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Damn right! Or something? Whatever. Meghan who?


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    • little faith,

      It would appear that it is a family characteristic that the “males” lack testicles. Queen Elizabeth II had more balls than every male in her line after her, put together. Wills and Harry have GOT to be the pool boy’s kids.

      • Its not exactly hidden knowledge that Harry looks exactly like a man who just happened to have an affair with her right around the time Harry was born.

        • Speaking of aristocratic infidelity, slap an olive drab field cap on the idiot manchilds (justine true-dough) ugly head and a fuzzy hairpiece on his even uglier chin and put that image beside a pic of fidel castro (all lower case usage entirely intentional) and see where that leads you. Maggie ‘the Parties On Me’ trudo apparently enjoyed some extended Cuban hospitality some nine months before he slithered forth from that much travelled crevice and graced us all with his effeminate presence. Ain’t royalty grand?

        • Our ‘Arrry was born a long time before his mum had an affair with UK Army Tankie Major IN fact apart from being a ginger Knob he looks very much like his father King Charles 3rd

      • Prince Albert the Poncey Fake-Brit Wanking Poofter,

        Yeah, I’m sure Charles tells himself that all the time – but you Brits (apparently even fake Brits, like you) have always been into self-delusion. When you weren’t practicing self-abuse. For one thing, Harry has an actual chin, something his “father” sadly lacks. Plus, there IS the whole “ginger” thing. But you and Charles keep blowing smoke up your own arses, if it makes you happy.

        Your pathetic tiny Island of Misfit Toys hasn’t been even arguably a world power in over 70 years. Give it up, and just accept your third class status . . . if you can even maintain that.

    • 🤣😂😅😅😂🤣😅😅😂😂, what a fool that guy. Giving up his title for some idiot no one in his family likes. Idiot. She can’t be that good in the sack. She looks boring AF IMHO, didn’t she also get him to stop hunting…

      • Read an article where they claim that most of the people that worked with her when she was acting couldn’t stand the drama queen. As bad as A O C ( all out crazy ).

        • Including me. I never went along with that innocent Angel facade. LIke Our Megs’ she was an attention seeking Little Miss who really did not get the message that ROYALTY UK Style is a bloody sight more than swanning around looking good and carries with same responsibiliy towards inherent a duties I wouldn’t want that’s for sure. Like Our Meg’s she found that there were bigger issues than her for the ‘Family’.

        • Fake Albert Alert !!
          His drivel always looks like it was typed on a Little Tykes MyFirstHunt’n’Peck, with numerous misspellings and wierd sentence structure.
          Also, no claim was attempted as to his former service to the crown.

  1. The British Royal Family are so dysfunctional they make The Simpsons look normal.

    Is that popping sound Prince among kings Albert’s head exploding?

  2. The British Monarchy exists for one reason only: to sell tabloids trash multimedia journalism.

    OK, OK. The real reason is slight-of-hand: “Keep your eye on the shiny Royals” while we rob you of your freedom, your heritage, your livelihood, your savings, and while we replace you with immigrants who hate you and your culture, and while we poison you with clot-shots.

    Why else would they tolerate these pedophilic disciples of Claus Schwab?

  3. I want to ask quickly an unrelated question / survey opinion about what constitutes a rude or unsafe “muzzle sweep” with a long arm at rifle range.
    Say most agree a loaded and cocked weapon with finger on trigger is swept from down range to towards people is a bad thing. Not much better with mag off.
    What about finger away from trigger? Hand away from trigger and grip area? Breech block out?
    Gun lock on gun? Gun in a case, etc.
    Why do I ask? A particular range officer became irate when I removed my “black rifle” from a plastic case but with a trigger lock on and mag out but since the case was sideways to the line of fire when I pulled it I had to swing it 90 degrees (hand away from the trigger locked trigger, mag out, unloaded).
    I told him plainly I needed him to explain what he expected of me in such a situation but he kept raving about banning me.
    Curious of opinion. All I can think of is to only align the case first, peek inside, if pointed backwards then close the case and swing it.

    • “All I can think of is to only align the case first, peek inside, if pointed backwards then close the case and swing it.”

