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Measure 114 opponents fear the measure will increase the background check backlog and cause unnecessary delays for people who can legally buy a gun and want to protect themselves.

State police are “hopelessly under gunned, pardon the phrase,” said Tim Barnes, a federal firearms licensed dealer who owns the Tigard Pawn 4 More shop. “They don’t have the staff or the equipment.”

Barnes sells guns, handles gun transfers as a licensed dealer and holds guns as collateral against pawn loans.

Trudi Lacasse, a representative of The Gun Room in Southeast Portland, said interested gun buyers, including people with concealed handgun licenses, are finding the state police “queue is very high” to get a completed background check.

They’re having to wait a couple of weeks, she said. But nobody leaves her shop with a gun until they’re approved through a completed background check, she added.

Barnes spoke to The Oregonian/OregonLive this week as he was processing a prospective gun buyer at his pawn shop and telling the customer, who has a concealed handgun license, that he was No. 2,182 in line on the state police list for a firearms background check.

“It’s like if you’re waiting to see a Led Zeppelin concert, to get in to see him you’ve got to get through the door,” Barnes said. “This guy is the 2,182nd person in line stretching out into the parking lot before he gets to the door, before he gets looked at by state police and processed.”

— Maxine Bernstein in Oregon gun sales skyrocket after gun control Measure 114 passes

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    • @Whyat Most likely article was written a 10:05am. I bet every online gun seller is getting hammered by sales to Oregon residents (excuse the Paul Pelosi referance ). UPS and FedEx will of course delay shipments to Oregon to assist in the new law implementation.

      • “(excuse the Paul Pelosi referance )”

        There’s Nancy Pelosi news scheduled to break this morning, something tells me she will announce she’s retiring from Congress to tend to Paul…

        • She got her insider trading cash. They’ll go from a corrupt old kook to a corrupt young kook though. Same as always.

        • Nancy Nancy Nancy (or as Joe calls his political mistress ‘Nance’) …. what will you do. You craved power, you got it being speaker of the house. You craved dominating a whole nation too, and now those plans are trashed. If the constitution didn’t require the vice-president involvement in the senate you would be there too. But Joe didn’t pick you for vice president, and now Joe is tossing you aside realizing the house power he relied on is no longer there.

          So Nancy, whats left for you to fulfill your yearnings and cravings for a one-party-rule-elite in the ancro-tyranny you crave with you at the top of the elite?

          Sure maybe you can stay in government for a while but face it you are but a dried up old husk and before long even voters will not want you.

          Its come to an end for you Nancy, just resign and avoid a long drawn out political death.

    • And according to a dealer I talked with, the wait time to complete the background check was already measured in months before this measure came along!

      BTW, from email I’ve gotten from a few different groups, at least three different pro-Second Amendment groups are already putting together a legal challenge, with hopes to get in front of a judge and get an injunction against enforcement by the last week of the month. It’s pretty bloody obvious that this law fails constitutional tests on vagueness, intermediate scrutiny, and strict scrutiny totally apart from Bruen; Bruen is just the final nail in the coffin.

    • Ridiculous and clearly unacceptable wait times are a feature, not a bug, which is the reason the Fed version of NICS defaults to “approved” after 3 days. If it did not, you can figure the approval apparatus would be 100% defunded almost immediately, so there would never be another legal gun sale. When state law was passed allowing unlimited wait time, I can guarantee that someone mentioned that, but was poo-pooed with “don’t be ridiculous” or some such. If they were determined not to allow a single sale without that all-important, critical safety component (absolutely useless) background check, the process would be funded to assure that they never approached 2 days, let alone 3, in other than extreme circumstances.

    • Better check your sources, the approval wait number was 13,000 + as of yesterday afternoon

      If they are taking that long, they are denying a right, courts, particularly those on the east side of the state need to do their part.

  1. At least in Florida, if you have the CWP, there’s no additional check when buying a gun. Walk in, lay your money down, walk out with your new (to you) boom-stick.

    C’mon, Oregonians, sue the bastards into ‘Bruen’ compliance…

    • You don’t complete a 4473 in Florida?

      With a Texas LTC we have to do a 4473, it’s not submitted for approval, just held by the FFL.

      • Yes, we fill out the 4473.

