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If only. In either case.


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      • I have found those ‘offers’ are frequently not advertised, but were made clear in a person-to-person communication interchange… 🙂

  1. A spouse that sells guns is convenient.

    A spouse that enjoys shooting is fantastic.

    A spouse that enjoys any of the same things in life is a recipe for happiness.


  2. The owner of my favorite gun shop proposed to my wife after he called her, identifying himself as the local hardware store, to tell her that my “special order” had
    arrived. She responded “you mean his Barrett . 50 BMG is finally in? “

    • Saw a picture of a Harley dealership with a huge sign in the showroom announcing “For an additional $4.95 we will provide a receipt which matches the price you told your wife you paid.” Might be a good idea for gun stores, too!

  3. My spouse only has two firearms she calls “Hers”…and she shoots them well!

    I am the bullet *hore in the family…always room for one more.

  4. My wife hates guns. My kids on the other hand are looking forward to their inheritance. I ain’t got no money, but I do gots guns.

    • My wife is a regular Annie Oakley. She took procession of “Mr. Blastie”. I loved her before I got into guns and I still do now. She’s one in a billion(yes I tell her that). She doesn’t question my gun,ammo or accessory purchases…

      • at some point years ago it finally occurred to me what a wise individual you are.

    • Only “issue” I have is that whenever I buy a new gun, wife has to get one too! Could be worse!!😉

      • I’m in a similar boat to you two. The wife has her guns and a list of wants just like I do. Certain gun shops have my number for if and when things she wants show up. I’m more of a target of opportunity kind of guy. I have a wish list too, but more often than not I run across some cool old gun just by random chance.

  5. I got a really nice heavy barrel AR-15 for my wife about ten years ago…. I think it was a pretty good trade.

  6. I have added to handgun collection over the year’s and large supply of ammunition of various calibers. Form 22lr to 357
    My gun case is full so can’t continue to add to collection and that makes me a little sad

      • You could be right, I have the full metal filing cabinet used as a safe. The key is also can’t be duplicated due to age cabinet
        They just don’t make filing cabinets like mine anymore

  7. My wife has been tracking the crazy in this country:
    Open borders
    Release without bail
    Defund the police
    Looting without arrest or penalty
    LEOs told to stand down in the face of BLM and Antifa
    Protecting the guy who shot Ashli Babbit
    Arresting grandmothers for being 100 yards distant from the Capitol on Jan 6
    And now, the CDC threatening to go door-to-door to bully people into treatments they do not want.

    She said to me yesterday “Do we have enough guns and ammo?”

    That’s my woman!!!

    • My wife is neutral on guns, does not like them but understands the necessity. She read the article about the CDC doing door-to-door and asked if she could start slinging my AR on her shoulder when she answers the doorbell. I could not get her to go to the range but the liberals are doing a good job at convincing her.

      • From a criminals eyes:
        If Big Bad Wolf knock knock knock
        on the door, the woman holding a slung killzall should be very ninja in its use and deployment.
        There used to be a thing called ” the walk through ” . Do not underestimate the training some gangs give to its members.
        A modern pistol with high a volume of fire in the right hand, and the left hand opening the door, is not to bad. Stand behind , not to the side of the door, in a rush you’ll be shoved behind those entering.

    • Sounds like a nice lady. I wish all them gals were like that. My wife is like that, but my daughters were corrupted by college and their goof-ball husbands/boyfriends. I tried to raise them better than that. Liberal arts college intervened. If only I had known. Maybe they will one day see the light. Charles Krauthamer said: “I have an excuse for being a liberal, once. I was young”. Hopefully they will grow out of it. God Bless our Republic and our Flag!

    • LifeSavor: Not withstanding my prior post which was deleted by “The Omnipotent Observer”, I do like your post!

  8. I only can hope that my better half doesn’t sell them all for what I told her I paid for them when I croak.

  9. My wife’s collection of “house cleaning” guns include a Glock-17, a Hecklar and Koch PS-90 and a semiautomatic version of the AK-47 chambered in .223. she is also a registered nurse who refuses to be “vaccinated” because the experimental inoculations are NOT true vaccines.

    I cant wait to see Pusaki’s needle enforcers visit our house.

  10. the difference between your dog and your wife:

    after you lock your dog in the trunk of your car for an hour he will be happy to see you

  11. Jeremy, I can’t thank ya enough for taking this on, and posting on a regular basis.
    1) Laughter helps.
    2) I really like to laugh.
    3) I have sent links to almost every one of these posts to all my gun buds.

    I hope you reap the good karma you are sowing.

  12. True story: My wife of 34 years has never been really into shooting, hunting or firearms. That said, Ii have had firearms since age 6 or 7. I got a really good deal on a 9mm new in the case. That Day I gave it to her, telling her that I loved her and wanted her to be safe. Best day ever, She was so excited and wanted to go to the range that day. That night she told me that she apprieciated that I trusted her and thanked me for the responsibility to have her own firearm. Great day!

    OK, I am not a great guy, it was Kahr 9, I kept the H&K P7 for myself. Pick your battles.

  13. I do not have a wife. If I did did have a wife my gunms would be her gunms as well as mine. .

    • Yeah, under PA state laws what’s hers is hers and what’s mine is hers 😉

  14. My wife calls me her battle buddy. One anniversary was at the local range, her idea. It makes some purchases somewhat easier. I am lucky. She assembled her own AR with a little instruction. I do have to reload for twice the weapons now though. Still lucky.

  15. My wife and I have a live and let live relationship. I call one of my weapons a target rifle because I shoot at targets with it. She calls it an assault rifle, even though I have never assaulted anybody with it (and hopefully will never have to). We agree to disagree, as long as I pay my share of the bills.

    But on several occasions, when things have been a little dicey, and she didn’t feel safe where we were, she has asked: “Do you have your pistol with you?”

    “Of course, dear”.

    • Im’a trying to wean my girlfiend off them gDmnd knives she loves so much and have a little more faith in her gunm. Most of the time it’s Me asking Her and her usual answer is No.
      hmmm’- – – I’m learning,,. 9mak, that’s what she likes. Best to let her stick with the knives and keep my mouth shut. Yup, yup.

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  17. I’ve wanted a handgun since I borrowed my brother’s cap gun
    There was no such thing as a Gun Free Zone at school back in the 1950’s
    We had really young nuns by then and sometimes, nun would borrow a cap gun and play Cowboy and Indians with us

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