      Pretty much your only recourse when faced with an impenetrable idiot.

      Lots of variables apply: were there other shooters on the line, were you at the end of the line where your sweep did not actually cover a person, could you have raised the muzzle so that it pointed up pivoted and laid the rifle down with minimal exposure.

      Were you banned or did the RSO calm down and give you the guidance you requested?

      • Pivoting it up would have been helpful I think. There was only this guy in the area. He kicked me off the line but did not ban. He seemed to ignore several other “sweeps” by rifles with trigger locks by other shooters but reacted maybe to the “blackness” of my rifle.

        • In the future I would recommend a visibly “flagged” empty chamber with bolt partially closed against it. The concern would be a chambered round, a cocked hammer, and a trigger lock that can still move the trigger and discharge the live round.
          Ideally, one would hope instead of being a prick, the RO would call cease fire on the line and calmly have you remain clear of the trigger, and work the bolt repeatedly with the gun pointed safely downrange… at least that’s how I would handle that situation. That said, I am always suspicious of trigger locks and closed bolts anywhere on the range, as EVERY gun is ALWAYS LOADED.

    • Mark your case if it isn’t obvious which end is which, place the rifle in same way every time, and then set it down on the table/bench with the muzzle oriented downrange. Is there room to do that? Also, chamber flags are cheap on ebay or, and I put them in all my cased guns for transport, unless they are disassembled.

    • Richard, respectfully, the ‘solution’ is to not ‘sweep’ any area not downrange with your muzzle. Ever. It does not matter what condition the firearm is in, once it is removed from the case and in primate hands it becomes a deadly weapon and a trigger lock is no excuse for incorrect handling. Raise the muzzle in the air if you must but ALWAYS follow the Four Rules. Always. It’s why they exist.

  4. I’ll give credit for the worth while things the queen did for the world. At the end of the day though, I stopped caring about British royalty in 1776.

    It wouldn’t matter if it were Meghan or Megyn. Either one would be just another channel on tv for me to pass through on my way to Guns and Ammo.

    At funerals, there is bearing arms and there is baring arms. I see no reason not to be armed when your not a bear.

  5. The problem is that a gun is always pointed at something. They sit there in your gun safe waiting to attack. But in reality a gun will only fire when it is loaded, cycled, safety off, and trigger activated (very rare exceptions such as Rem 700 with defect trigger). At the range I have been using the shooting stations are a bit small to place a gun case so shooters must remove from case aft of the firing line and bring it to the firing line. When I watch the shooters, many of who are hunters only so are infrequent guests, they almost always handle the rifles by grasping wrist and barrel and bring it to the line with a trigger lock attached. I have seen people remove locks aft of the line and at least once I reminded a person that there is a local rule to do so only on the line. But I think in my “event” the range officer was stimulated by my rifle’s “blackness” so reacted more strongly.
    On a related note I enjoyed the “Myth Busters” event where they tried to get cocked rifles to dry fire with powerful audio equipment but (not surprisingly) failed to do so despite hitting them with many KW of reggaethon music.

    • Richard,

      Like others have mentioned on this thread, my allegiance is to Col. Jeff Cooper and his Four Rules. One of my early instructors explained it well – “Don’t give me this ‘It’s not loaded’ s***. The REASON for the Rules is that people make mistakes, forget things, lose track in the heat of the moment. If your weapon is out of your hand, even briefly, it was not ‘in your control’. Don’t point the damn gun at something you don’t INTEND to shoot, and keep your booger hook off the bang switch.” I try to be scrupulous about where I point my guns, even while they are stripped and I’m cleaning them. I think it’s just good manners, in addition to being a good safety practice.

      Strange, but I’ve never heard of anyone who learned and PRACTICES the Four Rules having an AD/ND. Perhaps there’s something to that.

      • I was chatting with a fire marshal once after an inspection, and the topic morphed into the complexity of some safety codes. He wasn’t an absolute by-the-book guy, but still his general position was that every page in the code was there as a response to someone dying, and he didn’t want to repeat someone else’s mistake, or be the cause of new pages being added.


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