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Well, first of all, how about no, umkay?


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  1. They are excellent at pulling rules out of their asses which is why they can kiss mine before I give up my 300BLK pidtol.

  2. F-Troop bends with the political wind.

    The Democrats they not only bend over backwards to appease their masters, but forwards too.

    • It is a shame our previous pres didn’t nominate an ATF head in between asking them to magically make bumpstocks illegal, and asking for a silencer ban. That leadership vacuum and parts banning roadmap leads directly to where we are today.

  3. What’s that magic phrase again? Something something penumbras and emanations shut up peon…?

  4. The Left is great at putting forth rules rather than actual laws because there is no vote, nor signing the final draft into law, therefor they aren’t to be blamed.

    So, we sue and sue. The problem here is- even when we (The Constitution) wins in a lawsuit, being able to follow through with enforcement of the judgment is nearly impossible when it usually rests upon the Feds to force compliance.

    The only fix is in throwing out those who choose to rule by edict rather than legislation, using the systems provided for in the US and state constitutions. The constant barrage of suits will soon lose their fundraising appeal when it becomes evident that a worthless judgment costs us money, yet actually changes little.

    • “The Left is great at putting forth rules rather than actual laws because there is no vote, nor signing the final draft into law, therefor they aren’t to be blamed.”

      They are really gonna lose their minds when the SCotUS kills Chevron deference…

      • they sort of did…? and then legislators codified law allowing legit sweeping regulations.
        between media and dominion, we won’t hold what we have for long.

  5. The D.C. swamp rat simpletons can cook up any law they want. I will not comply. I’m gonna keep mine and the supplies needed to make it run. Be it my gasoline powered vehicle or my firearm/

  6. And second of all, through the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution the NFA is illegal, so jot that down.

  7. They can have my gunm when they chop it from my superglue’dm handm a grenadem with the pinm pulled and take it, take it, take it pretty baby boom.
    Oooh aagghhh.
    And yesterday I saw you standing by the river
    And weren’t those tears that filled your eyes
    And all the fish that lay in dirty water dying
    Thank God your here this time.

        • Oddly it was mostly my making woke AI jokes the other day that got me………Void got the AI part though so not that I guess.

      • I took a complete one-week break from TTAG after being modded several times in one day. Upon my return recently, I was immediately modded again. Then again. Took the rest of the day off.

        I’ve been reading TTAG for several years, and been a regular commenter since 2019. TTAG used to be the first (of only two) gun-related sites I visited every morning. Things have gotten to the point where I now only visit maybe every other day, and only open half the articles at most. All those potential site views lost that add up, and I know I’m not the only one. But make too much of a stink about the filters, and you risk having one of the admins (I’m looking at you, Jeremy) roaring out of his cave like an angry bear and blaming WordPress, then aggressively telling us to just take it on the chin and shut up.

        Oh, and it’s now the afternoon, and I’m only now visiting TTAG for the day, and only two articles. I don’t feel like hassling with the filters today.

        I’m now going to flip a coin to see if this gets posted, or modded and ghosted.

        • RF sold out to the canada’s. He was smart. ttag faces the same problem as the nra does. If gun control is broken we have no need for them going forward.

          This site has down a rapid downhill slide.

        • The only real advantage I see to this site over most others is the fact that I/we can comment without the whole registration & logon hassle. Plus the smaller community, which lends to being able to befriend others here more easily. But a lot of good ones have left over the past year or so…

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