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You will eat the bugs! This weekend is a great time to start. Think of how proud Bill Gates will be.


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  1. 3x nutritious in what way? calorie content? Doubt it. If you want to eat bugs then by all means eat bugs but don’t think for a second you can force it on to other people without inviting a violent response.

    • Now that I’ve thought about this for a few minutes I can say this without it being exaggeration. If a politician or politicians ever get laws passed forcing us to eat bugs I will eat the politicians the same way I eat pigs that I shoot.

        • Avoiding the consumption of brains and nervous tissue will avoid that one but if I remember correctly there is a host of nasty illnesses that are also possible. Likely part of the reason why cannibalism never really took off in civilization.

        • if I remember correctly there is a host of nasty illnesses that are also possible.

          Cook to an internal temperature of 185 degrees kills everything… Use a dry rub with lots of garlic and cover with maple cured bacon or smoke for 18 to 24 hours with alternating applewood and mesquite chips.

        • ” Likely part of the reason why cannibalism never really took off in civilization.”

          Don’t eat them, turn them into jerky to feed your dogs… 🙂

        • Many people in the southern United States experience various levels of anaphylactic shock from eating red meat, and their condition can lead to more serious auto-immune illnesses.

          No Walt, ‘Alpha-gal’ is not some description in hierarchical pack structures, but rather a 2 sugar saccharide.

          “Alpha-gal allergy is a distinct type of cell-mediated allergy brought about by exposure to meat-associated carbohydrates, rather than proteins, and with a time delay measured in hours between exposure and reaction. In alpha-gal allergy of the delayed type, the factors which influence the strength of the reaction include the dose, the time of exposure in relation to the tick bite, and the type of meat ingested.
          In many patients, a small amount of animal meat does not bring about a hypersensitivity reaction. However, larger doses may precipitate allergy, and full helpings such as a plate of barbecued pork often cause a multi-system anaphylactic reaction. Meats with a higher fat content also elicit severe reactions often requiring emergency treatment, even when the patient has eaten the same type of meat lean a few days earlier.“

          Current theories associate this allergic reaction with the bite of the Lone Star tick.

        • Don’t eat the meat along the spine nor the brain. The New Guinea native who suffer from kuru eat the brains of their guests for dinner. The belief is that when you eat the brains you double your own brain power. It’s like chronic wasting disease in deer. The non-brain/spinal column meat is safe to eat as long as it is well cooked. Well, that’s the official line anyway and we know government officials would never lie.

      • You are what you eat right?
        Based off the average American diet, you would be eating junk food.
        Just a thought.

        • Better yet, Feed the Politicians to the Hogs to fatten them up. DNA is unusable after its gone through a pig’s digestive tract.

    • 3X the protein per weight. Most of that protein is in the exoskeletons, which are not digestible by the human system. If not digested, cannot be utilized.
      Recent studies have suggested that exoskeletons may contain carcinogens. More research is required.

      • Forgot this point. Almost no fat and fat is required to digest proteins. So the available protein in adult insects could near zero.

    • I’d be willing to bet you that if you’re going by calorie content based strictly on calorimetry, like using a bomb calorimeter, this statement is correct.

      It’s [intentionally] misleading because the most energy dense part of insects, generally, is chitin and you can’t digest that but you will have an pretty intense immune response to ingesting it large amounts of this stuff, which can cause serious ulcers and other health problems. (Loath as I am, generally, to use Wikipedia, this is a decent intro:

      It’s also the case that, depending on exactly how they’re cooked and what bugs you’re discussing, you can get some nasty parasites and/or fungal infections from eating insects. Further still, most of the nutritional value of insects, especially grubs, is degraded by cooking which means that the best way to consume them for nutrition is raw, which… again, parasites, fungus and bacteria.

      Ultimately, the reality is that eating most insects is a net negative because even the proteins in bugs are something we don’t process very well. It often takes more energy to break them down that we get out of them.

      The best way to eat bugs is to feed them to chickens, or similar birds, and then eat the chickens.

      The More You Know *flying rainbows*

      • Yes. Put together the phrases “like chickens on a June bug” and “fruit of the hen” and “cackleberries” and you’ll have a satisfying use of insects.

      • It’s almost like we weren’t meant to consume them.

