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Y’all’re gonna drive me crazy with that nonsense.


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  1. The only thing about going crazy is the going part. Once your there it’s all good.
    I can buy three HiPoints for the price of one Glock.
    Iiiiieeeee, the plastic, it burns, it burns my hands.

    • All of us are plastic, nowadays. Its everywhere, in everything.

      Undertakers are complaining….with so much plastic in us, we do not decompose so easily and require less-and-less embalming.

      • And with the preservatives in the food we eat it takes longer for our bodies to rot.

      • Be sure to keep buying those polymer masks! I’ve noticed a few chains still require their employees to wear them. Almost all of the employees wear them below their nose. What a silly charade.

        • “What a silly charade“

          Here in the United States, there were about 1 million people who apparently didn’t get the joke.

        • Are you referring to the people who weren’t saved by other people wearing masks or the fools who still trust St. Fauci? In your medical opinion, please explain to us the benefits of people wearing masks below their nose.

        • He means the people who believed the joke that masks actually did something to prevent the spread. (And he’s standing on their dead bodies as he makes his remark.)

          Like the people who put up a chain link fence to keep mosquitos out.

        • Died with vs died of, Sweden re lockdown and masking ineffectiveness, and inappropriate ventilators usage at many levels. It was a wicked flu but the mismanagement was far worse than the disease for both political and bureaucratic issues throughout the pandemic. Glad I am not in DOH the few I know there have stories I barely believe.

      • Then one afternoon in the month of June
        I went down to the beach.
        There were cuties and beauties in little bathin’ suities
        And all of them within my reach.
        Then a 38-24-36 miss just happened to be passin’ my way.
        I said, “Please don’t think I’m nervy, but you look so very curvy
        Please tell me how you got that way!”
        She said, “It’s plastic — it’s only plastic,
        It’s pretty as can be, but you know that it ain’t me,
        Because they’re plastic, oh yes they’re plastic,
        Everything’s gonna be plastic by and by.” – Shel Silverstein

  2. You could buy multiple Glock 19s for the same price as that Colt python but that’s more ridiculous and makes less sense.

    Now one G19 and the rest of the money going into ammo is another argument.

    • Lance, I think I have a better idea. Buy the Python. And the Glocks. And the ammo. You’ll be happier.

    • But I can buy an fmk 9c1, and another one for all the spare parts i will need, and lots of cheap, dirty, corrosive imported ammo for the price of that one glock 19…

  3. I could buy a dozen little Dick Durbans for the price on one Joe Biden especially when Hunter takes his cut before it ever gets to the “Big Guy”!

    Think that will be enough to set off our Trolls?

      • What good is a bribe when the guy you’re buying is so senile he reads the note at the bottom of his speech that says end of speech out loud.

  4. Its complicated, right? Do you have the money? Are you a competitive shooter? A professional shooter? A collector? Or, maybe you own guns for self-defense (and the requisite practice). A big-game hunter. Or maybe you are a movie star who loves being seen with guns (but leaves the safety protocols to the ‘little people’). Maybe the bragging rights are worth the money.

    Who knows? We are all gun folk (OK, maybe not that movie star guy). And we buy the guns we like and can afford.

    • Wow!!!!!!!

      My comment was not quarantined for ‘moderation’.

      ‘Moderation’ seems to be the new euphemism for ‘dragged into a dark alley and strangled to death’.

      Hmmmm… ‘moderating’ a comment about guns equivalent to ‘gun violence’?

      • Mine was…guess big tech doesn’t like us saying the politicos they support are up for sale.

        • Rusty,

          Dunno. Beginning to think the moderation engine is like a mass murderer. No good reason, it’s just something to do.

        • Yeah, all I did was say you could purchase a dozen Durbans for the price of one B!den….

