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“One of the mechanisms by which California’s laws produce their effect is [that] we have a substantially lower prevalence of firearm ownership in this state than many other states do,” [UC Davis’s Garen J.] Wintemute says. “There are fewer of those tools in circulation…and no surprise, they get used less.”

Studies show that suicides account for more than half of U.S. gun deaths; and not to mention the casualties caused by mass shootings in schools, churches, supermarkets, and other public places. Recently, California also introduced a law that allows gun violence victims to sue gun manufacturers for the damages their products cause.

“Violence is a very complex health and social problem. There is no easy fix… the one right thing to do is a lot of things at the same time,” Wintemute says. “So that if one intervention doesn’t stop a particular sort of case, maybe another one will. To do one thing in a complex system is to simply allow that system to adapt and continue to produce what it’s going to produce.”

— Andrew D. Johnson in California’s Answer to Gun Violence Could Be a Model for the Entire Country 

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  1. “California Keeps Gun Ownership Lower by Overwhelming Citizens With Laws and Regulations”

    Let me fix that for you…

    California Keeps Gun Ownership Lower by Overwhelming Citizens With Unconstitutional Laws and Regulations

    • Even though ca. is pathetic there are knee jerk rinos in d.c. who threw the rights of the law abiding under the bus. Their “excuse” for screwing the rights of the law abiding was based on the actions of a sick criminally insane punk in Uvalde TX.

      Make no mistake about it…The actions of criminals has been allowed to become the foundation for your 2A Rights. That sleazy backdoor Gun Control mixture of your rights and the acts of criminals belongs in a toilet.

      Let it be known…Fools, rinos and democRats who support Gun Control in any shape, matter or form support what is a racist and nazi based agenda. After all History Confirms Gun Control is Rooted in Racism and Genocide.

      • Debbie, it happens in other parts of the world under the title of crisis management. After an event new laws are added or existing laws changed to supposedly address the problem. Never let a tragedy go to waste is the maxim. Sometimes laws are written in advance to be applied when an event happens. Australia’s post Port Arthur gun laws were written by a bureaucrat several years before.

      • Still wondering when that ol “Citizen’s Veto” of government overreach and flagrant unconstitutional behavior will finally start happening.

        • Still wondering when that ol “Citizen’s Veto” of government overreach and flagrant unconstitutional behavior will finally start happening.”

          You would be wondering until you are old and gray, and beyond.

    • you left out “and other unconstitutional bullshit” at the end. Just sayin’ LOL

  2. “Violence is a very complex health and social problem.”

    Criminal: “I’m going to kill you with this knife”….. stab stab stab…’

    Defender: Bang! Bang!

    complex health and social problem solved.

    • ““Violence is a very complex health and social problem. There is no easy fix…”

      No, they are not health and social problems. They are Crime Problems, plain and simple.

      People are actively and willingly breaking the law, and many of those who are trying to protect themselves from these wanton lawbreakers are often the ones being perscecuted and prosecuted, not the original law-breakers.

      Make the original lawbreakers the ones being chased relentlessly and remove from office via elections those who place the perps above victims. Insist on this and never let up. The vast majority of Americans know this is the right move and will support it when we continue to press this principle.

  3. If this is the “case”, then why are California’s crime stats as high as they are? This article is a poor example of hollow propaganda.

    • The problem is, you can’t ask the morons such tough questions. Mainstream media gives a free platform to the fascists to spout their lunacy. Mainstream media won’t give you a platform, nor will they ask the tough questions.

      The fact is, gun control cities are cesspools of human waste. No one will address that issue. Crime statistics put almost all of the most violent neighborhoods and zip codes right at Democrat doorstep.

      • Paul,

        The fact is, gun control cities are cesspools of human waste.

        Literally, as well as figuratively.

