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Always works on me.


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  1. Birth control is a fast F150, itd could have been a Dodge Ram but the Dodge rammed its piston through the block so Chev er in the ditch and give a home to the rats.

    • “Birth control is a fast F150,…”

      Mine is my sparkling personality… 🙂

      Andrew ‘Dice’ Clay – “Some women play hard to get. I play hard to want.”

  2. I don’t want to hear no more snip talk. After this song put your big boy pants on, buy a Harley and go find some crazy woman to ride with.

      • Crazy woman is redundant. They are all whacked, it’s their nature. Who wants crazy in their life? Stay away from crazy and have money for sll the gun toys and ammo and shooting schools. Still retire early with plenty of spending cash and have fun. Why spend your life supporting some crazy parasite who never appreciates and only takes?

  3. True story:

    I saw Molly drop an 8-point buck at 750 yards with a single pull of the trigger.

    Good Golly!

    • “I saw Molly drop an 8-point buck at 750 yards with a single pull of the trigger.”

      Don’t *ever* piss that woman off! 😉

    • … and then she worked the lever on grampa’s trusty ’94 – just in case she might need a second shot.
      Nope, right between the eyes, them thutty – thutties are magic I tell ya.

  4. NIGHTMARE continues for Gun Controllers: These demographic groups are still buying guns at massive rates…

    • If I was the President I’d be damned proud my countries people were better armed then some other countries armies.

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