listed by the 2020 report are Whites even close to being suspects in crimes as compared to blacks and Hispanics. The numbers do not lie, no matter how much the anti-racists wished otherwise.

  15. Look at Cuomo’s face. He’s clearly constipated. He’s so backed up, it only has one way to go. Out his mouth.

  16. Police and violence is a far more complicated issue than either party will ever admit. I think all but the true zealots will admit that there are bad cops. Police unions, the “thin blue line” mentality, and the abomination known as “qualified immunity” protect those bad cops.

    The police really and truly do need a house cleaning and a wake up call.

    Suffice to say that, if I were a black man living in New York City, I would long ago have been involved in an insurrection against the NY police over that ‘stop & frisk’ nonsense.

    Police and their employers need to be held accountable.


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