        But the store does *not* make the call for the background check, if you have a valid CWP.

        No call, no 3-day wait, walk in, choose your gat, pay your money, scribble on the 4473, and walk out with your new toy… 🙂

        • And, like Texas, person-to-person private sales are completely unregulated.

          It’s only your business if you decide to buy or sell your private 2A property.

          (NFA items excluded, for the time being…)

        • In exactly which county is this taking place? Because even with a FL CWP you need to complete a background check with the FDLE. You can purchase multiple firearms at a time and only do one background check, or just purchase one firearm, but a background check is always completed through FDLE.

      • “In exactly which county is this taking place? ”

        Polk County, with sheriff Grady “Because they ran out of bullets” Judd.

        I walk into my LGS, say hi to the folks behind the counter, they pull out the gun I ordered. I fill out the 4473, pay them the $25 transfer fee, and walk out with my new toy.

        At no time is a phone call ever made…

        • Rumor has it that 15000 requests for RPOs (risk protection orders) have been made in Polk. That is over 2% of the county population.

          Can you debunk? I am feeling somewhat alarmed.

        • “Rumor has it that 15000 requests for RPOs (risk protection orders) have been made in Polk.”

          15 thou?

          I know it happened, not the exact numbers, so 1,500 sounds like it might be it…

    • In Alaska, you do not need to go through that BS. Fill out the form (now on an I-pad). Get your back ground check in about ten minutes, and out the door you go with your gun right after that. Simple and easy, and no long-term waiting. I feel for those living in states who get hampered by the leftist crybabies who want to hamper your ability to defend yourself.

  2. That blows! But at least they’re trying to get ahead of 114 now. Should’ve started years ago for most, but some probably living on a more modest budget these days.
    My BIL lives up there…and wasn’t interested in learning about firearms. With the exception of a shotgun. Because that would be less scary I guess.

      • “The smart thing to do is GTFO of Oregon if they value their freedom and lives”

        if they won’t uphold their freedom in oregon, they won’t uphold it anywhere else.

        • “hide behind me”

          that’s exactly what they plan.

          it’s sad, really. they say “I have individual rights and I don’t need anyone else!”, but instinctively recognize that they need to stand with others to win those rights – then they hide behind, rather than stand with, those who WILL fight for their “individual rights”.

      • Hello rant 7, I was born in the beautiful state of Oregon 67 years ago. For some Oregonians, Getting The F**k out of Oregon might be the answer. However, for now at least, I choose to stay right here and fight for my rights as well as the rights of other Oregonians. Measure 114 is a very ill-conceived piece of work designed to defund the police.
        According to the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association it will cost approximately 49 million dollars to start and to maintain measure 114 per year. About 19.5 million dollars will come from permit fees, the remaining 30 million dollars will come from the local government & safety budget/law enforcement priorities fund. This means fewer cops on the streets and less funding for the court systems to incarcerate and keep violent criminals in prison. Measure 114 is constitutionally incorrect, and we need to halt it’s progress ASAP.

  3. Oregon’s slide to leftist stupidity has been 40 years in the making. the leftists dismantled the woods industry through the court systems. Mail in voting ensures that Republicans no longer win the big races. The conti ual influx of people out if state continues to displace the native born Oregonians and place them under the rule of idiots. I was a sixth generation Oregonian but now live in Texas. I miss the PNW, I just don’t miss the stupidity of the cities like Portland, Eugene, Salem, and Ashland.

      • It’s one where the open lies in the bill (its preamble literally says that Oregon is facing a gun crime problem that’s made worse by legal gun owners) and the distortion in the democrat SOS’s bill title (which implied that if you vote against it there’s no background check required at all) appear to have made the difference. It seems to me that nobody who knew what it did and wasn’t already a hard-core anti gun person actually voted for it.

        • That sounds about right. It probably made the difference. I always study what’s going to be on the ballot days before I go.

    • I spent a year in Ashland for reasons 2001-02. I think that experience effectively wiped out the last remnants of any optimistic youthful leftism I had. Open air asylum. It needs to be razed. So many clowns and addicts you’d think you were in a circus for junkies. A Shakespearian circus for junkies.

    • And Sea-addled.

