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It has been a weird year.


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  1. Yeah, as if anybody with self respect has been buying ammo at these prices…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜…πŸ€£

    • These float around the internet and Instagram and such and get reposted so many times it’s usually impossible to know. I’ll attribute whenever possible, but when I see them it’s almost never from the original source and it’s so many reposts removed that it can’t be reasonably tracked down.

  2. If we were still doing the caption contest and this photo came up I would have said ‘Future Karen in training.’

  3. Not to be a downer but I sort of wonder which people will find this amusing they strike “ammo” and replace it with “your meds”.

      • No, but certain accessories are much more expensive than they used to be.

        The thing that really caught my attention is that my endo didn’t ask me, he just changed my Rx on insulins to multiples of what I actually use in a month.

        So, for example, he used to write me an Rx for three fast-acting insulin pens a month which was a bit more than 1 extra pen a month. Partly that covers getting sick or injured or just eating a lot of pizza or something but it was also to help me create a back-stock of it.

        Now he writes me an Rx for a box (5 pens) a month. 2.5 months worth per month.

        He did something similar with all my Rx’s.

        When I asked him about it he stated point-blank that he’s concerned about shortages. He then advised me to back-stock things like pen needles, syringes and alcohol wipes.

        I LOLed, dude, been doing that since I got out of the hospital.

        But I don’t really worry about that because the way insulin is made these days (GMO yeast and bacteria) it’s probably not a big deal and I’m set for a while anyway.

        All that said, if you go look at the drug shortages (see below) you’ll find that they tend to have things in common; they contain something that comes out of the ground like a nitrate or precursor chems come exclusively from China… You’ll also note how common many of them are in use. Sodium Bicarb, epinephrine, a number of cephalosporins, heparin, blood pressure meds, a number of mental health drugs like mood stabilizers and Lithium…

        It’s not good and, generally, it’s getting worse. But hey, RECOVERY is here and inflation is transitory, amiright?

    • Yowch, that’s a *serious* concern for Strych.

      If you’re concerned about purifying water (from another thread) pick up a pail of pool chlorine tablets. 100 bucks will keep you in sterile (but nasty tasting) water for 5+ years for you and yours.

      Don’t bother with the liquid stuff, it breaks down in a few years…

      • It’s those heavy metals that should worry you. You ain’t boiling that shit out.

        Which as some implications for the Ag market… and nitrates too.

        [My wife consults for a water quality lab.]

        Here’s a question for you: The US requires quite a number of steps before water can be released as “potable”. This shit keeps up and that basically won’t be possible. Think Joe will change the law or do you think the cities are gonna get fucked out of having any water because the quality labs can’t determine if it’s safe and even if they can determine this and certify it… they can’t meet the legal requirements to release it.

  4. Teach children proper gun safety, you will have a hunting partner for life. If you hand your child a firearm, pellet rifle or BB gun, you need to assign yourself the responsibility to teaching the basics of firearm safety. Note; liberals need not apply, to liberals common sense is like a super power. .

    • My son has been learning firearms safety since he was 5. He’s had more training than anyone I’ve taught at the range. The only thing he hasn’t done is actually fire a shot.

      • Yup. And their first gun was a single shot .22.
        And I held the ammo.
        2 kids scored expert, daughter scored sharpshooter in The Corps.
        I’m still pretty happy about that.

        • “2 kids scored expert, daughter scored sharpshooter in The Corps.”

          There’s the sign that a dad raised his daughter right, she’s a sharpshooter US Marine! πŸ™‚

  5. A quick glance to see Mary’s website little Timmy busies his fingers to buy it all up.
    “Mary was yelling and I remembered your pin number Dad, happy father’s day.”

  6. This is probably too late for Johnny B.’s Spicy Friday. It’s a winner.

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