      • It would be nice to know what words trip the moderation. I figured out what happened to one of mine a while back. I referred to carrying a single action semi auto “hammer pulled back and locked”, only I used a much more common firearm term for the first part. The software must have thought I was being naughty. o_O

        I kind of miss the days when the only moderation was Farago replacing spicy Moms Demand posts with FLAME DELETED. 🙂

        • Yes! Bring back the Israeli Battle Babes and Booth Babes and other good, wholesome, fully grown adult adolescent content to peruse! Man I hate this brave new world all those whining idiots are ushering in to save us from ourselves. Fuck them and their crybaby utopian intentions. There, moderate that, TTAM (The Truth About Moderation).

  5. If that’s all it takes to get your panties in a wad you need to lighten up, Francis. (I know. Different movie.)

    • Pvt. Pyle is a little sensitive about his color case hardened HK P7. It’s gotta be at least 8 Glocks.

        • Recently bought a G41 for mag compatibility with a carbine. It was on sale, has a decent finish and build quality (for a cheaply made firearm) and I trust it to go bang. Those are the only redeeming features I can come up with after trying real hard. Everything else about it is either sub–par or just outright sucks. True story.

        • Rider may want to look into 45super or 460 Rowland conversions (make sure to get fully supported barrels) and maybe a tungsten guide rod. If you are going to have a cheap blaster may as well have fun with it. Considered the 41 over the 40 and still seeing which way works for me.

        • Safe, yup thanks, I’m familiar with the Super and the Rowland conversion but I’m fine with the gunm™ in 45acp. As mentioned it’s to match a TNW carbine in that caliber/magazine so I might spring them both for Super but I doubt it. Nothing wrong with it as is (I have a good light and a Holosun 508t optic on it; mos) other than I just don’t care for the (lack of) ergonomics, grip angle, controls, frame, aesthetics, etc on glocks. Now owning one has only confirmed my opinions formed from shooting others (19, 17 and a 20). It serves it’s intended purpose well enough. I do like the extra barrel/slide length on it as it’ll only ever live in a go-bag for the carbine. If you don’t intend to regularly carry it in less than rural settings I would give the 41 a good look, especially if you think you might up the caliber. Cheers.

        • Did get to try out the 40 with a few full house 10mm and it was substantially more fun than the 17/19/31 I have tried (might have just needed bigger grips for Glocks to be right for me). Either way 45 is fun to reload for when large primers are available and shares a shell plate with a lot of common rifle cartridges.

        • Safe, yup, old school is good school. I do like the slightly longer barrels if yer not trying to be sneaky n all.

  6. Sure, you could buy multiple Glocks. But then you’d have multiple Glocks, and nobody should have to suffer like that.

      • AMEN to that WaterWalker. I bought a Glock 19, years ago, but hated the grip angle. I let my son try it and he loved it, so……
        Personally, I use a Ruger P89. Mine is very reliable (I squeeze trigger and it always goes “BANG”). It is accurate and look good, too.

  7. Sounds like something my cheap brother would say. “You paid how much for your sound system? My soundbar sounds just as good for a fraction of the price”. “If you say so and if it works for you” but I don’t tell him there is a world of difference in the quality of the sound. But if it works for him and we all have different priiorities and possibly disposable income.

    • If your willing to put the work in and do some research, building your own system is still the best low budget way to build a sound system. And you can tailor it to your own tastes. About 12 years ago I was strapped for cash and built an outstanding system for $650. No I’m not putting it up against 5 figure systems, but I would put it up against system 5x the cost. I decided to go with a 10″ powered sub and 8″ woofers. The woofers I ended up buying were $8.95 each and the only reason I bought them was because if I didn’t like them I’d just toss them. But the reviews I read were so good I gave it a try and couldn’t have been happier. Paper cone woofers so I expected them to do well with acoustic string bass, but was very impressed with their power as well. Silk dome tweeters are the only way to go IMHO (~$20 each). Made the boxes out of 11 ply 3/4″ birch plywood (oak was only 7 ply). After a decade the Bash sub amp went out and after a little more research I just bought another. I think it was about $50 more the second time. I have been tossing around the idea of upgrading the Yamaha amp just so I can get the Bluetooth and play off my phone. Fun project too.