      Tis sad. Leftistas flock to prosperous areas. And take over. Then they take credit for all the good stuff while they ruin it.

    • the leftists dismantled the woods industry through the court systems.

      this was based on the fairy tale that the “NOrhtern SPotted Owl was “endangered” because it can ONLY nest/reproduce in old growth forest. Somehow FedGov got a burr inside their knickers and decided to end the tiimer industry in the Pacific Northwest.
      I have seen the NSO nest in the steel cross-trees of high tension power transmission lines, and in trees twenty feet away from a barn on private land. The whole myth was concocted out of whole cloth. I have never been able to learn WHY that burr was dropped into their knickers, or WHO made that decision to drop it there. But it has ruined the Pacific Northwest’s economy and demographics.

      Doe process? WHO needs that anymore. WE know better than YOU know what’s best for you. And you WILL like it Or else we will “help” you “adjust”.

      • From university courses in the late 1980s into the ’90s I can point out a few things about the spotted owl controversy.
        Initially they did only nest in old growth forest; that’s what the regular population surveys showed for years. But one summer — I think it was 1989 — a couple of the population surveys showed some of the owls moving into older re-growth bordering the old growth, and a couple of summers later the owls were found even farther into the old re-growth.
        That was when one of the zoologists at a state university informally predicted that within ten years the owls’ habitat would be starting to include even younger forests; as it turned out he was off by a few years — it only took six.
        The enviro-freaks at the start totally neglected to take into consideration a basic principle of zoology: population pressures will always drive some members of the species to try new habitat, and continued pressure will drive that process even farther. They assumed that the spotted owl couldn’t possibly survive in anything but their limited habitat — despite the fact that it was known early on that while they weren’t yet nesting outside old growth they had been observed hunting outside that habitat.
        The irony is that they ended up doing the right thing for the wrong reason: by protecting the owl in its original habitat, they set up a situation where populations increased, driving an expansion of the owls’ range into poorer habitat. Owls born in the newer habitat came to adulthood with that as their accustomed habitat, and future generations spread even farther. If the owls hadn’t been protected at first, they may well have died out, but by protecting them and thus increasing population pressure the owls adopted new habitats. They still don’t like young forests, but they’re no longer stuck in old growth. And one thing was learned that was quite important: if dead or mostly-dead trees are left standing amid some old trees, spotted owls will use them — it’s not so much just old growth as it is the forest having trees old enough to have died and still be standing. The reason is that spotted owls do not normally build nests, they just “remodel” protected spaces they find; they prefer hollows in trees but will use spots where a lot of branches are clumped and thus provide shelter — something that results from storm damage to trees. Only in desperation will any use an open platform — they’ve been found nesting among dense ferns on old trees, in clumps of mistletoe, and in the intersections of trunks where on tree has fallen against another.
        Unfortunately the story doesn’t end there; the changing forests have also driven the barred owl into expanding its own habitat, and now the northern spotted owl is in trouble again, this time due to competition from a cousin species. So while they adapted to live in new habitat, they’re on their way to being endangered again.
        At any rate, it wasn’t a myth; one might call it a “myth-understanding”, though, a failure to consider the adaptability of species.

        • @ rant7 —
          No problem. I had the good fortune to know three different researchers who were tracking populations so I was getting raw data — the best way to learn science!
          I also got information via botany classes; two of my professors were looking at the spotted owl issue from the habitat perspective, i.e. what trees made up the forests they were in, the makeup of the understory, and so on. That’s where I learned about owls using damaged trees in older regrowth.
          Just as a matter of interest, they were just starting to use aerial data heavily back then; I bet they love today’s drones for finding nests and observing behavior!

  4. Just goes to show, the dems sell more guns than anyone. When they decide to come and get them, they will cause more violence than anyone else. I won’t be feeling guilty about it either.

    • see, that’s one of the many things about constitutional rights they don’t get. A constitutional right is available all the time to be exercised when the individual chooses to do it and not when a ‘government entity’ decides they can do it. It was the very reason the bill of rights was created, to keep a ‘government’ from deciding what our rights were and when we could use them.

      Requiring ‘government permission’ to buy a firearm is at its foundation and implementation a constitutional right infringement.

      Measure 114 is just another version of a ‘may issue’ scheme already outlawed as unconstitutional under Bruen.