    • IT’s NOT about CRIME per sec. It’s about certain types of crime that have devestating consequences like GUN CRIME. JUst because the UK Europe and say Canada hvae stringent and Dracoian b guncontrols in place does NOT mean they are by any means crime free, Far from it. Butbthe crimes they do have have less erious consequences. @ Let me give you just ONE example.
      The TOTAL of ILLEGAL DEATHS in the UK per annum hover around 800 and 900 for a population of around 70 million. Those ILLEGAL deaths include GUN CRIMES, KNIFE CRIMES. Incidence of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ending in DEATH, Acts of TERRORISM and MANSLAUGHTER [where death is not the original intent].
      Exterpolated to the USA on a per.capita. basis this would mean for a population approx 4 to 5 times that of the UK and annualy illegal death rate of between 4 and 4.5 thousand. In comparison in the last accountable year there were 22,000 plus deaths by gun crime alone in the USA and most probably at least as many again illegal deaths by other means. And the LEAST common of these are ACTS OT TERRORISM.

      • What-ho, Squiffy. Top hole. Bally Jerry pranged his kite right in the how’s your father. Hairy blighter, dicky-birdied, feathered back on his Sammy, took a waspy, flipped over on his Betty Harper’s and caught his can in the Bertie.

      • to Albert

        Thanks for the informative post about Crime in Britain. The Hillbillies here on this forum now have egg on their face. Of course they will refuse to admit the truth or believe the truth and of course reject the truth with the usual wave of their unwashed hand.

        • Dacian and Albert, same puppetmaster, possibly different strings.

          Both spew the same nonsense, Al doesn’t ever reply to defend his position. Dacian will lie about what you said and never defend his.

          Doesn’t matter, confronting lies, no matter the master, is what we must always do.

      • Albert Hall,

        If criminals used pillows to murder (via violent suffocation) 40,000 people ever year in the United Kingdom, would you advocate to make pillows illegal in the United Kingdom?

        If not, how many innocent victims would criminals have to murder every year with pillows before you would advocate to make pillows illegal?

      • Albert, for your edification there is NO SUCH THING as “gun crime”. For your continued edification, a gun is an inanimate object incapable of any action let lone a crime. The problem is VIOLENT PEOPLE. People kill people not guns.

      • Has it cooled off enough for your computer to work?

        Still not seeing the forest for the trees.

        And WTF is a “semi-automatic machine gun”?

        • AR-15?

          Good morning S C,

          Headed to my range tomorrow (Thursday) morning to ring some steel. Hope your Thursday is turning out to be as much fun!!

        • Nah. Global MS Teams outage.

          Doesn’t stop the self-entitled starfish users from demanding it is fixed immediately.

      • Albert L J Hall and dacian the Dunderhead. It seems that the real egg is on both your faces. For your edification the US is not Great Britain.

        Dunderhead, if you think Great Britain is so much better, we will pay you to leave provided you never come back.

      • There is no gun violence problem. We have a CRIME problem because blue states won’t lock up the criminals. Commit Murder= out of jail and back on the street in 24 hrs. How you going to blame the gun? It’s criminals and a lack of the justice dept to do what it’s supposed to do , because of looney Govs , mayors etc.
        Now , have you kissed the Queen’s ass yet? You never answered the last time I asked.

  4. “Violence is a very complex health and social problem.”

    So we can’t call 911 any more and say “There’s a criminal killing some one!” – we need to be politically correct now when we call 911 and say “There’s a very complex health and social problem killing someone!”

  5. “California Keeps Gun Ownership Lower by Overwhelming Citizens With Laws and Regulations”

    Don’t Americans have a right to petition the government with their grievances?

    Try and do something about it in California, and get this treatment :

    • I have to agree that the statute violates the First Amendment. The nice thing, at least as I see it, is that you can challenge this statute itself without running the risk of being slammed for the state’s attorney’s fees because it is not a statute regulating firearms..

    • One thing they got right is holding all parties responsible, including the lawyers. That needs to be applied to the PLCAA so the antis stop getting the poor victims families to file illegal lawsuits and leave the gun companies with an order to ruling to pay expenses from somebody who won’t ever be able to pay. The rest of the law is BS. Maybe some Californians should sue their legiators for conspiracy to deny them of their Constitutional rights.

  6. So when a carjacker wastes a family stealing a car are you to sue the evil car makers? When someone gets stabbed with a screwdriver we sue tool maker? Killed with a broken bottle the bottler? A garrote sue the wire maker? Baseball bat bat maker? Is there anywhere in US worse than California?