        • Also, make sure if you’re using a sealed box the volume matches fairly close to the manufacturer’s specs for the woofer. Ported is a little more forgiving.

        • I’m using ported boxes, Genelec 1032B, old but accurate.

          Never had good results using a separate subwoofer for reference monitoring, too many timing and phase issues to give an accurate response.

          Have you ever looked at the output of your boxes with a good measurement mic into an RTA?

      • My son and I when building our PCs 2-3 years ago decided to use a plain and cheap case that cost $29. It only had 1 120mm fan at the back. We were going to use other fans that were rated for quietness. A 2-pack of Corsair AF 140mm fans was another $40. The CPU cooler we selected is the Noctua NH-D15S, a single fan version the D15 which normally uses 2 fans.

        We have PCs that run very cool and are so quiet it is possible to sleep in the same room as the PC while it is running.

        • A quiet PC is easy, just buy a bigger fan diameter and adapter, and run it at a lower voltage.

          You’ll move a ton of air *very* quietly…

        • There are specific fans rated for quietness. I checked several online comparison review sites. The consistent 2nd best (Corsair AF series) of 5 was available from a local vendor and at a good price. The lack of airflow was compensated for by using 2.

  8. Today I purchased the last two components to complete another carbine. As always the deal with my FFL was if the stripped upper and lower fit together within the limits of an AR15AccuShim I would buy the pair. Much to my surprise I was handed a stripped upper that fit an Anderson serialized only stripped lower like matched receivers from Les Baer. Both pins had good resistence when pushed and the receivers had little to no daylight all along the seams. So yeah crazy meme man I can assemble 2 select component carbines with front and carry handle night sights with FA A1 Stocks for the price of one Daniel Defense.

  9. Also my son used to buy cheap power tools. I bought him a Bosch jig saw for his birthday a few years back that cost $170 but he tells me he already had a jigsaw that was a cheap brand and didn’t need a new one. I sent him the receipt so it could take it back and get the money to buy what he wanted. I liked getting people gifts of things that they probably would not buy themselves. About a year later he told me how awesome the Bosch jig saw was. Yeah with the right Bosch blade it can cut through a 4×4 post like butter, it’s a beast and very precise too. Glad he learned about quality tools finally.

    • Grumpster,

      What do you think of Ridgid tools?
      That’s mostly what I have, with a few Porter-Cables for good measure.

      • Gosh I am not an expert on the subject, just a home DIY guy. I learned long ago that usually it is better to spend more to get what I want. I have never regretted that but as a younger man regretted trying to save some money and later ended up buying what I wanted in the first place. I am not a big spender though and am very happy with my $120 Seiko and Citizen watches and drive a 2014 Honda Accord but did spring for the extra to get the EX-L V6 which I have absolutely no regrets doing.

        From what I have read the Ridgid line of tools is excellent and Home Depot supports them very well which is a big plus. I don’t know much about Porter Cable current line up but I bought a plate joiner from them years ago and it is great. Also own power tools from Makita and Milwaukee and a $250 Ryobi BT3100 table saw that has worked very well for my modest needs over the years. I bought more than a few of my power tools as “reconditioned” and saved a bunch of money from new and they all looked like new and work great.

        I did own a Hitachi 3/8 corded drill for a while. It worked great but was very loud sounding like a dental drill which really annoyed me. I gave it to my son and he likes it but I am really happy with the Milwaukee that I replaced it with.

        Also recently was able to buy some cheap Chinese batteries off Ebay for my old Bosch Brute Force 14.4 drill. I love that drill but Bosch quit making batteries for it. The Chinese batteries are insanlely cheap but work well enough for my needs. I did the same with an older Makita 9V reciprocating saw and pleased eith those batteries too.

    • When it comes to tools, I’ve learned over the years that it’s best to buy the best tool you can afford as it often means that you save money in the long run.
      The way I see it, guns are tools also so I but the best I can afford.

