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Gaps here, shortcomings there…hold it together with patches!


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    • “Since I don’t have any scopes, I don’t get it.”

      I was the same way.

      Until one day, you look through someone else’s scope at the range, and realize just how shitty the cheap one you bought off eBay is.

      Then he tells you how much he dropped on his, and you realize that there was no way in hell you could ever afford to buy it.

      A lot like the higher-end audio scene. Once hear a good one and are amazed at what you could hear, the one you have at home then starts to constantly nag you, and you start to plot the ways you could improve yours, without pissing off your significant other… 🙁

      • It’s the scopes that’ll take a mic drop to the shop floor and still work that cost you real money.

      • Mark Levinson, and Apogee Studio Grand electrostat’s way back in the day at CES. Light came on, and the darkness never receded. Much to my bank accounts chagrin and ruination.

        Love/Hate expensive hobbies.

    • It refers to the promotional stickers that come in the box. You know, the ones that either end up in the trash or on the back window of the guy’s truck.

  1. Bailing wire does not work I cant remember which one of you guys it was that said use bailing wire when I was a bitchin about the duct tape coming loose when it gets hot from mag dumping to much but after 4,589 shots out of the .50cal the bailing wire worked loose and lost its zero just slightly better then the duct tape I seriously doubt that after trying duct tape and bailing wire and bailing wire held down with duct tape and even duct tape wrapped with bailing wire that morale patches would hold the scopes zero any better then either of the two previously mentioned.

  2. I have morale ‘several’ patches above the visors on my 4Runner. Not sure what this says about me. One says “Not my monkeys, not my circus.” lol

    • The only morale patch I have is on my hat. None of that nonsense ever gets applied on my gats.

      (oh wait…that rhymes…)

  3. The only “morale patch” I have is a dented nickel with a .22 boolit stuck in it. Ain’t worth much to you folks, but it has meaning for me.

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