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When you run out of ammo you just throw it at the enemy. If you do it right, it circles all the way around and comes back to you!


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  1. “If you do it right, it circles all the way around and comes back to you!”

    That’s a boomerang. A shuriken would stick into the enemy.

      • And those pesky, fully-semi-automatic, high capacity boomerangs. They are extra banned, since the go in circles within circles.

  2. Aboriginals made several styles of boomerangs. The lightweight ones that came back were for hunting birds in flight. If you missed it came back.

    Hunting and war were heavy with sharp front edge and not designed to return. A couple Iโ€™ve seen would be close to getting hit by 12 ga solid in foot pounds.

    • “Aboriginals made several styles of boomerangs.”

      Gotta hand it to those Aboriginals. *Highly* talented self-taught aerodynamicists working purely by intuition.

      Makes you wonder what the first one was like. They just found a flattened stick that came back when thrown? Those are some scary smarts…

    • Throwing Sticks appear in various cultures as hunting tools. The Apache in the US used a cross stick with points carved at each of four ends.

      ‘What’s for dinner, ma?’ “Whatever you can kill, son.”

    • That reminds me, the other night I opened my door to go into my burrow and someone hit me with a lazer dot, I seen it shining on my flag.

  3. The folding stock.
    A friend of mine came over with a folding stock kit, this was around 1996, for his MAK90. He put it all together then attached it to his MAK and I said , ” Well, its illegal now, you can’t have pistol grips and detachable magazines on the same gunm either, Bill Clitons assault weapon ban. ”
    So he took it off then bent it all to pieces.
    He sold that MAK90 to me for $100 and an SKS.

    • A former BIL took an older AR-7 survival rifle that had a damaged stock. He rigged up a replacement out of metal that folded and detached. Quite a well done affair.

      I hated to tell him he’d committed a felony or maybe even more than one.

      • if you start with a pistol grip shotgun and put a folding choate stock on it you can never put the pistol grip back on. maybe.

  4. NM Gun TYRANT DOUBLED DOWN on her gun ban ON CNN…(note: notice her self serving nuisance that suspension of a right is not a ban on the right, semantics games..typical anti-gun. If you suspend a right you are banning its exercise during the suspension period you idiot.)

  5. That’s an old technique here in the People’s Republic of New Jersey, where we’ve been fastening together 10-round magazines for years to get around the ban on so-called “high capacity” magazines!

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