    • I went the Bosch route for a few years and ended up pretty disappointed. Truth is hardly anybody, including professionals, buy professional grade tools anymoor. Do you want a $600 compound sliding miter box that says Bosch or DeWalt or a $1600 one that says Festool? Then there’s brands like Skil that are absolute entry level tools, EXEPT the model 77 worm drive saws, which are top of the line. I guess inventing something in 1935 still counts for something in corporate America. For my money, I’ve had better success with DeWalt, but both are semi-serious DIY grade tools.

  10. The proper response is ‘yeah, but I already have 6 Glocks, why would I want 6 more?’

    Life is short, shoot what you like.

    • Make it six PSA AR15 builds.

      Then again maybe you already have that covered too.

    • LOL. i have only one Glock, my Gen 2 Glock 19 that I bought new in the early 90s and it has been a stellar for me and I still CCW it often. Wife is new to shooting finally compelled to get into it and her CCW license after 2020 summer of rioting and mayhem. She never really liked shooting until I bought a Browning Buckmark Camper 22 and she loved shooting it and was very accurate with it. That really boosted her confidence in shooting and after a couple classes worked her way up to 9MM and found a 9MM pistol that she can shoot weil, the M&P EZ 9MM Shield Performance Center. But she is already eyeing her next pistol, a Wilson Combat EDX X9. She does’t care that she can buy almost 6 Glocks for the same price. 🙂

  11. That’s why I say we have no hope for change except by force. This country has been taken over by corrupt politicians for over 45 years. Everyone one that in government from the past 45 years has baggage. They all need to be put on trial and investigated.i do home work ….. 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐬𝐜𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐤.𝐜𝐨𝐦

  12. I just made a great discovery.
    If you stick a pair of hemostats in your nose then yank out all the hair you can breathe better.

  13. Well,
    It’s all about what your trying to do.

    I can get a fair amount of ammo for the price of six Glocks. Personally, I don’t see myself ever owning anything of that brand. They never feel right to me anyway. Not to mention that I would rather spend just a little more for something with a tad higher class.

    As tools go, you generally get what you pay for. Even though some tools are better quality, not everything needs to handle unlimited use for a lifetime and be heirloom quality. There are activities that you might do a handful of times with the possibility of never doing again. Paying ten times the price for professional grade tools are not always the right way to go. However, paying the premium price for good high quality products just might mean having a set of pots and pans for 30-40 years if not a lifetime. It’s all relative to your purpose and finances. Just like choosing the caliber you carry.

    I think many people get the wrong idea of things sometimes. You don’t have to have a car payment every month for the rest of your life. Get something worth having and pay it off. That way you actually end up with a few bucks for other things. Buying a gun that will only handle a thousand rounds (if that) is just wasting money. Owning five good pistols is better than owning 15 pos’s. But that’s just one persons opinion.

  14. I own 4 or 5 Glocks all gen1 and 2s. But! I own other pistols so it evens out right? lol.

  15. As soon as you own one or maybe five Glocks to satisfy all your home defense and tactical needs, you’ll probably look at a Shadow 2 or 2011 and think to yourself “why not? why shouldn’t i win a competition for once?”

    • I would venture that a life and death defensive scenario is a pretty serious competition in and of itself. Unless that was yer point…

  16. Bought a Colt Python many years ago from an estate sale. The Widow knew what it was, but wanted to just get rid of the guns her late husband had. She was afraid 1 of her grandkids would find them and shoot themselves. Even after I explained no gun will fire if it isn’t kept loaded and the ammo is locked up separate. Purchased several firearms back before all the foolishness over reporting and background checks came about at estate auctions or gun shows.
    The old 1911 I carry was a box of parts someone was going to customize and lost interest.

  17. Nothing wrong with reading comment sections. Just never let critique go to your heart, or praise go to your head.

    Read away……….and damn the torpedos!
    Most are fired from trolls scurrying around in basements anyway.

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