    • Redneck.45lc,

      Is there anywhere in US worse than California?

      I can make a very strong case for New Jersey.

      New Jersey Laws are equally horrific and their taxes are probably higher than California. New Jersey’s cost of living could also be higher than California (or at least darn close to it.) And at least some (many?) of California’s counties had “shall-issue” concealed carry licensing in practice versus the entirety of New Jersey with “may-issue” licensing which was effectively “no-issue” in practice. Throw in California’s vastly superior scenery and weather and I think we can definitively say that New Jersey is even worse than California.

      P.S. California and New Jersey are also running neck-and-neck on firing-pin microstamping, “smart guns”, and handgun rosters.

  7. By this logic we could reduce all crime dramatically by further infringing on everyone’s liberty. Mandatory 10:00 PM curfews would probably eliminate most violent crime.

    We could probably eliminate all crime if we turn the country into one giant prison.

    • That is a bit later in the progression of society somewhere around the banning of sporks.

      • We’re one uploaded picture of a spork lodged in a sea turtle’s nostril from that becoming a reality.

        • I am in a state that already banned plastic bags, Styrofoam, and plastic straws in addition to all of our retarded gun laws. While my statement may be humorous I was not joking.

        • my municipality banned plastic “tshirt” grocery bags. paper was ok. then came the chingchong flu and the concern that all those sustainably produced reusable hemp totes were harboring the virus. back to plastic.
          i am behind enemy lines.

        • tsbhoa.p.jr we had a 1ish year delay on the plastic grocery bags due to covid but went through with the Styrofoam and straws and then the plastic bags around earlish 2021 (sooner for Albany)

    • zerofoo,

      That is the exact end-goal of Progressives–turning our entire society into a giant soft prison.

      Of course the Progressive Ruling Class would be outside and in charge of our giant soft prison.

    • @zerofoo

      Apparently, you’ve never looked up the stats for assault and other crimes in prison…

  8. That pretty much defines what a bureaucracy is. Overly complicated red tape and nonsense is going to scare a lot of people off, no matter their goals.

    • Also gov employees justifying their paycheck by assisting consumers in the navigation of the process…… some of the stories my coworkers tell me of other Departments make me realize we could scale back a lot of areas, remove much if not all government oversight and probably have a net improvement to the public.

  9. Violence is a very complex health and social problem … if one intervention doesn’t stop a particular sort of case, maybe another one will.

    I agree 10000%.

    When (not “if”) government interventions fail to prevent or stop a violent attacker (like we just witnessed at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texax), I insist upon my inalienable right to effective self-defense–firearms–to protect me and my family.

  10. Gun control is more about cash flow than controlling guns. The amount of money and payroll for gun control zealots drives them, not for the purposes of saving a single life. Same goes for helping the homeless.

    • It comes back to politics. Pro-Constitution, legal gun owners are the enemy. Notice how they don’t spend half the energy going after gang culture. They mention the total number of firearm incidents, but they rarely bring up how much of it is gang related. There’s a reason for that.

  11. GUn owners of America you have been warned. Wher California goes others follow,. Why? Simply because of Californias ECONOMIC clout as the powerhouse of the American economy . I California was counted as a sperate economic entity it would rank FOURTH in the world economic league behind the USA CHINA and JAPAN inn terms of GDP. California’s GDP alone is two and a half times that of Russia.

    • CALI has made their living mainly off of the immorality of Hollywood and the Bad boy/girl/it culture….I hope all the GOOD AND MORAL people that reside there escape…and all the BAD AND IMMORAL migrate there…Because it will be a real pleasure to watch it break off and sink into the ocean, one day!

  12. Ladies and Gentlemen of TTAG: at this point in my presentation I would like to turn the podium over to Haz for his POV on the California CCW issuance boondoggle…(muted sound of polite clapping and a chorus of “FJB’s” followed by “FGN’s”)

    • One of the few states that makes NY look less tyrannical………..oh wait more gun restrictions pending in legislature

    • (Haz has entered the chatroom)

      This week marks 52 weeks since I turned in my application. LASD promptly cashed my fee check (I have my bank’s scanned image as evidence), but told me upon my “good cause” interview 8 months later they had nothing on file and I still needed to pay. I sent the scanned image. I was told by another Deputy this week I cannot pick up my permit until I pay the fee. Told that person it was already paid and cashed a year ago. I have to submit evidence…again.

