ATF police rifles illegal gun ghost guns
ATF agent poses with alleged "ghost guns." (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong, File)
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According to court documents, [Andrew Jace] Larrabure-Tuma used Snapchat to advertise guns for sale. During the investigation, Larrabure-Tuma sold guns to undercover officers and a confidential informant. Larrabure-Tuma, who could not legally purchase a gun in the state of California, ordered kits from the internet, including from a company called Polymer80, a licensed firearms manufacturer in Nevada, and manufactured his own firearms and then sold the guns he had manufactured.

A search warrant was executed at Larrabure-Tuma’s residence in Sacramento and law enforcement officers found what appeared to be a firearm manufacturing operation, including partially complete firearms, firearm kits from Polymer80, firearm parts, tools for manufacturing and finishing firearms, firearm accessories, completed firearms, and ammunition. …

Larrabure-Tuma is scheduled to be sentenced by U.S. District Judge Dale A. Drozd on Jan. 10, 2023. Larrabure-Tuma faces a maximum statutory penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. The actual sentence, however, will be determined at the discretion of the court after consideration of any applicable statutory factors and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, which take into account a number of variables.

— U.S. Attorney’s Office in Snapchat Gun Dealer Convicted of Unlawfully Manufacturing and Selling Firearms

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      • RE: “enforcement officers found what appeared to be a firearm manufacturing operation”

        Appeared to be leaves a lot to be desired. Either it was a stubby drill press on his kitchen table or it was it a garage machine shop or brick and mortar facility like modern firearm manufacturers.

        Most anyone having to purchase a functioal 80% on a place like snapchat says they are not competent to complete an 80% or most likely they cannot pass a NCIC,

        Had the accused purchased for himself he would not have caused the ruckus.

      • Stay off all social media.

        No Snoopchat.
        No Snoopbook.
        No Instasnoop.
        No SnipSnoop.

        In this day and age, when everyone knows the alphabet agencies are actively trolling through accounts to dragnet whatever they can on people, you’d have to be absolutely stupid to post illegal activities. I once posted a single gun-related bit of content I believed was legal (turned out to be a gray area due to changes in CA I wasn’t aware of), and a set of AFT agents showed up at my door a week later. That was almost two decades ago!…I’m sure they have their tentacles in everything now.

        Including TTAG. Right, Mr. Glowie who’s reading this? 😉

        • Gee Haz we’re all on a list being on TTAG every day…I “may” quit ttag as ILL annoy continues to eff with me. I can always observe like I did back in 2013. Peace out.

    • Nope. Manufacturing and selling to individuals not known to the defendant is illegal. You want to stop the left from calling for gun bans but you don’t want to see people prosecuted for supplying bad guys and person not legally allowed to own weapons? You can’t have it both ways. We the LAW ABIDING gun owners have to step up and support when the law is applied lawfully. Just as we should stand up when a law is unlawful. If they can connect any of the guns he sold to any crimes, seems to me the victims would have some legal ground to sue him.

  1. Here is part of the title of this article:

    Don’t … Illegally Sell Your Illegally Manufactured Guns …

    An honest reading of the Second Amendment to our United States Constitution generally does not support the concept of “illegally sell[ing]” nor “illegally manufactured” firearms.

    Off the top of my head, the only situation where I can picture any hope of such concepts righteously applying would be to convicted felons released early from prison on parole for good behavior in prison–and would only apply during the released felon’s limited time on parole.

    I have a really hard time applying such concepts to an accused person awaiting trial. For starters, someone is innocent until a jury finds him/her guilty of a crime. Someone awaiting trial is innocent and should have all of his/her rights until the trial. Second, in many areas it could take two years before an accused person finally gets his/her trial. Depriving an accused person of his/her rights for two years is obscene.

    And before anyone starts ranting and raving about an accused person being dangerous and therefore should not have legal right to keeping and bearing arms: if the accused is so obviously dangerous–so obviously dangerous that a trial and guilty verdict is essentially a formality–then that accused person should be in jail awaiting a trial. An example would be the recent article on this site where police have crystal clear video evidence of an estranged boyfriend trying to shoot his ex-girlfriend in a crystal clear act of attempted murder. (The video makes it clear that the estranged boyfriend cannot possibly claim self-defense.)

    • Well, I can’t disagree with you. But you’re apparently still under the impression that we live in a free country. 😉

      • Gunnygene,

        I never served/fought for this country in the military. But I was in the clergy. I believe we are in a spiritual war. When companies like Balanciaga (Latin for “Do as you wish”) have the audacity to use child grooming in their advertising, it evidences a pervasive depravity that has established itself in this country.

        Pray for peace, prepare for war.

