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“Just wish my arm were longer and this map were bigger.”



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    • Latest CDC report on what they believe will be the next pandemic: Hearing AIDs.

      You can only get it by listening to too much bullshit from Liberals.

      BTW, gungrabbers…if “nobody needs” then why did anyone invent them in the first place?

  1. No one needs a car beyond something like a model T or VW Beetle. Vinyl records, manual typewriters, snailmail, black and white local television stations, etc. We could go back to what life was a century or even 2 centuries and still have what we need to live. Food, shelter, hand written letters and hand set printed news papers. Long distance communication by telegraph.
    Never has the US citizen been limited to only what they “NEED”.

    • Oh, I’m sure the fascist left thinks “the right of the people peaceably to assemble” is a collective power referring only to the creation of a state assembly.

    • I’m alright if none of the rights apply to the lefty commies that hate this country. They can skip all of them as far as I’m concerned. Want to be treated like a commie? No guns, no due process, no freedom of speech or assembly, and understand your life and liberty is at my discretion and good will. If you accept the constitution then welcome to the club and enjoy all the rights we have to offer. Commies aren’t people.

      • What we need is a reservation system. Pick federal land, Nevada is almost all federal land, and establish reservations for all leftists/socialists/commies/fascists there.

        Give them tools, building supplies and food and let them build their workers paradise. They stay there and we stay out.

  2. …. pretty sure that he’s pointing to lil’ d’s mommy’s house, head on down to the basement and you’ll be welcomed by it and Miner.

    • If you hear a fapping sound, don’t go in.

      There’s not enough brain bleach to remove that sight.

  3. That’s a good meme.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours in the TTAG community. Even the pencil necks.

  4. I have been hearing the “needs” thing all my life. Imagine if we applied that rule? You don’t need more than 2 pairs of shoes, one set of sheets, a car that goes faster than the speed limit, a house bigger than a minivan, makeup, shampoo, some gruel, one pen, a pet, cosmetic surgery, any fashion item whatsoever, etc.
    The collective suffers when greedy people use anything more than they need. Except then life would be pretty darn bad. The “nobody needs” is an utterly specious argument. Ask the person who blubbered it if he has anything greater than his “needs”.

    • “Let’s start with you” is my answer to these people, same as it is with the idiots that say we need to reduce the human population.

      If they all start living not on what they want, but only on what they need, and it turns out that they really are the happiest people on earth, I’ll think about joining their happy commune. Maybe. (Probably not.)

  5. So me an one of the mezkins was visiting while packing boxes , he say” How come you(U.S.) celebrate Thanksgiving.
    I said, “Well a bad winter hit and the whites were starving to death so a bunch of Indians got together and gave them food and after they got done eating we killed them. ” He gave me a confused look.

    • Not exactly how it went, but I can relate to the humor. I usually just say we celebrate being bailed out by natives when we learned that socialism doesn’t work.

    • Actually it’s a rifle, and a bolt action without a detachable 30 round clipazine thing, not one of them scary black assault murder weapons.

    • Nope, the maps function on your phone actually works better for this. Zoom out until you see state lines, scan over til you see coast line, scan over into ocean, scan 4-5 more times for safe measure, then point to an area in the middle.

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