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Hard to imagine that all you have to do is negligently murder a nice lady to be punished as the butt of memes forever.


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    • Right around the time he called his teenage daughter a “disgusting pig”, and she released the audio of that call…

    • I like how the soldier in the pic (whether with his own real face or Baldwin’s) is holding a monstrous piece of weaponry that would leave a big ‘ol hole, but has a tourniquet at the ready on his shoulder. It’s like a meme within a meme. Always be prepared, and all that…

  1. Even harder to imagine that you could murder a nice lady and then file a lawsuit against everyone who was there including the second person you shot who happened to survive.


  3. Hard to imagine a more deserving feckless douche bag than one who would drop the hammer on a woman killing her and wounding the guy behind her, except one who would then sue everyone else to distract from his own guilt.

    Scumbag thy name is Alex!

  4. Great meme….. and great Photoshop. I missed the title and was trying to figure out what war movie Baldwin had been in recently.

    • Not really, he did Trump like everything else he’s ever done, half-assed, but with Trump he added a whole lot of hate which made it even worse. I haven’t watched SNL for nearly 20 years (and I was there for the first one) but I saw clips of dumbass trying to be funny Trump, he sucked at it just like everything else about SNL for the past two decades. Did watch the Dave Chappell monolog THAT was good.

      • {Baldwin}

        “…but with Trump he added a whole lot of hate…”

        I noticed that starting on anyone conservative on SNL around when Regan got elected, and they just kept on ramping it up as time went on. With Ford, it was Chevy Chase doing pratfalls, as time went on they dialed up the *mean*…

        • Ditto what Dude said. I watched the interview with Chevy Chase (a year ago? two?) in which he not only admitted SNL actively attempted to steer their viewers’ political opinions, he boasted of it.

  5. I remember vividly being ridiculed as a very small kid, playing with a toy cap pistol.
    Nasty shouting woman: “A gun is a PENIS! A gun is a PENIS!!”
    Didn’t know her from Adam. But I could feel the hate. Baldwin harbors that same hatred, and has danced on our good names and reputations repeatedly. Childishly. For most of his (allegedly) adult life. With vigor and with relish.
    I believe that it is now his turn in the barrel…

    • “Nasty shouting woman: “A gun is a PENIS! A gun is a PENIS!!”
      Didn’t know her from Adam. But I could feel the hate.”

      She was enraged that you had one, and she never would.

      If that was ever directed at me, I’d probably tell her “You’re just pissed that you’ve never felt a real one between your legs”. (Then most likely run like hell.)

      Spreading love and compassion, everywhere I go, I am… 🙂

      • I feelvlike there’s a much better, and rather cutting, comment about sloppy facials in there somewhere if you care to go looking.

  6. His hand held the gun, he’s guilty. Everything he’s trying to spew about other people is a desperate man shoveling a load of bullshit.

  7. Now that’s Funny.

    Didn’t care for this Idiot before he shot and killed someone, and I care less for him now.


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