      LASD does not accept cash for fee payments. Money Orders or cashier checks only. When I got my Nevada permit, I paid the (small) fee in cash at the Sheriff station. For LASD, the Deputy told me there may be two fee totals depending upon how things go if/when I am called to finally pick up my permit (for which I was informed over a week ago I’ve already been approved, but not scheduled yet for pickup). That means I need to bring two Money Orders, give them the one that will be the correct, and find some way to use the other one so my money isn’t wasted (will probably mail it to SCE to pay a future electric bill).

      I have never received a straight answer from any LASD contact along the way. Nobody seems to know the process well enough to give answers. I still haven’t been able to get a proper answer to my previous question of “what is the renewal process/timeline going to be”.

      To be continued…

      (slumps shoulders, staggers off stage)

      • Haz provides us with a reality we are loathe to admit: Second Amendment is not all that important, after all. There are other things we value more highly: jobs, locations, family, convenience, comfort, money, communities, to name a few.

        Haz, and other people suffering the delay, or removal, of constitutionally-protected rights do have an alternative (costly though it may be): move to a state that honors the Second Amendment.

        Let’s be honest with ourselves: we (including me) want what we want, at the lowest effort, and least costly means possible.

        When it comes to the Second Amendment (like so many things) we run in circles, scream and shout, but are unwilling to actually sacrifice much of anything to freely exercise our RTKBA.

      • “LASD does not accept cash for fee payments.”

        Now that’s a twist. Probably don’t trust their people to register the payment, expecting some of them to pocket the cash instead. Here, it was cash only when we applied for our CHLs.

        Head up and shoulders back, man. Don’t give up.

      • If you get cashier’s checks from your bank, you should be able to surrender the unused one and have the amount applied back to your account.

  13. The Article is spot on and quote—————-California’s Answer to Gun Violence Could Be a Model for the Entire Country———–quote

    What California does usually the rest of the U.S. eventually follows especially in Social Programs for the poor and needy and in gun control. Many East Coast States have followed California’s lead.

    But there are two problems that California faces.

    1. The are only one State and often lack the resources to fully implement or adequately impliment their programs or programs they would like to implement and unfortunately the gangster criminal Republicans at the Federal Level will not spend any money to help needy Americans.

    The Gangster Criminal Republicans have blocked every modern Social Program introduced in Congress including:

    Affordable Health care,

    Affordable Drug care,

    Affordable Higher Education,

    Affordable Vocational Training

    Retraining of displaced workers.

    Gun control,

    A livable wage,

    Protection of the rights of LGBT people,

    Women’s right to choose,

    Voting rights,

    Housing for the homeless,

    Workers rights to form a union,

    Funding for research for infectious diseases and vaccine development,

    Making corporations pay their fare share of taxes and in many cases pay even pay “any” taxes at all ,

    Failure to pass climate control legislation while the earth burns up under our feet,

    The list is long and sad and totally outrageous.

    2. The Republicans failure to pass sane gun control results in over 40,000 people a year needlessly dying from gunfire every year in a nation now gone completely insane with mass murders that happen now almost every day. Still the demented Republicans look at this mad house we all live in “as perfectly normal”.

    California’s vetting of all gun purchases is spot on and long overdue for the rest of the country.

    Californians gun laws are sabotaged by Hillbilly States that have little or no control over deadly weapons of mass destruction i.e. the Assault rifles and permit the purchase and trafficking of second hand guns that are shipped in by gun runners to other states like California that have tough gun laws making those laws far less effective in stopping maniacs and criminals from buying all the firepower they want. Its pure insanity of course but in Capitalvania life is considered by the Republicans to be cheap and expendable.

    • Typical counterfactual contrarian projection from Far Left Nutcase dacky boy.

      Duck season!