      • “A constitutional right is available all the time to be exercised when the individual chooses to do it”

        competence should play a role. would you sell a gun to a mental incompetent?

        • That’s where the local militia is supposed to step in. The phrase back in the days when the Constitution was “not competent to arms” — we’d throw in the verb “use” after the preposition — and the decisions on that were purely at the local level, made by people who actually knew the individual in question, ultimately by community leaders including the top militia leaders/officers.
          I get immensely frustrated with people on both sides who fail to see that the inclusion of the militia clause in the Second Amendment governs the right, not by limiting who it applies to (it’s not a limiting clause) but by defining the concept of “keep and bear arms” via placing it in the realm of the militia concept. If politicians would actually pay attention to how the militia functioned, a lot of problems would go away, including for starters the notion that the federal government has any business at all passing the least little law having to do with keeping and bearing arms: under the militia concept, all the details were the province of the local leadership, with a nod to the state; the only — worth repeating that — ONLY role the federal government had with respect to the militia was the power to call up militia in case of invasion or insurrection (there’s a conceptual link between the militia and the right to insurrection against tyranny that is worth examining, but a different subject just now) — nothing else at all. Indeed the right to keep and bear arms under the militia concept was such that even the commerce clause as distorted by the courts shouldn’t apply to arms, which makes all the rules about who can ship to whom unconstitutional on the face of them — and the same goes for all other federally-imposed restrictions.
          BTW, one way to envision the meaning of “infringed” in order to determine if a law is constitutional is to compare it to a shotgun: anything that constricts the barrel changes how the shot ‘flows’ — and so with “infringe; restrictions are constrictions, so anything that changes how arms “flow” from source to citizens is infringement.

        • Is that mental incompetent allowed to express their opinion? Or vote? Then yes without constitutional change they get the gun. Principles… submit your amendment to your legislator sir.

  5. The question is are you grandfathered if you application is in before the new law takes effect? Sounds like an Oregon state police policy feature instead of a problem.

    • Interesting question. Courts have generally taken such ex post facto impositions as unconstitutional, but there have been a few exceptions. Given any appeal from Oregon would go through the random silliness filter of the Ninth, who knows?

      Whatever happens, I want to see Thomas’ next opinion laying out what I just did up a few comments, thus tossing ALL federal guns laws at once instead of piecemeal.

  6. Heading down to Depoe Bay in a couple of weeks. Instead of bringing my SIG P228 (15 rds), I’ll be bringing my 1911 (8 rds).

  7. “It’s like if you’re waiting to see a Led Zeppelin concert.” Talk about a dated culture reference, especially considering yesterday’s news. I SAID, ” TALK ABOUT A DATED CULTURAL REFERENCE!”

  8. People in Oregon are in a panic over nothing. Most will soon learn they can buy any gun they want out on the street with no paperwork. The influx of second hand illegal guns into Oregon will now increase as gun runners from Hillbilly States with lax gun laws will make huge amounts of money running second hand guns into the state. This is why only a Federal Law would be effective and Oregon is just spinning its wheels if it thinks its new law will stop anyone, including criminals, from getting all the firepower they want. It’s not rocket science, its living in the bizarre and insane world of Capitalvania where life is considered cheap and expendable.

      • Truly. There will be just as many illegal gun transactions after a national universal background check law as there are now. There are any number of states, including California, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey to the few I know about, where you cannot legally buy a gun without a background check, and in New Jersey and New York, a permission slip from the police. Does that mean that illegal gun sales have been eliminated? Obviously not. There is always a steady supply of unregistered and stolen guns on the black market.

    • When no laws are enforced, it doesn’t matter whether one is Fed or state. If you don’t believe it, try passing a law against Marijuana.

  9. Putting aside the rush to avoid the latest anti-gun insanity, this is what happens when a state opts out of NICS in favor of doing their own checks. While not slammed like OR right now, pistol and semi-auto sales in WA went from same day to sometimes 30+ day waits when they decided NICS wasn’t good enough for them.

    Of course the garbage humans that push through these laws see this as a feature not a bug.