        Also, Wikipedia is convenient for nonpolitical or noncontroversial topics.

        • But is this a nonpolitical topic at this point is the question, and that means that I have to read the damn article in its entirety to make sure that it hasn’t been *edited* with politically contrived nonsense.

          Any website that labels known classical liberals as “alt right” or “far right” is simply not to be trusted without verification and when used it should be noted that it was used grudgingly for this exact reason.

          I know that OpenStax bio isn’t going to lie about this but I also don’t want to give people 25 pages of polysaccharide chemistry in response to a fuckin’ meme.

  2. I ate a live grasshopper on a dare back in my Bud drinkin dayz. Wazznt too bad cept the wings were kinda chewy. No more of either, thanks.

    • In survival training, they taught us to grab by the tail, pinch thumb and forefinger ahead of where you grab, then shuck the legs and wings off by pushing your pinched fingers forward. After that, drop it down your throat.
      Don’t eat bugs. But if you must, don’t chew them.

      • Never did the survivor course but my buddy did it. Taught me to cut away the band on earth worms and wash the innards out. He made a good point; if you vomit while already starving you may die from the loss of fluids and salts. Eat the vomit back unless it has poison in it. Or possibly die.
        So glad I didn’t take the course.

  3. It’s, like, way more nutritious.

    Do you have any idea how many fish you can catch with 1# of grasshoppers? 1# bait has got to mean at *least* 10# of actual food, maybe even more if you get some real big ones.

  4. I’ll do my part to ensure he can eat all the insects he wants.

    Because I damn sure won’t be eating them… 🙁

  5. Cmon Maaannnn… Tastes like chicken, if you bake, broil, roast, fry, grill or smoke your chicken with a coating of cow shit and tobacco spit.

  6. biden continues to wreck the economy and we’ll eat bugs because we have no other choice. That or we’ll eat the neighbors. If they haven’t eaten us first.

    • In the new autonomous zones ‘long pig” will be on the menu. Soylent green without the extra processing

    • we’ll eat bugs because we have no other choice.

      Only bug I ever knowingly ate came over the windshield at 70 mph, then I got a taller windshield…

      • Had a wasp split in half on my goggles once. Front half stayed on my goggles and the back half still manage to sting me on my shoulder. The ultimate f u I guess.

        • They all dream of going out that way, lucky it was the shoulder. Only been stung once while riding how the little bastard got me on the back of the neck is still a mystery.

        • It was raining so I took my truck to work up north, instead of the Harley. I hit a swarm of bees with the truck and it took a lot of cleaning to get the slime off. I am allergic to bee stings, so I would have dies if I hit them on the bike.
          Just another time the Lord watched out for me.

      • Mine came UNDER the windshield…it wuz a hot night in Central CA and we ran into a cloud if grasshoppers. 36 Dodge. My buddy must still be laughing. Maybe I shouldn’t have been talking at the time…

      • mmmmmmm… slime……yum!!

        You know, Trump eats those McSlime burgers. Ugh!

        I voted for him anyway. 🤠

    • Will read it later but covering how many “food” insects contain parasites of which some are transmissible to humans?

      • Does not mention parasites, but talks about how chitin (cricket exoskeleton) are poisonous to humans.

  7. Whe I was a kid one of the nastiest things you could say to someone was “eat a bug!” Not the greenness are demanding we eat bugs cause it is good for the planet.


  8. Here’s a thought-take those crickets and grasshoppers and feed them to the chickens. They will gobble them down like a kid eating candy, and produce wonderful, protein rich eggs that are actually worth eating.

    • yeah, turns out with these dairy prices, the cage free jumbo eggs at 4.19 were the best value. forgot how damn orange a good yolk was.

  9. i’ve had butter fried cicada, not bad.
    various ants and larvae are popular street foods elsewhere in the world. we have thai and chinese restaurants here that have separate menus for those so inclined.
    maybe consumer reports should adjust their tuna and pasta ratings for the ones found high in “insect fragment and animal hair?” one italian spaghetti brand was rated “unnacceptable” for high amounts of rodent hair. they commented it had the best flavor, though.
    just read an article where the commie progs are handing out stir fry kits to kids in (i think) times square called “yum bug.”