    • We crossed the line a long time ago where most laws only covered things that were truly wrong. Murder, assault, theft, etc.

      Now, most of what will get you in trouble are offenses against the “State”. Tax evasion, failure to register your car, failure to get your cosmetician license, etc.

      It’s a slippery slope that we’ve never managed to claw our way back up. Even the best administrations and Congresses merely slowed our descent.

  2. We arrest folk for selling homemade guns, but, mobs can rampage and loot a department store and no one is arrested or charged.

    Government officials can openly, brazenly, corrupt the electoral process and not a single law enforcement agency takes meaningful action.

    Hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals are allowed to illegally permeate our borders, and our government offers them gift cards and free cell phones.

    Hospitals imprison people and kill them with Remdesiver and ventilators, and are financially rewarded and legally protected.

    But manufacturer a gun and sell it without government permission and you are criminalized and punished to, potentially, a cruel and unusual extent.

    “…a republic, if you can keep it.”

    ….behind every blade of grass.

  3. The only reason the government is angry about the manufacture or sale of home made firearms is the simple fact they miss out on the ridiculous license fees, manufacturing permits, taxes for the sale, and whatever fees they tack on to the manufacture, distribution, or sale of the firearms. After all the magic serial number will prevent the firearm from falling into the “wrong” hands and prevent the firearm from committing a crime.

    • Fedgov doesn’t give “care” anything less than $100billion (unless they are making a point). Licensing and fees are just a tool.

  4. Not going into the actual morality of what he’s doing I was under the impression that he’d face a lot more than 5 years considering there was both manufacturing and transfer to an ineligible person.

    That also says zero about MBC laws in California.

  5. Now you know why ghost guns should be outlawed. He obviously bought receivers with no serial numbers on them because no Firearms dealer would have been able to sell him the receivers.

    • I will agree to outlawing “ghost guns” as soon as we agree to outlawing ghost clubs, ghost knives, ghost bricks, ghost rocks, ghost machetes, ghost axes, ghost pipes, ghost chemicals, ghost poisons, and ghost garrote wires.

      Oh, and we also need to outlaw ghost rotary tools and grinding wheels as well as ghost metal files which criminals use to obliterate firearm serial numbers.

      Come to think of it, we also need to outlaw ghost vehicle trunks where criminals sell stolen firearms in alleys.

    • @dacian

      “Now you know why ghost guns should be outlawed. He obviously bought receivers with no serial numbers on them because no Firearms dealer would have been able to sell him the receivers.”

      Thus everyone should suffer having their second amendment rights removed/restricted/infringed because a criminal did something illegal?

      Well, ok then, lets apply that logic to the first amendment, because criminals hack web sites and steal data and personal information or deny critical public services from operating everyone should have their self made computers outlawed thus not able to exercise their first amendment rights by computer.

      Oh but lets not forget maybe something like the fourth amendment, because criminals break into homes the police should have a right to enter any home at any time without a warrant and take what ever they want.

      The list goes on and on making use of your very, and “obviously”, false logic.

      Were you born this stupid or did you practice real hard to get this stupid?

      • Dacian, being a “fellow traveler”, is a firm believer in “collective punishment”. How else is THE STATE going to get free labor if they can’t round up large groups at a time?

    • lol
      What he did would still be illegal even if there were serial numbers. You cannot just make guns to sell without having a license. The serial number thing means nothing.

    • Yep. I have pics of my purchased and inherited guns, hard copies and on a flash drive (keep a spare drive in the safe deposit box I share with my Dad) for insurance purposes only. None of my builds are documented since they’re unserialized.
      Like you say, I share nothing on Social Media, nor play the show us your EDC on the gun sites I frequent.
      Ain’t nobody’s business what I own.

  6. He legally couldn’t own firearms in Cal? Why.
    You cannot legally transfer your homemade ghost gun to another person without registering a serial#.
    He advertised on snap chat.
    My bet this guy is a thug selling his homemade firearms to every gang member he could in the area. Not defending his stupidity. He ain’t on the up and up.

  7. Pro Tip: Don’t build guns with illegal configurations. If you must, keep the parts separate to do so if you really need an illegal firearm. Do not advertise that you have them. Stay under the radar.
    You have to know that someone will call you on it and the case the state or feds can make against you will cost much more than any money you might get for the firearm.
    Do not be stupid.

    Man, are you guys paranoid!
    As a medical doctor, I follow all federal and local gun laws.
    Because the state medical board would not like it if I were arrested for violating some obscure gun law .
    I also save photos of my Shooting, and Cerakote projects on Imgur.
    And I sometimes post on Reddit.
    Here is a link to me demonstrating bumpfire on a CZ scorpion


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