    • LOL ok as to your precious social programs from one living with them lets see how the reality works out:

      Affordable Health care, -Highest covid death rate in the country and highest SIDS for infants

      Affordable Drug care, -Still unaffordable and makes health insurance even more expensive

      Affordable Higher Education, -SUNY graduates perform almost at the level of community college in flyover states but its free if your parents make under 150k combined

      Affordable Vocational Training – Actually one of the few programs that work (because it’s participants actually get a job and work)

      Retraining of displaced workers. – You mean rehiring those who refused an experimental vaccine or lost their job due to globalism LMAO nah

      Gun control, – Increasing crime rate and making it harder for poor and POC to own firearms legally

      A livable wage, -Higher pay higher taxes/cost of goods if we are lucky it’s a wash

      Protection of the rights of LGBT people, -what rights of theirs are being infringed? If anything they are given preferential treatment pretty much anywhere and I have no doubt many lie about their status (gay for pay or whatever the kids are calling it now to get into college/employed)

      Women’s right to choose, – They can choose not to be promiscuous or just take a trip to one of the many states that wastes untold millions of taxpayer money (reducing living wage and healthcare for other citizens) housing, transporting, and performing the procedure like here in NY

      Voting rights, – My wife’s 3 dead uncles have voted in every election since I moved up here…. voter id is not infringing on anyone.

      Housing for the homeless, -LOL yeah good luck with having them live there in all but about 12% of the ones who are homeless.

      Workers rights to form a union, – Sometimes relevant often not but always a good show to see Starbucks and Amazon freak out.

      Funding for research for infectious diseases and vaccine development, -When we do any that is not focused on building bioweapons or testing 30 year old MRNA tech that has failed miserably at every stage of animal testing to the point that it is still in clinical trials with dim prospects of actual approval lol comerty

      Making corporations pay their fare share of taxes and in many cases pay even pay “any” taxes at all , – Globalist companies do all they can to not pay taxes and pass costs on to US consumers. Honestly good luck on this one but few democrats or republicans would ever push this one while American based companies pay more than their fair share.

      Failure to pass climate control legislation while the earth burns up under our feet, LOL Africa LMAO China ROTFLMAO India. Let me know when Europe, Australia, and North America combined produces enough emissions let alone pollution to equal one of those 3.

      Assuming you are idealistic and utterly ignorant of how the world actually is you have a lot of catching up to do with facts and how they relate to cause and effect. In the more likely event that you are just a lefty troll I would tell you to go to hell but you will make your own.

    • You clearly fail economics. Where is the money for all these programs going to come from? The tax base of middle class wage earners is shrinking. Your corporate cronies, particularly the tech and media companies, have carved out exemptions to corporations tax for themselves.

    • Nothing but insurrectionist bs. The left would sell their mom for a kickback from corporations like drug companies and apparently chip manufacturers. The ones who won’t sell their mother will have her put in a old peoples home and have covid positive people reside there as well.

  14. I find it interesting that they only focus on gun crime. What about all the other violent crimes that don’t cause death i.e. rapes, stabbings with any type of object, beatings. Those out number gun deaths including suicides by millions.

    Andrew, how to these people protect themselves from these violent crimes if they don’t have a firearm to defend themselves?

    • “Andrew, how to these people protect themselves from these violent crimes if they don’t have a firearm to defend themselves?”

      Wow. You really are out of touch with reality. “Victims” have a natural, human, and civil obligation to be victims, so that the attacker isn’t attacking someone else at that moment. Victims need to understand, and accept, their standing, their purpose in a free society; victimhood.

  15. California keeps gunms from crminals hands by overwhelming the citezens with gunm laws.
    Oh cant yah see
    Oh cant yah see
    What that state
    is doing to me.

  16. “To do one thing in a complex system is to simply allow that system to adapt and continue to produce what it’s going to produce.”

    Hmm, that sounds an awful lot like, “People are going to keep doing what they want to do, no matter what I say about it.” We’ve been saying that for years. So, doc, now that you agree with us, why do you idgits keep focusing on guns?

  17. Well, somebody has to pay for Gov. Gruesome’s hair spray. That nancyboy look ain’t cheap y’know.

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