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That was strange times, man.


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      • “Madness”

        I thought it was funny. the whole paper aisle just cleared out and empty and barren, people sneaking into the walmart loading docks to beg packs of toilet paper – it was a hoot.

    • I have a reserve stockpile of toilet paper. And I bought a 20 pack last night. The latter will last at least 2 months. The reserve will last about 9 months on normal usage. I won’t be caught short like last year.

      In poetic justice, COVID had returned to sender with interest. The Delta strain has hit China and is infecting tens of thousands daily across many major cities and provinces. The original strain would infect at least 3 other people per case. Delta infects at least 8 and is infectious across all age groups. It is killing people in their 20s. And China’s vaccines have a low effectiveness on the Delta strain.

      • Good. I hope it wipes them out completely. Every man, woman and child in that country. I HATE them

        • Oh I dont know about that.
          Chang ain’t got much say so over what his government is doing, hes just trying to get by same as the rest of us. Toasting the wife and kids sounds kinds ATF’ish
          Besides hating on China is America’s own fault, our money got them where their at .

        • For shame, Michael A. Cronagle! And I bet you call yourself a Christian, too. What a treacherous joke you are!

    • Mrs. Haz and I were just fine. She always thought I was loony for being a “prepper” type and maintaining 6 months of TP in the attic, until the world went sideways within the span of a single week and the Great Toilet Paper Panic fell upon society. Followed by the Great Clorox Wipes Panic, then the Great Canned Foods Panic, then the Great Ammo Panic, and so forth.

      All four of our local stores (including Walmart, yuk) had no TP for eight weeks, and imposed severe purchase limits on practically everything. The Haz family didn’t lose any sleep, and Mrs. Haz found a new appreciation for my “looniness”. 🙂

      • Same story here. When I got wind on the news of what might be coming I bought more tp just days before the panic started. I had enough on hand for us and to give some to extended family that had not prepared as well.

        Ammo. I stocked up when I knew that mail order was being done away with.. Had enough extras to give guns and ammo to folks in my circle that had none.

        • Same here. My Old man grew up during the Depression. In instilled in me the practice of always having more than you need today for that tomorrow when you don’t. Took my Mrs. till this epidemic to fully understand why I stock pile essentials. Generally a six months supply of everything especially food, meds. and even TP. It’s always better to be the Ant and not the Grasshopper.

        • Yes. My parents were country folk raised by my grandparents during the depression. Both sets instilled in me a drive to be debt free and fully stocked.

          Living debt free is the single best move a person can make.

        • @jwm,

          Mrs. Haz and I became debt free last year. Absolutely best feeling. Several of my friends have been goading us to buy a new boat, travel trailer, etc. (“but you have all that extra money in your budget now!”). Nope. If we choose to buy something in the near future, it’ll be in full. No more loans for us.

        • Haz. Bought a 19 corolla and an 18 rav4 to repalace our aging cars. Paid cash for both. The corolla was new and the rav4 was just a year old.

          Living debt free is the greatest declaration of independence a person can know.

      • Same here too. Now the wife supports me buying extra of things instead of nagging about it.

  1. I stocked up at Costco for “Covid 2-The Delta Force.”
    TP, paper towels, bleach and hand soap.

  2. Just TP?? I was stocking up on dry goods, ammo, and TP in January. The grocery store clerk asked me what I was stocking up for, and I said the virus. She looked at me like I was nuts.

    Just like I went yesterday to Wally World to load up on TP, again. Get it while it’s there, folks. The madness is about to engulf us again.

    • I agree. If it had not been for that fuckin’ over the top shoot out it would have not been much.

      • I love Way of the Gun. Last Man Standing is also awesome. The 1930s gangster flick set in a small west Texas town which is a remake of Kurosawa’s Yojimbo starring Bruce Willis with a soundtrack by Ry Cooder, not the Tim Allen TV show.

        • I like Kurosawa movies. And once you’ve watched a couple it is very easy to see the influence he has on western cinema as well.

          Added bonus. Nobody and I mean nobody chews the scenery like a Japanese actor.

        • the korean monster film “the host” has some prescient (i/ r to covid) commentary on u.s. news broadcasts via parody.
          also a great dysfunctional family.

    • It wasn’t my favorite, either. It was okay, but nothing special, IMHO. Heat also borrowed quite a bit of material from an earlier (and IMHO, better) Steve McQueen film called “Bullitt.”

      Now, 1985’s To Live and Die in LA – that movie kicked arse!

  3. People thought SpecialEd was, well special when he purchased ammo every time he hit the LGS. Thought the same when he kept his freezers full and always had tp and pt stored. Then Newsollini took the top spot in Kamifornicia. All good here for now.

  4. Do you see what the gunmman has ?
    An assault rifle.
    And do you know why it’s an assault rifle?
    Because its LOUD and assaults your ears with noise.
    Now since we cant do anything about getting rid of them, Second Amendment and we’re all in a militia( Miner49er) the only logical thing to do would be to put something on the end of the barrel to make them quiet down and not be so assaulting.
    Are gunms violent?
    Some are, when shooting the made in Japan Weatherby with 250gr handloads equipped with the factory plastic spear stock the recoil becomes quite violent.
    During the height of the pandemic I scootced across the carpet like a dog with worms, you really dont need toilet paper.
    Lysol is for people who worry about sht on their carpet. Who needs that?

    • “…the only logical thing to do would be to put something on the end of the barrel to make them quiet…”

      Hear! Hear!

      (sorry, pun intended)

  5. A few years ago I heard my childhood friend from Venezuela couldn’t find toilet paper to buy. I thought that was nuts. I had no idea how fast that could happen here. That was a real eye opener. I didn’t engage in the rush to grab all I could because I thought it would settle down quickly. Another eye opener…

  6. I do not need toilet paper , any of the guts I had as a man were removed by the democratic party.

  7. I find it humorous that so many prepare by stocking up on consumables.. TP? Invest in a good heated bidet system instead.. paper towels? Buy a few stacks of tea towels or flour sack towels.. use, wash, repeat.
    Ammo is a little different, but stock up on reloading supplies for anything bigger than .22.
    I have 25000 small pistol primers sealed in a converted humidor… waiting for a sale on large .

    • “stock up on reloading supplies”

      how is having reloading supplies any different from having assembled ammo?

      • You know, I kicked around the notion of rolling my own 22LR, but abandoned the idea as a novelty after being hounded by that very question. The only scenario in which I would have the time to make enough 22 ammo to make a difference, would be if we were locked in the bunker for months on end. In which case, I suspect that I would have bigger problems than coming up with some rimfire ammo. Spent that cash on bricks instead of rimfire loading supplies. YMMV

      • Space!! and optics, that pile of scrap (lead) in the corner of the shed draws a lot fewer questions than cases of ammo.

  8. It was nutso the first time. I was in a Sam’s Club and saw people taking pictures of the empty aisles. Where TP and paper towels usually were there were parents posing their kids under the signs the store put up limiting purchases to one package each. Same deal with canned foods and big bags of rice and beans.

    Pure dumb panic. But it did madk for some weird touristy pics!!!

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