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The friend is right.


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  1. Quad rail for me. Don’t care what other’s do. Maybe on the next rifle(don’t tell the wife)😎

        • Only if you scratch up the mlok rails whilst screwing them to the wood 😉. Check out GarandThumbs u-toob channel a couple vids back; about as Bubba as a mosin can get.

    • @jwm

      There is a Ukrainian company, RPYK, that makes an M-Lok compatible stock for the Moisin that looks pretty good. Doubt they are shipping at this moment…maybe, after they finish with Puto and his Droogs.

      CRC 7U001 Cerakote Coated / chassis for Mosin-Nagant – $450 USD

      • Maybe I should ship the rifle and spam cans of ammo I have to the Ukies and let them return them to the russkies?

        450? I don’t think I paid 89 for the rifle.

        • I paid around $125 for my Moisin. It’s in surprisingly good condition. Shoots well…even though it’s not a whole lot of fun to shoot.

  2. M-lok IS better than quad rails. So is Keymod.
    Quad rails are heavy, and if you’re not using ALL of it, it’s heavy FOR NO REASON. I’d rather carry more weight in full mags than in unused rail system.
    Also, you’re not changing your loadout in the field. If you are, you’re going to get your dick shot off.

    • My new plates are so heavy they will prob be down past that point halfway thru the first engagement…

  3. I bought an AR. It has those M-Lok rails. I haven’t locked anything on it yet. Haven’t even shot it yet. Owned it for a year or more I think. Shoot it? Why bother? It’s an AR.

    • Oh come on. It’s not that bad, it’s still a rifle. Plus you can have fun and practice running malfunction drills. I’ve got a POS phoenix arms .22 I enjoy shooting sometimes just to see how it will screw something up with its 3 safeties.

      I’m not going to say I’ve got millions of round counts and kept track of every malfunction but my AR platform rifles have been pretty reliable. Probably not my first choice in combat but they’re better than harsh words.

    • perfect. at least yours might function.
      i’ll bet it’s been four years or more since we bought a couple kits. they just sit there.

    • Rider, the government handed me my first M16-A1 in 1979. (Though, not the first AR I had handled at the time. That was an SP-1). I gave my last AR (an early M-4) back to the government (and an Uzi) in 2014. Owned more than a few ARs in between. I think i have the whole AR complexity thing nailed down. BTW, complexity is not a plus in a combat rifle. Or anything else you bet your life on. Just me. You get as complex as you want too.

      • Gadsen, complex they aren’t. It was a dig at your constant denigration of the platform, repeatedly stating that they “don’t work”. If it’s all or even partly in jest then at least mix some humor in with it or you just come across as an ass. Did I mention the repeatedly part?

  4. Old spot is duct taped to the stock underneath the barrel, game warden pulls me over it’s a quick slice with the skinning knife and old spot turns into a flashlight .
    I get that mlok quadrail stuff on that gunm and the game warden would probably think I’m some kinda operator up to know good.

    • “The Eye of Odin” I calls mine. Went with the black gorilla tape though… for stealth.

        • I took umbrage to his “gunm” verbage when I first started commenting on TTAG. Saw it as little more then sticking an ace up the sleeve of anti-2nd A’ers before dealing the cards. Still do to some extent.
          “Gunm” plays directly into the “hilljack” gun owner portrayals made by whiner/lil’d/PeeGee/AllHail/Al Hall/Demanding Mommies/Progtards/TurdUs4Life/troll farm 🐒🤡 basement dwelling losers…….., and opens the door to all sorts of misconceptions of responsible firearm owners by the casual readers of TTAG.
          But, possum gonna possum.🤔

  5. Don’t matter. Get what ya got and enjoy. F the social media commandos in their neck sideways. This ain’t high school drama

  6. Most of those accessories mounted on firearms use batteries, which will eventually leak, corrode and ruin a $300 handguard. And, what happens when the SHTF and batteries are extinct ? All that training down the drain. And…does anyone do battery change drills ?
    I like my guns nekkid.

    • My son gave me his AK it had plastic folding stock with mloks top , sides, bottom. and had every place filled with every after market fancy.
      Sure made the gunm heavier and a whole lot harder for me to bring to into action.
      My girlfiend wanted a rifle so I said here’s a loaner, ” Oh I dont like that.” – But it’s cool, just look at all this sht. – ” I dont like it. Its too heavy and I dont want to waste time turning on all that stuff”
      So I took all the stuff off and she still dont like it.
      No she wants an AR. I don’t own an AR, that means I’d have to buy one, I ain’t got the kinda money to just run out and buy a gunm for my girlfiend cause she wants an AR, her cooking is good, but not that good. Geesh I just sold her an 870 for $100 last week, I tell yah once you start they never quit. Now she wants a SA with a holster ” “Like the one Jess Harper has on Laramie.”
      I told her I’m going to the gunm shop next month, bring your money and lots of it.
      She made beef and noodles tonight, invited me over, set my bowl down and said ” That’ll be $5 please.”

    • Tickman
      Battery change drills made me laugh, should probably be a thing tho
      I think a lot of people would be in trouble if forced to use irons.

  7. All my firearms are as designed with a couple of exceptions in optics over iron sights. Eyes not what they were 40 years ago. with handguns, Modified slides, better springs, etc. Never caught the tacti-cool bug. Never wanted any extra appendages or more stuff sticking out at odd angles.

  8. Given the choice, I’d do quad but, I prefer just stock handguard.
    2 Colt 6920’s I own and only one has aftermarket handguard with that being MLOK. Bought it that way but nothing is attached to it.
    To each his/her own.

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