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Honestly I’m not entirely sure I understand why this became a meme. I mean, everyone knows Springfield doesn’t have any QC guys. (I kid! I kid. They’re fine firearms and they deserve a carve-out from my sarcasm.)


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      • Be honest. All the guns Haz mentioned are useable out of the box. But the male of the species likes to get into dick waving contests. Cars, guns, you name it and we’ve got opinions.

        • Everyone loves that Tuco quote, “When you have to shoot, SHOOT, don’t talk!” but the movie’s a touch dated and needs an update.

          “…don’t talk, or add a bunch of dumb shit to a gun to try to cover up the fact that you suck at shooting because all you’ll do is spend a bunch of money and still suck at shooting.”

        • Accurate, pun intended, but as stated, not quotable.

          Wallach made one hell of a bandito in movies. Not bad for a New York born Jew.

  1. i have no interest in anything the clowns using the Springfield Armory name use to make a profit. They don’t deserve it.

    • My Springfield XDm 5.25in in 10mm is an excellent pistol. Springfield management may be complete freaking assholes but the men and women assembling these firearms have my thanks and gratitude for their excellent craftsmanship. Dame with my Springfield Saint 300BLK. Another awesome firearm.

        • here’s the story. i’m not promoting anything. i finished up adjusting the scope on a 300 win mag that was shooting under 1 inch at 400 yards. another club member came up to me to ask for advise. his brand new, out of the box, $2000 Springfield Armory m1a couldn’t keep shoots on a 12 inch square paper at 50 yards, or if they hit the paper they keyholed. i opened his breech and looked down the bore and there was NO rifling. told him to return it as defective, don’t know the outcome.

      • Springfield doesn’t make the XD. They’re made in Croatia by HS, and Springfield imports them and puts their name on it.

        • Yeah, but under US law, that makes them responsible for the quality of the product they advertise and deliver. My son has a Springfield 1911 that he loves. I’ve shot it, and found it reliable and within my expectations for accuracy in a 1911. Not the best 1911 I’ve ever shot, but not the worst, either. If people have reliability problems with a marque, that problem stays with them for a while. Building back consumer trust is a slow process. OTOH, I’ve run across a few shooters whose “problem guns” weren’t really a problem – it was the loose nut behind the trigger causing all the problems.

        • Lamp,
          Besides the Springfield Saint 300BLK the Springfield XDm 5.25in in 10mm my 1911 45acp is also Springfield. The 45 is point and shoot. I love it but a coworker had the same gun and said he had fliers all the time and multiple gunsmiths couldn’t fix the problem for him. I’m sure there is an answer there for him somewhere but mine is fantastic.

    • They fund a lot of entertaining YouTube channels and import one of the few bullpups those of us with the debilitating handicap of being left handed can shoot.

  2. My first pistol was an XD. Still have it years later. Never had a misfire. And I can’t stand shooting Blocks. Yes, the Croatians make fine firearms.

  3. Is “dove tail safety” supposed to be beaver tail? I don’t get this one. Googling only found this meme and a 10+ year old recall notice.

    • A ‘dovetail safety’ is a ‘notched’ type safety on the grip. On the XD this is that ‘curved’ (a curved notch) grip safety on the grip.

      Beavertail is the part that keeps your hand from sliding up to the back of the slide and protrudes further back on the frame below the slide rear. On the XD this is above the dovetail safety.

      • because for some reason wordpress omitted it, so to continue…

        A ‘dovetail safety’ is a ‘notched’ type safety on the grip that doesn’t cover a majority of the rear grip and sits below the beavertail.

        • ‘dovetail safety’ is more of a generic term. the actual implementation can take different forms.

          the idea has been used before.

        • Depending on the implementation naming and design a ‘dovetail safety’ is also called a ‘beavertail grip safety’, for example, the CMC Products 1911 Beavertail Grip Safety.

          You already know what this is, (most) all gun people have heard of it at some point, you just know it by its more common name of ‘grip safety’.

          A ‘grip safety’ is an old concept that goes back to the 1800’s. There have also been revolvers that used it… for example…

          clarification: the ‘notch’ portion …. the ‘notch’ actually refers to the grip ‘cut out’ portion (under the grip safety) from which the grip safety ‘protrudes’ (a curved notch that follows the lines of the gun/grip contour).

          The term ‘dovetail safety’ isn’t used much and it was never really popular.

          In today’s world the grip safety evolved into another branch of gun safeties with what is known as a ‘trigger safety’ which serves the same overall purpose only with the finger instead of the hand.

      • That’s a grip safety. *Literally* nobody but this meme (and apparently you, LOL) has ever called it a “dovetail” safety.

  4. I recently purchased a Springfield M1A Scout Squad. Great rifle. Robust. Tack driver. Easy to maintain. It’s the FDE variant with the two-tone stock and the green cotton sling. Beautiful rifle. Even came with a rifle case. Magazines are little expensive, but you can’t have everything.