  10. Why do you think I am teaching my grandkids how to farm and grow their own food? And do it with horse drawn equipment. If the self proclaimed experts want to eat bugs, more power too them. Have at it pal. We will happily produce our own food supplies and eat meat as well as our garden produce, eggs, milk, home made butter and cheese, harvest what game or fish we can. As well as work with our neighbors to help each other make it through any crisis the idiots in charge can manufacture.

  11. Yeah, that ‘eat the bugs’ narrative is absolute BS. Insects don’t have the useful fats and oils that you get from meat. Beyond that, you can’t digest a lot of things that are in bugs. And to top it off, a lot of people are dangerously allergic to insects.

    This push to eat bugs is nothing but weird-o World Economic Forum non-sense. They’re trying to use the excuse of ‘muh CO2’ as a reason to fully reshape all of society.

  12. There is potential for insects, grubs, etc. as a protein source (I’m thinking in terms of animal feed), but as a substitute for beef (or chicken, or pork, or whatever) for human consumption? Not gonna happen in the west. Even in places like Thailand, most fried insects are more of a snack food than a meal.

    Also, it should be noted that for people with a shellfish allergy, eating insects and arthropods is a big no-no. The most common trigger for shellfish allergies (IIRC) is chitin. Chitin is the big “building block” in shellfish exoskeletons, and it’s also present in insect exoskeletons.

  13. This is one of those lines in the sand that had better not be crossed in the US. The farmers in the Netherlands are finding out that life would be better if they had firearms. The ability of citizens to simply tell their government “No!” can not be stated enough as a great thing.

    The people of Iran have had enough with the religious police killing people esp women for not wearing hijab. It would be easier for them to say “No!” if we started parachuting crates of M4s to them. Heck, we’re giving weapons to everyone else it seems, why not?

  14. Breaking news: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit will hear an appeal about Maryland’s so-called “assault weapon” ban on semi-automatic rifles.

  15. I’ve ate grasshoppers, worms, cicadas, june bugs, ants and a moth that tasted like raspberry. But I wont eat flys, katydids, roaches or them black beetles with red feet.
    I’d like to try a tiger beetle but it’s faster then hell and has probably got that same acid them black beetles got.
    Like lobster? It’s a bug.
    Kinda the rule of thumb on eating bugs is if its furry dont eat it. But damn that moth was good. Getting to cold around here to hang out around the street light, you can score big on bugs around those.

    • faster than hell… must have been stirling moth.
      motion sensor cameras get great bat action footage as moths are bouncing off of the lamps. “help me, i think i’m a moth.”
      “why are you telling me, i’m a barber? shrink’s next door…”
      “you’re light was on.”
      i remember accidentally inhaling lacewings as a kid. nasty.

  16. For anyone still keeping track, the republicans gained in the house race. Republicans are now at 221 seats with democrats at 213 seats. 434 of 435 races called, a race being waited on is that of Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert that was leading in Colorado but it has gone to a recount. Friday, Republican John Duarte came out of California’s final congressional race defeating Democrat Adam Gray in the closest congressional contest in the state this year.

  17. Nobodys going to force you to eat the bugs. That’s a wild conspiracy theory.
    They’ll just restrict other protein sources and tank your dollar in the name of the environment so bugs become the only affordable, available option.

    See, you freely chose to eat the bugs.

  18. crickets are nutritious… gotta cook em though to be safe. wash ’em off, remove legs, roasting is better but frying works too.

    bait shop take out… yeah ya don’t want to do that. catch your crickets out in fields/woods away from human habitation, more likely to be free of ‘toxins’

  19. It was written on the barn door for the longest time, and you all ignored it, and now it’s gone… enjoy your bugs, fellow Animals.

    • nice try snowBALL, I told you not to contact the other animals!
      They actually LIKE the bugs, and it gives them just enough energy to help build MY windmill… so don’t try to contact us again – we all KNOW what you’ve done !
      P. S., we’ve renamed the farm

  20. Think of how proud Bill Gates will be.

    Bill Gates is all about “veggie” burgers and seaweed chicken, bugs just cut into his profits.

    • McDonald’s quietly discontinue the McPlant due to lack of demand. The 3rd time in the last couple of decades it has tried to push the veggie burger and failed miserably. Next up laboratory created meat. Which has already received U.S. Food and Drug approval. GMO on steroids. Now sit down and Eat your Soylent Green.

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