    • the only change when a statedecides to use their own gummit uffishuls to process the BGC is that more state employees get justification for their miserable existence. The only thing that changes is that the local coppers make the call/pck the keys to access NICS to run the BGC. Same check, same agency, same process, but got one more level of hungry trough-slopping flappers in the way. NO advantage accrues by bypassing the local coppers. Its more a warm fuzzy feeling the lawmekers and their pals prefer. More slop stays local, even if the trough backs up for a few weeks. The citizens are now more clealry under our jackboots, which is a feature not a bug.

        • good point. but dunno man, that’s a whole lotta people “coming of age” all at once. shoulda seen this one coming a long time ago, ‘specially in oregon.

      • That assumes that everyone is wealthy enough to be able to buy what they think they need. Right now I think I need the .357 the OSP have been dithering about for months, a Ruger Mark IV standard issue and a Hunter issue, a replacement for my old Bearcat that got stolen, a replacement for my Arminius 8-shot .22 revolver with cylinders for .22 mag and .22 lr which also got stolen, a new shotgun that I haven’t decided on the particulars yet, and an AR-15 just to piss off our all-too-liberal city council. On the “it would be nice” list are several others including a new Ruger 10-22.
        I’d planned to acquire these as the payments for some improvements to the house got finished off, freeing up some cash flow, but now I have to worry about frakking bus-body bureaucrats and their power games. I’m going to have to look into what I can squeeze out of an IRA and see if I can get a couple of these sooner.

  10. Ah gun control, screwing up the private sector for almost 100 years.

    And we put these same morons in charge of our healthcare?

      • “One man, one vote”.
        That’s a dangerous form of tyranny when it’s spread across a wide area so that everyone in one tiny portion of that area can dominate everyone else in the area. It can easily, as jwm noted, result in rights unfavored in the tiny area being stripped from people in all the rest of the area.
        When cities have over two-thirds of a state’s population, it’s de facto serfdom: rural folks essentially have no say in matters concerning their own residences and properties. That’s the case presently not just in Oregon but in many other states as well.

        • “That’s a dangerous form of tyranny when it’s spread across a wide area so that everyone in one tiny portion of that area can dominate everyone else in the area”

          yeah, that’s called federalism.

          so. what should the “area” be? under the constitution the states are held to be sovereign. should there be sovereign “areas” smaller than a state? should a city be sovereign with regard to a state? should a county be sovereign over any city within it? pushing it to an extreme, should a single householder exercise tyrannical authority over his household of wife and several children?

        • The count’s not done ’til the democrats have won. Oregon votes by mail exclusively so they have all the time and privacy they need to “win” every election.

  11. I am waiting for some LEO’s announcing they will be charging no more than $5.00 for the permit.. Hoping some will come out saying no more than .25 cents for it and then see these religious fanatics in Portland have a cow…

    The law says it sets the maximum price at $65

    It requires local LEO to store all info, I expect many of the local LEO to ignore this law!!!

    My county is actually a Second Amendment Sanctuary county passed by the “VOTERS”!!!!

    The PANTY Governor only won seven counties while we have a total of 36 Counties…

    • Also, our state Second Amendment is actually the most easy to understand Amendment..

      I do expect our courts will “BLOCK” this unconstitutional law and the Oregon Supreme Court to block it since there is “ZERO FUNDING for enforcement of this law”!!!

  12. People need to face the truth in the state of Oregon. You simply have a large segment of the population who believes in slavery. They believe in communism. They believe in fascism. They believe in a combination of things that take away the freedom of law-abiding people.

    I think it is time for those that believe in Freedom to move out of Oregon. It’s what happened to the newly freed black slaves who left the South. And it happened to the Mormons when they left the states that threaten them with government-sanctioned murder.

    If you get a gun? I can guarantee you that your neighbors in Oregon will turn you into the authorities. Just like the neighbors turned people into the authorities in Germany in the 1930s.

  13. Not 100% accurate. That is a daily average. The actual number in the background queue at this moment is 20,206 and increasing by almost 1000 per day. CHL holders in the state go to the front of the list preventing these people from getting any attention whatsoever and even the CHL list is currently over 4500 deep.

    I am an FFL and I’m pulling those numbers from Oregon State Patrol’s background check system as I typed it.

  14. Dealers should all unite and tell the OSP to go to hell, they’re following federal law and letting people take their property after three days.


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