  5. I’ve owned lots of Springfield Armory firearms. Mostly early stuff. Still own a bit. A friend really likes his XDs. Never could warm up to them. Just me.

  6. I don’t have an XD simply because I don’t exactly need another handgun. I do have a couple other Springfield products. None less than 10 years old, so not up to date on current production issues etc. My M1A is about as good a rifle as I could ask for. Of course it’s 20 years old.

  7. personally
    i think my 9mm xdm elite 3.8 osp
    is a better quality pistol
    than my sig p365 xl
    the trigger reset may not be quite as nice
    but the slide feels much smoother when i rack it
    the fit and finish are nicer
    and the mags are definitely better
    the p365 had molding marks i had to clean up on the grip frame around the trigger cutout and under the trigger guard after i bought it brand new
    and the slide does this annoying little thing where it moves up quite a bit when you pull the trigger back right before the striker releases
    i paid the same for each
    i like them both
    i trust them both
    the springfield is my nightstand gun
    the sig is my carry gun
    but i feel like i overpaid a bit for the sig for the quality i actually got

  8. I’m not super well versed in Springfield’s offerings. My M1A is great and my wife has a XDs in .45 that used to be her carry gun until she decided that moar ammo = better when being harassed by fairly large groups of people.

    I’ve got no problem with what we have from them but they don’t really register as something I’d buy more of.

  9. I could feel the steely eyes of death behind me. I heard a violin playing and felt a bony hand upon my shoulder.
    Somthing wasn’t right.
    Rembrandting my martial arts training I quickly spun and gouged the paint brush into the eye socket, to no avail as my opponent had no eyes. Quickly I brought forward my shield sticking it into his mouth, which he found none to palatable. In his moment of confusion I acquired posession of the violin, whereupon I set about playing “When the Devil came to Georgia” the harmonic vibrations created by the fiddle shook the skeleton to a pile of useless bones, no this skeleton was not part of theBiden administration, the world is safe for now.

    • Wish my emu (ammo) stash could be viewed as Rubenesque. But alas, nothing over .45 in my humble holdings. Portfolio? No, no…gallery!

    • Possum, you do well whenever you wax eloquent. Don’t ever let anybody tell you different.

  10. Springfield for 1911’s all the way. Certainly higher quality. I looked at the Saint rifles. They are tempting but I’d rather have an AR that I build. Although the M1A just might make it’s way into my life at some point. XD’s are ok but I do consider there to be plenty of other better choices.

    • I have a Sig red dot on my Springfield Saint 300BLK. At a hundred yards I’m drawing smiley faces on my targets. I am really happy with this pistol. When I went to Springfields site it was no longer available don’t know why but glad I got mine.

  11. Over Night for the House:

    Democrats gained one giving them 211 – Republicans still at 218 (they have house majority control) – 427 of 435 races called.

    House races to watch if you bet the odds:

    California 3rd – Republican Kevin Kiley has increased his lead over the democrat challenger Kermit Jones – 60.5% of votes reported – still a tight race

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    And of course Georgia, we don’t know anything yet because its gone to a run off so it will not be until some time in December until we get the results of that race.

    • Boebert took Commierado. Frisch conceded. It got down to 200+/- votes left to count, and Boebert was 500 votes ahead.

  12. ‘dovetail safety’ is more of a generic term. the actual implementation can take different forms.

    the idea has been used before.

  13. I worked in industry for many years and it is no secret that in times of increased demand that quality control goes out the window (if the company even had any to begin with). Profit is the only worry in most companies and to hell with customer satisfaction or even retaining any customers.

    In the dead hand of the distant past gun companies were mostly owned by families who went to great lengths to test a new firearm before it was ever sold to the public. Today all that has changed as greed monger firearms companies test guns on the public because its cheaper than buying large quantities of expensive ammunition to do the long term testing themselves. Endless recalls have become the norm, not the exception. The blind greed of the stockholders are the only thing that matters not customer satisfaction.

    A good rule of thumb is “Never ever buy a new model firearm unless its been on the market for a minimum of at least 2 years.”

    As P.T. Barnum once said “There is a sucker born every minute” and that goes double for gun buyers.

    • @dacian

      You worked in what industry? Janitorial services, escort, drool wiper for Nancy Pelosi? It obviously wasn’t the firearms industry, there are simply too many obvious errors and bits of obviously verifiability wrong information about firearms in your various posts for you to have worked in the firearms industry.

      “worked in the industry” is yet another figment of your imagination. I suggest you take your meds, have a cookie, and take a nap.

      • to Booger Brain

        I am sure you conjured up all this information by looking into your Crystal ball and listening to the voices in your head. You know nothing about me and wishing you did does not make it so.

      • After he got doxxed I visited his facebook page. He was a young man by his photo and had no claims of education or job history. He did have an unhealthy fascination with a then underage greta thurnberg.

        Every comment he makes is based in lies. But we knew that.


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